Goyen Family Tree

Welcome to the Goyen Family Tree.  I’ve spent time gathering the information you find here.  I hope you enjoy the site.  If you have any corrections, disagree with anything I’ve listed, or need to confirm any details, drop me an email at douggoyen@gmail.com, or leave a message.  This site is not complete – probably never will be – but I’d like to make sure everything listed here is as correct as it can be based on the information I have.

Goyen family150 years in pictures snipped resized

(150 years of photos of my Goyen family – 360 years traced, and counting)

Areas of This Website

DNA Studies:  I’ve tested my Y-DNA and found several “Goin, Goen, Goins, Gowan” type matches, as well as some other interesting info.  Follow this link to see the results:



It appears that the Y-DNA tests from the following two lines of John Hollis b. 1700 and William Going b. 1682 are matches – based on test results to date.  This suggests that there was a common paternal ancestor some time before the estimated birth date of John Hollis.

John Hollis b. 1700’s line

William Going b. 1682’s line

Origins of Goyen, Going, Goin-type Names:

I’ve tried to limit this site to just Goyen, Going, Gowen, Goin, Goyne -type names, to keep it manageable.  Go to the “Origins of Family Name” section (link below) to see why I’ve included all these variations.

See the following pages/links for explanations regarding the differences in spelling:

Origins of Family Name:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/goyen-family/

My Goyen Family Line:

Part 1 below is documented. I have no doubt that these people in part 1 are in our direct line for the Goyen family.

Part 2 I have had to determine relationships with a couple people:

a) John Gowing Sr born 1710 as parent of Drury Goyen born 1749 is based on best available information, and

b) Thomas Gowing born about 1660 as parent of  William Gowing born about 1682 is based on the best available information.

I believe these two are correct, but if additional information is found that changes this I will update it.

Part 1:

My paternal grandfather is:
John R. Goyen Sr. born 1916 married Mary Louise Foote; John Sr’s parents . . .
William Leslie Goyen born 1884 married Ruth Stayton; William Leslie’s parents . . .
John Bell Goyen born 1860 married Ella Green Parker; John’s parents . . .
William W. Goyen born about 1825 married Sarah Martha Bell; William W.’s parents . . .
Drury B. Goyen born about 1800 married (unknown); Drury B.’s parents . . .
Elijah Goyen born about 1770 married Docea Bland; Elijah’s parents . . .
Drury Goyen born 1749 married Sarah “Sallie” Baxter; Drury’s parents assumed to be . . .
(No documents confirming Drury’s parents – see both Drury Goyen and John Gowing Sr. to see information regarding relationship).

Part 2:
John Gowing Sr. born about 1710 married Mary Keith; John Sr’s parents were . . .
William Gowing born about 1682 married Catherine (unknown maiden name – Catherine was remarried after death of William, and her last name became Padderson); William’s parents are assumed to be . . .
(No documents confirming William’s parents – see both William and Thomas Gowing to see information regarding relationship).
Thomas Gowing born about 1660 married to (unknown); Thomas Gowing’s parents are unknown.

I don’t have enough information to determine ancestry beyond Thomas Gowing born about 1660.  He may have been born in America, or he may be the first Goyen, Goyne, Going, Gowing in our direct line to immigrate into the Americas.

List of Pages on this Website: 

Site Index:   This page is the “Sitemap” and includes a list of names included in this website and where to find them. (In Progress).  I have placed the estimated date of birth prior to the name.


Maps downloaded and used to locate ancestors.

Colonial Virginia Map:

Virginia 1751 detailed 2

(Map of Colonial Virginia in 1751 above)

Below are the areas I found with Going, Gowen, Gowing, Goin, Goen, etc., families from about 1633 to 1772.  The map is marked with approximate or estimated locations based on deed, grant, court records and descriptions – zoomed in a bit (Click maps to enlarge):

Virginia 1751 far out view MARKED

(Above is Colonial Northern Neck and Mid-Virginia.   Info boxed in orange is our family line).

Below is the Northern Neck of Virginia – Stafford County and surrounding areas, zoomed in to show areas of property our ancestors were living from approximately 1700-1739:

Stafford County Va marked

(Colonial Stafford County,  Virginia and surrounding areas – marked with approximate locations of family properties in early 1700s above). (Click to enlarge).

By 1739 most of our Goyen and Going ancestors had moved to the southern part of Virginia along the boundary of North Carolina.

Virginia far view of Brunswick Co and Granville Co NC boundary line marked in progress

(Above is a marked map of Brunswick, Lunenburg, Pittsylvania Counties (and surrounding areas) of Virginia along border of Granville and Bertie Counties in North Carolina (Map is 1751).  Marked areas are from approximately 1737-1781)(Click to enlarge).


Useful Links to Other Sites:   https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/information-links/   (These are sites I found helpful in searching for ancestors).


12 Responses to Goyen Family Tree

  1. Nancy Brian says:

    Hi, I am Nancy Brian. Moses Hollis Senior is my 5th grandfather. My great grandfather (who I knew), his mother was a Hollis. This is how I am related.

    Moses Hollis SR (1728 – 1794)
    5th great-grandfather
    Moses Hollis JR (1752 – 1815)
    son of Moses Hollis SR
    Peter Knighton Hollis (1802 – 1882)
    son of Moses Hollis JR
    Elizabeth J Hollis (1848 – 1931)
    daughter of Peter Knighton Hollis
    William Frank Fennell (1880 – 1967)
    son of Elizabeth J Hollis
    Irene Thelma Orvin Fennell (1900 – 1987)
    daughter of William Frank Fennell
    Virginia Rose Orvin (1924 – 2014)
    daughter of Irene Thelma Orvin Fennell
    Nancy Karen Davis Brian
    You are the daughter of Virginia Rose Orvin

    My son got into the SAR based off of the 2 Moses Hollises being iin the revolutionary war.
    I agree that maybe the John Hollis born in Surry England is probably not the father of Moses. It looks like people Just copied each other based on what I see (but I could be wrong.
    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you an your good work and to ask you what is the best way to do the DNA.
    Thank you.
    Nancy Brian

    • douggoyen says:


      I’m currently (as typing) adding new Hollis info – so check back.

      I’m not saying John Hollis is not Moses’ and James’ father, the more I look, the more it seems he may be the father. Both the Going family and Hollis family came from that area where John Hollis was living in Fairfax Co, Va. John Hollis (Elijah Hollis’ brother – both sons of Moses) stated in his Rev War pension application that he was born in Fairfax Co, Va. There were a couple other Hollis’ who were in that area, but John seems to be the oldest – so seems like he would be the father. There just isn’t a smoking gun that confirms it.

      Also, I do not know that John Hollis was from England. I found a Rev War pension application for a James Hollis from NC that said he was from Surry Co, England. He entered Charleston, SC as part of the British army, and deserted, then joining the Americans in SC under Marion. I don’t think there is any connection between him and our Hollis line. I wonder if that record set someone to searching in Surry Co, England, and they found a John Hollis about the correct age and assumed it was the same one that was here. Its possible he came from England, but I don’t know that this is confirmed either.

      Yes, I’m researching the Hollis family because we have the same Y-DNA signature. This means that somewhere along the line, either my line is really part of the Hollis (biologically), or the Hollis line is actually part of the Going/Goyen line (biologically). Probably an adoption, but possibly an out of wedlock relation. But regardless, from what I can see, it must have occurred prior to 1700 since both James Hollis b. 1730 and Moses Hollis b. 1728 both have descendants who have that same Y-DNA (so their father had that same Y-DNA).

      On the Going side, descendants of brothers John Going b. 1700 and Alexander Going b. 1715 have the same Y-DNA – meaning their father (William Going b. 1680) had that same Y-DNA.

      I’d like to confirm who the Hollis father is (John Hollis or whoever) and confirm who their children were.

      Somewhere down the line, we might find a split in the Y-DNA signatures – where part of the descendants of a particular person are one signature, and other set of their descendants are another signature. This might tell us when the adoption, or out of marriage event occurred.

      The Going family was in the Westmoreland / Stafford County, Va area by at least the 1680’s (maybe before). I’ve seen several Hollis families in that area of Virginia starting in 1638 – but I’m not sure they are related.

      Anyway, check back. I’ll be adding info.

      I’d like to see more Hollis Y-DNA test results – that might help. You would need to know a male Hollis cousin or relative that is willing to submit the test – the Y-DNA only carries father to son – so it should be a “surname” DNA test – as long as there were no adoptions or out of marriage events.

  2. Nancy Brian says:

    Also, did you research the Hollis family because they have a common ancestor?

    • douggoyen says:

      Yes, it appears there was a common paternal ancestor of John Hollis b. 1700’s line and the brothers John Going b. 1700 and Alexander Going b. 1715’s lines. (They had the same of one of the following – father, grandfather, g-grandfather, g-g-grandfather, etc. . . . Somewhere down the line there was a common paternal ancestor . . . I don’t know when or where – other than it appears to be before 1700. A good place to start looking is the Northern Neck of Virginia in the late 1600’s, since this is the earliest I can definitively track both families. It may be earlier than that (both families appear to have possibly been in Maryland prior to Virginia), but I don’t have any definitive documents for either side yet to track back further.

  3. Roger Hollis says:

    Where did you locate the 1825 Aug 8 estate distribution for William Hollis Jr that includes the relationships to father and siblings? I’ve found records but not the one that shows the relationships? It would be helpful for an application for the SAR I’m completing.

  4. stefan jagoe says:

    Can’t help but notice as missing are any possible links the numerous black Goins/Goyens/Gowen families also native to Buckingham County. My paternal g-grandmother was Nettie Goins, who, though listed in census records as black, looked as white as Donald Trump. I’ve been researching her origins for years, but I see this info won’t get me any closer to the truth. True genealogy does not limit itself to race. White sperm fertilized many a black egg over America’s history. She didn’t come from Africa looking that way, and we can’t simply ignore it.

  5. Alicia K Malone says:

    I am attempting to find information on Valentine Bell, Sr. (1740 – 1799). He is 7-times great grandfather on paternal side. Can you provide any information regarding his heritage and how his family came to America.

  6. Your site is chock full of erroneous information about the Ezekiel Joines/Joynes family of Wilkes County. The surname Joines/Joynes is not the same as your Goyen name, and I would appreciate it if you would respect the records and quit changing the name Joines to Goins. See the Joines DNA project on Family Tree for the difference. If you think you are related to the Joines family, then submit your DNA to the project and see if it’s true. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/joines/ If you aren’t, then quit perpetuating this erroneous information.

    • douggoyen says:

      Thank you Joyce! I was never trying to say Joines was the same as Goyen. The pages where Joines family members are listed are research pages – where I’ve placed much of the information I’ve found regarding documents and researchers who have found information on Gowen/Going/Goin/Goen/Goyne family name variants (including some info you have posted regarding how Joines was sometimes spelled “Goins” or “Goines”). I use this information to help me differentiate between different lines, and keep up with documentation that has been proven to be part of lines NOT related to my line, ones that ARE related to my line in some way, and ones that I am unsure of. I post this information hoping others will find it helpful – and hoping people will let me know if I’ve made an error, or if they have information to add.

      I placed a note next to all Joines names I found on my site here to address your post here. I am not related to the Joines family myself (never claimed to be), and it does not appear any of the other lines with “Gowen, Going or Goines” type names are related either. The only reason I listed the “Joines family” information was that it appears that you had posted in the past that some documents in Wilkes County, NC are spelled “Goins” but should be Joines. Additionally, the “Gowen Manuscript” had listed your Joines family with a spelling of “Goins” occasionally, and so did the Lumbee Indians website. I’ve come across some mistakes on the “Gowen Manuscript” – most of their information is correct and is very helpful – before relying on the information found there, it is best to verify it by looking at the documents cited (when cited). I actually have not found these documents that spell your surname Goins . . . if you have a copy, or a link to those documents, please supply the documentation.

      I found some of your old posts online where you had said some of the “Joines” had spelled their name Goins (see the following link – there are several others where you say that some of the documents in Wilkes County, NC for your Joines line are actually spelled Goins)(These are copies of your posts I believe): 1) “The only Goins in Wilkes records that I know of was my ancester Ezekiel Joynes/Joyns/Joines”, https://www.ancestry.com/boards/thread.aspx?o=20&m=1545.1546.1669. , 2) “there is no evidence that the Joines family in Wilkes is connected to the Melungeon Goins surname” https://www.ancestry.com/boards/thread.aspx?mv=flat&m=1545&p=localities.northam.usa.states.northcarolina.counties.wilkes , 3) “. . . as Thomas Goins I believe–the name is spelled Joins, Joines, Joynes, Jines, Gines, Goins–it used to be pronounced “Jines””, and “Ezekial Goins’s marriage to Sarah Gunter was recorded in Rowan County around 1782???–again I can look up the date . . .”, https://www.ancestry.com/boards/thread.aspx?mv=flat&m=1459&p=localities.northam.usa.states.northcarolina.counties.wilkes , 4) “The first Joines to appear in records of Rowan County (from which Wilkes was formed) is Ezekiel Joines (spelled variously Joynes, Joines, Joins, Goins, Goines, and Jines . . .” and “Ezekiel remarried in Rowan County to Sarah Gunter on 14 July 1779 (North Carolina Marriage Bond No. 000125211 – Sarah Gunter and Ezekil Goins).” http://www.ibiblio.org/mtnivy/BAJ/will.htm (Here is the link to the document on FamilySearch: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-6QY9-32D?i=1281&cc=1726957&cat=179352 ).

      Nobody is updating the Gowen Manuscript (that I could find), so I copied and pasted their info to my site without editing (originally). As people notify me, I am correcting that information – typically by adding a note next to the “incorrect or speculative info” so people can see what the correct or additional information is (or an explanation regarding anything that is speculative or unknown – next to the entry . . . I do this if I am notified that the information is speculative or incorrect. There is too much in the Gowen Manuscript for me to confirm everything for all Gowen/Going/Goen/Goyne lines myself – but I will correct it if a researcher points out anything needing a correction).

      Again, thank you for the post. I have updated those Joines entries that I found here. If you find any others needing correction feel free to email me at douggoyen@gmail.com so I can add a correction or note that clarifies the entry.

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