1776-77 William Harrison of Chatham County and Effingham County, Georgia

William Harrison was born between 1776 and 1777 and died about 1835 in Chatham County, Georgia, as his will was probated on March 21, 1835.

William Harrison is married to Mary Keller on September 5, 1807.

CHILDREN:  They have six children that he names in his will. They are:

1) Rebecca Catherine Harrison 1808-1861 m. Jesse William Peoples, Jr. 1813-1856
2) George Paul Harrison, Sr 1813-1888 m. Thursa Adelaide Guinn 1821-1902
3) Mary Franklin Harrison 1816-1907 m. William Forrester 1822-1908
4) Harriet Louisa Harrison 1821 m. Needham Bullard 1817-1878
5) Susan Elizabeth Harrison 1824-1862 m. Joseph Henry Hines 1820-1871
6) Harris Kollock Harrison 1827-1873 m. Sarah Elinor Elkins 1829-1868


Unknown  (there are some leads in the area where William Harrison is first noted, and lived in Georgia – but nothing that confirms who his parents were).


Unknown (same as parent info – it is difficult to determine who his parents or siblings were at this point).  Hopefully new information can be found to solve this.


The first note we have of a William Harrison in the Chatham County, Georgia area is as a witness to the following transaction:

1799 July 24 – Nathl Bell and MH to Noble W Jones bk U, p 252. Chatham County, Georgia
… pwr of atty to collect … Mary Bulloch widow of James Bulloch decd, died Feb 1795 intestate, at time of her death was seized .. of real and personal property whereas Noble Wimberly Jones of Chatham, Esq is brother to her, is entitled to 1/2 part of the Estate of said Mary Bulloch, and Mary Rengill wife of Emanuel Rengill, Jane Jones Noble Jones and Margaret Hall Bell wife of Nathaniel Bell as children of Inigo Jones, decd, who was also a brother of the said intestate Mary Bulloch, entitled to th other half… appoint Noble Jones at atty …. Division of estate to take place … Signed: Nathaniel Bell, M H Bell. Wit: Wm Delyong, William Harrison.

1799 July 13 – Nathl Bell etal (acting on behalf of estate) to William Gibbons Jr, etal bk U, p. 266 – 275. Chatham County, Georgia
1st p. 266 – …seized ad the time of her death one Island containing 63 acres … in County of Chatham and known by the name Redoubt Island … and the following Lots of land in the City of Savannah … 2 lots of land in First Tything Reynalds Ward Lot 1 and Lot 2….one Guarding Lot known by the number 28 and another Garding Lot known by the number 58 … two farm lots in the First Tything Reynolds Ward known by the Number 1 and 2 … two other farm lots in Carpenters Tything Decker Ward known by Number 6 and 8 ….
(division) — Signed: N W Jones admin, Emanuel Ringill, Mary Ringill, Nathaniel Bell, Margaret H Bell, Noble Jones, Jane Jones, Noble Jones. Wits: William Gibbons, Jr, John Lawson, Barrack Gibbons.

This indicates that William Harrison was likely born around 1776-1777 (as he would have been at least 21 years of age to witness the above transaction).

The following lawsuits involve a William Harrison in 1805 in Chatham County, Georgia:

1805 Jan 4 – William Harrison indorsee v. Peter S Laffitte and Richard Wall} Judgement for the Plaintiff $50 dollars with interest from 4 Jan 1805 and costs.
Civil Minute Books, 1801-1808. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

1805 Feb 12 – William Harrison indorsee v. Sanders Motta} I confess judgement for the sum of $50 dollars with interest the 12 Feb 1805.
Civil Minute Books, 1801-1808. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

1805 Feb 28 – William Harrison v. T U P Charlton} Judgement for Plaintiff $89 dollars 44 cents with interest from 28 Feb 1805 with costs.
Civil Minute Books, 1801-1808. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

1805 Aug 26 – William Harrison indee v. John Williams } Judgment for Plaintiff $86 dollars with interest from 26th Aug 1805 and costs of suit and protest.
Civil Minute Books, 1801-1808. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

1805 Oct 24 – William Harrison indorsee v. John Williams} On this 24th day of October 1805, appeared John Williams the Defendant in the above case who had paid costs and produced Isidore Stouf and A L Lambertoz as his securities for the absolute payment of the debt according to the judiciary law on the stay of execution for 60 days.
Civil Minute Books, 1801-1808. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

William Harrison is noted as a taxpayer on the 1806 tax list in Chatham County, Georgia:

1806 – Georgia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890
Name: William Harrison
State: GA
County: Chatham County
Township: Tax List 1806
Year: 1806
Record Type: Tax List
Page: 016
Database: GA 1792-1819 Tax Lists Index
Ancestry.com. Georgia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 1999.

1806 Chatham County, Georgia – Tax List
William Bell, Estate – John Harrison files return…
William Harrison
John Harrison
George P Keller Estate, return by Benjamin Langley
William Mathis, return filed by John Harrison

The following land transaction is the first found for William Harrison in the Chatham County, Georgia area:

1807 Feb 21 – William Harrison from Peter Davis bk DD, p 231 Chatham County, Georgia
… between Peter Davis of the County of Chatham and State of Georgia planter of the first part and William Harrison of the County and State aforesaid planter of the second part… for and in consideration of the sum of 125 dollars …. confirm unto William Harrison … land situate lying and being in the County of Chatham and State of Georgia containing 25 acres … on the north by lands of Major Peter Deveraux, on the South by lands of Thomas Gibbons Esqr on the East by land of Thomas Gibbons Esqr, and on the West by lands of Thomas Davis… Signed: Peter Davis. Wit: Henry McKoy, Job Bolles.
Recorded on Oct 8, 1811.

Capt. William Harrison marries Mary Keller in Chatham County, Georgia on Sept. 15, 1807.  She is daughter of George Paul Keller who was b. abt 1755 and died in 1796:

1807 Sep 15 – Capt. William Harrison marries Mary Keller in Chatham County, Georgia
“Georgia, County Marriages, 1785-1950,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:KXJZ-Q6D : 23 July 2019), William Harrison and Mary Keller, 15 Sep 1807; citing Marriage, Chatham, Georgia, United States, Georgia Department of Archives and History, Morrow, FHL microfilm 159,036.

In 1807 William Harrison witnesses the will of Celia Dotson, a neighbor.

1807 Dec 7 – Last will of Celia Dotson…   To gr. children: Ann Dotson and William Gibbons.
To Daniel Joiner.
Children are left in care of Robert Bowman.
Witness: William Harrison.
Will Book E, p. 31 Chatham County, Georgia

In 1808 William Harrison and wife Mary Keller Harrison’s first known child is born, daughter Rebecca Catherine Harrison 1808-1861 who later marries Jesse William Peoples, Jr. 1813-1856.

Jesse William Peoples, Jr. and Rebecca C. Harrison Peoples’ family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com here:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215570438/facts

The following map shows the locations of several plantations along the Savannah River near Savannah Georgia.  The city is on the upper left of the map.  William Harrison and his son’s plantations were located near the upper right of the map below – near Drakies – and near Augustine Creek, Black Creek, and Mulberry Grove.  This is on the edge of Chatham County, where it becomes Effingham County, Georgia.  Many of his son’s deed records were located in Effingham County, Georgia – some indicating their property was in both counties.

map 05 of Rice Plantation locations snip

Map of Plantations along Savannah River near Savannah, Georgia (city on upper left).

We have identified one brother of William Harrison who also lived in or near Chatham County, Georgia.  His name is Edward Harrison who dies in 1812.  Documents identifying Edward Harrison are below:

1810 US Census
Name: Edward Harrison
Home in 1810 (City, County, State): Prince Williams, Beaufort, South Carolina
Free White Persons – Males – Under 10: 2
Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 : 1
Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25: 1
Numbers of Slaves: 1
Number of Household Members Under 16: 2
Number of Household Members Over 25: 1
Number of Household Members: 5
Year: 1810; Census Place: Prince Williams, Beaufort, South Carolina; Roll: 60; Page: 222; Image: 00124; Family History Library Film: 0181419

1812 March 25 – Last will of Edward Harrison bk E, p. 217, 218. Chatham County, Georgia
… I Edward Harrison of Chatham County and State of Georgia … after my debts are paid and then the remains to be appraised and equally divided between my two beloved sons, the half to William Bolding Harrison and Edward Lawson Harrison … I wish also for my wife Cynthia Harrison to live on the Plantation and to have 1/3 of what little income there may be, during her widowhood, but nothing after mariage… I leave my brother William Harrison as executor to this my last will and testament to act as such … I also wish after they have education for him to bind them to some decent trade my two above named children …. Signed: Edward Harrison. Wit: John Smith, Sr, John Smith Jr.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L93G-X9HZ-Q?i=131&cc=1999178&cat=145396 ;
1812 Mary 25 Estate of Edward Harrison in Chatham County, Georgia (2 pages)
… last will of Edward Harrison (another copy)…

1815 June 12 – William Harrison and Est of Edward Harrison by William Harrison exor for Brands and Marks, bk FF, p 197 Chatham County, Georgia.
… Recorded 12th June 1815, Brands and Marks – Estate of Edward Harrison by William Harrison exor – left ear cropt, right earl split and under bit brand E.H. William Harrison for self, left ear cropt and split, swallow fork in the right ear brand WH.

1817 May 30 – William Harrison v Richard Dotson – Slander – verdict for Plaintiff for $500. Minute Book 9, p. 429. Chatham Co, Ga. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSY8-VHM2?i=541&cat=141528

1817 June 19 – William Harrison v William Dotson – Slander – appeal of verdict. Minute Book 9, p 455. Chatham Co, Ga. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSY8-VH9R?i=554&cat=141528

(Note: Despite having the name of the one brother, Edward, it has still been difficult obtaining leads regarding their parents.  Its possible the records were lost or destroyed in Georgia.  Maybe they descend from the line of Harrison’s that were in the Georgia Militia in the 1750s and 60s, such as Humphrey Harrison or Samuel Harrison.  Its also possible they moved into the Savannah area from one of the northern Colonies where I haven’t searched yet – such as Maryland or further north, and that they are not related to those earlier lines).  

In 1809 Catherine Keller, sister of Mary Keller who married William Harrison, marries Stephen F. Gregory.  In 1810 William Harrison purchases 100 ares from his brother in law Stephen F Gregory.   The families lived near eachother in plantations in the Chatham County, Georgia area:

(Note:  Stephen F. Gregory dies at the age of 27 in 1817 in Chatham County, Georgia.  Catherine Keller Gregory then marries William Williams in 1818).   

1809 Dec 13 – Catharine Kellar from Stephen Gregory, bk 2C, p 650. Chatham County, Georgia
… between Stephen F Gregory late or now now butcher in the City of Savannah State and County as above written and Miss Catherine Keller of said County spinster… whereas George Paul Keller father of the above mentioned Miss Catherine / deceased, and late planter in said County, willed and bequeathed unto his said daughter Catherine in his last will and testament the following real and personal property … 100 acres of land in said County of Chatham near Augustine Bridge / a bridge so called on the Augusta Road between 9 and 10 miles from the said City of Savannah known by the name of Salem; being an undivided part of a tract of 500 acres and likewise the following negroes, viz. Isaac, Sarah, Toney, Hannah, and Trim… said Stephen F Gregory and Catherine Keller as aforesaid have agreed to be joined together in the holy state of matrimony … the said Stephen F Gregory hath renounced any by virtue of his marriage settlement doth renounce and forever quit any claim or claims right or title whatever to which he might think himself entitled to after the consumation of their marriage as her lawful husband or otherwise with respect to the the aforesaid undivided 100 acres of land … or the negroes … Signed: Stephen F Gregory, Catherine Keller. Wit: Geo A Griffin, John Keller, Benj Langley.

1810 Dec 20 – William Harrison fr Stephen Gregory and Wife bk DD, p 4 Chatham County, Georgia
… between Stephen F Gregory and Catherine Gregory his wife of the first part and William Harrison of Chatham County planter of the second part … Stephen F Gregory and Catherine Gregory for and in consideration of the sum of $400 dollars received by Catherine Gregory and to her in hand paid by the said William Harrison … confirm unto the said William Harrison … land situate in the County of Chatham … 100 acres as is represented by the platt hereunto annexed dated the 13th June 1810 signed William Posey CS … Signed: Stephen F. Gregory, Catherine Gregory, Geo A Griffin. Wits: William Posey, Benjamin Langley, John Pooler, JP.

William Harrison’s son George Paul Harrison is born in 1813 – George Paul Harrison, Sr 1813-1888 later marries Thursa Adelaide Guinn 1821-1902.

George Paul Harrison Sr and wife Thursa Adelaide Guinn’s family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com at:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215570443/facts

George Paul Harrison, Sr. drawn portrait

George Paul Harrison Sr (above).  

Information on George Paul Harrison from Wikipedia:  

George Paul Harrison Sr. (October 19, 1813 – May 14, 1888) was a brigadier general in the Georgia militia from 1856–1861, commander of the 1st Brigade in the Georgia State Troops and a colonel in Georgia’s First Military District in 1864–1865 during the American Civil War (Civil War). He was a prisoner of war for several months near the end of the war.

George P. Harrison Sr. was a rice planter, brigadier general in the Georgia militia and member of the Georgia House of Representatives before the Civil War. After the war, Harrison was a state representative in 1865–1866, a delegate to the state constitutional convention, a clerk of the city court of Savannah, Georgia and clerk of the superior court of Chatham County, Georgia.

He was the father of George Paul Harrison Jr., a Confederate States Army colonel, who commanded a brigade late in the war and was later an Alabama State Senator and a two-term member of the United States House of Representatives from Alabama.

Early Life:

George Paul Harrison Sr. was born in Effingham County, Georgia on October 19, 1813. He was the son of Colonel William Harrison, a colonel of Georgia militia in the War of 1812 and Mary (Keller) Harrison. Harrison was the father of George Paul Harrison Jr., a Confederate States Army colonel who commanded a brigade near the end of the Civil War and later was an Alabama state senator and a U.S. Representative from Alabama.

Harrison was a rice planter on his Savannah River plantation, Monteith, now a location within Port Wentworth, Georgia, which is within the Savannah metropolitan area. Before the Civil War, Harrison was a representative for Chatham County in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1842, 1849–1850, 1853–1854; and 1857–1860. He also became a brigadier general in the Georgia militia. He was a delegate to Democrat state party conventions in 1858 and 1860.

American Civil War:

After the outbreak of the Civil War, Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown appointed Harrison a brigadier general of state troops to rank from September 14, 1861. Harrison was assigned to establish a training camp near Savannah and to organize the regiments for the new troops. Harrison did this, and led a force guarding the Georgia coast, during the winter of 1861–1862, after which his command was terminated.

Under a new militia law in 1864, Harrison was appointed colonel in charge of Georgia’s First Military District with the duties of destroying whiskey stills and tracking down deserters. Soon, Harrison’s command was required to oppose Sherman’s March to the Sea. When they reached the Savannah area, Sherman’s men pillaged Harrison’s home and property at Montieth. In December 1864, Harrison was taken prisoner while visiting his devastated property. Harrison was released from prison before the end of the war but refused to take the oath of allegiance to the United States government.

Later Life:

After the Civil War, Harrison returned to the Savannah area. He was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives for 1865–1866 and served as a delegate to the Georgia constitutional convention. He was elected court clerk of the City Court of Savannah, Georgia and clerk of the Superior Court of Chatham County, Georgia.

George Paul Harrison Sr. died at his home on his farm in Chatham County, Georgia near Savannah, Georgia on May 14, 1888.[3] He is buried at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia.

Information taken from Wikipedia. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Paul_Harrison_Sr.

The following letters show that by 1813-1818 Maj. and then Lt. Col. William Harrison is an officer in the 2 Batt, 35 Regiment, Georgia Militia, writing the Governor of Georgia to advise of issues in the militia at that time.

1813 April 26 – Honoured Sir,
I have been informed that Wm B Bulock Esquire has wrote two or three times to you for the Commission of the officers of the Rifle Company raised in the Little Ogechie or 7 Company district in Chatham County. And have not received any answer on the occasion. This has keep the 7th Company in a perfect confusion from the time the Rifle Company has been formed the officers has been so much abused that commanded the 7th Company that they have been forced to resign and the men will not elect Officers until they know the result of the Rifle Company the District is now at such a pass that they acknowledge no law an every man refuses to inform the law there fore I have thought proper to write to you to prevent strife among ourselves and a few lines from you will put a final stop to this confusion. Other wise forceable means will have to be resorted to to restore order in that Company. Not a man has attended a muster from that district this 6 months at the General Review this Spring the officer then commanding the Little Ogechie Company wont with orders to the Non-Commissioned officers, and they damed him and his orders, and not a man would turn out withstanding the commissioned officer summoned many of them himself.
This disorderly conduct has indust me to write to you to know if those men will be commissioned to command the Rifle Company. If this should be the case the 7 Company will be broke up as there will not be more than 7 or 8 men that has not joined the Rifle Company in that District. Your Excellence will have the goodness to write to me respecting the commission as quick as it may be convenant, that I may proceed to the most adviseable mans getting this district in order.
Dear Sir am your most obediant servant.
William Harrison, Major
2 Batt, 35 Regiment, Georgia Militia.
To his Excellence the Governor David B Mitchel.  Letters written found online at Georgia Archives Digital Collection

1818 Aug 20 – Georgia, Chatham County.
Dear Sir,
I have taken the liberty of writing to you for information as respects the manor of inforceing the law against those persons that refused to turn out after bein Drafted for the Service of the United States, and fled from their homes so that the officers could not coerce their attendance into the service before the detachments was marched to their general places of destination. But has since retunred to their homes By and Act of the United States of 1795 sc 5 Those persons are punishable by a Court martial by a fine, the fine to be collected by the Marshall of the district in which the fine may be adjudged. But this act points out no method by which the Court Martial can be convened ….
Humble Servant, William Harrison, Lieut. Colonel, 3d Regiment, Georgia Militia.
Wm Rabun Governor of Georgia.  Letters written found online at Georgia Archives Digital Collection

In 1816, William Harrison and Mary Keller Harrison’s daughter Mary Franklin Harrison  is born 1816-1907; she later marries William Forrester 1822-1908 and they move to Texas before the Civil War.

William Forrester and Mary Franklin Harrison Forrester’s family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com at:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215570453/facts

In 1818, William Harrison is involved in a lawsuit with Richard Dotson regarding a charge of slander:

1818 Jan term – William Harrison v Richd Dotson – Slander – continued. Bk 9, p 482 and 487. Chatham Co, Ga. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSY8-VH34?i=567&cat=141528 ; https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSY8-VHSZ?i=570&cat=141528

1818 May term – William Harrison v Ricd Dotson – Slander – continued. bk 9, p 514. Chatham Co, Ga. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSY8-VH9T?i=583&cat=141528

The following Census and Tax Records from 1820-1826 show that in addition to the William Harrison I am researching on this page, there was also a William J. Harrison living in Chatham County, Georgia.  Keep this in mind when reviewing records.

1820 US Census
Name: William Harrison
Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Savannah, Chatham, Georgia
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Free White Persons – Males – Under 10: 3
Free White Persons – Males – 10 to 15: 1
Free White Persons – Males – 16 to 20: 1
Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44: 1
Free White Persons – Females – Under 10: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 15: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 26 to 44: 1
1820 U S Census; Census Place: Savannah, Chatham, Georgia; Page: 94; NARA Roll: M33_8; Image: 75

1821-27 Chatham County, Georgia – Tax List
John Elkins, 700 acres land Ch. by Pine a 4 mills a $2.80, 1 poll, 1 Gig 50. Tot. 3.61.2 and 1/2.
Michael and Susan Harrison, filed by Mary Harrison, Lots and Impro., Sav. $1300, Tot. 4.06.2 and 1/2.
William J. Harrison, 4 slaves and 1 poll, Tot. 1.56.2 and 1/2.
Ebenezer Jenckes, Impro on lot market square $200, stockin trade $6500, 1750 acres land Bulloch Cty, 150 acres Bulloch Cty, 1050 acres Bulloch Cty, 800 acres Effingham Cty, 5000 acres Effingham and Chatham Cty, 3200 acres Effingham and Pine. 33 slaves and 1 poll and 1 carriage, 1 Gig., 40. Tot: 65.41.2 and 1/2.
John A Keller, 209 acres Chatham Cty, 12 slaves, 1 poll, 1 gig, 50, Tot: 10.96.2 and 1/2.
Paul Keller, 650 acres Chatham Cty, 20 slaves, 1 poll, 1 Gig, 50cs, Tot: 10.96.2 and 1/2.

In 1821 William Harrison and Mary Keller Harrison’s daughter Harriet Louisa Harrison is born; later she marries Needham Bullard 1817-1878 and lives reportedly on a large plantation in Burke County, Georgia prior to and during the Civil War.

Needham Bullard and Hariet L. Harrison Bullard’s family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com at:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215570507/facts

In 1824 William Harrison and Mary Keller Harrison’s daughter Susan Elizabeth Harrison 1824-1862; she later marries Joseph Henry Hines 1820-1871.  Susan Elizabeth Harrison Hines and Joseph Henry Hines live on White Hall Plantation in Washington County, Georgia.  Joseph Henry Hines was in some way crippled prior to the Civil War so was not required to serve.  Even though he was a slave and plantation owner, he was known in his community as a charitable man who helped feed and shelter the poor and needy in his area.  The fact that Sherman’s army actually intentionally spared his plantation and mill (unlike other plantations and mills Sherman’s army came across) seems to attest to Joseph H. Hines’ works in the community  trying to help others.

Joseph Henry Hines and his wife Susan Elizabeth Harrison Hines’ family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com at:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34215570516/facts

Joseph H Hines portrait

Joseph Henry Hines portrait (above)

Joseph Henry Hines and Whitehall Plantation

Today, part of Joseph Henry Hines’ property where his mill was located is now known as Jordan Mill in Washington County, Georgia.  Photos of the rebuilt mill at that same location are below:

Joseph Henry Hines property with photo of Jordan Mill in Ga 1

Joseph Henry Hines property with photo of Jordan Mill in Ga 7 pond view

Joseph Henry Hines property with photo of Jordan Mill in Ga 11 mill view from road

The 1826 tax record in Chatham County, Georgia shows that William Harrison has filed the return for Edward Harrison decd’s estate (his brother), as well as his own return.

1826 Chatham County, Georgia – Tax List
William J Harrison 2 slaves and 1 poll, Tot: 0.93.7 and 1/2
William Harrison, 200 acres Chatham Cty, 20 slaves, 1 poll, Gig.
Edward Harrison Est. return filed by William Harrison above, 100 acres land Chatham Cty, Peni, joins.
Ebenezer Jenckes, 1750 acres Bulloch Co, 150 acres Bulloch Co, 1050 acres Pine Co, 800 acres Effingham Co, Impro on lot in Market St, Stockin trade $6500, 33 slaves, 1 Gig, 40, 1 carriage, 5000 acres Pin Effingham, 3200 acres land Pine Effingham.
Paul Keller, 600 acres land joins Monteith and Est., 21 slaves, 1 poll, 1 Gig 50.
John A Keller, 200 acres land Chatham Co, joins Co. Harrison to 14 slaves and 1 poll, 1 Gig 50
John Elkins, returned by Adam Cope, 700 acres land Ogeechee Dist, Chatham Cty.

In 1827 William Harrison and Mary Keller Harrison’s son Harris Kollock Harrison is born 1827-1873;  He later marries Sarah Elinor Elkins 1829-1868.

Harris Kollock Harrison and Sarah Elinor Elkins’ family tree information can be found on Ancestry.com at:  https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34199704640/facts

Harris Kollock Harrison portrait

Harris Kollock Harrison (above)

Sarah Elinor Elkins

Sarah Elinor Elkins Harrison (above)

Harris Kollock Harrison and wife Sarah Elkins Harrison own, live on, and run plantations in and near Montieth Swamp.  His brother George Paul Harrison, 14 years his elder, runs larger plantations also in Montieth Swamp.  George Paul Harrison’s plantation is known as Montieth Plantation.    Harrison field near Montieth Swamp was one of the locations of a Civil War Battle intended to slow the advance of Sherman’s troops.

harrisons_field_pano site of battle

Harrison Field near Montieth Swamp (above)

Montieth and Meinhard roads between

Road between Montieth and Meinhard (above).

1832 June 21 – by ordinance …. disorderly conduct … William Harrison
Mayor´s fine and information dockets, 1830-1838. Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934

The following tax records in 1833 show William Harrison taxed for 460 acres of land in Chatham County, Georgia.

1833 Chatham County, Georgia Tax List
Tryon Elkins, 1 poll
William Harrison, 460 acres land, 2 quality adj Est Lloyd, Chatham County, 21 slaves and 1 poll, 1 Gig, 25.
Edward Harrison, return by Charles Ulmer, 126 acres land Pine, Chatham County, 2 slaves, 1 poll.
William B Harrison, 1/2 lot and impro., Washington Ward, 1 poll, Stock in Trade, same return 1832.
Delphia Harrison, 2 slaves …
Ebenezer Jenckes, 1750 acres Pin, Bulloch Co Ogeechee R., 150 acres 2 quality Bulloch Co Ogeechee R, 1050 acres Pine Effingham Ogeechee R, 800 acres Pine Effingham Ogeechee R, 5000 acres pine Chatham Co Ogeechee R, 3200 acres Pine Chatham Co Ogeechee R, 1550 acres Pine Chatham Co formerly Clay’s, 350 acres 2 Quality Chatham Co formerly Mr Allen’s, 170 acres 2 quality Chatham Co formerly D Fox, 1100 acres 5 quality Chatham Co formerly Harden’s, 202 and 1/2 acres Chatham Co formerly Hardens, 50 slaves, 1 poll, 1 carriage, 1 Gig.
Paul Keller, 980 acres Pine Chatham County adj Monteith and Est Cuthbert, 28 acres 2 quality Chatham Co adj Monteith and Est Cuthbert, 250 acres Early Coutny, 250 acres Early County, 25 slaves, 1 poll, 1 Gig.
John A Keller, Estate, 500 acres land, Pine called Goodhome, Chatham County, 200 acres adj same, 28 acres Cherokee Hill Dist Chatham Co, 490 acres Chatham Co, 24 slaves, 1 Gig.

In 1833, William Harrison’s mother in law (mother of Mary Keller) writes her will.  After the death of George Paul Keller, Catherine Keller, widow, marries Benjamin Langley.  Catherine Keller Langley’s daughters Mary Harrison, and Rebecca C Peoples witness her will, as well as her son in law William Harrison:

1833 Sept 13 – Last will and Testament of Catherine Langley of the County of Chatham, Georgia (previously married to George A Keller).
… I give and bequeath to Benjamin my dearly beloved son the folllowing negros (named in will) … with all my stock of cattle, hogs, etc…
Signed: Catharine Langley. Wit: William Harrison, Mary Harrison, Rebecca C Peoples.
Proved up by Mary Harrison … on Feb 5, 1834…

In the 1834 tax records of Chatham County, Georgia, William Harrison’s nephews (sons of Edward Harrison) William B Harrison, and Edward L Harrison, are living in Chatham County, Georgia, as well as others who are noted relatives (and possible relatives) as well as in-laws:

1834 Chatham County, Georgia Tax List
T R Elkins, 1 poll, 1 tract land in Cherokee
William Harrison, 460 acres land adjr Est of Lloyd and Chatham Co, 20 slaves, 1 poll, 1 Gig.
William B Harrison, Impro on N quarter of Lot 40 Washington Ward, $600, 2 slaves, 1 poll, 1 tract land in Gold Region, 1 lot in the land lottery.
Andrew Harrison, 1 poll, 1 poll fa 1833.
Edward L Harrison, 126 acres land in Chatham County, 2 slaves, 1 poll
Ebenezer Jenckes, 1750 acres in Bulloch Co, 150 acres in Bulloch Co, 1050 acres in Effingham Co, 800 acres in Effingham Co, 5000 acres in Chatham Co, 3200 acres in Chatham Co, 1550 acres in Chatham formerly Clays, … acres formerly Allen… (bottom of page torn – cant read rest at bottom), 170 acres Chatham Co formerly Fox, 1100 acres formerly Hardings, 202 and 1/2 acres in land lottery, 50 slaves, 1 carriage, 1 Gig, 1 poll.
Paul Keller 980 acres in Chatham Co adj Monteith and Cuthbert, 28 acres Chatham Co, 1 tract in Early Cty, 29 slaves, 1 poll, 1 Gig.
John A Keller, Est., 500 acres in Chatham Co called Good Hope, 200 acres adj same, 28 acres in Cherokee Hill, 1 tract in Appling Co, 30 slaves, 1 Gig.
Tryan Elkins, 1 poll
Delphie Harrison, 2 slaves
Edward Keller, 1 poll

William Harrison dies in 1835 when his will is recorded.  His will identifies his wife and children:

1835 March 21 recorded – Last will of William Harrison bk G, p 230-1-2-3.
… 1834 written … I William Harrison of the County of Chatham and State of Georgia Planter …
… First, I give and bequeath unto Mary, my beloved wife, the following negro slaves, viz, Shem, Dick, Prince, John, Sambo, Henry, Little Dick, Peter Frederick, Judy, Nancy, Ann, Caroline, Mary Ann, Minty Jane, Lucy, Sophy, Elsy, Amy, Affy, Hannah, Little Hannah, Eve, together with my tract of land upon which my dwelling house now statnds containing 200 acres … known as part of Salem Tract, also one tract of land containing 260 acres … joining Judge Berrten’s Moater Hall tract and Huntberry Grove tract on the east, Mr Wm B Bullock, White Oaks tract on the North and land formerly Loyds on the West, also one lont in the Gold Region designated as No. 1038 of 3d Dist 1 lee of Cherokee County containing 40 acres and bounded on the E by lot No 979 on the N by lot No 1007 and on the W by lot No 1057, also one lot of 11 acres more or less, being one undivided fourth part of the eastern half part of the tract upon which Benjamin Langley now resides, also my dwelling house with all other buildings and improvements … to support and educate the children of the said William Harrison and Mary his wife, viz Rebecca Catherine, George Paul, Mary Franklin, Harriet Louissa, Susan Elizabeth, Harris Kollock, and after her decease to be divided equally … I do hereby constitute make and ordain, Paul Keller, Richard F Williams, William Dunham, Edward Bourquin, and Jas. J W Spencer together with the said Mary my beloved wife, my sole executors and executrix of this my last will … Signed: William Harrison. Wits: Robert Bowman, Thomas Lalin, Mary M Robertson.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L93G-D57D?i=156&cc=1999178&cat=145396  ;  1835 Estate of William Harrison in Chatham County, Georgia (9 pages)
1842 May 26th … Notice of sale of one negro man slave named Dick, the property of the estate of William Harrison, late of said county deceased to be sold for the benefit of the heirs of said estate. Mary Harrison, executrix.
… The undersigned heirs of the Estate of William Harrison decd, late of Chatham County, do hereby certify to the Court of Ordinary … we do concur in the application made by Mary Harrison exrx of said estate for permission to sell a certain negro man slave named Dick belonging to said estate, as by selling him is the only way by which a partition can be affected amongst the several heirs. Signed: Susan E. Harrison, Harris K Harrison, Harriet L Harrison, W M Forrester, G P Harrison.
1835 July 6 – Warrant of appraisement … To: Robert Bowman, Joseph Brantley, and James J W Spencer… as you shall be directed unto by Mary Harrison executrix… Estate of William Harrison late of Chatham County deceased …
… Inventory and appraisment of the Estate of William Harrison, deceased… (list of slaves) … (list of livestock) …. (list of equipment, items, and furniture) …
… Total: $8987.00.
Signed: Robert Bowman, Joseph Brantley, Jas J W Spencer, appraisers…

1835 Inventory of Est of William Harrison. Chatham Co, Ga. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G93G-DN5F?i=238&cc=1999178&cat=154595

1835 Estate of William Harrison – loose papers, Chatham Co, Ga: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-993T-XY8W?i=1092&cc=1999178&cat=242777

Estate of William Harrison 1835: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G93T-XBYF?i=1091&cc=1999178&cat=24277

NOTE – Different William Harrison:  There appears to be a William J. Harrison who’s probate is started in 1837 in Chatham County, Georgia.  His probate appears to be handled by a George Millen.  No other “Harrison” names are listed in this probate paperwork – so he appears to be another William Harrison — take this into account when reviewing the above lawsuits inside the City of Savannah – some of these may be for this William J. Harrison.  

1837 Estate of William J. Harrison in Chatham County, Georgia (10 pages)
… 1839 Jan 5 … Notice published in the “Savannah Republican” for 4 months… “to sell a lot of land in Troup County, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of Wm J Harrison, late of Chatham County, deceased. George Millen, admor.

In 1838, Edward L Harrison, nephew of William Harrison, appears to have died:

1838 Nov 15 – Mary C Harrison administratrix of the Estate of Edward L Harrison late of this county (Effingham County, Georgia) … to make a true and perfect Inventory of the Estate both real and personal of said deceased … Mary C HarrisonJeremiah Zippirer, and Goley Dasher post bond unto Clem Power, William Spier, James OGoldwire, and John F Senigg?, Justices of the Superior Court… for $5000.00 on estate… Bond Bk 3, p. 88. Effingham County, Georgia.
“Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L93G-WSH7?cc=1999178&wc=9SYB-SPV%3A267650301%2C267650302 : 20 May 2014), Effingham > Administration and guardian bonds 1830-1856 vol 3 > image 55 of 157; citing Houston County Probate Court Judge, Georgia.

In 1839, Edward L Harrison’s widow, Mary C Harrison, marries Samuel B White:

1839 May 23 – Mary C Harrison etal to Phillip Ulmer JR, bk O, p 120 (1833-1843) Effingham Co, Georgia
…between Mary C Harrison, widow of the late Edward L Harrison decd of the first part, Samuel B White of the second part, and Philip Ulmer junior of the third part … a marriage is intended by Gods permission shortly to be had … between the said Mary C Harrison and Samuel B White … Mary C Harrison is at present seized and possessed of divers property real and personal, to wit one tract or parcel of land containing 300 acres … in the County and State aforesaid … and the following negroes to wit, a wench named Betty abt 25 yrs old and her child about 2 months old, the other wench named Malissa abt 22 years old, also a stock of cattle upwards of 18 head, 2 horses, hogs, sundry household and kitchen furniture… plantation tools, etc … bought by her the said Mary C Harrison either before or after her said intended marriage … the property of … Mary C Harrison is seized and possessed … should be secured to her and the children now living which she has had by her late husband for and during her natural life and from and after her decease then to the use and behoof of the said children now living, to wit: Charles A J Sweat, Anne Eliza Sweat, John Furman Sweat, Mary J Harrison, Martha L Harrison, share and share alike… Mary C Harrison … sold … unto saidPhilip Ulmer Junr … all that tract of land… 300 acres … also 3 negroes … and stock of cattle,(etc) … in trust …. for the sole and separate use and benefit … of the said Mary C Harrison …. then in trust … for the use of the children of the said Mary C Harrison by her former husband … Signed: Mary C Harrison, Samuel B White, John P. Ulmer Jr. Wit: Charles Ulmer, P S Miller.

The following US Census in 1840 in Chatham County, Georgia appears to be a record for the Mary Keller Harrison, widow of William Harrison of this page:

1840 US Census
Name: Mary Harrison
Home in 1840 (City, County, State): District 8, Chatham , Georgia
Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 14: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 15 thru 19: 2
Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 50 thru 59: 1
Slaves – Males – Under 10: 1
Slaves – Males – 10 thru 23: 2
Slaves – Males – 36 thru 54: 2
Slaves – Males – 55 thru 99: 1
Slaves – Females – Under 10: 1
Slaves – Females – 10 thru 23: 5
Slaves – Females – 24 thru 35: 1
Slaves – Females – 36 thru 54: 3
Slaves – Females – 55 thru 99: 1
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 15
Free White Persons – Under 20: 3
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 1
Total Free White Persons: 5
Total Slaves: 17
Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 22
Year: 1840; Census Place: District 8, Chatham, Georgia; Roll: 38; Page: 139; Family History Library Film: 0007042

The 1843 tax records of Chatham County, Georgia and a land transaction in 1845 show that George Paul Harrison, William Harrison decd’s eldest son, is handing the Estate of William Harrison, decd.  They also show that William Harrison’s daughter, Mary Franklin Harrison is married to William M Forrester and living in Beaufort District, South Carolina at the time:

1843 Chatham County, Georgia Tax List
William Harrison, Estate, filed by G P Harrison, Lot # 1038, Dis 3, Sec 1, Cher Co, 200 acres
Paul Keller, 250 acres Co Thomas Co.

1845 Jan 18 – G P Harrison fr Arch McLellan who gives up 1/3 interest in 800 acres of land in Chatham Co, Ga bounded by lands of estate of William Harrison decd. James H McLaren died seized and possessed and Arch McLellan gives his right thru his Late wife Mary McLellan formerly Mary Henlen decd was the first cousin of Sarah Henlen the mother of James Henlen, McLaren and one of the heirs at law of the said Jame H McLaren. bk DDD, p 138  Chatham County, Georgia   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLX-J9NN-R?i=331&cat=140778

1845 March 4 – G P Harrison fr Wm M Forrester of Beaufort Dist, SC (husb of Mary Franklin Harrison – GP Harrison’s sister), gives up his 1/7 interest in the estate of William Harrison decd to GP Harrison. bk DDD, p 138  Chatham County, Georgia  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLX-J9NN-R?i=331&cat=140778

1846 Chatham County, Georgia Tax List
George P Harrison, 1840 acres, Chatham Co, 19 slaves, 1 poll.
Est of William Harrison, 430 acres Chatham, 40 acres lot in Cherokee Co, 13 slaves.
Robert Harrison, 1 poll
Francis Harrison, 1 slave, 1 poll, 2800 stock in trade
Ebenezer Jenckes, 3500 acres, 500 acres, 6500 acres Chatham Co, 1120 acres Cherokee, 500 acres Bryan Co, 10,000 acres Tatnall Co, Bridge on Ogeechee value 5000, 42 slaves, 1 poll.
John P Keller, 1394 acres Chatham Co, 200 acres Cherokee Co, 202 and 1/2 acres Monroe Co, 7 slaves, 1 poll
Paul Keller, 2531 acres, 500 acres Chatham Co, 250 acres Thomas Co, 31 slaves, 1 poll.
George A Keller, 634 acres Chatham Co, 5 slaves, 1 poll.
Stephen F Keller, 100 acres Chatham Co, 727 acres Chatham Co, 14 slaves, 1 poll
Thomas Keller 50 acres Chatham Co, 4 slaves, 1 poll

1848 Chatham County, Georgia Tax List
Robert Harrison 126 acres pine Chatham Co, 1 poll
H K Harrison, filed by G P Harrison, 534 acres pine Chatham Co, 3 slaves, 2 carriages.
G P Harrison, 250 acres water carriage, 1005 acres pine adj swamp, 1446 acres pine Chatham Co, 50 slaves, 1 poll.
Francis Harrison, 2 slaves, 1 poll
George A Keller, 634 acres Chatham Co, 5 slaves, 1 poll.
John P Keller, 1394 acres, 4 slaves, 1 poll.
Paul Keller, 2531 acres Chatham, 500 acres Chatham, 250 acres Thomas, 31 slaves, 1 poll
S F Keller, 200 acres Effingham, 100 acres Chatham, 727 acres Chatham, 15 slaves, 1 poll
Edwin Keller, 1 poll
Dennis Keller, filed by G W Adams, 1 poll

1857 Jan 1 – Harris K Harrison etal exr fr Zachariah M Winkler bk QQQ, p 34 Chatham County, Georgia
… between Z M Winkler … of the one part, and Harris K Harrison, executor and Eliza Ulmer executrix of the last will and testament of Philip Ulmer decd… Z M Winkler … deliverd to the said Harris K Harrison executor and Eliza Ulmer executrix of the said Philip Ulmer decd his two certain promissory notes … whereby the said Z M Winkler hath promised to pay the said H K Harrison and Eliza Ulmer … 4860 dollars and 60 cents on the 1st day of Jan 1858 … and on the 1st day of Jan 1859 … Z M Winkler promises to pay the further sum of 4866 dollars and 66 cents … Z M Winkler … granted …. to the said H K Harrison and Eliza Ulmer … of the Estate aforesaid … all that tract … known … as the “Mulberry Grove” plantation, containing 617 acres … bounded North by lands of the late John McPherson Perrien, West by Augusta Road, and South by lands belonging to William C Daniell and East by Savannah River … also that piece … of land … containing 31 acres… part of the plantation called “Drakies” … conveyed by Jacob Read executor of Genl Jacob Read to James Wallace … (mortgage on property in favor of Estate to ensure payment of amounts still owed)…
Signed: Z M Winkler by his atty Z W Winkler. Wit: John F Tucker, R F Akin NP.

The 1858 will of Paul Keller identifies many of his close relatives and inlaws, including the children of William Harrison.

1858 Aug 25 – Paul Keller’s last will… Chatham County, Georgia, Wills Vol 1, p. 228-
… I Paul Keller of the County of Chatham and State of Georgia aforesaid … this to be my Last Will and Testament …
… Item 1st …. unto Arzada Keller Powers son of Milton Powers and my adopted son the following negro slaves, to wit Sam, Sarah, Isabel and Margaret …. and the sum of $1000 dollars in money…
… Item 2d … unto Mary Foy wife of — Foy (formerly Mary Powers) the following negro slaves to wit Martha, Rosanna, Serina and Madison … and the sum of $1000 dollars in money … for the sole and seperate use of the said Mary Foy and not subject to the debts contract engagements or control of her present husband or any future husband she may have…
… Item 3d … unto Rebecca C Oliver (formerly the wife of George Oliver but now divorced from him) to and for her own sole and seperate use and not subject to the control debts, liabilitis, contracts, or engagement of any present or future husband she may have, the following negro slave to wit John and the sum of $600 dollars in money…
… Item 4th … unto Frances Elkins, wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, and Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson the sum of Twenty Four Hundred dollars ($2400) in money to be equally divided between them … tenants in common…
… Item 5th … unto (Frances Elkins – scratched out), John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, George Keller and Margaret Gould (children of my late brother John Adam Keller)George Paul Harrison, Harriet Bullion (late Harriet Harrison), Susan Hines (late Susan Harrison), H Kollock Harrison, Rebecca Peoples, and Mary Forrester (children of the late Col. William Harrison) the following negro slaves to wit Joe, Isaac, Friday, Winter, Simeon, Tom, Charles, Bill, Francis, Emanuel, Jim, Laurence, Jordan, Patsey, Dye, Nelly, Matilda, Sally, Polly, Emma, Julia, Jacob, Lauretta and Young Patsey … subject to the condition that the said Rebecca Peoples and the said Mary Forrester shall each receive her distributive share of said property mentioned in this item in money and not in kind to be paid to them by the other distributees, John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, George Keller, Margaret Gould, George Paul Harrison, Harriet Bullion, Susan Hines, H Kollock Harrison, or their heirs …
… Item 6th … unto Arzada Keller Powers my aforesaid adopted son a negro boy named Stephen about 14 years of age … with the sum of $500 dollars in money …. should he die before arriving at the age of 21 years the same shall go to and beome the property of the surviving children of his mother, Mary Powers (now Mary Foy) by his late father Milton Powers. …
… Item 7th … to General George Paul Harrison the following negro man slave, to wit a negro man slave named Dick …
… Item 8th … to Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson, Mary Foy wife of Foy, and Rebecca C Oliver (formerly wife of George Oliver but now divorced) children of James Oliver one half of the stock of cattle of which I may die possessed…
… Item 9th … to John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, Margaret Gould, George Keller, George Paul Harrison, Rebecca Peoples, Mary Forrester, Harriet Bullion, Susan Hines and H Kollock Harrison all my remaining undivided real estate situate lying and being in Thomas and Chatham Counties in the State of Georgia …
… Item 10th … when the propert time arrives all my lands shall be sold to the best advantage either at private or public sale …. and convert into money whatever stocks or shares of stock in any Bank or corporation of which I may die possessed and that if the same be applied with the ready money I may leave as for as they (that is the said ready money and the money arising from the sale of said Stocks and shares) will go to the payment of the legacies of money left in this my will…
… Lastly … I appoint George Paul Harrison, Stephen F Keller, Harrison Kollock Harrison, John P Keller and Edward Bird the executors of this my last will and testament…
… Signed: Paul Keller. Wit: William S Rasinger, Joseph Felt, Julian Hartridge.
1859 Aug 29 – Codicil to Paul Keller’s will – State of Georgia, Chatham County.
… I Paul Keller did on the 25th day of August 1858 … publish my last will and testament in presence of W S Basinger, Joseph Felt, and Julian Hartridge …
… I am now desirious of altering and changing a bequest and devise in said will …
… First … I revoke and annul the bequest of a slave named John in the 3d Item of said will, and I give and bequeath said slave John share and share alike to Rebecca C Oliver formerly wife of George Oliver now divorced, Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson
… Second … I revoke and annul so much of 8th Item of said Will as reads James Oliver(which is a mistake in said will, and insert in liew therof James Wilson)…
… Third … I give … all my stock of sheep of which I may die possessed to Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson and Rebecca C Oliver formerly wife of George Oliver but now divorced…. Signed: Paul Keller. Wit: William H Shearouse, George W Ulmer, William H H Bartley.
1859 Oct 3 … Julian Hartridge a subscribing witness to the annexed instrument … of Paul Keller late of Chatham County deceased … Paul Keller … of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding… Signed: Julian Hartridge.
1859 Oct 3 … John P Keller do solemnly swear …. this writing contains the true last will of the within named Paul Keller deceased… well and truly execute the same … John P Keller.
1859 Oct 3 … George W Ulmer a subscribing witness to the annexed instrument of writing purporting to be a codicil to the last will and testament of Paul Keller late of Chatham County deceased …. saith … he was present and did see the said instrument of writing duly executed by the said Paul Keller … George W Ulmer.
1859 Oct 3 … John P Keller do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last Codicil to the last Will and Testament of Paul Keller .. well and truly execut the same…
1859 Oct 3 … George P Harrison … this writing contains the true last will and codicil of the within named Paul Keller deceased … truly execut the same … George P Harrison.
1859 Oct 5 … Mr Edward Bird and Stephen F Keller do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last will and codicil of the within named Paul Keller …. well and truly execute the same … Edward Bird, Stephen F Keller.

Possible Parents or Ancestry of William Harrison b. btw 1776-1780: 

Family Summaries in Progress:

This research summary starts with William Harrison, my 4th great grandfather, of Chatham County, Georgia.

William Harrison was born between 1776 and 1780 according to the US Census records of 1820 and 1830. Combined with him witnessing a document in 1799, meaning he must have been 21 years of age by then, his birth year must have been 1776-1777.  William Harrison died about 1835 in Chatham County, Georgia, as his will was probated on March 21, 1835.

William Harrison is married to Mary Keller on September 5, 1807. They have six children that he names in his will. They are:

1) Rebecca Catherine Harrison 1808-1861 m. Jesse William Peoples, Jr. 1813-1856
2) George Paul Harrison, Sr 1813-1888 m. Thursa Adelaide Guinn 1821-1902
3) Mary Franklin Harrison 1816-1907 m. William Forrester 1822-1908
4) Harriet Louisa Harrison 1821 m. Needham Bullard 1817-1878
5) Susan Elizabeth Harrison 1824-1862 m. Joseph Henry Hines 1820-1871
6) Harris Kollock Harrison 1827-1873 m. Sarah Elinor Elkins 1829-1868

The wills of William Harrison, Paul Keller (Mary Keller’s uncle) in Chatham County, Georgia help quite a bit in confirming who the descendants are; and a Memoir written by George Cohen Harrison (my 2nd great grandfather – he was the son of Harris Kollock Harrison) describing his families journey from Georgia to Texas during the closing of the Civil War, and the relatives they visited on the way, does a great job in helping to place who is who.

William Harrison b. 1776-1780 first appears in court records in the Savannah, Georgia Civil Minute Books in January 1805 as a plaintiff over debts owed as a indorsee on notes.

On February 21, 1807, William Harrison, planter, buys 25 acres of land from a Peter Davis in Chatham County, Georgia. The land is located next to land owned by Maj. Peter Deveraux, Thomas Gibbons, Esq, and Thomas Davis. William Harrison is married to Mary Keller on September 5, 1807. On Dec 7, 1807 William Harrison witnesses the last will and testament of Celia Dotson of Chatham County.

On December 20, 1810, William Harrison purchases 100 acres of land in Chatham County from Stephen F Gregory and his wife Catherine Gregory.

Family Relations:

The parents of William Harrison are unknown. I have found it interesting that a Humphrey Harrison (likely born btw. 1735-40) was in the Georgia militia from at least 1760-67 (maybe longer), and had land transactions we have found so far in 1763, 1774, 1778, 1781 … his wife’s name was Catherine, and starting in 1790 there are transactions involved Catherine Harrison “widow”. Catherine Harrison widow appears to live next to Thomas Harrison in the 1793 tax records of Chatham County, Georgia. A John Harrison appears to be close family of Thomas Harrison (father, uncle, maybe brother) … but definitely related based on the transactions giving him a life estate in Trust. So the Humphrey Harrison, Catherine Harrison, John Harrison, and Thomas Harrison lines who live in the City of Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia all appear related. I suspect William Harrison “may” be from this line, but there is no evidence I have found yet that connects them. Harrison is not an uncommon surname, so Wiliam Harrison b. abt. 1780 may be from an entirely different line.

Additionally, in 1764 the Colonial Records of Georgia note a Samuel Harrison who was a non-commissioned officer in Oglethorpe’s Regiment, and states he had been in the Georgia Province for 26 years, having a wife and 4 children. They grant him 100 acres that had previously been granted to a John Smith. This indicates that Samuel Harrison had been in the province since 1740, and so likely was born before 1720 (I estimate he was probably born between 1715-19). Its possible that Samuel Harrison is related in some way to Humphrey Harrison. Humphrey Harrison appears to have a brother named Mordicai Harrison – who shows up in the same militia units from 1760-67 as Humphrey, and witnesses at least one of Humphrey Harrison’s deeds in 1763.

Unk Harrison:

Maybe Samuel Harrison b. abt 1718 (petition in 1764 saying been in province 24 years, wife and 4 children).
Also consider Thomas Harrison and Francis Harrison who were noted to be in the Georgia militia in 1756.

Humphrey Harrison b. abt 1735-40 wife Catherine in 1778 deed transaction
Mordecai Harrison b. abt 1735-40 (both in militia together from 1760-67). In 1763 Mordecai wits Humphrey’s deed transaction.
Samuel Harrison b. abt 1740-45 (first shows in Georgia militia in 1766 as a private – so likely not the elder Samuel Harrison who was a non-commissioned officer in 1764 – maybe his son).

1767 Samuel Harrison – 1767 militia

1788 Joseph Harrison separated from wife Sarah Harrison (late Pearce) in 1788 in Effingham Co.

1789 John Sealy Harrison is wit to will of Catherine B Rehm.

1790 – Catherine Harrison widow conveys slave in Chatham Co.
in 1793 Catharine Harrison and Thomas Harrison are separately in tax records of Chatham
in 1804 Estate of Catharine Harrison – daughter Margaret Downer with her husb Alexander Downer, neice Elizabeth Harris, grandson Michael Denslee (or Durslee/Dunslee?).

1793 – John Harrison is shoemaker conveys lot 15 to William Bell with a life estate to the decease of Elizabeth Harrison, wife of Thomas Harrison
in 1799 – tax returns show a John Harrison shoemaker, and “children of Thomas Harrison”
in 1800 William Bell shoemaker leaves all to John Harrison shoemaker
in 1802 William Mathews transaction w John Harrison his “half brother”(same mom then?), and John’s daughters are Elizabeth and Susannah Harrison who recd a lot from Mathews.
in 1806 John Harrison and Mary Harrison his wife, is exectr and sole heir of William Bell shoemaker decd
in 1808 land transaction Michael Harrison and Susan Harrison are noted as children of John and Mary Harrison shoemaker
– ALSO in dispute with William Wilkie re lot number 15 – Wilkie appears to be married to daughter of Elizabeth Harrison
in 1817 Suzane E Harrison, daughter of John Harrison, had marriage contract to marry John H. Clark – trust to father in lots 15, 10, 1, lot on Margaret Street, lot 22,
in 1829 Michael Harrison and wife Alethia Harrison transaction
in 1832 estate of Michael Harrison

1794- Thomas and Elizabeth Harrison sell a slave to John Barrien (a Jacob Barrier had prev owned lot Humphrey Harrison purch in 1763).
in 1793 – Catharine Harrison and Thomas Harrison are in tax recs Chatham
In 1811 shows Estate of Thomas Harrison mariner decd

1801 James Harrison transaction for slave

1804 Ann Harrison is admx of Est of Jabez Harrison decd widow. William Wilkie applied for admin in right of his wife (likely a daughter/heir).

1804 Estate of Elizabeth Harrison decd.


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