1720 Michael Gowing Jr of Gloucester Co, Va

Michael Gowing Jr born 1720


Michael Gowing




James Goin b. abt 1708
Elizabeth Goin 1710 m. Moses Bass
Edward Goin Sr b. 1715 to 22
Michael Gowing Jr born 1720
David Gowing born 1721
Shadrack Gowing born abt 1725 (Note:  This is a guess based on best evidence available)

Of Gloucester Co, Va

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)


Map of North Carolina and Virginia border area and locations of families living in those areas (click to enlarge)


1741 Oct – Going, Michael
1742 Feb
2-037 – October 1741 Court.
2-078 – February 1741/2 Court.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order

1741 Oct Ct:  Certificates granted to Michael Going, Cornelius Keith, and John Mitchell by William Hagood Gent, for 1 old wolfs head 140. Brunswick Co, Va. court orders v 1. pg 37.

1741 Michael Going, Cornelius Keith and John Mitchell listed on William Hagood list in Brunswick Co Va

1742 Feb Ct: (cut off first page – need to go back and get pg 77) . . . this day came the pet by Clement Read his attorney and William Maclin one of the undersherifs of this county made return that by virtue of the said writ of scare facias he had made known to the said John by Nicholas Moshier, Richard York, and Michael Going good and lawful men of his Bailiwic that he be before the justices here to shew cause if any he could as by the said writ was commanded whereupon the said John being solemnly called came not therefore it is considered by the court that the Pet have execution against him the said Deft of the damages aforesaid as also for his costs by him in this behalf expended and the said Deft in mercy etc. Brunswick County, Virginia. v 1 pg. 77 to 78.

1742 Michael Going in court order in Brunswick Co Va

1743 June 30 – Michael Gawen receives 400 acres begg. &c. being a corner of William Harlows first survey. Henrico Co, Va

1743-1744 merchant acct book with Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing, and Edward Gowing in Hanover Co.  A Merchant’s Account Book. Hannover County, Va

1744 1745 merch acct book w Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing plus Edward Gowing in Hanover Co. A Merchant’s Account Book. Hannover County, Va

1750 Relatively complete lists, but not providing racial breakdown and not naming the subsidiary tithes in most cases.  List of Edwd. Jones, Michel Gooin 2, Granville Co, NC   http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html

1750 Michael Gooin 2 tithes unk Granville Co NC  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

1752 Sept 15 – David Staples grantee – Description: 400 acres begg. at a corner pine of Michael Goings thence on Orphants line; south &c. to a corner white oak on Farrars Branch. Va. Land Grant – Henrico County.

1752 Michael Going living adj to Staples and Orphant in Henrico Co, Va

1750 Relatively complete lists, but not providing racial breakdown and not naming the subsidiary tithes in most cases.  List of Edwd. Jones, Michel Gooin 2, Granville Co, NC   http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html

1750 Michael Gooin 2 tithes unk Granville Co NC  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

1753 William Going and his son 2 white Granville Co NC
Robt Mitchell, John Going 2 tithes white
Thomas Going 1 white 1 black
Michal Going 1 black
Edward Going 1 black
Thomas Going 1 unk
Michall Going 1 unk
Michall Going 1 unk

1753 List of Robert Harris (“one of his lists”)
George Anderson 0 1
William Going and his son 2 0
Robt. Mitchell, John Going 2 tithes
List of Osborn Jeffreys
Robert Davis 0 1
Thomas Going 1 1
Michal Going 0 1
Edward Going 0 1
List of Lemuel Lanier
Thomas Going 1
Michall Going 1
Michall Going 1
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ,  http://www.mindspring.com/~baumbach/1753tax01.htm ,  http://www.mindspring.com/~baumbach/1753tax01.htm

1753-1754 Thomas Going, was in the Granville County list of Osborn Jeffreys, adjoining Michael and Edward Going, taxable on one white and one black poll in 1753 and one black poll in 1754. Granville Co, NC. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Gibson_Gowen.htm

1754 Michael Going 1 white Granville Co NC, Thomas Going 1 black

1754 List of Osborn Jeffreys
Michal Going 1 0
Thomas Going 0 1
Granville Co, NC

1754 Oct 8 – Muster roll of the regiment in Granville, under the command of Colo William Eaton, as taken at a general muster of the said regiment on Oct 8, 1754 William Person, Lieut. Col.James Paine, Major Capt Osborn Jeffrey’s Company:
78. THOMAS GOWAN – Malatto
79. MICHAEL GOWAN – Malatto
80. EDWARD GOWAN – Malatto
Granville Co, NC

1765 March 20 – Michael Gawen of North Carolina, county of Baute to David Gawin of Henrico Co, Va, conveys 400 acres in Henrico County, bounded by corner of William Harlow’s first survey . . .  Wits: David Bowles, John Thompson, John Gowin. in Henrico Co, Va. County Records, 1750-1767. pg 915.

1755 summary list (from microfilm) C.044.70012 NC Archives
Thomas Going 0/1/1
Edward Gowen 0/1/1
Michael Gowen 0/1/1
Joseph Gowen 0/1/1
William Going & Son Joseph 2/0/2
William Going & Son Joseph 2/0/2
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html , https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9YG-R?i=9&cat=353959 , https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9YL-C?i=10&cat=353959


1755 Edward Gowen a Michael Gowen a Joseph Gowen tithe list in Granville Co NC


1755 Thomas Going on tithe list in Granville Co NC


1755 William Going and son Joseph Going on tithe list in Granville Co NC

1755 Michael Gowen – 0-1-1; Granville County, NC – Tax List/Tithes; Granville Co, NC

1755 Thomas Going 1 black Granville Co NC
Edward Gowen 1 black
Michael Gowen 1 black
Joseph Gowen 1 black
William Going and son Joseph 2 white
William Going and son Joseph 2 white

1755 June – Thomas Parker v Michael Gowen Jr – In the action of tresspass on the case between Thomas Parker Plt and Michael Gowen Junr Deft a jury being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issues joyn’d upon their oath do say that the Deft did assume in manner and form as the Plt agt him hath declared and they do assess the Plt damages by occasion of the nonperformance thereof to forty shillings Virg money. Wherefore it is considered by the Court that the Plt recover agt the Deft the damages afsd in form afsd assessed with costs. Minutes 1754-1764. pg 25 Granville Co, NC.

1759 List of John Pope
Joseph Goin, Mulattoe 1
Edward Goin, Mulattoe 1
Thomas Goin, William Gray White 2
James Goin Mulattoe, William Goin Mulattoe 2
Michael Goin, Mulattoe, John Wilson, Mulattoe 2
Delinquent and insolvent list
Going, James 2
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ; http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

1761 whites/Blacks male/Blacks f/ Blacks 12-16
List of John Pope
Thomas, Moses Gowin. Refuses to List his wife 2 tithes
Michael Gowin, John Wilson. Refuses to list his wife 2
Joseph Gowin. Refuses to list his wife 1
List of Robt. Harris for Granville Parish
Edward Going sons Edwd. Reeps 0 white/3black males
Country Line District by Larkin Johnston
William Gowin, James Gowin 2
William Gowin Junr, Jesse Chandlor 2
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ; http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

1762 Michael Gowin mulattoe Granville Co NC
Thomas Gowin and Moses Gowin 2 tithes
Edward Gowin Sr, Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3 mulattoe
James Gowing, son William, refs to list his wife – 2 white, 0 black, 0 females, 2 over 16, 2 total
William Gowin Jr 2 white
Joseph Going refuses to list wife 1 mulattoe
James Gowen 2 insolvent
Michael Going 2 insolvent
Edward Going 2 insolvent
Jos. Going 1 insolvent

1762 Bare Swamp District; List of John Pope for St. Johns Parish
Michael Gowin, Mulattoe, John Willson 2 tithes
Thomas Gowin, Moses Gowin 2
Edward Gowin Senr. Mulla., Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3
Fishing Creek District
James Gowing, Son William, Refs. to list his wife
2 whites, 0 blacks, 2 males, 0 females, 2 over 16, 2 total
Country Line District
William Gowin Junr 2 white
Granville Parish by Robert Harris
Joseph Going Mulato not listed his wife
list of insolvents
Gowen, James 2
Going, Michael 2
Going, Edward 2
Going, Jos. 1
Granville Co, NC
http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html ;  http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Granville.htm

1771 Sept 7 – list of insolvents for 1762 taxremaining in arrears as of
7 Sept. 1771
Gowen, Michael 2
Gowen, Edward 3
Gowen, Joseph 1
Granville Co, NC

1778 Jun 3 – Granville Co Will Bk 1, p 193. Deed of Gift-MICHAEL GOWIN of Pr Geo Parish, Craven Co, SC, planter, for love & good will, to JENKINS GOWIN of Granville Co, NC, 80 acres being part of 600 ac lying and being in Bute Co, NC & part in Granville Co, NC at William McBees line on south side of Taylor’s CreekEDWIN GOWIN & his wife to live on sd land until their dec’d, then to sd JENKINS GOWIN. Wits: John McKipock (McKissock), William McBee. (Johnson, NC Genealogy, Spring-Summer 1970, p 2503. Also, Gwynn, Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville Co, NC, 1746-1808, 1973, p 60. Bk 1, p 193-4). Granville Co, NC   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C956-FS9V-Z?i=214&cat=358185 ,  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2007/12/granville-county-nc-early-records.html


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