1731 Susannah Gowen Hubbard likely of Lunenburg Co, Va or Orange Co, NC

Susannah Gowen Hubbard b. 1731


  • Unknown




1753 Oct Court. On the motion of Susannah Gowen a witness of Samuel Young at the suit of Charles Weatherford, it is ordered that the said Samuel pay her for 6 days attendance according to law.
Order books 2 and 1/2 B, 1753-1754. p. 446. Lunenburg County, Virginia

The following records show John Going  and Mary Keith GOING deeding part of their 400 acres to their two sons. June 10, 1761, John Going, Senr & Mary of Lunenburg County to son William Going of same place, love & affection, 100 acres, Lunenburg County, part of 400 acres by patent to said Going Sr. On both sides of Great Branch, where said William Going now lives, adjacent to John Ruffin. Signed: John [JG] Going, Mary [M] Going.  Witnesses: Richard Brown, Sarah Going, Susie (x) Hubbard. Recorded: July 7, 1761. [Lunenburg County Deed Book 6, pp. 378-379]

In 1761, John Going Sr and Mary Going convey their 400 acre tract of land in Lunenburg County, Va, to two of their sons, John Going Jr 100 acres, William Going 100 acres, and to a William Sandifur 200 acres.

1761 June 10 deed date – John Going Sr and Mary Going to William Going, Deed bk 6, p 378-379. Lunenburg Co, Va
 John Going Sr and Mary his wife of the County of Lunenburgh … we the said John Going and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the natural affection and love which we have and bear unto our well beloved son William Going of the County aforesaid, as also for divers other causes and considerations we hereunto … confirm unto the sd William Going a certain divident or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County aforesaid containing 100 acres … being part of 400 acres of land that was granted by patent to the aforesd John Going Sr bearing date the 14th of February 1761 … the aforesaid hundred acres lying on both of the branch called the Great Branch and the land that the aforesaid William Going now lives on, and bounded as followeth, to wit, beginning at a hickory a corner of John Ruffin’s, standing on a hill on the West side of the Great Branch thency by a line of non marked trees, north 87 degrees East 54 poles, over the said Great Branch to a small branch, thence up the sd small branch as it meanders bearing Northeasterly 46 poles thence north 44 degrees, 30 East 42 poles to Pointers and thence North 84 degrees: 30 East 28 poles to pointers thence North 5 degrees: 30 West 66 poles to pointers thence North 87 degrees 45 West, 70 poles to Pointers thence North 79 degrees West 50 poles to the Great Branch thence up the Great Branch as it meanders 10 poles to Pointers thence North 60 degrees; 45 West 52 poles, to a White Oak and pine pointers standing on Ruffin’s line thence South 16 degrees 30 West 42 poles to a Corner on Ruffin’s line thence South 19 degrees 30 West 56 poles to a corner pine of the Sd Ruffin’s thence South 13 degrees East 57 poles to the first Station … Signed: John Going, Mary Going. Wits: Richard Brown, Sarah Going, Susey Hubbard. … Proved up in court on July 7, 1761. Deed bk v. 6, pg. 378. Lunenburg County, Va.

(John Going Sr and Mary Going to William Going, “for the natural love which we have for our son” – land is where William Going already lives, and adjacent to John Ruffin.  Witnessed by Sarah Brown, and Susy Hubbard ).

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