1731 Susannah Gowen Hubbard likely of Lunenburg Co, Va or Orange Co, NC

Susannah Gowen Hubbard b. 1731

Children:  Unknown

John Gowen b. 1710 and Mary Keith


John Gowen Jr. b. 1730 m. Elizabeth (confirmed child of John Gowing b. 1710)
Susannah Gowen Hubbard b. 1731 (confirmed child of John Gowing b. 1710)
Thomas Gowen b. 1732
William Goyne b. 1733
Amos Goyen b. 1744
Daniel Going b. 1748
Drury Goyen b. 1749
James Goyne b. 1755
Henry Going b. 1758


Catherine Padderson writes her will May 21, 1739, and it is presented for probate July 23, 1739, indicating that her death date in the two-month period, according to “Prince William County Will Book C” by John Frederick Forman. The will leaves her estate, valued at £36:2:4.75, to two younger children and names her son John Gowen as administrator. The will reads:

“I, Catherine Padderson, being sick and weak in body. Unto my well beloved son, Elixander Going, one negro man named Robin and one horse and a horse colt and one cow and calf and a cow yearling and halph of my movable houshold stuf and one parcel of land whereon I now live containing sixty-six acres, it being part of a tract containing one hundred and thirty-two acres. Unto my well beloved daughter, Susannah Going, one negro man named Jackey and one mare and saddle, cow and calf and two cow yearlings and one feather bed and bolster, a rugg and one pare of blankits and half the household stuf. My crop of tob: which is now in my house after my debts is paid I bequeath to be equally divided between my son Elixander Going and my daughter Susannah Going. I leave my well beloved son, John Going, whole and sole executor of this, my last will and testament.

Catherin Padderson

Witnesses: Thomas Ford, Jane Ford, Ann Gladding”

1739 Catherine Padderson will p11739 Catherine Padderson will p2

Probate records in Will Book C show:

“23, July, 1739. Presented in Court by John Going, sole executor herein named, who prays certificate for obtaining a probate thereof, but it being suggested that the deceased’s husband is living, on the motion of the said John Going and giving security for his just and faithful administration of the said deceased’s estate, certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration.” “Bond of John Going, William Scutt and John Hollis unto Denis McCarty, Gent., justice. For £100, 23 July, 1739. John Going is administrator of Catherine Padderson, deceased. John Going John Hollis William Scutt Witness: John Bowie, 23 July, 1739, Acknowledged and Ordered”  The inventory of the estate, which included two negro men valued at 25 pounds, totaled 36 pounds, 2 shillings, 4 3/4 pence and was presented to the court by John Gowen August 27, 1739. The account which was allowed and ordered by Prince William County Probate Court, read: “The estate of Catherine Pattison, deceased. To 2 levs. pd. Edwd. Barry 116 (tobo.) To pd. Capt. Val Peyton 364 To pd. Thomas Ford 40 To pd. Alexander Gowin 330 To pd. Susanna Gowin 250 To bal due per John Gowin 468 To pd. Mr. Wm. Dunlop 7:4:- John (X) Gowin” [“To” is apparently an abbreviation for “Total;” “tobo” is apparently an abbreviation for “tobacco”.]

1739 estatecatherinepaddersonprincewmcova1 1739 estatecatherinepaddersonprincewmcova2y3 1739 estatecatherinepaddersonprincewmcova4 1739 estatecatherinepaddersonprincewmcova5

The following records show John Going  and Mary Keith GOING deeding part of their 400 acres to their two sons. June 10, 1761, John Going, Senr & Mary of Lunenburg County to son William Going of same place, love & affection, 100 acres, Lunenburg County, part of 400 acres by patent to said Going Sr. On both sides of Great Branch, where said William Going now lives, adjacent to John Ruffin. Signed: John [JG] Going, Mary [M] Going.  Witnesses: Richard Brown, Sarah Going, Susie (x) Hubbard. Recorded: July 7, 1761. [Lunenburg County Deed Book 6, pp. 378-379]

In 1761, John Going Sr and Mary Going convey their 400 acre tract of land in Lunenburg County, Va, to two of their sons, John Going Jr 100 acres, William Going 100 acres, and to a William Sandifur 200 acres.  1761 John Going Sr and wife Mary to son William Going in Lunenburg Co, Va

(John Going Sr and Mary Going to William Going, “for the natural love which we have for our son” – land is where William Going already lives, and adjacent to John Ruffin.  Witnessed by Sarah Brown, and Susy Hubbard ).


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