1720 James Going b. abt 1720 of Granville County, NC

James Goin mul b. abt 1720 living in Granville Co, NC

(Possibly m. to Sarah Beamor – SC land record shows a James Gowen married to Sarah Beamor near Colleton Co, SC. There is another James Gowen living nearby, but he is married to a Mary Keating).

Parents: (Presumed to be James Going b. abt 1680):

  • James Going b. abt 1680 (records have not shown if James had any children, but he may have. He shows up in records in Fairfax Co, Va until 1769. Records in Fairfax from 1739 to 1743 place both James Going and Thomas Going adjacent to or near Robert Bates’ land). 

Children:  (The following “may” be his children. They appear to be the right age, and are living next to eachother, showing up around the same time, etc. I’m not currently aware of any documents confirming they are his children. I am making the assumption based on information I currently have)



(See various James Goings on this page:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-james-goings/ )

Age of James Going: (Note: I’ve estimated James Goin’s age based on his son William, William Goin’s date of birth is estimated to be about 1742 based on the first year James Goin was required to list him (at 16 years of age) and that was in 1759. James Going would likely have been born before 1721 – with an estimated year of birth at 1720.

1756 Nov 29 – James Going received a land grant for 529 acres from the Earl of Granville March 4, 1756, … James Going planter from Earl Granville … land situate lying and being in the Parish of Saint John in the County of Granville in the said Province in Wartons Branch, beginning … by Winningum’s line … by Melenies line … by Roberts line … containing … 529 acres of land … Wits: Thomas Jones, Richard Ligon. Granville County Deed Book E, page 439. Granville Co, NC, https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-89CR-26C6?i=124&cat=360398 https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G9C5-X92Z?mode=g&i=361&cat=360398

1758 Dec 6 – No. 295. Order to survey … unto James Gowen a tract of land containing 640 acres lying in Granville County, beginning near Winninham’s line including the plantation of William Walton

1759 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Taxables for the year 1759 taken in Granville County by John Pope one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said County
List of John Pope
Joseph Goin, Mulattoe 1
Edward Goin, Mulattoe 1
Thomas Goin, William Gray white whole 2
James Goin Mulattoe, William Goin Mulattoe whole 2
Michael Goin, Mulattoe, John Wilson, Mulattoe whole 2

1759 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Delinquent and insolvent list
James Going – 2

1760 May 1 survey for James Going 529 acres . . . Wharton’s Branch, by Winnigums line, Chain carriers: William Going and Luke Sanders. 1760 Nov 29 – James Going – 529 acres index card no 1078.
Surveyed May 1st 1760 for James Going 529 acres …. lying in Granville County on Whorton’s Branch … by Winnigum’s line …. by Meloni’s line … by Roberts’ line …
Chain Carriers: William Going, Luke Sanders. Index card no 1078
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9WK-C5FG?i=210&cat=695114 (Shuck w doc) 1760 Nov 29 – Title: File No. 1078, James Going; Call Number: S.108.718; Frames:201-202; MARS Id: (Folder); Grant Number: 114; Issued: Nov. 29, 1760; Book, Page: 14:108; 1760 Nov 29 – Title: Gowen, James. Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Granville Grants of Deed; Box: Granville Co. Years: 1760;  Call Number: SSLG 61J;  Location: MFR; MARS Id: (Folder); November 29, 1760 529 acres Deed #114; Granville Co, NC

1760 May 1 survey for James Going for 529 acres in Granville County NC

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Constable List. George Stephen’s List
Joseph Going

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
James Goin

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Tyths taken by John Pope of Granville, in St Johns Parish
Michael Gowin mulattoe with John Willson – 2
Thomas Gowin with Moses Gowin – 2
Edward Gowin Sr mulla with Reps Gowin and Edward Gowin – 3

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Tithables taken by Samuel Benton. Oxford District
whites.blacks.males.females.over 16.total
James Gowing and son William, refuses to list his wife –

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Michael Gowen – 2
–Lucy Wilson – 2 (appears to be combined with Michael Gowen)
–John Wilson – 2 (appears to be combined with Michael Gowen)
Edward Gowen – 3
Joseph Gowen – 1

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Tithables taken by Robert Harris
white.male black.female black.tota.
Joseph Going mulato – not listed his wife –

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Insolvents
James Gowen – 2
Michael Going – 2
Edward Going – 3
Joseph Going – 1

1762 March 23 – (Survey) Ebenezer Wilson 656 acres of land according to the above plan lying in Granville County on the South side of Tarr River beginning at a white oak on Staney Hill near the bank of the sd River … by Melson’s line …
Chain Carriers: David Melson, James Gowin.
Ebenezer Wilson, 01 Aug 1762, Grant # 65 for 656 acres South side of Tar River
Frame 463 of 1247S.108.248 – Granville Grants Deeds: Folders 57-J to 67-B (Folder: SSLG 61A)
https://nclandgrants.com/frame/?fdr=249&frm=453&gmars= (Survey)
https://nclandgrants.com/frame/?fdr=249&frm=453&gmars= (Survey)

1763 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
List of Insolvents
James Gowen 2
Edward Going 2
William Going rong listed 1

1764 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Taxables taken by Samuel Benton
James Gowen with James Lunsford –

1764 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Taxables taken by Capt John Pope
Thomas Going with Moses –
Joseph Going with James Harrison molatto –
Edward Going with Edward molatto –

1764 Aug In the action of debt between Darwin Elwick Plt and James Gowen Deft, Richard Henderson by virtue of a power of attorney from the Deft confesses judgment to the Plt for fifteen pounds eleven shillings proc money to be discharged on payment of Seven pounds fifteen shillings and six pence like money with lawful interest thereon from the — day of — 176- till the same shall be paid. Wherefore it is considered by the Court that the Plt recover agt the Deft the said sum with costs. Minutes 1754-1764. pg 107 Granville Co, NC.

1767 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
James Gowing on tithe list

1767 James Gowing on tithe list in Granville Co NC

Series: S136002 Box: 088A Item: 0180A ignore: 000
Document type: JUDGMENT-ROLL. South Carolina.

1771 Jan 22: James Gowan listed owing 100 in the estate of Benj Smith, decd on Fold3. Charles Town, South Carolina.

1771 Aug 9: James Gowin listed as a debt of inventory of estate of John Graves, decd on Fold3. South Carolina.

1772 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
James Goin – 1
Edward Goin 1
Thomas Goin 3
John Goin 1
Moses Goin 1
Edward Going Jr 1

1772 March 13 – James Gowen, carpenter, and Sarah his wife, formerly Sarah Beamor post bond to John Stanyarne, planter, for 65 pounds Condition of bond is James Gowen and Sarah his wife to do everything to observe and fullfill the above sale between John Stanyarne and Mary Beamor (eldest sister to Sarah – wife of James Gowen). Signed by James Gowen and Sarah Gowen, both with their mark “X”. Signed in presence of witness Patk Coil. Proved up by Patrick Coil on March 18, 1772. Recorded June 11, 1772.  Deed Book 3X pg 275. Colleton County, South Carolina.  1771 Dec 14: Mary Beamor, seamstress grants to John Stanyarne of John’s Island a release granted and released for 65 pounds 130 acres to John Stanyarne. Signed by Mary Beamor – “M” her mark. Witnessed by Wm Sams and Elizth Sams Proved up on Dec 14, 1771 in Colleton Co, SC by William Sams.  GOWEN, JAMES AND WIFE TO JOHN STANYARNE, BOND.  Series: S372001 Volume: 03X0 Page: 00275 Item: 000. Names indexed: GOWEN, JAMES; STANYARNE, JOHN. Document type: BOND. South Carolina.

The records for the following transactions indicate that James Gowen’s wife is a Sarah Beamor – and that Sarah Beamor’s eldest sister was a Mary Beamor.  It appears that James Gowen’s wife was Sarah Beamor.    —–   Know all men by these presents we James Gowen carpenter and Sarah his wife, formerly Sarah Beamor of the Province aforesaid (Colleton County, South Carolina) are bound and obliged to John Stanyarne planter of the Province aforesaid for 65 pounds . . . articles conditions and agreements mentioned in a certain Bill of Sale annexed and sealed on Dec 13, 1771 between Mary Beamor and John Stanyarne and Mary Beamor the eldest sister to the aforesaid Sarah. Signed: James Gowen, Sarah Gowen. Wit: Patrick Coil.
The transaction between John Stanyarne and Mary Beamor was for land described as: Mary Beamor in exchange for payment of 65 pounds by John Stanyarne, Mary Beamor conveys to John Stanyarne 130 acres on Johns Island, bounding land of John Stanyarne, William Mathewes, Alexander Hext decd, Abraham Waight . . . Signed: Mary Beamor. Wits: William Sams, Elizabeth Sams.  

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p1

Sarah Beamor married to James Gowen, sister of Sarah is Mary Beamor

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p2

Sarah Beamor married to James Gowen, sister of Sarah is Mary Beamor

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p3

Sarah Beamor married to James Gowen, sister of Sarah is Mary Beamor

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p4

The following parts are the bond transactions for John Gowen and Sarah Beamor his wife and sister of Mary Beamor.

Sarah Beamor married to James Gowen, sister of Sarah is Mary Beamor

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p5

Sarah Beamor married to James Gowen, sister of Sarah is Mary Beamor

1772 March 13 James Gowen and wife Sarah Beamor bond on trans for sister Mary Beamers land transaction w Stanyarne p6


1791 Nov 7: MINOR, WILLIAM JR., PLAT FOR 1,160 ACRES IN WINTON COUNTY, ORANGEBURGH DISTRICT, SURVEYED BY WILLIAM MINOR.  Series: S213190 Volume: 0027 Page: 00419 Item: 001 Names indexed: JAMES GOWAN; HODGE, DAVID; MINOR, GEORGE LATHAM; MINOR, SAMUEL WRIGHT; MINOR, WILLIAM; MINOR, WILLIAM JR.; NORRIS Document type: PLAT Locations: ORANGEBURG DISTRICT; WINTON COUNTY, South Carolina   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSK7-YSYJ-F?i=414&cat=473383

From GRF Newsletter Aug 1997:

James Gowen Defied North Carolina Over Family Taxes in 1762

James Gowen, son of Edward Gowen, Jr, was born about 1725, probably in Charles City County, Virginia. He was married about 1742, wife’s name unknown. It is believed that he removed to Granville County, North Carolina about 1750. James Gowen was regarded by some historians as a Melungeon.

“James Gowin” was a “sworn chain carrier” on a patent of 616 acres issued March 1, 1752 to James Hunt “on branches of Island Creek and Mitchell’s Creek, adjoining Davis’s corner, Hunt’s line, Collin’s line, Tynel’s line and Holly’s line,” according to Granville County Surveyor’s Book 11, page 382.

“James Going” received a land grant from the Earl of Granville March 4, 1752, according to Granville County Deed Book B, page 439. James Gowen and William Gowen, his son were taxable in the 1759 tax list of John Pope and were delinquent taxpayers that year.

On November 29, 1760 “James Going” received a patent to 529 acres in Granville County located in St. John’s parish, “adjoining Winnirgum’s line, Melone’s line and Robert’s line,” according to Surveyor’s Book 14, page 108. The survey was signed by James Gowen and Joseph Gowen. “William Going, sworn chain carrier” was a witness.

“James Gowing and his son, William Going” were tithables in Fishing Creek District in the 1762 tax list of Granville County, page 45. “James Gowing refused to list his wife and children,” suggesting that he was regarded as “free colored.” At that time, the law required that tithes were to be paid by all white men over the age of 16 on the blacks in their household, male and female, including “all mulattos, mustees, quadroons and all persons of mixed blood to the fourth generation over the age of 12.” Therefore, if a white man had a mixed blood wife, he paid a tithe on her and her children over 12. When a notation appeared on the tax list that a man refused to pay a tithe on his wife, he was arguing that she was “white.” This law was in force until 1786. James Going was recorded as “insolvent” from 1762 through 1764.

Dr. Virginia Easley DeMarce, researcher of Alexandria, Virginia, suggests that James Gowen may have moved back across the state line to Virginia to settle in adjacent Brunswick County. She reported that James Gowen received a land grant in Brunswick County in 1762, citing Virginia Land Office Book 15, If this is the same James Gowen, his finances and [perhaps his character] greatly improved. He went from insolvency to be a property owner, a slave owner and a taxpayer.

It is believed that James Gowen was remarried about 1775. wife’s name Amy.

Greensville County was formed from Brunswick County in 1783 and James Gowen found himself in the new county.

“James Going” was listed as the head of a household of seven people in the 1783 census of Greensville County, page 54, near
the locations of “Drury Going” and “Thomas Going.” He was taxable in that year on “1 poll, 2 slaves, 2 horses and 8 cattle,” according to “The 1787 Census of Virginia,” page 778.

“James Gowing, Henry Gowing and Avant Massey jointly posted a bond of £50 “to Miherris Parish to help support the child of Mary Hill who was an unlawful child as yet to be born,” according to Greensville County Deed Book 1, page 173.
“James Gowing” was listed as surety for the marriage of “Amy Gowing” to William Harris December 19, 1805 in Greensville County, according to “Greensville County Marriages, 1781-1825” by Catherine Lindsey Knorr.

“James Gowing” was recorded as the head of a household in 1810, according to “Index to 1810 Virginia Census.” His household was composed of “2 whites and 7 slaves.”

“James Gowing, Sr.” wrote his will August 12, 1816, according to Greensville County Will Book 2, page 447. Mentioned in the will was “wife, Amey; son, James Gowing, Jr; grandson, James Alked Gowing; son, Henry Gowing; son, Benjamin Gowing; grandsons, Benjamin Howard, Harbart Howard, Hartwell Howard and James Howard and daughter, Amy Harris.” Benjamin Young was his executor.

Children born to James Gowen and his first wife are believed to include:

William Gowen born about 1743
Drury Gowen born about 1748
Thomas Gowen born about 1763
James Gowen, Jr. born about 1764
Frederick Gowen born about 1766

Children born to James Gowen and Amy Gowen are believed to include:

Nancy T. Gowen born about 1776
Henry Gowen born about 1779
Benjamin Gowen born about 1782
Amy Gowen born about 1785
Going Family Traced 300 Years

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