1716 abt Edward Gowing Sr b abt 1716 Brunswick Co, Va, Granville Co, NC

Edward Gowing Sr b. abt 1716

Parents: (Not confirmed – possibly the following):

  • James Gowing b. abt 1682 (records have not shown if James had any children, but he may have. He shows up in records in Fairfax Co, Va until 1769.)




For additional information see these pages on this site:

Charles County, Va
Hanover County, Va
Henrico County, Va
Brunswick County, Va
Granville County, NC

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)

Map of North Carolina and Virginia border area and locations of families living in those areas (click to enlarge)

The clusters of Going families that lived nearby in the 1750s were:

1) John Going b. about 1700 who married Mary Keith – his family lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia in the 1750s – in an area that later became Mecklenburg County, Virginia (This appears to be the John Going who was the son of William Going b. abt 1681 of Stafford County, Virginia).
2)  Drury Going and James Going who lived in Brunswick County, Virginia that later becomes Greensville County, Virginia.  (The parental line of Drury and James Going is unknown).
3) Edward Going, Michael Going, Thomas Going, and Joseph Going who were living further south in Granville County, North Carolina around the Tar River and Taylor’s Creek area (this appears to the be group of Going’s who came from Henrico and Hanover County, Virginia).
4) Alexander Going and his family who were living in the Orange County, North Carolina area.  (Alexander Going was another child of William Going b. 1681 of Stafford County, Virginia).
5)  William Gowen and his family who lived in the Bedford County,Virginia area.  (The parental line of this William Gowen is unknown).
6) William Going m. to Anna Statia Sullivan, Moses Going, and Aaron Going living in Goochland County, Virginia.  (The parental line of this William Going is unknown).
7) William Gowen and his family that lived in the “Grassy Creek” area of Granville County, North Carolina.  (The parental line of the “Grassy Creek” Going family is unknown).


1739 Nov Ct – Edward Going v William Witherspoon
… Suit referred for tryal.
Order books 1737-1751. p 107. Charles City County, Va.

1739 Nov Ct – Edward Goeing v William Witherspoon
Continued at ye defendts costs.
Order books 1737-1751. p 117. Charles City County, Va.

1740 April Ct – Edward Goeing v William Witherspoon
Order books 1737-1751. p 122. Charles City County, Va.

1740 May 7 – Edward Going v William Wetherspoon
referred for trial next court
Order books 1737-1751. p 129. Charles City County, Va.

1740 July 1 – Edward Gowing v William Weatherspoon
Referred for trial.
Order books 1737-1751. p 136. Charles City County, Va.

1740 Dec 1 – Edward Gowing v William Witherspoon
Prosecution is dismist
Order books 1737-1751. p 148. Charles City County, Va.

1743 July 1 – John Goodall & wife Mary deed to Edward Goeing
… relinquishes her right of dower … recorded.
Order books 1737-1751. p 260. Charles City County, Va.

1744 Feb – Edward Goeing agt Hezekiah Davidson onn George Minge the Deft’s security promise to pay costs the suit is dismist.
Order books 1737-1751. p. 338. Charles City Co, Va.

1745 Jan 1 – Edward Goeing v Hezekiah Davidson
Deft did not appear – conditional judgment granted.
Order books 1737-1751. p 331. Charles City County, Va

1746 April Court – Edward Gowing deed to John Shell
A deed from Edward Goeing … in open court acknowledged from himself to John Shell as his act and deed and ordered to be recorded.
Order books 1737-1751. p 409. Charles City County, Va


1737 May 21 – Mr. Michl Going (pd Danl. Patrick Jr., carried to D p. 23) Credits: May 21, 1737 (1 Note as Merryweathers).  Accounts from the Store of Thomas Partridge and Co. Hanover Co, Virginia, 1734-1756.  1737 in Hanover Co a Michael Going owing on a store acct. Hanover Co, Va.

1738- (nd) (Bal from B 171). 1738 Michael Going in Hanover Co owes on store acct. Hanover Co, Va.

1743-1744 merchant acct book with Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing, and Edward Gowing in Hanover Co.  A Merchant’s Account Book. Hanover County, Va

1743 June 30 – Michael Gawen grant of 400 acres at a corner of William Harlows first survey. Henrico Co, Va
… granted and confirmed unto Michael Gawin one certain tract, parcel of land containing 400 acres lying and being in the County of Henrico and bounded … at a corner of William Harlow’s first survey thence on his line … on a branch of Farras Branch …
Gawin, Michael. Land Grant 30 June 1743. N.p., 1743. Print.
Land Office Patents No. 21, 1742-1743 (v.1 & 2 p.1-674), p. 424 (Reel 19).

1744 June – Edmund Goin
1 tithe King William Parish
King William Parish, Henrico Co, Va

1744 1745 merch acct book w Michael Gowing Jr and Michael Gowing Sr, David Gowing plus Edward Gowing in Hanover Co. A Merchant’s Account Book. Hannover County, Va


1741 Oct Ct:  Certificates granted to Michael Going, Cornelius Keith, and John Mitchell by William Hagood Gent, for 1 old wolfs head 140. Brunswick Co, Va. court orders v 1. pg 37.

1742 Feb Ct: (cut off first page – need to go back and get pg 77) . . . this day came the pet by Clement Read his attorney and William Maclin one of the undersherifs of this county made return that by virtue of the said writ of scare facias he had made known to the said John by Nicholas Moshier, Richard York, and Michael Going good and lawful men of his Bailiwic that he be before the justices here to shew cause if any he could as by the said writ was commanded whereupon the said John being solemnly called came not therefore it is considered by the court that the Pet have execution against him the said Deft of the damages aforesaid as also for his costs by him in this behalf expended and the said Deft in mercy etc. Brunswick County, Virginia. v 1 pg. 77 to 78.

1748 June 2: John Roper of Charles City to Edward Going of Brunswick Co, Va . . . 100 acres in Brunswick Co, on the south side of the Mill Creek, beginning at Simmon’s corner . . . being part of a larger tract containing 1601 acres granted to John Roper on Aug 1, 1745 out of Williamsburg.  Signed: John Roper. Wits: Thomas Twitty, William Linsey, John Roberts. Proved up June 2, 1748.  Brunswick County Deed Book 3, pg 444-445. Brunswick Co, Va. In 1748, an Edward Going purchases 100 acres of land in Brunswick County, Virginia, from a John Roper of Charles City County, Virginia. 1748 June 2 – Indenture made 2 June 1748, between John Roper of Charles City County and Edward Going of Brunswick County, £5, 100a, on South side of the Mill Creek, being part of a Larger Tract containing 1601a granted to John Roper by Letters Patent dated 2 August 1745. Signed John Roper. Witnesses: Thomas Twitty, William Linsey, John Roberts (bhm). Court June 2, 1748, Indenture proved by oaths of Thomas Twitty, William Linsey and John Roberts. Deed Book 3, Page 444. Va. Land Trans – Brunswick County.  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vabrunsw/deeds/brundb3.htm (This land was located on the Briery River per John Roper’s grant. This places Edward Going’s deed in the far north of Brunswick County – which later became Prince Edward County, Virginia)

1748 June Ct: An indenture of bargain and sale from John Roper to Edward Going was mov’d by the oaths of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Brunswick Co Va, Court Orders v 3 pg 388.

1745 Aug 1 – Land grant to John Roper, grantee.
Location: Brunswick County.
Description: 1601 acres on both sides of Briery Creek.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 22, 1743-1745 (v.1 & 2 p.1-631), p. 316 (Reel 20).
Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
Roper, John grantee
Land titles — Registration and transfer — Virginia — Brunswick County
Brunswick County (Va.) — History — 18th century
Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
Virginia. Colonial Land Office.
Library of Virginia. Archives.

1750s – Edward Going – North Carolina Militia – Muster Roll of Edgecombe County Militia

1752 April 30 – Title: Jones, John. Edgecombe Co. Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey; Box: Edgecombe County, Ho-J; Years: 1752; Creator: Secretary of State, Office of Granville Proprietary Land Office Secretary, Office of the; Call Number: S.108.270–S.108.283; MARS Id: (Folder); Genres / Forms: Warrants, Warrants, Plats; Warrant: 1752 April 30. 640 acres. Descriptive references for land: Sackwill Adams, Great Dry Pond Swamp, Edward Going; Edgecombe County; Great Dry Pond Swamp; Personal Names:, Jones, John; Adams, Sackvill; Going, Edward; Edgecombe Co, NC.    http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/06/edgecombe-county-nc-early-records.html

1752 May Ct Joshua Wise v Edward Gowen, In Debt. The Defendant not being arrested, on the motion of the Plaintiff by his attorney it is ordered that an attachment issue against his estate for six pounds and costs returnable to the next Court. Bk 4, pg 186. Brunswick Co, Va.

1753 Jan Ct Joshua Wise v Edward Gowen. In Debt. The attachment awarded against the Defendants estate being returned on one bell and one bridle by the sherif of this county and the defendant not appearing to replevy the same on the motion of the Pltf by his attorney it is considered by the court that the plt recover against the defendant five pounds ten shillings the debt in the declaration mentioned and his costs by him in this behalf expended But to be discharged by the payment of five pounds the Plt acknowledging satisfaction for 10 shillings and it is ordered that the sherif do make sale of the said attached effects according to law and return an account of such sale to the Court. Order Bk 4, pg 404. Brunswick Co, Va.

1753 Feb 27 Joshua Wise v Edward Gowin, In debt. The sherif having returned an account of sales of the attached effects amounting to one shilling and one penny It is ordered that he pay the same to the Plt towards satisfying his judgment. Order Bk 4, pg 426. Brunswick Co, Va.

1753 March The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowin is continued til the next Court. Order Bk 4, pg 455. Brunswick Co, Va

1753 June Ct, Upon the attachment obtained by Nicholas Edmunds and Robert Jones Junr against the estate of Edward Gowin for thirty nine shillings and one penny, The sherif of this County having returned that he had attached one spinning wheel, one bedsted, and also attached in the hands of Thomas Marriott and in his own hands “This day came the Plts by their attorney and the Deft not appearing to replevy the said effects, the said Thomas Marriott appear’d and delcared on Oath that he had in his hands and possession eight hundred and four pounds of tobacco four sows and shoats and one bull yearling of the said Defts. Whereupon the Plts made oath to the justness of their account therefore it is considered by the Court that the Plts recover against the Deft the said sum of thirty nine shillings and one penny and their costs by them in this behalf expended and it is order’d that the said Thomas Marriott deliver the effects in his possession to the sherif and that he make sale thereof according to law and return an account thereof to the Court and it is further considered that this attachment be dismissed as to the other attached effects. Order Bk 4, pg 521. Brunswick Co, Va.

1753 July Ct Thomas Mariott and Company v Edward Gowing, the attachment obtained by Thomas Mariott and Company agt estate of Edward Gowing is continued Order Bk 5, pg 12, Brunswick Co Va

1753 July Ct Nicholas Edmunds and Robt Jones Jr v Edward Gowing estate, the attachment obtained by Nicholas Edmunds and Robt Jones Jr against the estate of Edward Gowing is continued, Order Bk 5, pg 18, Brunswick Co, Va.

1753 August Ct Nicholas Edmunds and Robt Jones Jr v Edward Gowing estate, the sheriff having returned an account of sales of the attached effects amounting to five pounds ten shillings and two pence half penny. It is ordered that he pay so much thereof to the Plts as will satisfy their judgment against the said defendant. Order Bk 5, pg 24, Brunswick Co, Va

1753 Sept Ct Upon the attachment obtained by Thomas Mariott and Company against the estate of Edward Gowing for 8 pounds and four pence James Parish Gent Sheriff of this County having returned that by virtue of that writ to him directed he had attached all the estate of the said Edward in his hands if any remained after satisfying an attachment obtained by Nicholas Edmunds and Robert Jones Jr against the said estate which he had ready as thereby he was commanded. This day came the Plaintiffs by their attorney and the said Edward Gowing not appearing it is considered by the court that the Plts recover against the Dfts five pounds eight shillings and nine pence part of their demand in the attachment mentioned and their costs by them in this behalf expended and that the Sherif satisfy this judgment unto the Plts out of the effects that shall remain in his hands after discharging the attachment obtained by the said Edmunds and Jones if any shall remain. Order Bk 5, pg 80, Brunswick County Va

1753 Sept Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is continued until the next court. Order Bk 5, pg 65, Brunswick Co, Va

1753 Dec Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is continued until the next court. Order Bk 5, pg 109, Brunswick Co, Va

1754 Jan Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is continued until the next court. Order Bk 5, pg 148, Brunswick Co, Va

1754 May Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is continued until the next court. Order Bk 5, pg 200, Brunswick Co, Va

1754 June Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is continued until the next court. Order Bk 5, pg 233, Brunswick Co, Va

1754 Sept Ct James Boyd v. Edward Gowing, The petition of James Boyd against Edward Gowing is dismissed. Order Bk 5, pg 300, Brunswick Co, Va


Edward Going appears to have moved to Granville County, North Carolina along with other Going family members, around 1752-53.

The 1761 tithe list in Granville County, NC indicates that Edward Going has a son he is now listing, named Edward Going Jr – indicating that Edward Going Jr was born about 1745.  Another son is also listed named Reeps Going – he also would have been born around 1745 since this was both their first times listed on the tithe lists.

1767 is the last year that both Edward Going and son Edward Going Jr are listed on tithe records in Granville County, NC.

In 1770, an Edward Going is listed as a land owner in Fairfield Co, South Carolina – this may be either Jr or Sr.

In 1778 Michael Gowin of SC gives land to Jenkins Gowin in Granville Co NC that Edwin Gowin and wife are still living on (life estate given them).  From 1785 to 1789 there are several transactions involving the wills and probate, and land, belonging to Moses Bass and his wife Elizabeth Bass (see below transactions years 1785-1789) – they identify family relationships of several Going family members.  Family relationships based on transactions include:

1778 Michael Gowin of Craven Co, SC for love and good will to Jenkins Gowin of Granville Co, NC 80 acres part in Granville part in Bute Co, NC – Edwin Gowin and his wife to live on land till decd.

1785 in George Town Dist, SC – Moses Bass’ will identifies his wife Elizabeth Bass and several Going family members as beneficiaries of his will:

Jacob Going’s children
daughter Mourning Going
daughter Sarah Going
daughter Elizabeth Going
daughter Anne Going
daughter Cyntha Going

Joseph Going Junior (unknown relation to above).

1788 South Carolina in Richmond and Anson Counties – Thomas Going gets letters of admin for estate of Elizabeth Bass.

1788 Green Co, TN – Thomas Going applied for admin of estate of Elizabeth Bass

1788 Oct – Edward Going of Granville NC sells to his “nephew” Thomas Gowen the rights and interest Edward Going had in Elizabeth Bass estate. Deed from Edward Gowing to Thomas Gowing.

There are several Revolutionary War claims for Edward Going (which must be Edward Going Jr – son) out of South Carolina and Granville County, North Carolina – they are possibly the same person based on the descriptions.

Granville County, North Carolina:  Granville County has several people with the same names, but obviously different families – it has at least two separate Going families living in the same county with several people having the same names.  I have created a chart based on tithe records I have located to attempt to differentiate the families:

Granville County NC tithe chart for black and/or mulatto and white Going families

This chart is based on the following tithe records:

1750 Edward’s brother or father, Michael Gowen appeared in the 1750 tax list of Granville County, paying a tax on two tithables.

1752 May 3: John McKissock of Granville County, North Carolina conveys 225 acres to Mical (Michael) Going. Land on both sides of Taillors Creek. Previously granted to John MicKissock by deed of 600 acres on May 2, 1752.  Wits: Theo Hunter, Broadhead Trulow, Francis Mabry. Signed: John McKisock. Proved up in June 1752 Court by Theophilus Hunter.  Test: Willm Eaton, pub regs. (Book B p. 73) Granville County, North Carolina.

1752 May 2 – Thomas Going also received a deed from John McKisick for 150 acres of his 600 acre tract.  1752 May 2 -“Thomas Going” received a deed May 30, 1752 to 150 acres “on both sides of Taillors Creek, being the lower part of a grant [of 600 acres] to McKisick for “six pounds Virginia money,” from John McKisick, according to Granville County Deed Book B, page 53. Witnesses were Thomas Hunter, Francis Maly and Broadhead Trulove. Granville Co, NC

1753 Granville Co, NC
List of Robert Harris (“one of his lists”)
William Going and his son 2 0
Robt. Mitchell, John Going 2 tithes
List of Osborn Jeffreys
Thomas Going 1 1
Michal Going 0 1
Edward Going 0 1
List of Lemuel Lanier
Thomas Going 1
Michall Going 1
Michall Going 1

Michael Gowen, Thomas Gowen, and Edward Gowen “mulattos” were listed in the roster of a company of militiamen commanded by Capt. Osborn Jeffreys, under the overall command of Col. William Eaton October 8, 1754, according to “Colonial and State Records of North Carolina,” Vol. 22, pages 370-380. The roster of Capt. Osborn Jeffrey’s company, one of eight in Col. Eaton’s regiment is listed below: William Eaton, Colonel William Person, Lieut. Colonel James Paine, Major Captain Osborn JEFFREY’S Company (83 men)

1754 Oct 8 – Muster roll of the regiment in Granville, under the command of Colo William Eaton, as taken at a general muster of the said regiment on Oct 8, 1754 William Person, Lieut. Col.James Paine, Major Capt Osborn Jeffrey’s Company:
78. THOMAS GOWAN – Malatto
79. MICHAEL GOWAN – Malatto
80. EDWARD GOWAN – Malatto
Granville Co, NC
1754 Oct 18 – Granville Co, NC
Capt John Sallis’ Company:

List of Osborn Jeffreys
Michal Going 1 0
Thomas Going 0 1

1755 Granville Co, NC
summary list (from microfilm) C.044.70012 NC Archives
Thomas Going 0/1/1
Edward Gowen 0/1/1
Michael Gowen 0/1/1
Joseph Gowen 0/1/1
William Going & Son Joseph 2/0/2
William Going & Son Joseph 2/0/2

1756 Aug – Edward Gowen was prosecuted in Edgecombe County in August 1756 for concealing his tithables and refused to list his wife in Granville County in 1765, but he listed his wife in Bute County in 1771 [Haun, Edgecombe County Court Minutes, I:131; CR 44.601.23]. Edgecombe Co, NC

1757 Granville Co, NC
Tax List of Richard Harris
William Gowen List Son Joseph & William 3 0
List of Samuel Henderson
Joseph Gowen 1
Gideon Gowen 1
List of Gid. Macon
Thos: Goeing, Jno. Seemore [torn]
List Retd. by William Johnson [shf.]: perhaps insolvents
Christopher Goinhttp://files.usgwarchives.net/nc/granville/court/tax1757.txt,

1757 June 7 – In the action of debt between Robert Parker Plt and Edward Gowen Deft a jury being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issue joind upon their oath do say that the Deft doth not owe in manner and form as the Plt agt him hath declared wherefore it is considered by the Court that the Plt take nothing by his bill but for his false clamour be in mercy and that the Deft go home without delay and that he recover agt the Plt his costs by him about his defence in this behalf expended. Minutes 1754-1764. pg 44 Granville Co, NC.

1759 Granville Co, NC
List of John Pope
Joseph Goin, Mulattoe 1
Edward Goin, Mulattoe 1
Thomas Goin, William Gray White 2
James Goin Mulattoe, William Goin Mulattoe 2
Michael Goin, Mulattoe, John Wilson, Mulattoe 2
Delinquent and insolvent list
James Goin 2

1761 Granville Co, NC
whites/Blacks male/Blacks f/ Blacks 12-16
List of John Pope
Thomas, Moses Gowin. Refuses to List his wife 2 tithes
Michael Gowin, John Wilson. Refuses to list his wife 2
Joseph Gowin. Refuses to list his wife 1
List of Robt. Harris for Granville Parish
Edward Going sons Edwd., Reeps 0 white/3 black males
Country Line District by Larkin Johnston
William Gowin, James Gowin 2
William Gowin Junr, Jesse Chandlor 2

1762 Granville Co NC
Michael Gowin mulattoe
Thomas Gowin and Moses Gowin 2 tithes
Edward Gowin Sr, Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3 mulattoe
James Gowing, son William, refs to list his wife – 2 white, 0 black, 0 fem, 2 over 16, 2 total
William Gowin Jr 2 white
Joseph Going refuses to list wife 1 mulattoe
James Gowen 2 insolvent
Michael Going 2 insolvent
Edward Going 2 insolvent
Jos. Going 1 insolvent

1763 Granville Co NC
James Gowen 2 insolvent
Edward Going 2 insolvent
Wm Going 1 insolvent

1764 Granville Co NC
Joseph Gowen 1 white
William Gowen 1 white
William Gowen and John Cape 2 white
Jas. Gowen, James Lunceford 2 white
Thomas Going and Moses Going 2 white
Joseph Going and James Harrison mulattoe 1 white 1 mulattoe
Edward Going and Edward Going 2 mulattoe
Jos. Gowen 2 insolvent
James Gowen 2 insolvent

1765 Granville Co, NC
William Burford’s District
William Going Molatto not listed 2
County Line district by James Yancy
Joseph Gions 1, 0
Wm. Gions 1,0

1765 March 20 Michael Gawin of North Carolina of the County of Baute conveys to David Gawin of County of Henrico for 40 pounds a parcel of land containing 400 acres of land in Henrico County, at the corner of William Harolows first survey. Signed: Michael Gawin. Wits: David Bowles, John Thompson, John Gawin. Proved up April 1, 1765. Henrico County, Virginia 1750 to 1767 p 915.

1766 Granville Co, NC
Box CR 44.601.20 1766 gives alphabetical summary only:
Goin, Joseph 2
Gowin, Thomas 1
Gowing, Joseph 1
Gowin, Edward 1
Gowin, Reps 1
Memo of those as has not listed with John Pope
Joseph Gowin (Mullattoe, has a wife and other Family not listed)
Edward Gowin (Mullattoe, has a wife &c not listed)

1767 Granville Co, NC
List of Philips Pryor
Joseph Gowen, Presley Harrison John Cunningham, Minor Cockram 4w, 0B
list of John Pope (white, Black male, Black female)
Thomas Gowin 2-0-0
Moses Gowin 1-0-0
Joseph Gowin 0-2-0
Edward Gowin 0-1-0
Edward Gowin Jr. 0-1-0
Separate List later in reel, Philip Pryors List
Joseph Gowen, Prisly Morrison, John Cunningham, Minor Cocer? 4 white

1768 Granville Co, NC
list of John Pope
Thomas Gowin, John Gowin, Alston Hopkins 3 tithes
Moses Gowin [torn]
Joseph Gowin his Nat 2

1769 Granville Co, NC
Summary list from microfilm white/ Black/ Carriage wheels
Gowen, Thomas 3/0/0
Gowen, Moses 2/0/0
Gowen, William 1/0/0
Gowen, Edward 0/1/0

1770 Jan 12 – Edward Gowing (free negroe) purch date)(Indenture made on Jan 12, 1770) Edward Gowing (free negroe) purchased from Colin Forbiss – both of Craven County, SC – 200 acres that had been granted to Colin Forbiss – situated on the branches of the Little River on the North side of Broad River in Craven County bounded SouthWest on lands laid out to David Tenatate and all other sides vacant land – for 125 pounds paid by Edward Gowing (affid on Nov 26, 1790) Witnessed by Jacob Gibson, and William Morris. Map shows this to be in what is present day. Fairfield Co, SC.
http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107497 )

1771 Granville Co NC.
Thomas Gowin 2 unk
Moses Gowin 1 unk
John Gowin 1 unk
Edward Gowin 1 unk
Joseph Gowin 2 unk
1771 Sept 7 – Granville Co, NC
list of insolvents for 1762 taxremaining in arrears as of 7 Sept. 1771
Michael Gowen  2
Edward Gowen 3
Joseph Gowen 1
1771 – Granville Co, NC. List of Granville Co Militia.
Company of Capt Sol. Alston, dec’d. Soldiers:
Capt Sol. Alston now dead, returned by his Lt Sol. Fuller. (Clark, Walter. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NC, The State Records of NC, Vol XXII, p 162, 1907).

1771 – List of taxables, 1771; Tax records, 1765-1778. Bute County, NC
(In Thomas M Pittman private collection)
Thomas Eaton Esqr List 1771
Edward Gowing – 1 tithe

1771 – List of taxables, 1771; Tax records, 1765-1778. Bute County, NC
(In Thomas M Pittman private collection)
Thos Bells List of Taxables to August Court 1771
Edward Goine & wife – 2 black tithes, 2 total

1771 – List of taxables, 1771; Tax records, 1765-1778. Bute County, NC
(In Thomas M Pittman private collection)
Thos Bells List of Taxables to August Court 1771
Michile Gowine & wife and sons Michile & David. Daughter Elizabeth & William Wilson – 6 black tithes, 6 total

1771 – List of taxables, 1771; Tax records, 1765-1778. Bute County, NC
List of Taxables for Bute County 1771. Recd 19 Feby 1773
Edward Gowing – 2 tithes
Michael Gowing – 6 tithes

Series: S108092 Reel: 0058 Frame: 00310 ignore: 000
Names indexed: GOWEN, EDWARD. South Carolina. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/ArchivesImages/S108092/S108092005800310000/images/S108092005800310000.pdf

1778 Granville Co, NC
Jenkins Goins was a seventeen-year-old “mullato” who enlisted in Captain John Rust’s Company of Granville County militia in 1778 [The North Carolinian VI:726 (Mil. TR 4-40)].

1778 Jun 3 – Granville Co Will Bk 1, p 193. Deed of Gift-MICHAEL GOWIN of Pr Geo Parish, Craven Co, SC, planter, for love & good will, to JENKINS GOWIN of Granville Co, NC, 80 acres being part of 600 ac lying and being in Bute Co, NC & part in Granville Co, NC at William McBees line on south side of Taylor’s Creek, EDWIN GOWIN & his wife to live on sd land until their dec’d, then to sd JENKINS GOWIN. Wits: John McKipock (McKissock), William McBee. (Johnson, NC Genealogy, Spring-Summer 1970, p 2503. Also, Gwynn, Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville Co, NC, 1746-1808, 1973, p 60. Bk 1, p 193-4). Granville Co, NC  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C956-FS9V-Z?i=214&cat=358185 ,

1779 July 1 – Reeps Goins was taxable in the Granville County household of his father Edward Goins in 1761 (with his brother Edward). He was called Rapes Going when he enlisted in the Second South Carolina Regiment under Captain Thomas Hall on 1 July 1779 [Moss, Roster of S.C. Patriots in the American Revolution, 367]. Granville Co, NC

1779 Aug 3 – Benjamin Wade of Granville, Sherriff deed to Charles Yarbrough of Franklin Co, NC.
(Land that Michael Gowing let to his brother Edward Gowing sold to pay a judgment debt).
… (land for 25 pounds owed for lawsuit – in Bute County) … land belonging to the said Michal Gowing containing 100 acres … on Taylors Creek … part of a tract of land the said Michal Gowing let his brother Edward Gowing live on joining Willebe Uly, John Simmon, Person’s lines & Randolph Sand land … there being no other effects of the said Michal Gowing to be found in the baliwick of the said Ben Wade …
Deed bk M, p. 179. Granville Co, NC

1780 Edward Gowen on tax list in Granville Co NC.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9BZ-D?i=87&cat=353959

1782 John Going, William Gowen, Edward Gowen, and Moses Gowen on tax list in Granville Co NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9B3-X?i=110&cat=353959

1785 Thomas Gowin, Edward Gowin, John Gowin, and William Gowin on tax list of Granville Co NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9BQ-W?i=120&cat=353959

1785 Nov 9 –  Will of Moses Bass of Prince Georges Parish, George Town Dist, Province of SC, being indisposed in Body…. to MOURNING GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked with a cross & over bit & undr bit in one ear and cross & whole under nick in the other ear; to SARAH GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked in the above mentioned mark; to ELIZABETH GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked with a cross & undr bit & over bit in each ear and branded ME; to ANNE GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one heifer marked with a cross and under bit & over bit in each ear branded ME; to CYNTHA GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one heifer yearling marked with a cross & over bit & under bit in each ear & branded ME; to my beloved cousin Jeremiah Bass, tract of 100 ac granted to John Smith, and one negro named Peter, one negro woman named Fann, one negro boy named Jack with their increase; my wife Elizabeth Bass to have the use of said plantation & tract of land granted to John Smith her lifetime and the use of negroes Peter, Fann & Jack & their increase her life time; to my beloved cousin Wright Bass, the plantation, mill, & tract of land containing 444 ac that I now live on, one negro woman Jane, my wife Elizabeth Bass to have the use of the plantation, mill & tract of land and negro woman her lifetime; to Henry Harison, son of James Harison, one negro woman Cate & increase, my wife to have the use of the negro woman her lifetime; to JOSEPH GOING, JUNR, one negro girl named Judah & increase, my wife to have the use her life time; to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bass, one negro man named Jack, one woman named Florah, one woman named Nan, one boy named Isum, one boy named Roger, and my cattle, about 110 head, branded ME, all my stock of horses & mares, all my household furniture & plantation tools, 26 head of sheep, and my hogs, also negro girl Violet; to JACOB GOING, a plantation of 50 ac granted to John Crawford; I appoint my wife Elizabeth Bass and my friend Luke Whitefield and James Harison, executors, dated 28 Feb 1777. Moses Bass (M) (LS), Wit: Malachi Murfee, Jeremiah Bass (x), Right Bass.

A true copy taken from the original and examined by Hugh Horry, Ordinary G Town Dist.
Whereas I, the within named Right Bass, am the eldest son of Edward Bass deceased, who was eldest brother of the within named Testator Moses Bass, which said Moses Bass departed this life without issue, whereby I, said Right Bass became his heir at law, and I am willing that all the several devises & bequests in the said will should have full effect, for the memory of my deceased uncle Moses Bass and for the several devisees in the within will, and five shillings, I confirm all the devises, legacies and bequests, 9 Nov 1785. Right Bass (LS), Wit: Chas Cotesworth Pinckney, Wm Smith. Proved in Charleston Dist by the oath of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney 28 Jun 1786 before Dl. Mazyck, JP. Rec 28 Jun 1786. S-5, 283-284. (Holcomb, SC Deed Abstracts, 1783-1788, Bks I-5 thru Z-5, 1996. SML 975.7 Hol) http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=marciamcclure&id=I19000

1786 Thomas Gowin, William Gowing, Edward Gowin, and John Gowin on tax list in Granville Co NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9BS-G?i=144&cat=353959

1786 Aug 9 –Edward Gowen who received Audited Account 3521 was also a resident of Fairfield County.  On August 9, 1786 Edward Gowen received “70 pounds, 1 shilling and 5 pence sterling for duty in Robuck’s Regiment,” according to “Stub Entries to Indents.”  His pay on one occasion was requested to be delivered to Capt. John Gowen. Fairfield Co, SC.   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms007.htm

1788 Granville Co, NC.  Granville County Tax List
Jenkin Gowin
1 taxable

1788 Aug – On motion of W. Avery, Esqr. attorney for Thomas Going for obtaining letter of Administration on the estate of Elizabeth Bass, dec. ordered that the same be laid over until next term, for proof of Kinship by blood & That a didimus postestem (a commission to take testimony) issued in favor of said Thomas Going to Anson & Richmond Counties & to the State of SC be given 15 days notice to Jermiah Bass of the time & place where such testimony be taken did po. for Levi Bass to SC giving Thomas Going a 15 day notice.

1788 August, “Thomas Goin” applied to the County Court of Greene County forthe administration of the estate of Elizabeth Bass, according to “Bulletin of the Watauga Association,” Volume 10: “August 1788. On motion of W. Avery, Esqr. atto. for Thomas Going for obtaining letter of administration on the Estate of Elizabeth Bass, decd. ordered that the same be laid over until next term, for proof of sanguinity [kinship, blood relationship] & that a dedimus potestatem [acommission to take testimony] issue in favour of said Thomas Going to Anson & Richmond Counties & to the State of South Carolina by giving fifteen days notice to Jeremiah Bass of the time & place where such testimony will be taken, ditto for Levi Bass to South Carolina giving Thos. Going fifteen days notice at least.” Green County, Tennessee.  Greene County Tennessee Court minutes 1783-1796

1788 October 14 – Know all men by these presents that I Edward Gowen of the County of Granville for divers good causes and considerations thereunto [me] moving more especially for the sum of £25 to me in hand paid, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge, hath bargained, sold & made over, and by these presents, do bargain, sell and make over to my nephew, Thomas Gowen all the estate, right and interest I have or hereafter may have to the estate of Elizabeth Bass, deceased, or any part thereof, and do hereby make over the same to the said Thomas Gowin, his heirs and assigns from the claim of me, the said Edward Gowen or any other person whatever claiming under me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the 15th day of October, 1786. Edward Going .  Witnesses:
Henry Meghe
Allin Hudson
Jhn. [X] Simmons”
John Simmons later appeared in Granville County Court to prove the deed of “Edward Gowing” to “Thomas Gowing,” according to “Court Minutes of Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1820,” page 28 by Zoe Hargett Gwynn.  Edward Gowen of Granville County, North Carolina, regarded as a kinsman of Thomas Goin, was also named an heir of Elizabeth Bass. On October 14, 1788 he conveyed his interest in her estate to “his nephew, Thomas Gowen,” according to Granville County Will Book 2, page 79. Granville Co, NC.

1788 Oct 14 –  Know all men by these presents that I Edward Gowen of the County of Granville for divers good causes and considerationsthereunto [me] moving more especially for the sum of A25 to me in handpaid, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge, hath bar? gained, sold & made over, and by these presents, do bargain, sell and make over to my nephew, Thomas Gowen all the estate, right and interest I have or hereafter may have to the estate of Elizabeth Bass, deceased, or any part thereof, and do hereby make over the same to the said Thomas Gowin, his heirs and assigns from the claim of me, the said Edward Gowen or any other person whatever claiming under me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the 15th day of October, 1786. Edward Going,  Witnesses: Henry Meghe, Allin Hudson, Jhn. [X] Simmons” Granville Co, NC.

1789 Feb 2 – Jeremiah Bass & Thomas Going hath leave to administer on the estate of Elizabeth Bass dec’d and enter into bond with John Stone & Jno Gibson his suriety but the court ruled that neither should have the administration before Nancy Finney for which Jeremiah Bass appealed.  South Carolina

1832 NC Granville Co Edward Going pension app Rev War NOTES: Granville Co, NC Served under Col Eaton, 5th Regiment 90 to 100 yrs of age in 1832 (b. 1732-1742) Entered army under Capt Robt Temples at Warren Court House in North Carolina. Was in several tours and engagements during Rev War. After war went to live in Franklin and Granville Counties in NC. Samuel Rust of Tenn affid of honesty and reputation of Edward Going.
AGE 92 (abt 1740 DOB)
State of North Carolina County of Granville
First Munday of Agt. 1832
Personly appeared in open court before the worshipful the justice of the court of Pleas and quarter sessions for the county of aforesaid mow sitting Edward Going a resident of sd. County aged between 90 and 100 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 – that he entered the army of the United States in the war of the Revolution under the following circumstances (to wit).
He enlisted under Robert Temples as Captain at Warren Court house in the state of North Carolina at what time he does not recollect but that he did enlist in the nine months service, was marched from Warren Court house to Halifax, where he joined the regular troops in the 5th Regiment under Colonel Pink Eaton [Pinketham Eaton] & Mumford, he was stationed at Halifax about two months, he was marched from there to Kingston or Elizabeth town on Neuse River where he was stationed from six to eight weeks, from there he marched to Leesburg on Savanna River [Savannah River] where he was stationed from one to two months, then marched from there up the river to a place called the black swamp, where he was taken sick and sent from there to the Hospital in Charleston where he lay seven or eight weeks. Then he was removed over the Ashby River to Sullivan’s Island where he remained about three weeks when he was furtowed [furloughed] and directed to come home, his time of service being nearly out. After being at home a few days he went to the City of Warren to General or Colo. Guthrie Sumner [sic, Jethro Sumner] who gave him his discharge for the sd. tower of nine months. He kept his discharge several years and sold it to a W. Jno. Hall for six dollars that he does not know of any person by whom he can prove this service.
After he had been at been at home about two years he enlisted again in the three months service under Capt. Benjamin Eaves at Lewisburg in the state of North Carolina, where he imediately marched up the country, through a part of Virginia and again into North Carolina to the county of Guilford. There they joined the army commanded by General Green [Nathanael Greene] where he remained but a few days before the Guilford fight took place. He was in that fight [Battle of Guilford County Court House, March 15, 1781] and recollects that a Colo. Williams [Otho Holland Williams] on the day of the fight commanded that part of the army that he was in after the fight our company was confused and scattered. We were collected again near Rocky River, while the British army made a short stay at Ramsey’s Mill. We understood they stayed but a short time moved on towards Halifax North Carolina. We made but a short stay at Rocky River. We were marched from there to Camden town in South Carolina where we stayed but a few days. We were then marched over the Catawba River where we stayed but a few days before our term of service expired and we received our discharges but by what officer they were granted I do not now recollect. I took care of my discharge for several years & was told that it was no account and what has become of it now I know not. I know of no person now living by whom I can prove this three months service. My messmates while in the service or a part of them whose names I recollect were Ozzy Ball, Drew Jones & William Smith. I have heard of the death of Ball & Jones. I cannot tell what has become of Smith. I have continued since I left the army to live in the counties of Franklin and Granville in North Carolina. I have no documentary evidence by which I can prove any part of this service. I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension role of the agency of any state.
Signed and sworn to in open court.
Edward (X) his mark Going
We Samuel Rust of Weakley County of the state of Tennessee, and Anderson Paschall & Wm. M. Sneed, both of the county of Granville & state of North Carolina do testify and declare that the said Samuel Rust declares that he has been acquainted with Edward Going who has taken, subscribed & sworn to the forgoing declaration for about fifty years and that he has ever supported the character of an honest man and an industrious and good citizen & that he served as a soldier in Revolutionary war.
The said Anderson Paschall declares that Edward Going who has made the written declaration has lived on the land this applicant since 1827 and that he has been well acquainted with him during that time. That he has often heard him state his services in the Revolutionary war, that his statements have been uniformly the same or substantially the same and that they corroborate the statement made in the foregoing declaration sworn to by him. He further declares that he has ever demeaned himself so far as he knows as an honest & industrious will meaning man.
William M. Sneed declares on oath that he has been acquainted with Edward Going the maker of the within declaration for now that fifteen years that he has ever supported the character of an honest industrious well disposed man & that he considers him to be such.
Sworn to & subscribe in open court.
Saml. Rust
Anderson Purshall
W. M. Sneed
And the said court do hereby declare this opinion after investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories presented by the war department that the above mentioned applicant was a revolutionary war soldier and served as he testifies. And the court further certifies that Saml. Rust now of Tennessee state formerly of Granville County and Anderson Paschall and Wm. M. Sneed, who has signed the proceeding certificate are residence of the said county of Granville & are credible persons and that their statement is entitled to credit.
James Wyche, Chairman pro tem
Jacob Taylor J. P.
Lewis Green J. P.
I Stephen K Sneed clerk of the court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the county of Granville and State of North Carolina do hereby certify that the forgoining contains the original proceedings of the said court in the matter of the application of Edward Going for a pension.
In testimony whereas I have proceeded to set my hand and seal of office at office in Gxford this the 10th day of August A D 1832.
Step K Sneed ??
State of North Carolina Granville County: The 30th day of January 1833
This day Edward Going Personally appeared before Dennis T Paschall one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid, who being duly sworn deposeth & saith that by reason of old age and the Consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise Length of his Service but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than those periods mentioned below and in the following Grade for Eight months and fifteen days in the first Tower [tour] and fully three months in the Second Tower making the Term of Eleven months and fifteen days I served as a private, for which Term of Service I Claim a Pension.
Sworn to & subscribed before me the day & date above written
S/ D. T. Paschall, JP S/ Edward Going, X his mark
[Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $40 per annum commencing March 4th, 1831, for service as a private for one year in the North Carolina Continental line.]

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  1. Aaron Rose says:

    You have done an incredible job on the site. It is really helping me flush out my Gowens (Goins) ancestors.
    I don’t know if this may provide a lead on Edward Sr’s father William, son of Michael Gowens and Pross Mnu.


    Please keep up the amazing work.

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