1712 Moses Goin b. bef. 1712 in Stafford Co, Va

Moses Goin b. bef. 1712 in Stafford Co, Va.


  • James Going b. abt 1680 (records have not shown if James had any children, but he may have. He shows up in records in Fairfax Co, Va until 1769. Records in Fairfax from 1739 to 1743 place both James Going and Thomas Going adjacent to or near Robert Bates’ land). 


  • Unk


Possibly the same Moses Going of the following States and Counties: 

Possible Moses Goings that may be the same person:


1733 June 16 In 1733 June 16, in the probate paperwork of Simon Pearson, a note is received of JAMES GOING of JOHN PAGE, cash reced.  THOS. PEARSON, NOTE OF EDWARD SNOXELL, DITTO GEORGE SYMSON, cash of DARBY BRYAN, JOHN MERCER, JOHN HERLE, Aug 10th by crop reced made at the home plantation on Potomack creek, By ditto made in Pr. William, Note reded of JAMES SUDDUTH, EDWARD WILLIAMS, THOS. SMITH, rappa. THOMAS FURR, JOHN PAGE, STEPHEN FULLER, EDWD, WILLIAMS, SIMON BOWLING, OF WM. NORTHCOAT, of LEWIS ELSY cash reced for the warehouse rent 1733 paid JOHN WITHERS HARPER for a debt, paid JOHN MERCER, WM DENT, MARY SHAVONS acct. shipped to JAMES BUCHANON, Shipped in BUCKERIDGE, paid CATESBY COCKS note, paid GRIGSBY’S judgemant, CAPT. SPOORE for inspection he paid, paid Marlbro Inspectors 4 crop hhds. Paid WM. BROOKSHIRE acct. 1734 Augt 10 CAPT HEDGEMAN acct and levies, paid WM. WALKER for a coffin, paid SARAH JEWARS acct. paid MR. SCOTT for the funeral sermon, paid MR CLAIBORNE for clks note, paid SAM’L TOMMONS, JOHN GRANTpaid the inspector of 7 hhds tobacco had out of hunting creek warehouse and shipt in board the Smith CAPT. BUCKRIDGE 3/. July 5 paid JAMES CARTER for quit rents 5636 acres land 1733 Sterling paid THOMAS HARRISON SENR for a Legacy left him, paid MOSELY BATTALEY for a fee agst. TRAMMEL paid EBENEZER MOSS his acct. Smiths work, 1734—paid Wm. Brookshire, PAID wm. Hale FOR Mary Straughans living at ye quarters, paid EDWARD EMMS for levies, paid GEORGE TRAMELL, PAID JAMES BAXTER, William Herle, mr. cocke Clks note, 1735 To the hire of a boat to carry tobacco to the warehouse 2 days at 20 p day, payd MICHAEL REGAN EDWARD EMMS, ANN BALL, LEWIS ELSEY, EDWARD EMMS, JERE BRANAUGH, WILLIAM HERLE, MR. NATHL. CHAPMAN, 1734 reced of NICHOL. GRIMES, LEWIS ELSEY, WILLIAM BRUSTER, RICHD RAKSTRAW, THOMAS COATHER, MOSES GOIN, THOMAS WEST, DAVID THOMAS, JAMES HALLEY, JOHN BURK, by MICHAEL REGANS rent, by tobo reced HENRY WATSON.  THOMAS PEARSON.   At court held for Stafford County June 12th 1739 Nathaniel Chapman and Thomas Pearson Exes of Simon Pearson deced presented account..admitted to record. SOURCE: Stafford County Will Book M, Page 271-273, Will Abstract, 1729-1748 by Sparacio.   http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.counties.stafford/1692/mb.ashx (NOTE: I cant be certain this Moses Goin is the same as the Albemarle Co, Va, Moses – but it is the closest in age I can find … The Moses Goin in Stafford Co, Va may just appear in this one record – hard to know)