1730-40 Moses Going in Henry County, Va

Moses Going b. abt 1730-40 in Henry County, Va







Possibly the same Moses Going of the following States and Counties: 

Possible Moses Goings that may be the same person:


1759 – 1760 – Captain James Gunn attesting to the service of Moses Going (Henry Co.) in Col Byrd’s regiment in 1760, and to James Hopkins Jr’s (Louisa Co.) service in 1759 in his own company of regulars. Henry Co, Va

On April 27, 1780, Moses Going was in Henry County, Virginia, on the North Carolina border, according to “Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776,”

In 1780, Moses Going filed suit against Duncan Carmichael in nearby Halifax County, Virginia “on an attachment.” “Complaintant did not further process, case dismissed,” according to Halifax County Plea Book 10, page 143, as researched by Jack Harold Goins, Editorial Board member of Rogersville, Tennessee.

1782 Henry Co Va
white (free) tithes above 16/ slaves/ horses/ cattle –
frame 8,
John Going 1013
David Going 207/16
frame 15,
John Going 104/13
frame 18,
Moses Going 1027

On 28 March 1783 he owned land on both sides of the North Mayo River when the Henry County court allowed him to build a water grist mill on it [Orders 1778-82, 86; 1782-5, 75].  In 1783, Moses Going was permitted to build a grist mill on Morth Mayo River, according to Henry County Court Order Book 3, page 85. Jack Harold Goins wrote, “Looking at North Mayo River [present day map], it flows into the South Mayo River, thus becoming the Mayo River as it flows into North Carolina.”

1783 Henry Co Va
tithes/ whites over 21/ slaves over 16/ slaves under 16/ horses/ cattle
frame 37,
Going, John Zephaniah Going, Claiborn Going, James Going 42005/14
Going, David William Going, Charles Going Jacob Going 420068
frame 38,
Going, James 110026
Going, Moses 11

1784 Henry Co Va
frame 86,
Going, Jesse 110025
Going, John & 2 sons 3112006
frame 87,
Going, Moses 110025
frame 88,
Going, David Wm, Chas. & Jacob 43109/13
Going, John 1100022
Going, James 1100210

1785 Henry Co Va
Going, Moses 2200088
frame 158,
Going, James 1100015
Going, John 1100015
Going, David & 3 sons 43100/10/8
Going, John Claiborn Going & Asaiah Going 31200413
frame 159,
Going, Zephaniah 11000010

1786 Henry Co Va
frame 217,
Going, Shadrack 312006/13
Going, James 1100013
Going, David 1100013
Going Moses 2110037
frame 218,
Going, John & 4 sons 523007/21
Going, David & 4 sons 541000/10/17
Going, John Jr. & Ward Barrett 21100020
Going, John 1100012