1731 Moses Going b. bef. 1731 in Buckingham Co, Va

Moses Going b. bef. 1731 in Buckingham Co, Va

Moses Going is “exempt” from taxes in 1791, indicating he is at least 60 years of age by then – placing his year of birth at 1731 or before – if this was the reason for his exemption.







Possibly the same Moses Going of the following States and Counties: 

Possible Moses Goings that may be the same person:


1772 March 10 – Tillotson Parrish pmt to Moses Going a poor person – 6.5.0. Buckingham Co, Va
The Vestry book (1771-1774) : Tillotsom Parish, Buckingham County, Virginia. p. 4 & 5.
https://www.familysearch.org/library/books/viewer/215718/?offset=0#page=4&viewer=picture&o=&n=0&q= ; https://www.familysearch.org/library/books/viewer/215718/?offset=0#page=5&viewer=picture&o=&n=0&q=

1773 Apr 2 – (Payment) To Moses Gowing – 750.
The Vestry book (1771-1774) : Tillotsom Parish, Buckingham County, Virginia. p. 7.

1774 Mar 31 – (Payment) to Moses Going a poor person – 750
The Vestry book (1771-1774) : Tillotsom Parish, Buckingham County, Virginia. p. 8.

1774 Nov 24 – (Payment) to Moses Gowing a poor person – 750
The Vestry book (1771-1774) : Tillotsom Parish, Buckingham County, Virginia. p. 10.

1786 Nov 10 – Moses Going, William Going
Petition Re Opposition of Episcopal Church Collecting
Buckingham Co, Va

1786 Nov 10 – Moses Going, William Going appear in a Petition Re Opposition of Episcopal Church Collecting, in Buckingham Co, Va

1787 Buckingham Co petition signed by Moses Going

1787 Oct 17 – From Buckingham County, Virginia Church and Marriage Records 1764-1822
Another petition, Oct. 17, 1787
To the Honorable, the Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Delgates.
The Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants of the County of Buckingham and the Parish of Tillotson sheweth—
Whereas your Honorable Housem in the last Session of assembly passed an act to repeal an act for Incorpirating the Protestant Episcopal Society, and for other purposes; by which other purposes the Episcopalians laim all the Glebes, Churches, Plate and all othe[r] things, the property of the Late Established Church of England, and therefore we do correctly remonstrate against the other purposes of the s’d [said] Act.–……………..
Among the signers:
Moses Going
Another petition of the same wording was signed by:
William Gowing

1791A personal property tax records Buckingham County, Va
A list of tithes and taxable property taken by Peter Guerant in Dist No 1 for the year 1791.
Moses Going (exempt) 1 horse (image 5)

1795A personal property tax records Buckingham County, Va
Tithes and taxable property in Dist No 1 in Buckingham 1795
Moses Going (exempt) 1 horse (image 5) – July 17, 1795