1749 Drury Goyen married to Sarah “Sallie” Baxter – ydna match

Drury Goyen 1749 – 1796, married Sarah “Sallie” Baxter b. abt 1751 – d. 1820 – ydna match – see: https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/ydna-matches/

Parents of Drury Goyen:

(Not known.  Due to Y-DNA results, the most likely parents of Drury Goyen (or Going) are listed below):

Thomas Going b. abt 1720 (1st choice:  alternative parent.  Y-DNA match – Thomas Going is son of John Going and Mary Keith Going – which could mean that John Going and Mary Keith Going are actually Drury Going’s grandparents rather than parents)

John Going b. abt 1700 and Mary Keith (2nd choice: alternative parent. Y-DNA match – there are no known documents verifying Drury’s parents.  Y-DNA verifies that the descendants of Drury Goyen b. 1749 have the same paternal ancestor as Thomas Goin). 

Alexander Going b. abt 1710-15 – d. bef. Feb 1775, m. Sophia ? (3rd choice: alternative parents – Y-DNA match.  Alexander Going’s children appeared to be close to John Going’s children (1st cousins.  Often they lived next to eachother and it is difficult to determine which parents their descendants belonged to).

(All three of the above, John Going b. 1700, Thomas Going b. 1720, and Alexander Going b. 1715 are possible parents of Drury Going b. 1749.  They are all Y-DNA matches – their confirmed descendants’ Y-DNA match Drury Going’s descendants.  They are also the correct age to be the parent of Drury Going b. 1749.  The only document connection I could find to Drury Going with any of the three above was to William Going b. 1733 – the confirmed son of John Going b. 1700 and the brother of Thomas Going b. 1720.  This leads me to believe that either John Going b. 1700 or Thomas Going b. 1720 are the most likely choices as parent of Drury Going).

John Going b. abt 1729 is another son of John Going b. 1700.  His age makes him a possible candidate as well.  Tracking his documentation and where he lived has been difficult.  I am in the middle of reworking his page – much of it is not correct and is in the process of being updated.  I have been unable to document who his children were – if any, but he is also a possibile parent of Drury, if he had children.

Children born to Drury and Sarah include:

1) Martha Going born about 1768 – d. Aug 19, 1813,  (Married 1790 to – Larkin “Asa” Tindall (d 1841)- moved to Warren County, Ga). (confirmed)
2) Elijah Going born in 1770 – d. 1807 (Chester, SC) (confirmed)
3) Job Going b. Sept 5, 1772 Chester, SC-d. April 23, 1854, Tuscaloosa Co, AL m. Rebecca Lockert – of Aaron and Sarah Miles Lockert (confirmed)
4) Isaac Going born April 28, 1775 (Chester, SC) – (Married on Aug 21, 1804 to Rebecca Palmer) (confirmed)
5) James Goyne born in 1777 (confirmed)
6) Sarah Baxter Going born 1786 (confirmed)
7) Mary Going born in 1787 (confirmed)
8) Rebecca Going born about 1789 (confirmed)
9) Thomas Baxter Going born in 1795 (confirmed)


(The following siblings are assumed siblings of Drury Goyen.

John Gowen Jr. b. abt 1720 m. Elizabeth (confirmed child of John Going Sr b. abt 1700)
Thomas Gowen b. abt 1722 (confirmed child of John Going Sr b. abt 1700).
Susannah Gowen Hubbard b. abt 1725 – 1731 (confirmed child of John Going Sr b. abt 1700)
William Goyne b. 1728 – 1733 (confirmed child of John Going Sr b. abt 1700)
Amos Goyen b. 1744 (possible sibling of Drury)
Drury Goyen b. 1749 (possible sibling of Drury)
James Goyne b. 1755 (possible sibling of Drury)


Y-DNA information for Goyen:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/y-dna-for-goyen/

Y-DNA matches (most distant known ancestors of people we match – have common paternal ancestor with these people):  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/ydna-matches/

Counties in South Carolina where Drury Goyen (Going) is noted:


Early life to Adulthood:

Locations where Drury Goyen lived in South Carolina (and other Goyen/Going/Gowen families): (Click to enlarge all images):
South Carolina Rivers map in 1773 Marked 2

1) Birth and Death:

1749 birth:  Drury Goyen is born in 1749 most likely in Lunenburg County, Virginia.   Drury Goyen (he also used Going as the spelling for his last name) marries 17-year-old Sarah “Sallie” Baxter in Camden District about 1767-1769.   Sarah Baxter is born about 1750 in Granville County [later Orange County, later Caswell County], North Carolina.

Drury Going’s age is confirmed through a letter from Thomas Baxter Going regarding his family:

Letter from Thomas Baxter Going providing birth year of Drury Going as 1749:
(The contents found at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/nl199206.pdf )

“Walnut Grove, Etowah County, Ala.  March 16, 1879 Dear Brother, By the Divine Providence of God, I am again permitted to write to you in answer of yours and also to send your request. We are today enjoying common health and also Dabbs and Inman are well as far as I know. We have had a very cold, wet winter with heavy freezes, but little snow. Gentle spring has come in with mild and pleasant weather.

The farmers are busy engaged in preparing for another crop. There will be more guano used this year than has been any year previous. According to your request, I with pleasure send you a true list of ages as recorded in Father’s Bible.

I will begin with father and mother’s. Isaac Going was born 28th day of April, 1775. Mother, Rebecca Palmer was born 1st day of February 1789 and was married the 21st day of August 1804. Father was baptized in the May meeting of the Pacolet Church in 1803, and also the same year joined the Masonic fraternity. The death of Father and Mother stands recorded thus—- Rebecca Going departed this life the first day of August 1855,  aged 66 years and 6 months. Isaac Going departed this life the 27th day of January 1861, aged 85 years and 9 months and one day.

Our Grandfather, Drury Going departed this life the 22nd day of February 1796 in the 47th year of his age. He died on the road coming home from Charleston with his wagon and team. He lacked 3 days drive of reaching home when he died. He was hauled home and buried at home. Grandmother Sarah Going departed this life 22nd day of April 1820 in the 69th year of her age.

In looking over I find the date of Elisha P. Going’s death as 16th day of July 1864 by a cannon ball near Fussels Mill in the New Market fight, Henry County, Va. Now, dear brother, you can record the dates I have given you in your large family Bible so that your children and grandchildren may hand down their fore father’s posterity. The Going is of Irish, [and Palmer] on Mother’s side English and Dutch.

I was pleased to hear of the well doing of your children. I have not heard a word about Eva. Is she dead? Eunice sent her likeness to her. Eunice says she would like to enjoy Eva’s company again. I am getting old and feeble near 73 years old. I have not had good health since last July. When I feel able, I go out and work a little. I feel better with exercise. I gain, but the least cold throws me back.

I am what is called a Licentiate Preacher. I don’t go about much, but if it is the Lord’s will, when the weather becomes warm I wish to visit the churches around. Religion is at a very low ebb at this time owing to so many divisions of profession–three kinds of Baptists, Missionary, Primitive or commonly called Hard Shells. Two years ago they divided and called it The Church of Christ being wonderfully opposed to all benevolent institutions of the day, especially the Masonic fraternity and Sabbath Schools. Their chief doctrine is that of Election and reprobation and non-fellowship with all who do not coincide with their Views. There are two kinds of Methodists–North and South. They divided during the war– they have no fellowship with each other. Then there are the Seventh Day Adventists and Soul Sleeping Baptists. I could not give a full history of their doctrines in the space I have to write. They make proselytes owing to the unlearned and unread of many of the people.

I hope you and all the boys that have grown up have made to rejoice in Jesus Christ the Savior. Let us pray for each other as all are dead of father’s family that if we never meet again, we will try to meet together with our friends in Heaven. Farewell, Thomas B. Going To W.G.W. Going and children”

Death Date of Drury Going:

1796 Feb 27 death date:  Drury Going appears to have died suddenly and unexpectedly on Februry 27, 1796.  The letter above says he died on the road coming home from Charleston with his wagon and team.  He has no will, meaning he wasn’t fighting a lengthy illness.  His estate is disposed of in probate court.   Probate papers confirm that he died in 1796.

2) Drury Goyen’s Ancestry and Relationship of Goyen/Gowen’s to William Gladden:

William Gladden’s land transactions and proximity to John Gowen Sr (Drury Goyen’s possible father), with William Goyne (Drury’s possible brother), and Gladden’s transactions with Alexander Gowen (Drury’s uncle) helped piece together Drury Goyen as likely related William Goyne.

1767 Jan 6:   William Goyne (listed as “Going”) receives 300 acres on Wateree Creek in Craven, SC.   Drury Going either goes with William to work and live on the land, or arrives shortly after.

(Plat#) S213184000900095 Colonial Plat Books (copy series) 8 Bit Gray 300 dpi Scanned by Judith Smith


1769 Feb 22:  William Going and his wife Elizabeth convey 150 acres to William Gladden out of the 300 acres they own on Wateree Creek in Craven, SC.

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 1

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 2

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 3

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 4

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 5

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 6

1769 William Goyne to Gladden 150a in SC 7





It appears that William Gladden is a family friend of the Gowen family.  He lives next to the Going/Gowen’s in Orange County, North Carolina, and follows William Gowen (and Drury Gowen) to South Carolina.  There is an “Ann Glading (Gladden) who is listed as a witness to Catherine Gowen Padderson’s will in 1739 in Brunswick County (John Gowen Sr’s mother’s will).   Truro Parish (back in Fairfax County, Va) lists a William Gladden on multiple transactions in their Vestry Book during the early to mid 1700s in Fairfax County – about the same time the Gowen’s were there.  William Gladden has land transactions with the Gowen family on several occasions in North Carolina and South Carolina, including the following transactions.  It appears there is some family connection with the Gladden and Gowen families:

1760 Dec 18, Alexander Going is living adjacent to William Gladden when he has a survey for 623 acres in Orange Co, NC.  The property is described as being 623 acres on both sides of Moon’s Creek; joins Hugh Dobbin: ALEXANDER GOING, & William Morris, SCC. Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III Granville Proprietary Land Office Miscellaneous Records; By William D. Bennett, C.G. Orange Co, NC


1762 April 7, William Gladden grants 311 acres to Alexander Going in Orange Co, NC. William Gladden had been granted the land previously (623 acres).  He grants 1/2 of it to Alexander Going. This is recorded on 1775 Nov 5 – in a grant to John Dismaker and Samuel Paul this land – described as both sides of Moon Creek. This is part of the larger tract granted to Gladden and Going. Deed: acquired 311 acres on Moons Creek, 7 Apr 1762, , Orange, North Carolina, USA. 7 Apr 1762 Wm Gladden sold 311 acres land on Moons Creek to Alexander Gowen — next record 25 Nov 1775 Dismurker to Paul — conflicting information in deed 22 Mar 1779 says land was Gladden to William Gowing’s Orange Co, NC (see images below)

1762 Apr 7 Wm Gladden conveys to Alexander Going in NC p1

1762 Apr 7 Wm Gladden conveys to Alexander Going in NC p2

The transaction is recorded in 1765 (see image below).

1765 William Gladden sells 311 and a half acres to Alexander Going in Orange Co NC

William Gowing is listed in the following deed receiving 311 acres on Moons Creek,  William Gladden grants the other half of his 623 acres to William Gowing.  This is a notation in a deed dated 22 Mar 1779, Caswell, North Carolina, USA. 16 22 Mar 1779 James Roberts of Pittsylvania, Va. to John Ingrim of NC for L100 sold tract of 311 acres on both sides Moone Creek in Caswell Co., NC., being part of a tract of 622 acres of John Earl Granville deed to William Glading, who had sold to William Gowing, and by Gowing to John Wood, and by Wood to James Roberts and by Robers to John Ingrim. Caswell Co, NC (insert photo) 1762 April 7 – Alexander Gowen William Gladden, Samuel Paul, William Leek Deed: 311 acres on Moons Creek, 18 Sep 1779, Caswell, North Carolina, USA. 18 Sep 1779 Samuel Paul of Caswell Co, NC sold to William Leek of Caswell Co for L300 230 acres on both sides of Moon Creek part of larger track granted to William Gladdin 7 Jun 1761 and the part which Gladden sold to Alexander Gowen on 7 Apr 1762 Caswell Co, NC (See image below)

1779 roberts to ingram land that was william goings from gladen 311 acres

1762 December 11:  John Going Sr., receives title to 700 acres of land on Moon Creek near the Dan River in Orange County, North Carolina – just on the other side of the border from Virginia to North Carolina. The land is adjacent to land owned by William Gladin – 505 acres of the land received appears to be from William Gladin’s plat. William Going is the chain carrier for the transaction (probably his son).

1762 Dec 15 John Going Sr 505 acres Orange Co NC

Drury Goyen’s (Going) and his wife Sarah’s oldest child, Martha Going, is born about 1768, either in the Orange County, North Carolina area, or in South Carolina in the area that will later become Fairfield County, South Carolina.  

About 1770, Elijah Goyen (Going) is born to Drury Goyen and Sarah, again, either in the Orange County, North Carolina area, or in the area that will later become Fairfield, South Carolina.  

1771 Nov 5, William Gowen‘s  land on Wateree Creek, in Craven, SC is now noted to belong to Drury Gowen.  “Drury Gowens” is listed as living in Craven County, South Carolina.  This is mentioned in a land plat survey done for William Long, (or Lang), bounding South on John Morris land and Gladden’s land, West on William Hill, and East on Drury Gowen’s land Craven Co., Wateree Cr., SC.  William Gowen (Goyne) moves just across the border into Tryon County, North Carolina. (see image below)  1771 Nov 5 – Land Plat Survey done for William Long/Lang bounding South on John Morris land and Gladden’s land, West on William Hills, and East on Drury Gowen’s land; On the North of the Wateree Creek; Map shows this to be just south of the Broad River – and north of Wateree Creek: http://battleofcamden.org/1773sc.jpg
Likely in Fairfield Co, SC in future.  1771 Nov 26: LANG, WILLIAM, PLAT FOR 200 ACRES ON WATEREE CREEK.  Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00282 Item: 02.  Names indexed: BREMAR, JOHN; GLADDEN; GLASCOCK, WILLIAM; GOWEN, DRURY; HILL, WILLIAM; LANG, WILLIAM; MORIS, JOHN. Document type: PLAT Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; WATEREE CREEK, South Carolina.
http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108903 (Images):

1771 Survey on Wateree Creek showing William Lang land next to Drury Gowen land

(November 5, 1771 survey showing Drury Gowens living on his brother, William Gowen’s land he received in 1767,  adjacent to William Lang (Long), John Moris (Morris), Gladden, and William Hill). http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108903

Drury Goyen (Going) and Sarah have their 3rd child, Job Going, on September 5, 1772, likely in the Fairfield County, South Carolina area.  

On March 18, 1775, Drury Gowen is listed on William Long’s memorial as adjacent to the land of William Long, William Gladden, William Hill, and John Morris still on Wateree Creek in Craven Co, SC. 1775 March 18 – William Long memorial for 200 acres on Wateree Creek – adj: Drury Gowen, William Gladden, William Hill, William Long, and John Morris.  Series: S111001 Volume: 0013 Page: 00398 Item: 002 Names indexed: GLODEN, WILLIAM; GOWEN, DRURY; HILL, WILLIAM; LONG, WILLIAM; MORRIS, JOHN Document type: MEMORIAL Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY; WATEREE CREEK, South Carolina

Drury Goyen’s (Going’s) and Sarah’s 4th child, Isaac Going, is born April 28, 1775, likely they were living in the Fairfield County, South Carolina area at this time.

Drury Goyen’s (Going’s) and Sarah’s 5th child, James Goyne, is born about 1777, likely in the Fairfield County, South Carolina area.

3) Military Service of Drury Goyen:

1776: GOINS, DRURY, ACCOUNT AUDITED (FILE NO. 2924) OF CLAIMS GROWING OUT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.   Series: S108092 Reel: 0056 Frame: 00381 ignore: 000 Names indexed: GOINS, DRURY. South Carolina.

Drury Going enlists into the South Carolina Militia during the revolutionary war Revolutionary War.  He is paid in 1785 for his service in 1781-1782. SC Military.

1781 - 1782 1785 Stub entries to indents issued in payment of claims for Drury Going service in Revolution


Battle of Mobley’s Meeting House takes place in June 1780 and is near Drury Gowen’s land at the time in Fairfield County, SC:  http://southerncampaign.org/newsletter/v2n7.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mobley%27s_Meeting_House

Drury Going volunteers in 1781 to ride with Revolutionary Brig-Gen. Francis Marion in fighting the British. Marion takes the frontiersmen, and forms them into a force that becomes the pride of the Colonists’ southern campaign. (See Wikipedia article on Francis Marion:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Marion ).

Drury Going serves in the regiment commanded by Col. John Winn of Winnsboro, South Carolina, according to the research of Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr.

The “Swamp Fox” repeatedly led his rapid-deployment brigade in daring raids against the superior British forces, exacted heavy losses upon them and then escaped into the swamps where the English were unable to follow. They had remarkable successes in battles at Georgetown, Ft. Watson, Ft. Motte and Eutaw Springs, lifting the morale of the Americans who were generally being defeated everywhere else. Their spectacular success in the Battle of Parker’s Ferry in 1782 resulted in a Congressional medal for Marion’s men.

Battle of Parker’s Ferry was in August 1781: http://www.myrevolutionarywar.com/battles/810813-parkers-ferry/

Battle of Eutaw Springs is in September 1781 at the Ninety Six in South Carolina (close to Drury Goyen’s home):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Eutaw_Springs

The following indents were for goods provided by Drury Goins (Going) from 1780 to 1782 in South Carolina, provided to the American militia during the Revolutionary War.

1780 Drury Goin provides provisions to troops in SC

1781 Drury Going provides provisions for use of troops

1781 and 1782 indents for service of Drury Goins during Revolution

1781 and 1782 indents for service of Drury Goins during Revolution

4)  Drury Goyen transactions in Fairfield, Chester, Union, and York Counties, South Carolina:

November 26, 1779, Robert Elliot and Jane his wife, convey 250 acres of land to Drury Goyen.  The land had previously belonged to Mary McCollough.  It was along the line of Aaron “Lockards” (Lockert).    Moses Cherry and Elizabeth Cherry witness the transaction.

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 1

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 1

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 2

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 2

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 3

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 3

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 4

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 4

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 5

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 5

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 6

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 6

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 7

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 7

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 8

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 8

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 9

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 9

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 10

1779 Robt Elliot to Drury Goyen snip 10

1782: grant for “Thomas Baxter” in Caswell Co, NC – downloaded to Dropbox. 1782 Thomas Baxter 300 acres on Moon Cr adj James Ingram and Samuel Paul, Caswell Co NC.

1782 Thomas Baxter 300 acres on Moon Cr adj James Ingram and Samuel Paul in Caswell Co NC

(Note: Drury Goyen was married to a Sarah Baxter (according to other researchers), and Amos Goyen was married to a Mary Baxter.  Interesting that this Thomas Baxter is living on Moon Cr, in Caswell County, NC – adjacent to James Ingram and Samuel Paul – when this was William Going and Alexander Going’s land in 1760-62).  This Thomas Baxter may be related to Sarah and Mary Baxter. 

Compare to 1760 and 1762 grants to William Gowen and Alexander Gowen – they were in Orange County, NC – on Moon Creek, adjacent to a “John” Ingram (possibly James’ father?), and a Samuel Paul:

1775: Dismukes to Samuel Paul 311 and 1/2 acres on Moon Cr, – (previous William Gladen to Alexander Going in 1762) – Caswell Co, NC

1779: James Roberts to John Ingram – 311 acres on Moon Cr, – (previous William Glading to William Going (date not listed) – Caswell Co, NC.

1779: Samuel Paul to William Leek – 230 acres on Moon Cr, – (previous William Gladden sold to Alex Gowen in 1762) – Caswell Co, NC.

1790: William Leek to Charlton Ingrom – 230 acres on Moon Cr, – (previous William Gladden to Alex Gowen in 1762) – Caswell Co, NC.

After the war, Drury Goyen is involved in multiple land transactions over the next 15 years in South Carolina.

1782 Oct 6, Robert Elliot of Camden District conveys to Drury Going of same district, for 2500 pounds SC money, tract on or near Broad River adj. Joseph Robertson’s corner, 100 acres, part of grant to Mary McCullough 21 Jan 1772.  Robert Elliott (LS), Wit: Aaron Lockert, Andrew Carson.  Proved in Camden District by the oath of Aaron Lockert 7 Nov 1782 before Jo. Brown, J.P.  Recorded 21 Oct. 1783.

1783 Jan 5 – Drury Goins is purchaser at Moses Cherry (dec’d) estate sale. Other buyers include Widow Cherry, Samuel Torbert, John Love, Frame Woods, Robert Elliot, Vardry McBee, Merry McGuire, James Johnston, Thomas Woods, Jacob Barnett, Daniel Givens, and Adam Meek. in Chester Co, SC.

1783 Drury at Moses Cherry est

1783: ELLIOTT, ROBERT AND WIFE TO DRURY GOYEN, LEASE AND RELEASE. Series: S363001 Volume: 05H0 Page: 00229 ignore: 000 Names indexed: ELLIOTT, ROBERT; GOYEN, DRURY Document type: LEASE AND RELEASE, South Carolina.

1783: ELLIOTT, ROBERT TO DRURY GOYEN, DEED OF RELEASE.  Series: S363001 Volume: 05H0 Page: 00231 ignore: 000 Names indexed: ELLIOTT, ROBERT; GOYEN, DRURY Document type: DEED OF RELEASE, South Carolina.

On November 28, 1783, Drury Going and Samuel Torbert are witnesses to a lease executed by Mary McCullough of Camden District, St. Mark’s Parish, to Robert Elliot for £50 sterling for 941 acres on the north side of Broad River which had been granted to her January 31, 1772. The lease was proved in Camden District December 29, 1784 by the oath of Samuel Torbert before Frame Woods, J.P.

In 1783 Drury Goins is listed as a buyer at Moses Cherry (dec’d) estate.  Several others are also listed:  Widow Cherry, Samuel Torbert, John Love, Frame Woods, Robert Elliot, Vardry McBee, Merry McGuire, James Johnston, Thomas Woods, Jacob Barnett, Daniel Givens, and Adam Meek. Chester Co, SC.

1783 Drury at Moses Cherry est

In 1783 –Robert Elliott and wife lease and release to Drury Goyen: http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=134032

1783 Deed of Release by Robert Elliott and wife to Drury Goyen. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=134033 SC Land Trans (both)

1783 Nov 28 – Mary McCollough of Camden District, St. Marks Parish, to Robert Elliot of same district and parish, for 50 pounds sterling, 941 acres granted to said Mary McCullough 31 Jan 1772 on north side Broad River including his own improvement. Mary McCullough (mark).
Wit: Saml Torbert, Drury Going. Proved in Camden District by oath of Samuel Torbert 29 Dec 1784 before Frame Woods, J.P.
Recorded 17 Jan 1785.   M-5, 319-320: Lease and Release.

In 1784 Dec 10 – a Land Plat Survey is done for Drury Goyen containing 200 acres on the waters of Turkey Creek in South Carolina (in Fairfield County, SC recs). Bounded to South by Moses Williams and M. Alexander’s land Fairfield Co, SC 1784 Dec 10 – Land Plat Survey done for Drury Goyen containing 200 acres on the waters of Turkey Creek in South Carolina (in Fairfield County, SC recs). Bounded to South by Moses Williams and M. Alexander’s land. http://www.ken-shelton.com/Fairfield/Plats/D/Plat_D_0088a.tif ; http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=191821

1784 Drury Goyen survey 200a Fairfield SC marked

On 1784 Dec 14, Pursuant to a warrant from John Winn, Esq, CL for CO. I have paid out unto Drury Goyen three tracts of land being islands in Broad River situate between Camden and Ninety Six Districts No. 1 containing eight acres, No. 2 containing four acres, and No. 3 containing two acres bounded on all sides by said Broad River and have such shape marks as the above plats represent. Survey 14 Dec 1784. Recorded 17th Jan 1791. Camden and 96 Dist, SC

1784 Goyen, Drury plat survey in Fairfield SC three islands in the Broad River snipped


In 1785 – Chester County Court appoints Drury Going as Surveyor of the road leading from Loves Ford to Biggers Ferry, as far as Chester County extends. It is ordered that male tithables do assist the said Surveyor in laying off and clearing and keeping the said road in repair according to the law. Chester Co., SC.

1785 Drury Going appt survery of roadway in Chester County

In 1785 Drury Gowing and his oldest son Elijah G. Going both sign an affidavit on behalf of Moses Williams in his petition to receive benefits as a wounded soldier in the Revolutionary War: 

1785 SC York Dist Moses Williams rev war pens app Drury Going and Elijah Going as supt wits_Page_1

1785 SC York Dist Moses Williams rev war pens app Drury Going and Elijah Going as supt wits_Page_2

1785 SC York Dist Moses Williams rev war pens app Drury Going and Elijah Going as supt wits_Page_3

1785 SC York Dist Moses Williams rev war pens app Drury Going and Elijah Going as supt wits_Page_4

Sarah Baxter Going is born about 1786, to Drury Goyen (Going) and his wife Sarah, likely in Chester County, South Carolina.  She is Drury’s 6th confirmed child.  (Note:  It appears there is a gap from about 1777 to 1786 (9 years) where Drury Goyen (Going) has no children.  I have wondered if this means that Drury possibly had another wife for his first 5 children, and was then remarried, to Sarah, in 1785/86).  

Mary Going is born abt. 1787 to Drury Goyen (Going) and his wife Sarah, likely in Chester County, South Carolina, Drury’s 7th child. 

1787 Sept 1 Drury Gowing purchases 319 acres of land from Merry McGuire – land situated on the S side of the Broad River in the Ninety Six District, adj. to Hughes land, Esquire Brown, Samuel Talbot, and Joseph Polson. paid 100 pounds. 96 Dist, SC.

1787 Drury Gowing buying land from Merry McGuire recorded in court snip

1787 Drury Gowing buying land from Merry McGuire snipped

1787 Sept 3: Drury Going purchases land from William Gaston of Chester County, SC, tract on Mill Creek, 200 acres. Chester Co., SC  1789 William Gaston convey prop to Drury Going


In 1788 Drury Going, being charged with having begotten an illegitimate infant on the body of Sarah Golden, came into the Court and confessed the fact whereupon it is considered by the Court that they make their fines by paying the sum of five pounds Proclamation money, and the said Going acknowledged himself bound to pay the said Sarah’s fine, and all costs accruing and that he is liable for the maintenance of the said infant and stay of execution till next court. Chester Co., SC.  In 1790, the Court pays Drury Going’s Bastardry fines out of money owed to Drury Going for his work done for the county.  This child is Drury’s 8th known child.  

1788 Drury Going illegit child

1790 money for Bastardry to be taken from money owed to Drury Going

In 1788 Drewry Going is involved in a lawsuit against William Johnstone for debt, the case non-suited in 1788 as well. Chester Co, SC.

1788 Drewry Gowin lawsuit for debt against William Johnston w def posting bail


1788 July 1: Drury Going purchases land from John Long in Camden District for 50 Sterling, tract on waters of Turkey Creek, adj. to James Kirkpatrick, 100 acres. On the waters of the Broad River – bounding SW James Kirkpatrick, and NW by Clayton Rogers, Camden Dist, SC.

1788 John Long convey prop to Drury Going


Rebecca Going is born abt. 1789 to Drury Goyen (Going) and Sarah, likely in Chester County, South Carolina.  She is Drury’s 9th known child.  (Note:  The 8th child was with Sarah Golden out of wedlock in 1788 – see above).  

1789 Drury Going purchases land from William Gaston of Chester County, SC, tract on Mill Creek, 200 acres. Chester Co., SC

1789 William Gaston convey prop to Drury Going


1790 Aaron Lockhart purch 100 acres of land on Broad River, Camden Dist – next to Drury Goyin, Samuel Feemster, William Gaston, and James Love. Camden Dist, SC  http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/RecordDetail.aspx?RecordId=192230

1790 On the Motion of the Clerk, ordered that all money that Drury Going was fined in for Bastardry is to be paid to him in discount of what the County owes him. Chester Co, SC.

The 1790 US Census in Chester SC – shows Drury Goins, Asa Tindal, John McCool, Clayton Rogers, John Love, Charles Gilmore, William Hogg, Samuel Feemster, Joseph Robertson, John Williams, Francis Kirkpatrick, Robert Black, Aaron Lockhart, James Love, Josiah Cook, Daniel Given, John Alexander, Robert Tindal, Hugh Reed, Valentine Bell, John Lockhart, James McCluney, (Gill families, Gaston families), all living in Chester Co, SC.

1790 US Census Chester SC w Drury Goins and several people on estate papers


1791 Oct 11: Drury Going conveys land to Asa Tindall and Martha Tindall (of State of Georgia), – paid 30 Sterling to William Love McCool – 100 acres that were granted to John Long in 1785 – that were then sold to Drury Going in 1788 – on branch of Turkey Creek – adj to James Kirkpatrick and Clayton Rogers. SC.

1791 Drewry Going convey prop to Asa Tindall

In 1791 Nov 18 Drewry Going of Chester County, conveys land to William Love, Senior, for 200 pounds. Tract originally granted to William Gaston in 1787, and then sold to Drewry Goen. Adj. to James Wright. (seal Drewry Goyen and Sarah Goyen). Chester Co, SC.

1791 Drury Goen conveys land to William Love

In 1792 March 6 Aaron Lockart of Chester, SC buys 50 acres from Robert Wilson of York, on N. side of Broad River. Adj to Joseph Robertson, Francis Ray, Robert Black, and Drury Going. This was tract granted to Hugh Wilson in 1771 by North Carolina. Chester Co, SC.

1792 Aaron Lockhart buys land next to Drury Going

In 1792 Jan 14, Robert Elliot and wife Jean of Union County, convey land to Drury Going of Chester County – Drury Going paid 1000 pounds sterling, for two tracts on Broad River – one tract of 250 acres which Drury Going now lives, adj. to Aaron Lockert, and another 100 acres of Elliot’s old fields adj. to Joseph Roberson; one granted to Benjamin Love in 1754, other to Mary McCullough in 1772. Chester Co, SC.

1792 Robert Elliott conveys land to Drury Going for 1000 pounds

1792 Jan 24:  Hugh Wilson of York, SC conveys to Robert Wilson of York tract on N. side of Broad River, adj. Joseph Roberson, Francis Kilpatrick, Robert Black, Drury Going, 50 acres. York Co, SC.

1792 Drury Going adj to Robert Wilson

1792 March 6 –  Aaron Lockart of Chester, SC buys 50 acres from Robert Wilson of York, on N. side of Broad River. Adj to Joseph Robertson, Francis Ray, Robert Black, and Drury Going. This was tract granted to Hugh Wilson in 1771 by North Carolina.  Chester Co, SC.

1792 Aaron Lockhart buys land next to Drury Going

1792 April 7: Drury Gorin and James Lockert are jurors in Union County, South Carolina.

1792 Sept 17 – John Goyen (also spelled Goyin and Goyne within the document) conveys 50 acres of land in Kershaw County, South Carolina to Aaron Ferguson. This 50 acres of land is noted as “whereon Drury Goyne know lives“. It was conveyed by Jesse Knighten to John Goyne on April 17, 1792. This land is bounded by lands previously laid out to Lewis Collins and Richard Garners. The deed is signed by John Goyen. Witnessed by: Lewis Collins and Drury (his X mark) Goyen. Proved in court on August 16, 1796 by Lewis Collins. In Kershaw County, South Carolina.
Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B Pg 563 (pg 493 on Family Search).
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9PY-493S?mode=g&i=492&cat=472399  See also:  1792 April 17 John Goyen receives 50 acres from Jesse Knighten Kershaw Co SC.  Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B pg 206 (pg 313 on Family Search).  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9PY-49G7?i=312&cat=472399

1792 Sept 17 John Goyne sells to Aaron Ferguson 50 acres whereon Drury Goyne now lives in Kershaw Co SC marked snip 1

1792 Sept 17 John Goyne sells to Aaron Ferguson 50 acres whereon Drury Goyne now lives in Kershaw Co SC marked snip 2

(Note:  The above Drury Goyen may be Drury Goyen b. 1749, or may be Drury Goyne b. abt 1766 (William Goyne’s b. ab 1733’s son).  The transaction takes place near the border of Kershaw County and Fairfield County, South Carolina – near the Wateree Creek area it appears (see map below).  This may indicate a relationship between Drury Goyen b. 1749 and John Goyen in this transaction.   Interestingly, there was an Elizabeth Gowen widow of John Gowen dec’d involved in a transaction in Lancaster Co, SC in 1784 (see below).    John Gowen noted as “decd” in 1784 needs to be identified.  He may be a parent of John Goyen noted in the above transactions.  

Drury Goyen b. 1749 is noted as living in  Chester County, SC in a January 1792 transaction above.  It is possible he had more than one residence, but it is not clear that is the case here).  

Wateree Creek area in Fairfield SC

1784 Nov 14 Elizabeth Gowen widow of John Gowen decd recd inventory from Daniel Finn exec in St Marks Parish rec in Lancaster Co SC marked snip

Direct index to deeds 1787-1937 Indirect index to deeds 1787-1937 Cross index to deeds 1787-1840. Conveyance books, v. A-D 1787-1799. Bk B. pg 289.  Lancaster County, South Carolina.  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS73-JGCG?mode=g&i=270&cat=472451

In 1793 Drury Going is appointed to serve on Grand Jury in Chester, SC. Chester Co, SC

1793 Drury Going on Grand Jury

1794 June 13 – Drury Going catches stray horse and turns in to county. Chester Co, SC.

1794 Drury Going catches a stray horse

In 1795 Robert Smith of Union County, SC conveys land to Robert Elliot of Chester, SC, 154 acres – adj. Charles Brock, Samuel Torbert, Drewry Going. Land originally granted to Joseph Polson in 1772. Union Co, SC.

1795 Robt Elliott buys land next to Drewry Going

Drury Going dies in 1796, his estate is established.  The Court issues citation to appoint his son Elijah Going, his wife Sarah Going, and Clayton Rogers as administrators of Drewry Going’s (dec’d) estate. Chester Co, SC.

Going, Drury 1 appt execs and sales receipts for estate

In 1796 Drury Going – Court orders sale of Drury Going’s estate within 12 months. Chester Co, SC.  In 1797 – 1807 – Drury Going’s (decd) estate is in probate.  Executors: Elijah Going, Sarah Going, James Johnston. Sale of Estate: Isaac Going, Elijah Going, Sarah Going, William Fariss, Job Going, Clayton Rogers, William Brown, Robert Elliott, Andrew Walker, Asa Tindall, William Fiary.  Appraisers: James Kirkpatrick, Charles Gillmore, Aaron Lockheart, Warren Beauford, Clayton Rogers, Frances Kirkpatrick Payments to: John Brownlee, Francess Kirkpatrick, Charles Gillmore, James Johnston, James McNeese, Alexandra Price, Samuel Feemster, David Leech, Christian Johnston, Robert Miller, John McDonnel, Richard Curer, Joseph Feemster, Joseph Roberson, Samuel Tarbert, Aaron Lockert, Joseph Brown, Joseph Gist, William White, William Bratton, William Keith, Samuel Laysey, John Brown, Richard Curer, William Benson, William Gaston, William Rutherford, James W. Darby.

Going, Drury 1 certification of inventory of estate Going, Drury 2 inventory and appraisal in jacket Going, Drury 2 1797 itemized inventory of estate pg 325 p3 marked Going, Drury 2 1797 itemized inventory of estate pg 326 p4 marked Going, Drury 3 1797 itemized sale of estate pg 320 p1 names marked Going, Drury 3 1797 itemized sale of estate pg 321 p2 names marked

Going, Drury 2 more inventory docs in jacket

Payments: Job Going, Isaac Going, James Going, Asa Tindall, Elijah Going, Mary Going,

Going, Drury 1802 accounting pmts Pg 360 of book B Chester SC marked names

Going, Drury 1807 account paid to Mary in Chester SC marked names

Going, Drury 1807 itemization of accounts paid so far on estate Chester SC marked names

Going, Drury payments out of estate

Going, Drury receipt for pmt to Rev Joseph Alexander of Bullocks Creek Church

Guardianship: Isaac Going, Asa Tindall, Joseph Brown, bringing up Thomas Going

Going, Drury 1 ct appointing executors and guardian Thomas Going is son of Drury Going

Witnesses: Thomas Robins, James Johnston Presby Minister Read Citation at Worship – Bullock Creek: Joseph Alexander

Chester Co, SC Sarah Baxter’s will (wife/widow of Drury Going):

1814 Going, Sarah her Will names Thomas B Going and Mary and Rebekah as children

In a letter addressed to Alfred Elijah Going, Evelyn Somerville, a descendant, wrote:

“In the first federal census of South Carolina, 1790, the Goings lived on one side, the Loves on the other of Col. Aaron Lockert at Lockert Shoals, East Bank, then in Chester County, South Carolina.  The community was known as early as 1755 as Love’s Ford on Broad River, a mile and a half from Turkey Creek, then Craven County, North Carolina.  Capt. James Love, Jr. married Col. Lockert’s second daughter, Janet.  Job Going married the Colonel’s third daughter, Rebecca, while Drennan Love, son of James Love, Jr, married a daughter of Sarah Going Cook, sister to Job Going.

We are unable to find bible or other records of the parents of your ancestor, Job Going [and my ancestor, Sarah] except the death of their mother, April 22, 1822.  Sarah Baxter, thought to be the daughter of Thomas Baxter as the Christian name “Thomas Baxter” occurs over again in her numerous descendants.  The 1790 census gives the head of this family as “Drury Goins,” which must have been the name of “Sally” Baxter’s husband unless he had died and there was a son named Drury. Anyhow this family of Drury Goins was the only one of the name in Chester in 1790 census and none in the counties of York and Union, adjoining this neighborhood, and the family consisted of 2 white males over 16, 4 white females and 6 slaves.  In Caswell County, North Carolina tax lists was a Thomas Baxter, who could have either a father or a brother to “Sally” Baxter.  Her son, Thomas Baxter Going, became a clergyman, according to Day C. Love who went to school with his sons at Crawford, Mississippi in the early ’50s and went from there to Texas. Goings were natives of Ireland where the name was ‘Goyne.’ Isaac Mack Going is buried at the Franconia Cemetery in the Going row.  His was the second grave in the cemetery, my mother’s eldest sister, Sophia Miles Hughes, aged 3 years, being the first. Evelyn Somerville”

Georgia / Alabama connections for Drury Goyen to William Goyne (in addition to connections to William Gladden and property on Wateree Creek in South Carolina:

Daughter, Martha Going Tindall – m. Larkin Asa Tindall – moved to Warren Co, Ga in 1790s – land grant there in 1799. Moved back to SC around 1810 for short time before moving to Alabama.

Uncle – William Goyne, and his entire family move to Warren Co, Ga. Several of his children continue on to Jefferson Co, Tuscaloosa, Pickens Co area of Alabama – in same area that Drury Goyen’s children went (1st cousins)

1784 – Drury Goyen buys land about 30 miles closer to brother William Goyne, on Turkey Cr in the northwester border of Chester SC (Chester Co, Union Co and York Co) (abt 35-40 miles south of William Goyne, and Alexander Goyen Jr.)

1789 – Drury Goyen buys land on Mill Cr. on the northern border of SC – in York County – abt 20-25 miles from William Goyne in NC.

1793 – William Goyne shows up on tax lists in Warren Co, Ga..

1799 – Martha Going (Drury’s oldest child), follows her uncle William Goyne, and moves with her husband – Larkin “Asa” Tindall – to Warren Co, Ga.

“Sarah Goyen” appeared as the head of a household in the 1810 census of Chester District, page 262.

Sarah “Sallie” Baxter Going wrote her will November 4, 1814:

“I, Sarah Going, being in a low state of helth, but sound in mind and memory make this, my last will and testament.”  I give to my daughter Mary Going one feather bed and furniture, one cow named Harty and heifer, and I give to my daughter Rebekah Going one feather bed and furniture which my above daughters Mary and Rebekah claim, and I give to my daughter Rebekah one cow named Liby and I give to my son Thomas B. Going the tract of land or plantation where I, Sarah Going now live containing One hundred and seven acres, and it is my will and desire that my daughters Mary and Rebekah should live with my son Thomas on the said plantation while [they] remain unmarid, and I give to my daughter Rebekah one woman’s Saddle and pine table, one big wheel, and I give to my son Thomas Going one walnut table and one feather bed and furniture, one cow named Whiteface and a dun cow I give to my daughter Mary. All the rest of my property, my will is, to be sold and pay all my just debts except one large trunk I give to my daughter Rebekah, and after paying my just debts to be equally divided amongst my children. And I do make my son Thomas B. Going sole Executor of my Estate as witness my hand and seal in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and fourteen, November 4th Day 1814. Sarah [X] Going” Sarah “Sallie” Baxter Going died in Union County April 22, 1820, at age 69, according to the research of Linda Sue Betts Essary, a descendant of Floyd, New Mexico. Her will was probated in the June 1820 court session, according to Chester County Deed Book H, page 9.

1823 – William Goyne’s oldest son – John Goyne, received a land grant in Jefferson Co, Ala, and moves to Jefferson Co, Ala and establishes his family in that county.

1823 – Job Going (one of Drury’s sons) moves his family to Tuscaloosa Co, Ala, the next county over from their cousin John Goyne’s family in Jefferson County. By 1839 Job Going has moved to Pickens Co, Ala – where Job’s oldest child, Sarah Going is reported to be born.

1836 – Drury B. Goyen receives a land grant in Pickens Co, Ala. Drury B. Goyen is Elijah Going’s only son. Elijah Going (Drury Goyen’s oldest son and Job’s brother), dies unexpectedly in 1807 in SC – he has only two children – Sarah Goyne and Drury B Goyne/Going/Goyen.

1837 – James Goyne (Drury Goyen’s son) dies in Montgomery County, Tenn. His widow Elizabeth Goyne (maiden name Cook), has his will probated in Montgomery County, Tenn, but then takes it to Tuscaloosa Co, Ala to have it probated there as well (where James’ brother Job is living with his family).

1858 – Mary Going Hughes (Drury Goyen’s daughter) dies in Pickens Co, Ala in 1858. She had married Thomas Hughes in 1808 in SC.

Betsy Lockard, daughter of John Lockard and Elizabeth Going Lockard (Drury Goyen’s daughter), was born about 1804 in Chester County.  She was married about 1822, husband’s name McChimney.  Betsy Lockard McChimney removed to Pickens County, Alabama with the Going family.

Rebecca Going (Drury Goyen’s daughter) was married about 1823 to John Annett in Chester County, according to Fredrick M. Tucker.  She died during the 1850s at Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  She was the mother of six.

Thomas Baxter Goyne b abt 1795 – (Drury Goyen’s youngest son) – appears to be accompanying Drury B. Goyen in his movements – both are in the same areas of Alabama, and then both appear at the same time on tax lists in Mississippi. It does not appear that this Thomas B. Goyne ever married or had children.

1826 – Sarah Baxter Going Cook’s daughter – Mary Tolbert Cook – died May 24, 1826 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and was buried in Robertson Chapel Cemetery.  Her tombstone, a reddish-brown fieldstone was the only one in the cemetery engraved with her birth and death dates: “Mary T. Cook, born June 14, 1805, daughter of R. Cook & S. Cook, dec’d. May 24, 1826.” (Sarah Baxter Going was Drury Goyen and Sarah Baxter’s youngest daughter). ___________________________________ PROBATE LINKS: Family Search Probate info: Index to South Carolina’s Bound Volumes:


Drury Going – Book 21 Pkg 314; Book A Pg 320, Mar 1797:

Bound Volume Pages: Book A: pg 320, 321, 325, 326


176: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19385-17301-47?cc=1919417&wc=M6NW-ZP8:210904201,210956301

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Book B: pg 65, pg 360, Images:

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Drury Going’s Loose Papers: Apartment 21, Package 314: (Images: 530, 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537, 538, 539):

530: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19365-60347-46?cc=1911928&wc=MPPL-MNG:190567701,190567702,190567703,190690101

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Chester Co, SC Sarah Baxter’s will (wife/widow of Drury Going):

1814 Going, Sarah her Will names Thomas B Going and Mary and Rebekah as children

Elijah Going – Apartment 23 Pkg 344; Book D Pg 243, Nov 1807: Book D: pg 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, pg 389 Images:

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Elijah Going’s Loose Papers: Apartment 23, Package 344: Images:

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Elijah Going’s Children (Guardianship): Loose Papers:

Index: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19362-9087-52?cc=1911928&wc=MPPV-YWP:190567601,192856001,190567602,190560104

Sarah Gowen: Image:

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Image (York Minute Book):

36: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19424-35688-43?cc=1919417&wc=M6N4-3WP:210905701,211200101

Drury Gowen: Image:

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Image (York Minute Book):

78: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19424-35022-3?cc=1919417&wc=M6N4-3WP:210905701,211200101

Sarah Going – Apartment 22 Pkg 324; Book H Pg 9, June 1820: Image:

P22: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19421-100162-2?cc=1919417&wc=M6NW-VWL:210904201,211004401 (pg 9)

Sarah Going’s Loose Papers: Apartment 22, Package 324: Images:

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John Plaxco’s estate (Doshea Plaxco – wife/administrator – Doshea Plaxco’s maiden name was Doshea Bland – her first husband was Elijah Going. Her children are Sarah Going, Drury Going, and Elvira Plaxco). York County Minute Book – Image:

96: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19424-34801-26?cc=1919417&wc=M6N4-3WP:210905701,211200101

Estate Records Books Vol H – Image:

89: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19423-125946-44?cc=1919417&wc=M6NW-P38:210905701,211051301

– Joseph Alexander of Bullock Creek Church read Drury Going’s citation at a church service to give notice of his death (according to probate papers). Joseph Alexander helped organize the resistance to the Crown during the American Revolution (See: http://ncpedia.org/biography/alexander-joseph ).

– Drury Going is said to have fought in the US Revolution as a patriot (See: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/nl199111.pdf ).

-Stub entries to indents issued in payment of claims against South Carolina growing out of the Revolution: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=hvd.32044098469828;view=1up;seq=7

(front page of book)’ http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=hvd.32044098469828;view=1up;seq=25 (page 19 with Drury Goins entry) http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=hvd.32044098469828;view=1up;seq=289 (page 283 with Daniel, Henry, and John Goyen entries).

Info from “The Gowen Papers” on Drury Goings and immediate family:

(Link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/l199206.pdf ) (Link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/nl199111.pdf ).

(Link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms133.htm ).

South Carolina records: Found at this website: http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/search.aspx

 (Click on the following link to compare various “Drury Goyen” [Going, Goin, etc] living in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, etc.):    https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/1749-drury-going-goyen/various-drury-names-with-goyen-going-gowen-goyne-etc-surnames/
Edit:  Removed John Going born January 10, 1774 from son of Drury Goyen.  Thanks for the heads-up from Frederick Tucker.  I reviewed the probate paperwork and verified that John Going is not mentioned in Drury Goyen’s probate papers – there were a couple entries where Job Going looked like it was spelled John, but when I reinspected the probate papers, it was obvious that it was Job, not John.  John is not mentioned in Elijah’s probate papers, nor is he mentioned in Sarah’s will or probate.  He is not mentioned in any of the deed conveyances of Drury or any of his confirmed children.  There is no evidence that Drury Going had a son named John – so I’ve removed him from the list of children here and will be updating other pages to reflect the same.   I’ll revisit John Going who married Mildred Eubanks and see where he belongs at a later date.
I also removed Elizabeth Going as a daughter of Drury Going because it turns out her maiden name was not Going at all – her name is Elizabeth Estes who was married to John Lockert.  The Going, Lockert, and Estes families showed up in eachother’s transactions very often, so its understandable why she was assumed to be a Going, but William Estes’ probate papers are very clear, his daughter “Betsy” (Elizabeth) Estes is who married to John Lockert according to his probate papers and his will in 1807 in Chester Co, SC.

2 Responses to 1749 Drury Goyen married to Sarah “Sallie” Baxter – ydna match

  1. Linda Weldner says:

    My mother was Barbara Going Wrenn. I have been searching for a while now about the parents of Drury. I was looking on ancestry and it shows that Mary Keith died in 1745. How can she be his mother if Drury was born in 1749, after her death? Do you have any other information that would connect Mary Keith to Drury? My mothers father was Walter Leroy Going, and I believe that I can get my family tree to Drury and then it kind of stops.

    • douggoyen says:


      Thanks for the input. I don’t have a smoking gun on the exact parents of Drury. The Y-DNA match likely places William Going b. abt 1682 as his grandfather or great-grandfather. This is not guaranteed. It is possible that William Going’s brother, James Going b. abt 1683, had children that have not been accounted for. There were several “orphans” bound out in the 1730’s to 1740 that could have been children of James Going b. abt 1683 – no confirmation on this – but its something to keep an eye open for when looking at records. If this is the case, then William Going b. abt 1682 would be a great uncle, and Thomas Going b. abt 1660 would be a great grandparent or great great grandparent of Drury Going.

      1) Drury Going’s parents: As I said above, I too am unsure of Drury Going’s parents. The Y-DNA match confirms he is from the same family of William Going b. abt 1682, but that doesn’t tell me who Drury’s mother and father are.

      a) I “believe” the most likely parent, based on other Going’s living nearby, is Thomas Going b. abt. 1717-1722 (Thomas is a son of John Going and Mary Keith Going). My Y-DNA matches a few different people who are confirmed descendants of Thomas Going. If this is the case, then Drury is the grandson of John Going and Mary Keith Going.

      b & c) The other two possible parents of Drury (I believe) are John Going and Mary Keith Going b. abt 1700 or his brother Alexander Going and his wife Sophia (or Suffiah) b. abt 1705.

      2) Death of Mary Keith. I don’t show Mary Keith dying in 1745. In fact, I don’t show her dying before 1761. I believe Ancestry.com must be wrong with that death date. I show the following transactions for Mary Keith Going beyond 1745: (See page on this website for John Going b. abt 1700).

      a) 1746 June 9 – John Gowen and wife Mary convey 1 half tract of land equaling 268 acres to Edward Kirkland . . . Being a tract of land granted to Richard Kirkland decd, and Conrelius Keif, father of said Goen’s wife. Deed Book B part 1, page 32-33.

      b) 1746 July 14 – John Gowen sells 144 acres in Truro Parish he had received to Bond Veal, Mary Keith Gowen relinquished her dower rights. Deed Book B, page 24.

      c) 1761 Feb 14 – “John Gowing, Sr. of Lunenburg Co, Virginia and Mary, his wife” . . . convey land to “our beloved son, William Gowing”. Deed Book 6 page 378-379.

      d) 1761 July 7 – “John Going, Sr. and Mary his wife” . . . convey land to “our well beloved son, John Going, Jr.” in Lunenburg Co, Va. Deed Book 6 page 379.

      I have not found a death date for either John Going b. 1700 or for his wife, Mary Keith Going (so I’m not sure when they died), but with the above transactions involving both John Going, Sr. and Mary his wife beyond 1745, that death date Ancestry.com has of 1745 must be incorrect. They must have lived until at least 1761, possibly longer.

      Drury Going’s land records seem to indicate he was living on land previously owned by William Going b. abt 1728-33. William Going’s will confirms he has a son named Drury, but his son named Drury is born about 1766 – so it would seem highly unlikely William would name two of his sons Drury. My guess is William Going b. abt 1728-33 and Drury Going b. 1749 were either brothers or uncle/nephew. If brothers, then John Going and Mary Keith Going would be parents of Drury Going b. 1749. I think its more likely they were uncle/nephew, and Thomas Going b. 1717-22 (William Going’s brother) was the father of Drury Going b. 1749.

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