Goyen Going Gowen Goyne Goin, etc, family information – Y-DNA results

Y-DNA for Goyen

I bit the bullet and paid to have my Y-DNA tested with Family Tree DNA.  The following are the results:

The following are the YDNA markers – there are 3 different test groups for my level of testing (a 37 marker test) – 12 marker group, 25 marker group, and 37 marker group.  I tested with 37 markers – there are higher marker groups, but this is the one that was recommended.  Some people tested with only 12 or 25 markers, so that is why there are 3 different groupings below.

To simplify the three result groups I entered the names of those tested, how many markers they tested, and the genetic distance in a chart below.   What this chart shows are the people who have tested through Family Tree DNA who are a “match” to me according to Family Tree DNA.

The results are 15 different Goin-type names, 6 different Hollis names, 3 different Keith names, 2-3 different Cook names, and 2 different Gibbs names.

The fact that the highest number are Goin/Goins/Goen/Goyne type names – for me – confirms my genetic line goes through this particular Goyen-Goin line.  The Hollis, Keith, and Cook names also help out – John Going born about 1704 was married to a Mary Keith – it appears the Going and Keith families moved near the same times from Stafford County, Virginia, to the Virginia/North Carolina border – and then several Keith’s and Goings moved to South Carolina near the same time.  Similarly, with the Hollis family, John Hollis posted bond on Catherine Going Patterson’s probate in 1739 (she was mother of John Going born 1704 – she remarried to a Patterson after her husband William Going died in 1725).  John Hollis’ children, Moses Hollis and Notley Hollis had several land transactions with Alexander Going, John Going, and William Going in Orange County, North Carolina (these were the children and grandchild of Catherine Going Patterson).   Several of the Going and Hollis families moved to Fairfield County, SC about the same time, and they are listed on eachother’s paperwork found in that county – including probate papers.   This likely means that the Hollis and Keith members listed are descended from a Going male who either died while their children were young, and so a Keith or Hollis adopted and raised that child as their own, or some other non-paternal event.

The fact that there are multiple Hollis and Keith members listed – for me – confirms that our line goes through John Going born about 1704 and Mary Keith.  Which is what I suspected based on the documents anyway – but I wasn’t as sure previously.

Family Tree Y-DNA matches

Matches for my line of Goyen, Goin, Gowan, Goyne families above shows we are related to the following ancestors of those listed above:

MATCHES (YDNA shows related):

1) Thomas Goins c. 1729-1797 Va to NC 

This is the Thomas Goins that wrote his will in 1797 in NC, naming son Bungee Going, son Burton Going, daughter Hali Going, daughter Elizabeth Going, daughter Vini Hardester).  I think this may be the same Thomas Going who was in Lunenburg Co, Va tithe lists in 1751 (in same household as John Going and his wife Mary Keith Going).   I am not certain he is the son of John Going . . . he could be.

Thomas Goins could be the same Thomas Going who was bound out to Ralph Jackson in 1736 in Brunswick County, Va (along with a John Going on same date).   Additionally, a Cave Gowen was bound out to a James Vaughan in 1734 in Brunswick County, Va.  In 1740 a Drury Going and Elsonor Going were bound out to Ralph Jackson in Brunswick County, Va.  Finally, in 1737 a William Gowen was bound out to a John Straughan in Truro Parish (Fairfax County, Virginia – where the family moved from or was moving from about this time).    John Going and Mary Keith Going were still living in Fairfax County, Va until 1742-1744 when they sold their land (it appears).

It looks like Catherine Padderson (mother of John Going) may have been living or in the process of moving to Brunswick County, Va by 1738 when she and Cornelius Keith witnessed a will by Thomas Stroud.  She may have moved there even earlier – as Cave Gowen was bound out in 1734.

If Thomas Goins is the same Thomas who was bound out to Ralph Jackson, then he could have been the child of Ambrose Going (who appears to be the oldest Going child of William Going b. 1680 and Catherine Patterson).  Ambrose disappears from records after 1727 in Stafford County, Va.  Another Ambrose appears in 1776 in Henry Co, Va – almost 50 years later – but no record for 50 years.  I suspect the Ambrose in 1776 is a different person.   Ambrose Going who was the child of William Going and Catherine Patterson was not listed in Catherine Patterson’s will or probate papers in 1739.  This leads me to think Ambrose Going may have died after 1727, but before 1739.

If this is the case, then Ambrose likely died some time between 1727 to 1734 (when Cave Gowen was bound out).

Catherine Padderson appears to have been going back and forth between Prince William County (Fairfax Co in future) and Brunswick County, Va.  Some of her children remained in the Fairfax area, and many had traveled down to Brunswick County, Va.

All the other known potential fathers of Thomas Goins are still alive, or dead too long when he is bound out in 1740 to Ralph Jackson.   John Going b. 1704 is alive in Fairfax, Co in 1740.  William Going b. 1712 is alive likely in Fairfax or Brunswick Co, Va.  Alexander Going is alive, also likely in Fairfax or Brunswick Co, Va.  James Going b. 1680 is probably too old to be the parent of Thomas Goins b. 1729 – but he could be the father – but James is possibly still alive until 1739 when he is noted as being adjacent to Gabriel Adams in a land transaction in Prince William Co, Va – meaning that Cave Gowen is likely not his son – as he was bound out in 1734.

2) William Goyne b. 1733 from VA – NC – SC – GA (This is the William Goyne who was the son of John Going and Mary Keith Going).

3) Drury Going b. 1749 – 1797 SC (my direct ancestor)

4)  John Gowen b. abt 1750/55 – Marion Co, SC and Robeson Co, NC

5)  Thomas Goin b. 1750/55 line – Va to TN (land grant in 1779 in Washington Co, TN)

6)  James Goyne b. 1755 line SC to MS/LA (descendants include Wiley W. Goyne – went to Miss and La).

7)  William Henry Gowan b. 1792 in Goochland Co, VA

8)  Jessie Goin b. 1794 line – Buckingham Co, VA

9)  Edward Goins b. 1799 – d. 1860 in Bradley Co, TN

10)  John Waller Goen b. 1804 line Hawkins Co, TN

11)  Joseph Edward Goins b. April 17, 1895 – Bridgeport, TX

Haplogroup E-M2:

Our haplogroup is E-M2 – According to Wikipedia:  “The E-M2 branches are the predominant lineage in Western Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, and the southern parts of Eastern Africa.”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_E-V38

Not sure about all the Goin/Going families listed on Family Tree DNA, but ours has always been considered “white” as far as I know from family history.  In fact, my father insists the Goyen name descends from Dutch lineage, which may be true – others think it comes from Scotland, England, or Wales.   So where did this E-M2 haplogroup for our line come from?

There are a couple theories I have seen of how we are in the E-M2 haplogroup:

1)   Original Immigrant was black or mulattoe:  Some Goin lines in the USA were considered “mulattoe” in early US Census.  Some have thought that a Mihil Gowen, or Philip Gowen who were indentured servants in the 1600’s (before slavery was an institution), and who served out their indenture and were later freed, according to court cases in Virginia, are the men who these lines go through.  In my research, I haven’t found any documents that connect these men to the Stafford County, Virginia Going group that my line goes through.  It appears to be just a guess – with no confirmation – so I’ll leave it open as a possibility, but its no better than a guess.

I actually think some of the documents show that these men are not the likely parents. Particularly a document that shows Thomas Going born abt. 1650 needing to travel to Maryland to get evidence that he was a free man (no longer under an indenture) – to me, this indicates that Thomas arrived in Virginia via Maryland, not from another county in Virginia (where Mihil was from).  Thomas (or his parents) performed their indenture in Maryland prior to him moving to Virginia.   I do not believe Mihil or Philip Gowen had any connection to Maryland from what I’ve seen – so I believe these are different Going/Gowen lines.

Its possible that there was some other black or mulattoe Going who was in Maryland that this line goes through, but its also possible that the line goes through a white Going from Maryland (or Virginia).

If we did arrive in the Americas considered “white”, then what?

2)  Some theorize that the E-M2 haplogroup that has been found in some English families that have always been considered “white” are descendants of the Moorish invasions of Europe, or even as far back as the Roman occupation of England.

The Roman emperor Severus was born in Libya and ruled Rome while he fought his campaigns in Africa.  Towards the end of his life, in the year 208, he reportedly took 40,000 men, including Moors from Africa, to England to strengthen Hadrian’s Wall.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septimius_Severus

England has immigrants from all over Europe.  The Moors conquered Spain and Portugal in 711 and later Italy, and ruled for several hundred years in those areas.  The following Wikipedia article discusses the history of blacks in England:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_British

It is possible that the E-M2 haplogroup we belong to came through England and then to the Americas.

Both of the above are just theories, assuming the haplogroup is correct (which I have no reason to believe it is not correct based on the numbers and considering the other Going and Goin type names also found with our same or similar numbers).

YDNA Matches 12 markers p1

YDNA Matches 12 markers p2

25 marker group below:

YDNA Matches 25 markers p1

YDNA Matches 25 markers p2

37 marker group below:

YDNA Matches with 37 markers p1

YDNA Matches with 37 markers p2

Actual Y-DNA values below:

YDNA results STR values


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