Y-DNA Matches

It appears that the Y-DNA tests from the following two lines of John Hollis b. 1700 and William Going b. 1682 are matches – based on test results to date.  This suggests that there was a common paternal ancestor some time before the estimated birth date of John Hollis.

John Hollis b. 1700’s line

William Going b. 1682’s line

The following are Y-DNA matches that appear to go through the John Going b. 1704 married to Mary Keith (Stafford Co, Va, Lunenburg Co, Va, Orange Co, NC).  Unfortunately, every line below requires a leap of faith somewhere along the line to get to John Going. b. 1704 (from what I can see).  I’ll use this page to try and confirm the common ancestor of the following Y-DNA matches (and add any new ones in the future).

MATCHES (Y-DNA shows the following ancestors have a common paternal ancestor – these are the furthest documented ancestors for these lines (that I have found anyway):

Thomas Goins c. 1717-1797 Va to Randolph Co, NC will.
John Gowen b. 1720 – Lunenburg Va, Orange Co NC, Marion Co, SC land grants.
William Goyne b. 1733 from Va – NC – SC – Rutherford Co, NC land transactions.
Drury Going b. 1749 – 1797 SC – Chester Co, SC land transactions and probate.
Thomas Goin b. 1750/55 line – Va to TN (land grant in 1779 in Washington Co, TN)
James Goyne b. 1755 line SC to MS/LA – b in Lunenburg Co, Va per rev war app.
William Henry Gowan b. 1792 in Goochland Co, Va – married in Goochland in 1812.
Jessie Goin b. 1794 line – Buckingham Co, Va died in Appomattox Co, Va
Edmond Goins b. 1799 – d. 1860 in Rutherford Co, NC then to Bradley Co, TN
John W. Goen b. 1804 line Hawkins Co, TN d in Jackson Co, TN.
Joseph Edward Goins b. April 17, 1895 – Bridgeport, Tx

The following are those testers who matched me (my line through Drury Going b. 1749 of Chester County, SC, and their genetic distance on the Y-DNA test from my test results.  I’ve also listed the testers earliest documented ancestors (if I cannot document the ancestor, I’ve left them out).

Let me know if anything is wrong on the following people or if any changes need to be made to their pages (email me at douggoyen@gmail.com or leave a message on the site).

I’ve also listed the “leap of faith” to get to John Going b. 1704 m. Mary Keith – so we can see if we can verify this is the correct line.


Doug Goyen (self – douggoyen@gmail.com) – (earliest I can document is to Drury Going b. 1749 – 1797 SC).  (Leap of Faith:  That Drury Goyen and William Goyne are siblings, and since John Going b. 1704 is assumed to be William Goyne’s father, then he must be Drury Goyen’s father too.  No documents confirm that Drury and William Goyne are brothers – the assumption is based on a William Goyne that appears to be the same one from Orange County, NC living on land in 1769 that 2 years later in 1771 appears to be in the hands of Drury Goyen in Fairfield Co, SC).

Jerry Lee Goen distance of 2 on 37 marker test (Looked up, earliest that can document is John W. Goen b. 1804 of Hawkins Co, TN, and then Jackson Co, IN) (Leap of Faith:  I could find no ancestor to John W. Goen that was certain).

Stephen Goen distance of 1 on 37 marker test  (no ancestor listed) (searched, could not find info) (looks like it is possibly same as above – John W. Goen b. 1804 line).  (Leap of Faith:  I could find no ancestor to John W. Goen that was certain).

Billy Joe Goin distance of  1 on 37 marker test (Thomas Goin b. 1750-55 Va – ancestor) (Leap of Faith:  I could find no direct evidence of this Thomas Goin’s parents – there is some circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun.   Since Y-DNA matches for Drury Goyen b. 1749, William Goyne b. 1733, and James Goyne b. 1755 all match to Thomas Goin b. 1750 – the assumption is they all have a common paternal ancestor.  Problem: Each Drury, William, and James have to “assume” their parents are John Going b. 1704 m. Mary Keith based on circumstantial evidence (see pages for circumstantial evidence) – so Thomas Goin’s connection is based on those assumptions).

Donald Ross Goins distance of 0 on 12 marker test (no ancestor listed) (searched, could not find info)

Mike Goynes distance of 0 on 12 marker test (no ancestor listed) (Lena Gaylene Olson desceded from James Goyne and Heather O’Brien Goyne – to Wiley Williamson Goynes b. Dec 2, 1799)(The connection to John Going b. 1704 m. Mary Keith is that James Goyne indicates in his Rev. War pension application that he was born in Lunenburg Co, Va.  This is the same county John Going and Mary Keith were in, but there were other Goings who were there as well.   There were 2 Williams (one is the William Gowen of Bedford Co, Va – verified to be in one of the R-haplogroups – so not ours), there are 2 Johns (John Sr and John Jr), there is a Thomas (that is in the household with John Sr for one year – assume either a nephew or son of John), and there is a Joseph Going listed in 1752 (unknown who his parent is – his parents could be John Going Sr or Peter Going or William Going b. 1700- 1712).  melungeon@lenagaylene.com

Linda Ann Goin distance of 1 on 25 marker test (no ancestor listed)(Found info below – confirmed with email to her).
Father – Robert Meredith Goin b. June 24, 1930. Lynchburg, Va.
GFather – Thelmor Dewey Goin – b. 1901 – Va
GGFather – Meredith T. Goin – b. 1873 – Va
GGGFather – Doctor M. Goin – b. 1836 – Va
GGGGFather – Jesse Goin b. 1794 – Buckingham Co, Va

Thomas Duane Goins distance of 2 on 37 marker test (Edmond Goins b. 1799 and d. 1860 in Bradley Co, TN)

Andrew Douglass Gowan distance of 2 on 37 marker test (William Henry Gowan b. July 10, 1789 – Goochland Co, Va)

Gerald Goins distance of 2 on 37 marker test (no ancestor listed)
ladyvols1203@gmail.com – (Can document to the following people:    Edward Edmond  Goins 1779-1860. He married Sarah Sally Brewer. Edward and his family eventually moved into Bradley County Tn – John Atkins Goins born 1830 – 1914 – Henry Patterson Goins 1850 – 1917  Bradley County Tn. – Jesse Cemore Goins 1878 – 1954  Bradley County Tn – Hoyt James Goins ( my father) 1931 – 1977)

Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr distance of 1 on 12 marker test (no ancestor listed) (William Goyne b. 1733)

Jasper Goin distance of 2 on 37 marker test (Thomas Goin)(Looks to be Thomas Goin b. abt 1755)

Joseph Anthony Goins distance of 1 on 12 marker test (no ancestor listed)(searched, unable to locate).

Thomas Jay Goins distance of 4 on 37 marker test (Joseph Edward Goins b. 4/17/1895 – Bridgeport, Tx)

Eddie Goins distance of 4 on 37 marker test (Thomas Goins c. 1729-1797)

Ron Lee Goins distance of 2 on 37 marker test (no ancestor listed – but assuming that since same email as above, must be same person – just different relative – cousin or something). (Info on his research: http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2011/09/thomas-going-research-part-i.html ) through Burton Goins (son of Thomas Goins 1729-1797).

Eleanor H. McGowan distance of 2 on 37 marker test (ancestor is John Gowen Jr of Marion Co, SC).  (Email on researcher is:  jwmciii@prtcnet.com).

See:  Goins DNA Project at:   https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/goins/activity-feed

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