1705 to 1715 William Gowan m. Anna Statia Sullivan in Goochland Co, Va

William Going b. 1705-15 m. Anna Statia Sullivan. Goochland Co, Virginia

(Link to page on various William “Going’s” and other variations of last name.  See this page to compare this William Goyens to other William Going variations that were in the VA, NC, or SC areas in the 1700s.  List is not complete, but I’ve listed those I know about so far:   https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-william-goings-different-ones/ ).


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States and Counties to research:


William Gowin first shows up in 1739 in Goochland County, Virginia.  He is a witness on transactions, meaning he is at least 21 years of age by 1739 – making him born before 1718 – (For now, I am estimating his year of birth some time between 1705-1715).

1739 Sept 2: p.320 Deed 10 July 1740 John Hyde Sanders of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., planter, to Alen Howard of same, Gent., for £ 68, 570 acres in same parish on south side of James River, bounded by said Howard, Stovalls branch, Isham Randolph, John
Taylor, William Mayo and Bartholomew Stovall; which was granted to said Sanders by patent 2 Sept. 1739. wit: Bartholomew Stovall, William (X) Gowin, Henry (H) Turner Signed: John Hyde Sanders . Recorded 15 July 1740.  Goochland County Virginia wills and deeds v 2. pg. 45.

1740 March 17: p. 405 Deed 19 Feb. 1740 William Lax of Goochland Co., planter, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Hide Sanders of same, planter, for £ 50, 250 acres on south side of James River on Deep Creek. Wit: William (X) Gowen, William Clayton, James Robertson.  Signed: William Lax, Elizabeth (-) Lax. Recorded 17 March 1740.  p.406 Bond of William Lax on above deed 19 Feb. 1740/1. Wit. by Bartholomew Stovall, William (X) Gowen, William Clayton.  Goochland County Virginia wills and deeds v 2. pg. 57.

1742 May 24: p.549 Deed William Lansdon of Goochland Co., planter, a mortgage to Alex. Speirs of Henrico Co., Merchant, plantation I dwell on, 500 acres and negro boy Joe, for £ 131/13/2 Dated 24 May 1742. To repay £ 65/16/7 by 1 May next. Wit: Tho. Moseley, Robt. Goode, Thomas Glong. Signed: Wm Lansdon. Recorded 15 June 1742.  Goochland County Virginia wills and deeds v 2. pg. 75.

1744 May Court – William Going v Job Thomas bk 5, p. 422
… Renewing a judgment dated in May (1742) for 20 shillings current money and thirty pounds of sweet tobacco … sworn jury … Robert Walton, John Radford, John Woodson Jr, Abraham Childers, William Chandler, William Cabell, Robert Hughes, Thomas Wharton, William Rurks, William Pledge, Francis Amos, Isaar Hughes … find for the plaintiff…

On the motion of Richard Mosby a witness for Job Thomas agt William Going it is ordered the said Job to pay him for one days attendance, 25 pounds of tobacco.

On the motion of John Douglass a witness for Job Thomas agt William Going it is ordered that the said Job do pay him for 3 days attendance 75 pounds of tobacco.
Order books, v. 5-6 1741-1749. Goochland Co, Va.

1755 Jan 20 – William Going from Thomas Starke, land in Goochland Co on Licking Hole Creek on the Plum Tree Branch containing 50 acres, part of 400 acres the said Stark now lives on adj George Loville’s land. Signed: Thomas Starke. Wit: Robert Page, Exollheath Page, Richard Wilburn. Deed 6, 440. Goochland Co, Va. https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/9085/007644132_01195?pid=572507&backurl=https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D9085%26h%3D572507%26tid%3D%26pid%3D%26usePUB%3Dtrue%26_phsrc%3DPXv2198%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=PXv2198&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=007645026_00239

1755 Sept Court – William Going v Henry Atkins bk 7, p. 573.
… Sheriff … “executed an horse Aug 22, 1755, Thomas Starke, Sher. … Deft called… no reply …. ordered sheriff make sale of the said horse attached and pay the money … to the plt…
Order books, v. 7-9 1750-1765. Goochland Co, Va

1756 William Going (a) 1 Goochland Co Va, tithes
frame 30, Moses Gowing 1
Aaron Gowing 1

1756 Sept 17 – Anna Statia Gowan born
Dad: William Gowan (a)
Mom: Anna Statia Sullivan
Christening: 1757 March 6
Goochland Co., St. James Northam Parish, Va.

1757 William Going (a) 1 Goochland Co Va, William Pryor & his list, John Parrish Patroller, Moses Going, Negro Tom, Dilsia, Kate, Talbutt 6. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/goochcolonial.htm

1757 July Ct – William Going’s deed to Jeremiah Rach bk 8, p 46
William Going acknowledges a deed with the receipt and the livery of seizin endorsed to Jeremiah Rach to be his Acts and Deeds which are ordered to be recorded.
Order books, v. 7-9 1750-1765. Goochland Co, Va.

1757 July 18 – William Going conveys to Jeremiah Rach, 50 acres lying on a Branch of Licking Hole Creek called the Plumtree Branch, adj Thomas Starke and George Lovil. Signed: William Goin. Wit: John Man, Thomas Farmer, John Tuggle. Deed 7, p 177. Goochland Co, Va.   https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/9085/007644132_01195?pid=572507&backurl=https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D9085%26h%3D572507%26tid%3D%26pid%3D%26usePUB%3Dtrue%26_phsrc%3DPXv2198%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=PXv2198&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=007645026_00353

1758 frame 89, Wm Going (a) list 1 Goochland Co Va

1758 Nov 28 – James Gowen born (Parents William Gowen (a) and Anna Statia “Honesty” Sullivan); Baptized on 1759 Feb 18. Douglas Register; Goochland Co, Va.

1761 frame 155, Moses Goeings list of tiths 1 Goochland Co Va
frame 156, Aaron Goings list of tithes 1
frame 160, William Going (a) 1
George Going 1

1762 frame 175, Moses Going List 1 Goochland Co Va, frame 226, William Going (a) List 2

1764 frame 274, William Going (a), Money Going (b) 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 281, Moses Going List Will Tyler 2
frame 295, Going, Wm (a) 2
Going, Moses 2
Going, Aaron 1
Going, George 1

William Money Going b. 1747/48 in 1764 turned 16 it appears – so born around 1747/48, meaning his father was born before 1730, likely around 1725-1727.

1765 Wm Goin (a) 2 Goochland Co Va
Berry Going 1
frame 318, Moses Going 1
William Going (a) List, Wm Money Going (b) 2

1768 frame 62, Wm Going (a), Wm Going Jnr (b) 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 69, Moses Going 1

1769 frame 106, William Going (a) , Samuel Going 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 106, Robert Page…William Going (b)…6
frame 109, Philip Going 1
William Going (a) 3
Berry Going wart served
John Going summoned on wit
Moses Going 1

1770 William Going’s (a) list Saml Going 2 Goochland Co Va
Wm Money Going (b) 1

For additional information see these pages on this site:

Other information to consider:

(The following petitions may have been signed by William Going b. 1725-27 or William Going b. 1747 – father and son).

1786 Nov 10 – Moses Going, William Going (b) appear in a Petition Re Opposition of Episcopal Church Collecting, in Buckingham Co, Va

1787 William Gowing (b) signed petition in Tilleston Parrish, Albemarle Co Va

1792 Buckingham Co petition signed by William Gowing (b)

(Note re Going/Gowen lines:  At least some of the Going/Gowen lines appear to have come out of Gloucester County and New Kent County, Virginia.  Unfortunately, records before the 1860s in Gloucester County, Virginia, and New Kent County, Virginia, have been destroyed.  Some state-wide records prior to the 1860s from those counties, for land grants, indicate that some Going families were living in those counties.  But since the county records were destroyed, it might not be possible to piece together where several of the above Going lines came from).

The clusters of Going families that lived nearby in the 1750s were:

1)  Drury Going and James Going who lived in Brunswick County, Virginia that later becomes Greensville County, Virginia.  (The parental line of Drury and James Going is unknown).
2) Edward Going, Michael Going, Thomas Going, and Joseph Going who were living further south in Granville County, North Carolina around the Tar River and Taylor’s Creek area (this appears to the be group of Going’s who came from Henrico and Hanover County, Virginia).

1771 July 8 – Henrico Parish Vestrybook – entry: pg. 145 (see link below). To the Church Wardens, for William Going for taking Shadrach Vaughan, Orphan, as apprentice, and indemnifying them from any farther charge in bringing up the said child. 250pounds. Henrico Parish, Va. http://www.mesarfhc.org/books/Vestry%20Book,%20Henrico%20Parish/975.5453%20K2.pdf p. 145

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