1747 William Money Going in Goochland County, Virginia

William Money Going born about 1747 in Goochland County, Virginia

(Link to page on various William “Going’s” and other variations of last name.  See this page to compare this William Goyens to other William Going variations that were in the VA, NC, or SC areas in the 1700s.  List is not complete, but I’ve listed those I know about so far:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-william-goings-different-ones/ ).


William Going b. 1725-27 m. Anna Statia Sullivan. Goochland Co, Virginia




William Money Going b. 1747/48
Anna Statia Gowan b. 1756
James Gowan b. 1758


1764 frame 274, William Going (a), Money Going (b) 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 281, Moses Going List Will Tyler 2
frame 295, Going, Wm (a) 2
Going, Moses 2
Going, Aaron 1
Going, George 1

1765 Wm Goin (a) 2 Goochland Co Va
Berry Going 1
frame 318, Moses Going 1
William Going (a) List, Wm Money Going (b) 2

1768 frame 62, Wm Going (a), Wm Going Jnr (b) 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 69, Moses Going 1

1769 frame 106, William Going (a) , Samuel Going 2 Goochland Co Va
frame 106, Robert Page…William Going (b)…6
frame 109, Philip Going 1
William Going (a) 3
Berry Going wart served
John Going summoned on wit
Moses Going 1

1770 William Going’s (a) list Saml Going 2 Goochland Co Va
Wm Money Going (b) 1

(The following petitions may have been signed by William Going b. 1725-27 or William Going b. 1747 – father and son).

1786 Nov 10 – Moses Going, William Going (b) appear in a Petition Re Opposition of Episcopal Church Collecting, in Buckingham Co, Va

1787 William Gowing (b) signed petition in Tilleston Parrish, Albemarle Co Va

1792 Buckingham Co petition signed by William Gowing (b)

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