Various William Goings

I’ll try to differentiate all the William Going variations and people in the 1700’s in the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina areas.  This is a list of the ones I know about.  There likely are several others out there as well, let me know if I am missing any you know about, and I will add them – not all information on these people is correct, the main point in creating pages for several of them is to gather information that is available and try to piece together who is who:

LIST of William first name (chronological order):

1) William Gowing 1680 in Stafford Co, Va – son of Thomas Going b. 1660
William Gowen 1681–1725 m. Catherine Padderson
BIRTH 1681 – DEATH 1725 • Stafford County, Virginia
(Son of Thomas Gowen b. 1660)

2) William Going b. around 1690 in lawsuit in South Carolina in 1719 – unsure if this is same William Going as above (b. 1680 living in Stafford Co, Va.), or a different one.

3) William Going b. abt 1712 – d. 1792 Son of 1) above – William and Catherine Going in Stafford Co, Va

4) William Going b. 1725-27 m. Anna Statia Sullivan. Goochland Co – 1756 to 1770
William Money Going b. 1747/48
-Anna Statia Gowan b. 1756
-James Gowan b. 1758

5) William Going b. abt 1726 – orphan in Fairfax Co, Va – Oct 26, 1737 as orphan, age 10, was bound as servant and aprentice to John Straughan.bound out by Truro Parish Vestry.

6) William Going Sr b. 1730 married to Annester Gowen – Bedford County, Virginia family

7) William Goyne b. 1733 of Lunenburg, Va Orange Co, NC, Tryon Co, NC, and Ga – son of John Going and Mary Keith Going (John b. 1710 was son of William Going b. 1680 of Stafford Co.).

8) William Gowen b. 1738 – Spartanburg Co, SC and Greenville Co, SC (from Granville?) brother of John Buck Gowan:
(Son of William Gowen b. 1712 and Sarah Allen from Stafford Co, Va.)

9) William Going b. abt 1740 – d. 1783, in Cumberland Co, NC and then Moore Co, NC.

10) William Gowen b. 1742 (appears to be son of James Gowen) – both listed as mulattoe in Granville Co, NC

11) William Money Going b. 1747 in Goochland Co, Va – in 1764 tithes indicate he turned 16 it appears – so born around 1747/48, meaning his father (William Going b. abt 1727 who m. Anna Statia Sullivan) was born before 1730, likely around 1725-1727.

12) William Gowen Jr b. Bedford Co, Va. (son of William Gowen b. 1730 of Bedford Co).
William Gowen Jr b. about 1757 married Jemimah Burns
Parents: William Gowen and Annester Gowen

13) William Goins (Going) 1761–1849 b in Rockingham- Henry Co Va – d in Surry NC
(Rockingham just north of Albemarle and Augusta)
BIRTH 13 SEP 1761 • Rockingham, Virginia, United States; DEATH 28 MAY 1849 • Surry County, North Carolina, USA.  Filed for Revolutionary War pension.

14) William Going born 1762 married to Elizabeth Going (unk maiden name) married Oct 1793 in Caswell Co, NC (died in Hawkins Co, Tenn 1827. Married 1793 in Caswell Co, NC. Enlisted in Halifax Co, Va.). Filed for Revolutionary War pension.

15) William Gowen b abt 1762 d. 1804 son of John “Buck” Gowen b. abt 1736, grandson of William Gowen b. abt 1712.

16) William Goyne Jr 1760-65 – likely born Orange Co, NC, lived in Rutherford Co, NC and Georgia – Son of William Goyne b. 1733 who went to Georgia

17) William Going b. 1765 free colored. (Granville Co and Moore Co) – father is Edward Goin b. 1737 who filled out Revolutionary War pension application.

18) William Keating Gowen born about 1765 m. Mary Harrison Gowen (son of James Gowen b. 1740, grandson of William Gowen b. about 1712).

19) William Going b. abt 1775 living in Moore Co, NC – when dad William Going b. 1740 died in 1783 and William Jr was then bound out to Desmukes in Chatham Co, NC.

20) William Going b. 1777 (Note – Tithes in 1793 for Philip Going and son William Going (c) 2003 Amherst Co Va (Philip Going on tithe list since 1782 – this is first year William Going shows up – so must have just turned 16 – birth year = 1777 about).

21) William Going b. 1782 in Henry County, Virginia. His father is William Going Sr b. 1761 of Henry Co., Va who moved to Surry Co, NC (Rev War pension app for father who died in Surry Co, NC).

22) William Goyens – born abt 1794 (Nacodoches Tx later in life – alleged to be negro who helped Texas in dealing with Indians) – son of William Going b. 1765 in Granville and Moore Co, NC (son of Edward b. 1737 Rev War Pension app).