1765 William Goyne Jr – likely born Orange Co, NC (Y1)

William Goyne Jr 1760-65 – likely born Orange Co, NC, lived in Rutherford Co, NC and Georgia – Son of William Goyne b. 1733 who went to Georgia
BIRTH 1760-65 – DEATH ?

(Y1) YDNA Group

(Link to page on various William “Going’s” and other variations of last name.  See this page to compare this William Goyens to other William Going variations that were in the VA, NC, or SC areas in the 1700s.  List is not complete, but I’ve listed those I know about so far:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-william-goings-different-ones/ ).


William Goyne b. abt. 1733 in Stafford Co, Va. m. Elizabeth Goyne (unk. maiden name).



Siblings: (His father appears to have been married 3 times):

Children of William Goyne and Elizabeth married about 1752-1773
1) Rebecca Goyne Dick born 1753
2) Allice Goyne King born 1756
3) John Goyne b. 1760
4) Drury Goyne b. 1766
5) William Goyne Jr b. 1765
6) Hardy Goynne b. 1771- Hardy’s children:
– John Goyne
– Mount Herman Goyne

Children of William Goyne and Hester – m. 1772-1792
7) Mary Agnes Goyne b. 1773
8) Milley Goyne b. 1774
9) Ann Goyne b. 1775
10) Nancy Goyne b. 1780

Children of William Goyne and Nancy Stroder m. 1794-1816
11) Hiram Davis Goyne b. 1799
12) Tyra Alexander Goyne b. 1804

He was alive in 1817 when his father wrote his will – so death cannot be in 1796.

William Goyne, Jr, son of William Goyne and Hester Goyne, was born about 1760-65.

William Going, Jr. (William Goyne’s son) was married July 14, 1785 to Polly Griffin, according to Rutherford County, North Carolina Marriages, 1783-1850.”  “William Goinges” was their bondsman and signed Bond No. 13360.  F. Walker was a witness to the marriage of William Going, Jr. and Polly Griffin Going.

He first appeared on the tax rolls of in 1797 in Wilkes County and registered for the land lottery in 1805.

William Goyne, Jr. who was last recorded in the tax records of Wilkes County, Georgia in 1799.

1810 NC Rutherford Co US Census – William Gowin 1 male over 45, 3 males 16 to 25, 1 female over 45.
(Same page is James Gowin 1 male 26 to 44, 1 female 16 to 2, 3 females under 10).

He received $1.50 from his father’s estate, according to the will written January 4, 1816.

He was surety for the administration of the estate of Shadrack Stodder by his widow September 14, 1816, according to Warren County Administrator’s Bond Book A, page 46.

1817 William Goyne is on the Warren County, Georgia property tax list.

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