1763 John Goyne b. abt 1763 in Orange Co, NC, Fairfield SC, Rutherford Co, NC, Kershaw SC, Georgia, then to Jefferson County, Alabama (Y2)

John Goyne born 1763-1839 m. Nancy Goyne (unk maiden name).

(Y2) YDNA Group


  • William Goyne b. abt. 1733 in Stafford Co, Va. m. Elizabeth Goyne (unk. maiden name).



Children of William Goyne and Elizabeth married about 1752-1773

  • 1) Rebecca Goyne Dick born 1753
  • 2) Allice Goyne King born 1756
  • 3) John Goyne b. 1763
  • 4) Drury Goyne b. 1766
  • 5) William Goyne Jr b. 1767
  • 6) Hardy Goynne b. 1771- Hardy’s children:
    • – John Goyne
    • – Mount Herman Goyne

Children of William Goyne and Hester – m. 1772-1792

Children of William Goyne and Nancy Stroder m. 1794-1816

  • 11) Hiram Davis Goyne b. 1799
  • 12) Tyra Alexander Goyne b. 1804


John Goyne was born between 1760-1768 likely in Orange County, North Carolina or in the Camden District in the area that becomes Fairfield County, South Carolina.  His parents were William Goyne and Elizabeth (unknown maiden name).  He likely moved from Fairfield County, SC as a child when his father moved the family to Tryon Co, NC in 1773 just across the border from South Carolina.  This area of Tryon County then becomes Rutherford County, NC in 1779.

John Goyne’s father, William Goyne, is married at least 3 times.  First to his mother Elizabeth, who appears to have died around the time William moves from South Carolina to North Carolina in 1772-1773.   He had at least 6 children with Elizabeth.  By 1773 he was married to Hester (unknown maiden name).  He has at least 4 children with Hester.  Hester appears to have died some time between 1780 (when she had her last known child with William) and 1794 when William Goyne remarries to Nancy Stroder at 60 years of age and has 2 more children.    A total of 12 children are noted in William Goyne’s will in 1816 – including those children who have predeceased him.

1792 April 17 John Goyen receives 50 acres from Jesse Knighten Kershaw Co SC.  Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B pg 206 (pg 313 on Family Search).

1792 Sept 17 John Goyne sells to Aaron Ferguson 50 acres whereon Drury Goyne now lives in Kershaw Co SC seated in NW corner of a tract of land granted to Aaron Ferguson conveyed by Jesse Knighten unto John Goyne on April 17 1792 bounded by Lewis Collins and Richard Garners.
signed by John Goyen, witnessed by Lewis Collins and Drury Goyen in Kershaw County SC proved up Aug 16 1796.
Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B Pg 563 (pg 493 on Family Search).

1792 Sept 17 – John Goyen (also spelled Goyin and Goyne within the document) conveys 50 acres of land in Kershaw County, South Carolina to Aaron Ferguson. This 50 acres of land is noted as “whereon Drury Goyne know lives“. It was conveyed by Jesse Knighten to John Goyne on April 17, 1792. This land is bounded by lands previously laid out to Lewis Collins and Richard Garners. The deed is signed by John Goyen. Witnessed by: Lewis Collins and Drury (his X mark) Goyen. Proved in court on August 16, 1796 by Lewis Collins. In Kershaw County, South Carolina.     Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B Pg 563 (pg 493 on Family Search).
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9PY-493S?mode=g&i=492&cat=472399  See also:  1792 April 17 John Goyen receives 50 acres from Jesse Knighten Kershaw Co SC.  Kershaw County SC, Direct & cross indexes to deeds and mortgages, 1791-1884. Book B pg 206 (pg 313 on Family Search).  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C9PY-49G7?i=312&cat=472399   1792 1792 Sept 17 John Goyne sells to Aaron Ferguson 50 acres whereon Drury Goyne now lives in Kershaw Co SC marked snip 1  1792 1792 Sept 17 John Goyne sells to Aaron Ferguson 50 acres whereon Drury Goyen now lives in Kershaw Co SC marked snip 2

(Note:  The above transactions appear to be for Drury Goyne and John Goyne above – children of William Goyne of Rutherford Co, NC. The other Drury Going was living in Chester Co, SC – and he had no close relationship with any “John Goyen” – so this does appear to be William’s children).  

William Goyne moves his family to Wilkes County, Georgia in 1790.

It appears John Goyne may have moved with his father some time aroun 1790.  The Wilkes County, GA Tax Records, 1785-1805 – Volume One. Compiled and published by Frank Parker Hudson 1790, shows:
012 – John Going
013 – Reuben Going
014 – Aaron Going
019 – Moses Going
019A – Moses Going
020 – William Going

(Note: 1800 US Census in Rutherford County, North Carolina still has a John Going living there (Note:  the 1810 US Census in Rutherford County, NC no longer shows a John Going in that county) – so even though this shows he is 25 yrs or younger (meaning born 1775 or later), the census taker may have been off on his age by up to 10 years – so its possible this is John Goyne (or possible this is a nephew or grandchild of father William Goyne):

1800 US Census Rutherford Co NC w John Going

1800 US Census Rutherford Co NC w John Going

1793 Oct 2:  1791 Returns Notes for District LL: Boundaries as of 2 Oct 1793: Georgia Military Affairs, Vol II, Part 1, p.55: Captain Matthew Hubert’s District, 3rd Co., 1st Bn, 4th Regt: –Beginning at Goings Mill [on the Ogeechee] running [east] along the [Upper] Trading Road to the ridged between Rocky Comfort and Long Creek, then up leading to Seal’s old place, thence and old road to Powell’s road, then along said road to the head of Clower’s Creek, then down the said creek to the mouth, then down the Oheeechee to the beginning.     [1791 LL] Capt Hubbard’s District016 – Moses Going Co. – Wil  2nd – 600

016A (A stands for younger) – Moses Going
Co. – Fra
3rd – 684

016B (B stands for one armed) – Moses Going
Co. – Gre
3rd – 100

059 – John Going
060 – William Going
061 – Aaron Going
062 – Reubin Going

1796, John ‘Going’, son of William Goyne, lived in Capt. Turner’s District. He was listed as a tax defaulter. [Augusta Chronicle, 29 Jan. 1797, p. 2, col. 4]. Wilkes County, Georgia.

1797, William ‘Going’ lived in Capt. Turner’s District [MM-49], and was charged with one poll. Other ‘Going’ individuals living in Capt. Turner’s District in 1797 were:
Drury ‘Going’ [MM-65]
Hardy ‘Going’ [MM-140] “Widow” was written by his name.
Henry ‘Going’ [MM-38]
John ‘Going’ [MM-32]
William ‘Going’ (Jr) [MM-111]
(Note: All of the above were sons of William Goyne, except Henry Going [MM-38]. Henry ‘Going’ [MM-38] is considered to be the son of John ‘Going’ Jr, and the grandson of John and Mary Keith ‘Going.’ Wilkes County, Georgia).

1801 July 29:  Pg 104.  Wednesday July 29, 1801.  John Goins vs Drury Jones – Attachment Judgement by Default.  Film #0163546 Ga. Inferior Court 1801-1803, 1807-1858 – Mormon Library

1802 Tax Returns of Capt. William’s District, Hancock County: John Goyn and James Goyn-no entries except tax of 31½ cents each. [1802 Tax Returns, Records of Hancock Co., verified by the Nancy Hart Chapter, DAR, Milledgeville, GA, Georgia Society DAR, 1940-42]”. Hancock County, Georgia.

1803 Land Lottery in Wilkes County, according to “Early Records of Wilkes County, Georgia,” Book 1 were:
Drury Goin 2 draws
William Goin Jr 1 draw
John Goin 2 draws. Wilkes County, Georgia.

The 1805 Land Lottery, Capt. Young’s District, Wilkes County, according to “Early Records of Wilkes County, Georgia,” Book 1, lists:

Drury Goin 2 draws
John Goyne 2 draws

Qualifications for both the 1803 and 1805 Land Lotteries were the same:

“One draw–free, white and age 21, paid taxes and had been in the state for 12 months. Two draws–same as above, plus having a wife and a child.”

By 1805 William Goyen is in Warren County, Georgia.  It appears John Goyne stayed in Wilkes County, Georgia as the following land indenture in 1808 signed by John Goyne and his wife Nancy indicates:

1808 John and Nancy Goyne buy 1808 Wilkes Co. Ga

1808 John and Nancy Goyne buy 1808 Wilkes Co. Ga

1809 Jan 10: Drury Goyne of “Wilkerson County, Georgia” bought land in Baldwin County, Georgia January 10, 1809.  “Morgan County, Superior Court Deeds. Hardy Newson, Jr. of Warren County conveys to Drury Goyne of Wilkinson County for $400, Lot 144, 2nd District, Baldwin County, 202.5 acres,” according to Morgan County Deed Book B, page 420. Witnesses were L. B. Little, John Goyne, his brother and Micajah Little.”  It is suggested that L. B. Little and Micajah Little were brothers-in-law with Drury O. Goyne.

1816 – William Goyne, John Goyne, Drury Goyne, William Goyne Jr., Hardy Goyne, Rebecca Goyne, Alice Goyne, Hiram Davis Goyne, Tyra A. Goyne (all named in following will):  William Goyne made his will January 4, 1816, and it was probated September 1, 1817 in Warren County, Georgia. He named the following children in his will:  John Goyne who was married to Nancy and moved to Jefferson County, Alabama, dying there in 1839.  Drury Goyne who was last recorded in the 1820 Census of Wilkes County, Georgia. He may be the man who was married to Martha Worthington November 15, 1838 in Upson County, Georgia.  William Goyne, Jr. who was last recorded in the tax records of Wilkes County, Georgia in 1799.  Hardy Goyne who was last recorded in 1830-31 in Taliaferro County, Georgia.  Rebecca Goyne who was married about 1790, husband’s name Dick.  Alice Goyne who was married about 1793 to King as his second wife.  Hiram Davis Goyne who was married [1] Mary “Polly” Allen; and [2] Susan Lupo. They removed to Union Parish, Louisiana where he died in 1852.  Tyra A. Goyne who was married to Mary and moved to Coffee County, Alabama where he died in 1883.  Warren Co, Ga.

1817 – John Goin in Putnam County, Georgia tax rolls

1817 Sept 1 – Proveup of William Goynne will in Warren Co, Ga.
The last Will and Testament of William Goynne.
1st I will that so much of my horses or cattle shall be sold as will be sufficient to satisfy all my just debts.
2nd I will that forty dollars shall be raised and collected out of not now in my possession against other people, and given to John and Mount Herman Goynne, my grandchildren, sons of Hardy Goynne.
3rd I will that the balance of all my notes, after raising the above mentioned forty dollars, with the interest and profits arising therefrom to be given to my son Tyra.
4th I will that the land, house and Plantation where I now live, be a home for my wife, if she chooses to stay upon it, during her widowhood, but not have the privilege to sell it. And then at her marriage, her death, or removal, to go to my son Hiram.
5th I will that my Sorrel Mare belong to my wife, for the purpose of raising a colt or colts for my son Tyra; and entrust my wife to give accordingly.
6th I will that my three beds be divided between my wife, Hiram, and Tyra Goynne, equally, viz. one for each: and the balance of my household furniture to be equally divided as they separate their homes between my wife, Hiram and Tyra.
7th I will that my daughter Rebecca Dick, have one dollar and fifty cents.
8th I will that my daughter Allice King, shall have one dollar and fifty cents.
9th I will that my son John, shall have one dollar and fifty cents.
10th I will that my son Drury shall have one dollar and fifty cents.
11th I will that my son William shall have one dollar and fifty cents.
12th I will that my son Hardy, shall have two dollars.
I am at this time perfectly in my senses; and acknowledge the above to be my desire. As witness my hand, this 4th day of January, in the year of our Lord 1816. William Goynne (his mark).
Signed in the Presence of: Joseph “J” Johnson, Obedience Ray (her mark), Hartwell Battle.  Probate of the above Will. Georgia, Warren County Court of Ordinary, September Term 1817.  Personally appeared in open Court Joseph Johnston and Hartwell Battle, two of the subscribing witnesses to the within Will, and took the following oath, viz. I Joseph Johnston and I hartwell Battle, do each for himself, solemnly swear on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that we saw William Goynne sign the within instrument of writing, and pronounce the same to be his last Will and Testament, and that at the time of his so doing, he was of sound and disposing mind and memory, and in his presence, and at his request, and in the presence of eachother, and also of Obedience, Ray, the other subscribing witnesses, they did all become witnesses thereunto.  Sworn and subscribed in open Court the 1st day of September 1817. Test. M. Torrence, Clk, C.O.  Wits: Joseph Johnston, Hartwell Battle.  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QSQ-G93T-8Q6Q?i=150&wc=9SYT-GP6%3A267832301%2C267849401&cc=1999178

Listed in Will above:
Wife: Nancy
1) Hardy Goynne – Hardy’s children: – John Goynne, – Mount Herman Goynne
2) Tyra Goynne
3) Hiram Goynne
4) Rebecca Dick
5) Allice King
6) John Goynne
7) Drury Goynne
8) William Goynne (Jr)

By March 27, 1820, John Goyne appears to have moved to Perry County, Alabama – as he is shown as a surety for a bond in the County Clerk’s office at that time.   By this time, he has 6 children, between the ages of 1 year to 15 years of age.

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety for marriage of Wm Chesney

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety for marriage of Wm Chesney

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety mrrg Wm Chesney p2

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety mrrg Wm Chesney p2

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety for mrg of Wm Chesney p3

1820 Perry Co AL John Goyne surety for mrg of Wm Chesney p3

In 1823, John Goyne of Perry County, Alabama receives a land grant in the Cahaba District of Alabama.

1823 Goyne, John in Perry Alabama Land Grant

1823 Goyne, John in Perry Alabama Land Grant

In 1824 John Goyne receives another land grant, this one in Tuscaloosa District Alabama (where Jefferson County is located).  It appears that this is when he moves to Jefferson County.

1824 Land Grant to John Gowan in Lowndes County Alabama

1824 Land Grant to John Gowan in Lowndes County Alabama

By 1830, John Goyne is living in Jefferson County, Alabama as is noted on the 1830 US Census.   Three of John Goyne’s children are grown and have moved out.  Sally Rebecca Goyne is 25 years old, Harrison W. Goyne is 24, and John R. Goyne is 21 years old.  All three appear to have moved out, but stayed in the area.

By 1827, daughter Sally Rebecca Goyne has married Dempsey Jordan, and has had one child.  By 1830, she has her 2nd child – both daughters.   She appears to have 10 children with Dempsey Jordan from 1827 to 1844.

By 1827, 21 year old son Harrison W. Goyne is the Circuit Clerk at the Elyson Courthouse in Jefferson County, AL.  The 1830 US Census in Jefferson Co, AL shows 24 year old Harrison W. Goyne married with at least 2 children – one of those children is under 5 – likely his own, and the other is between 5-9 years old, and may be a child from his wife’s prior marriage.  He marries Elizabeth Charlotte Riley Crawford (who had been previously married to Samuel Crawford).

It appears that 21 year old John R. Goyne has moved out on his own as well by the 1830 US Census – as the oldest child listed is between 15-19 (which would be Andrew Cull Goyne b. 1811, who would be about 19 years of age).  Also listed are 10-14 yrs of age male – which would be Erasmus C. Goyne born in 1815 – who would be 14-15 years of age, and a male child 5-9 years of age – which is close to the age of William James Goyne born in 1819 who would actually be about 10-11 yrs old.

1830 US Census: Jefferson, Alabama
Name John Goyne
Home in 1830 (City, County, State)
Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 1
Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 14 1
Free White Persons – Males – 15 thru 19 1
Free White Persons – Males – 60 thru 69 1
Free White Persons – Females – 50 thru 59 1
Slaves – Males – 10 thru 23 1
Slaves – Males – 24 thru 35 1
Slaves – Females – Under 10 3
Slaves – Females – 24 thru 35 1
Free White Persons – Under 20 3
Total Free White Persons 5
Total Slaves 6
Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored) 11

1830 Jefferson Co AL US Census John Goyne

1830 Jefferson Co AL US Census John Goyne

In 1833 John Goyne receives another land grant in the Jefferson County, Alabama area.  The plats below show where his land is, John R. Goyne’s plat in 1839, and Harrison W. Goyne’s plat received in 1836.  There are several Ayres families surrounding John Goyne’s home. It appears the Ayres may be in-laws of John Goyne as he has several transactions with the family, and lives closely to them.

1833 and 1839 John Goyne and Ayres land plat Jefferson Alabama marked

1833 and 1839 John Goyne and Ayres land plat Jefferson Alabama marked

1836 Jefferson Co AL landplat for Harrison W Goyne marked

1836 Jefferson Co AL landplat for Harrison W Goyne marked

In 1838 John Goyne signs as security along with his son-in-law Dempsey Jordan, for his son John R. Goyne to take out a $650.00 mortage for 80 acres.  Also signing are is father, John Goyne and his brother in law Dempsey Jordan (married to Sally Rebecca Goyne).  This along with other personal property is mentioned as securty.  

There is some mention of John Goyne’s share of the personal estate of Stephen Byars, deceased is also put up as security or payment for this mortgage (see below).

MORTGAGE DEED Page 279-80-81
JOHN R. GOYNE to John Goyne, Baylis E. Grace, Dempsey Jordan & Cader Cooper, all of Jeff. Co., Ala. Premises 7 $1.00. 80 acres being a part of the SE ¼ of Sec. 9, TP 18, R 3W, which lies N. of a line running through the center of said quarter section from E to W. Also the following Personal property: 1 negro girl named Maria, age about 14 years, three cows & calves, 1 sorrel mare & 1 sorrel horse & 2 colts one of them a mare 3 years old & one a horse 2 years old, 1 feather bed & furniture & my distribute my share of the personal estate of Stephen Byars, deceased. Whereas John R. Goyne has executed to the Bank of the State of Alabama, a Bill of Exchange in the sum of $650, same being endorsed by John Goyne & Baylis E. Grace & John Goyne has made his note to the President & Directors of the Bank of the State of Ala., in the sum of $650.00, endorsed by Dempsey Jordan & John R. Goyne, & John R. Goyne is also indebted to Thomas Carrol, John Martin & Lewis Nabers in the sum of $1606, by 2 notes endorsed by John Goyne & Cader Cooper, now John R. Goyne being desirous of securing payment of the above debts executes this mortgage. Wit. John F. Forrest & T.A. Reed. Dated Apr. 16, 1838. Ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. May 8, 1838. Filed & recorded May 8, 1838. B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

In 1838, John Goyne conveys a negro slave named Ben to Alfred H. Roebuck to pay off $260.00 debt to him.  Ben is actually owned by Dempsey Jordan, John Goyne’s son-in-law, who gives Ben for John Goyne to convey.  

JOHN GOYNE to Alfred H. Roebuck both of Jeff. Co. Ala. Premises. 1 negro slave named Ben. Whereas said Goyne, is indebted to said Roebuck in the sum of $260.00 as evidenced by note. Being willing to secure payment executes this mortgage. Demsey Jordan, having had possession of said Ben, for sometime, which might be implied that he owned said Ben, at this time relinquishes all rights as far as he is concerned & sanctions the provisions herein contained. Dated July 2, 1838. Joint ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. July 2, 1838. Filed July 2, recorded July 3, 1838. B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

In 1838 several Goyne family members and those associated with them along with many others in the Jefferson County, AL area are named for their accounts and judgments during the dissolution of the copartnership of Montgomery and Earnest.  

Pages 353-354-355-356-357-358-259-260-261-362-363
ROBERT B. MONTGOMERY & William S. Earnest to John Camp, Trustee, all of Jeff. Co. Ala. $20. Whereas said Montgomery & Earnest have been Co-partners in the mercantile business in Elyton, Jeff. Co., Ala. under the firm name of Earnest & Montgomery. Copartnership having been dissolved & they being willing to pay & satisfy all just demands incurred by them in their copartnership & to save harmless such persons as are their securities or have become bound as principal for their benefit, convey to John Camp, trustee, all accounts & empower him to collect & give acquittances, the following notes, accounts & judgements as follows:

ACCOUNTS AGAINST: William Hawkins $27.12 ½; David Hanby $.75; Estate of Audley Hamilton $24.25; Thomas J. Scott $306, Andrew Barton $3.25; Thomas A. Walker $2.43 ¾; Josiah Cowden $75.81 ½; James Stovall $9.62 ½; Richard Carlisle $3.87 ½; Isaac Taylor $.37 ½; Lewis Nabours $47.62 ½; William Statum $.87 ½; Benjamin Crum $6.00; Washington Ware $7.50; Wily Dickinson $68.87 ½; Jacob Beam $2.56 ¼; George Pierce $14; Emily Reavis $5.25; Simpson Robinson $13.43 ¾; Moses Carlisle $1.18 43/4; Rev. William Taylor $40.50; Adam E. Kennedy $10.87 ½; Zachariah Potter $8.00; William Burford $21.00; A.H. Roebuck $13.43 ¾; John Massey $4.00; Mrs. Elizabeth Curbow $20.75; Eldred Smith $42.31 ¼; James Burton $5.65; E.H. Boyd $13.75; Lewis Hardyman $6.62 ½; Edward L. Sandifer $1.25; Willis Young $2.75; James H. Gillespie $2.50; Harrison G. Nelms $111.75; Wm. G. Linthicum $5.87 ½; Riley Pierce $8.12 ½; James Dickinson $42.68 ¾; James P. Lacey $4.75; Philip Gee $9.56 ¼; James Poole $13.56 ¼; Rogert Fields $88.06 ¼; Perer Anderson $23.50; Richard Tankersley $33; Nathan Byars $65.56 ¼; Henry Wideman $1.87 ½; Thomas M. Adkins $45.93 ¾; John Hood $9.00; Woodson Wade $16.68 ¾; Nathaniel Hawkins $116.68 ¾; Tyler Hardyman $36.62 ½; David Massey $15.31 ¼; George Ware $11.37 ½; John Burford $247.62 ½; David Hawkins $16.31 ¼; Jason Addington $66.68 ¾; Robert Brown $6.00; Elizabeth Burgin $8.00; Moses Carlisle $1.12 ½; Jesse Cunningham $11.37 ½; George Hayden $4.37 ½; Samuel Killough $2.37 ½; James Matthis $13.87 ½; Abner Wood $2.12 ½; L.G. McMillion $98.56 ¼; James Massey $3.87 1/2 ; Isaac Williams $1.00; Samuel Aiken $5.56 ¼; William Ellard $6.75; David Pool $3.18 ¾; Jesse Flaherty $2.25; John Bagwell $4.25; Parks B. Miner $6.12 ½; Downs Green $18.37 1/2 ; David Pierce $100.56 ¼; Zadoc Shackleford $4.00; Melissa Crum $4.00; Zachariah Staggs $34.75; William Carmichael $.87 ½; Evan Byars $4.37 ½; Ann Aiken $24.62 1/2 ; John G.T. Ayers $26.37 ½; Robert Goode $20; John L. Poole $4.12 ½; Isaac B. Nabers $9.87 ½; John Stovall $10.18 ¾; James W. McWililams $20.43 ¾; William H. Meredith $9.56 ¼; James Parks $14.62 ½; William Lowe $2.75; Thomas Carrol $3.25; Nicholas Jacks $1.50; John Goyne, Sr. $15.62 ½; C.W. Belcher $2.00; Jesse Wharton $1.75; Philip Lee $20.87 ½; Crawford Brown $21.87 ½; Edmund Parson $4.37 ½; Paschal J. Shackleford $3.62 ½; Stephen H. Dupuy $940; Thomas J. Wright $12.31 ¼; John Erwin $46.37 ½; Robert H. Green $50.62 ½; John Thompson $5.12 ½; Hugh Morrow, Jr. $28.18 ¾; Moses Kelly $19.87 ½; Anthony Latham $1.12 ½; William Cummings $1.75; Mannening Brookshier $21.12 ½; Ezekiel Staggs $82.75; Robert Martin $56.50; James Carlisle $1.75; William C. Cox $6.00; Mrs. Reece $6.12 ½; C.C. Diffey $21.75; John R. Goyne $43; Sarah Diffey $10.87 ½; Samuel Franks $3.37 ½; James Pierce $32.43 ¾; Morton M. Gill $25.50; Robert Cunningham $8.25; William S. Adams $5.50; Madison Turner $7.25; James Kelly $3.00; Edward Garrett $2.50; Levi Adams $15.31 ¼; Drayton Nabours $5.93 ¾; William Kennedy $1/25; Joseph Hickman $2.06 ¼; Joseph Dickinson $11.68 ¾; John Ware $.50; Drucy Ellington $2.31 ¼; Melissa McCarte $.93 ¾; Zadoc Ware $1/12 ½; Andrew Wilson $13/12 ½, James Ferguson $.75; Mrs. Brittian $6.50; Joseph Pierce $37.12 ½; Mrs. Dejarnette $41.81.1/4; Joseph Daniel $4.12 ½; James Nelson $1.12 ½; Edmund Wood $2.00; Henry Turner $3.75; Richard Loveless $3.75; Caleb Gore $11.50; Robert Erwin $9.50; William Reed $4.18 ¾: Widow McWilliams $4.12 ½; Ruthy Ellard $9.68 ¾; William Eubanks $1.50; Allen Earley $10.93 ¾; Thomas Flaherty $1.12 ½; John L. Gill $12.37 ½; David Williams $1.75; William Earley $25.06 ¼; John C. Gillespie $6.50; W.C. Glascoh $3.81 ¼; Thomas D. Armstrong $2.12 1/2; Daniel Watkins $4.25; E.H. Baylis $1.12 ½; Byram C. Goyne; Joseph Gill $3.37 ½; William Childress $32.62 ½; John Reeder $1.75; William coker $38.25; N.F. Randolph’s Estate $12; Lannet Massey $34.18 ¾; John Belcher $49.68 ¾; Jonathan Reed $3.50; James Barton $4.50; Mortimer Jordan $12; William Perkins $1.25; Elizabeth York $9.12 ½; Hillory Adams $1.87 ½; William Sandifer $26.43 ¾; Hugh G. Harper $1.12 ½, William Lacey $1.87 ½; James Wilcox $8.43 ¾; Samuel Monday $47.25; James Redding $22.62 ½; David Carithers $25.12 1/2 ; Willis Eastes $7.12 ½; Robert Bivins $7.00; John Barksdale $10.00; Erwin Montgomery $4.37 ½; Willis Raburn $4.37 ½; James Turner $11.25; Aliena Byars $19.12 1/2; Carter T. Hamilton $16.75; Abner Mitchell $32.43 ¾; Banson Graham $13.25; Jackson Blair $.93 ¾; Joseph H. Cole $3.75: Richmond Townley $10.37 ½; Elias Glenn $ 7.18 ¾; James Bates $4.37 ½; Redmund Bagwell $2.87 ½; John Barton $1.12 ½; David Hefner $8.00: John Harper $52.18 ¾; Abram Woodall $9.25; Martin Young $13.37 ½; John Edmundson $6.50; Claiborne G. Scott $1.25; William F. Orr $81.00; James H. Daniel $2.31 ¼; John Christian $4.50; Thomas Parker $4.62 ½; James Logan $4.00; Nathaniel Self $19.37 ½; William S. Lee $7.81 ¼; John Parker $2.00; Dudley Reavis $2.75; Montgomery Pierce $3.00; Gaines Lee $4.75; Earley A. Brown $51.37 ½; John Cathy $11/75; Jackson Park $.68 ¾; James Payne $8.00; Elizabeth Reece $1.50; Isaac Goolsby $5.25; John Early & Allen Earley $50.00; Marion Wood $2.81 ¼; Jackson Carmichael $5.43 ¾; Allen Cox $31.87 ½; Wiley Bagwell $6.00; Thomas Gore $5.75; Joshua Lacey $2.50; Thomas $.93 ¾; Widow Earley $.25; Catharine Earley $1.75; John Truss $.75; Elam Ware $7.25; Elijah Hudson $1.37 ½; Micajah Jones $5.12 ½; James Williams $2.75; Loven Coker $2.25; Letitia Wade $31.43 ¾; John Pitts $/62 ½;Philip Sanders $3.00;E.B. Sanders $12/56 ¼; William Carson $82.87 ½; Alfred Barksdale $.25; William Speer $.75; Margaret Douthit $15.31 ¼; Samuel Davenport $16.87 ½; Nicholas Starnes $13.87 ½; George Smith $60.00; William Spencer $2.50; Dabney Cooper $.87 ½;Edwin Lee $3.12 ½; John M. Pledger $7.75;John Russell $2.50; Robert Hughes $1.62 ½;Joseph Ferguson $1.00;Willis Young $10.00; Daniel Gillion $2.62 ½, Widow Edmundson $9.43 ¾; John Cunningham $6.31 ¼; Margaret Starnes $47.62 ½; Samuel W. Youngblood $1.62; James Cosby $10.50; William White $1.50; Perry Brittain $4.37 ½; Moses Fields, Sr. $5.00; David Brown $.75; Elizabeth Potter $.62 ½; Valentine Bivins $15.31 ¼; William Dunaho $3.12 ½; James Mann $.75; John Scott $5.00; Edward Strange $7.25; Benjamin R. Wilson $4.50; J.I. Hayden $9.00; Wesley C. Sealy $49.62 ½; John M. Cameron $9.87 ½; Thomas Lynch $60.00; Swagger Lindsey & Co. $11.00; William McWilliams $2.37 ½; John Parsons $5.00; James W. Wade $17.00; George Brown $19.00; James Tarrant $19.00; Jonathan B. Badger $2.75; William Adams, Sr. $10.87 ½; Thomas Hudson $3.37 ½; James Harris $6.37 ½; B.E. Grace $20.00; Melissa McCarty $2.87 ½; James Mudd $27.31 ¼; Thomas D. Johnson $27.50; Richard Austin $9.00; Henry J. Townley $1.18 ¾; Samuel G. Sartin $5.12 ½; William G. Drake $1.00; Charles Stewart $11.00; John B. Daniel $5.00; James Nail $33.50; B.E. Goyne $6.12 ½; William Carmichael $3.81 ¼; Jesse Meeks $.50; Bennet Oldham $27.18 ¾; J. Blackburn $3.00; Thomas Gillespie $7.25; Reid W. Roark $19.25; Clayton Thompson $226.87 ½; William Spradling $11.87 ½; Levi Shackleford $65.12 ½; John A. Merican $29.68 ¾; Widow Gillespie $9.00; James Poteet $3.75; John Brown $6.75; Benjamin Tarrant $7.25; Willis W. Bagley $18.31 ¼; Joseph Alexander $8.00; Zachariah Hagood $79.00; Joel Harris $2.87 ½; William Robinson, Jr. $16.50; Philip Lacey $11.25; Jane Hamilton $98.75; Waddy Edmundson $2.75; Watson McWilliams $13.25; William D. Satterwhite $38.68 ¾; Matthias Ambrose $2.87 ½; William Cowden $2.50; Robert Atwood $1.00; Milton Alexander $1.50; Elijah Cunningham $9.00; Eli Liverman $1.50; James Diffey $1.50; William Banks $32.00; George Henderson $22.18 ¾; William Lawrence $18.93 ¾; Mattias Earley $5.00; James W. Denton $2.75; Jesse Campbell $4.50; Granville Hammock $3.37 ½; Lucy Busby $18.00; Jeptha Shedd $4.50; Craft p. Cooper $2.50; James Black $2.75; W. K. Gill $10.00; John S. Edwards $4.50; James H. Wood $1.50; Elijah Brown $7.00.

NOTES AGAINST: Wiley Bagwell $6.00; Joseph Bishop $10.37 ½; Hillary Adams $3.43 ¾; Adkins & Wade receipt $37.56 ¼; Joseph Daniel $58.18 ¾; Stephen H. Dupuy $80.00; Stephen H. Dupuy $25.00; David L. Poole $20.00; James Payne $4.00; James Redding $95.00; William Statum and Edmund parsons $64.43 ¾; John Scott $22.31 ¼; William S. Statum and Edmund Parsons $64.43 ¾; John Scott $22.31 ¼; William S. Smith $36.00; Carlisle & Harper $13.37 ½; Samuel Carrol $12. 75; David Massey $18.00; John Cooper $5.00; Drayton Nabers $530.00; John Eubanks $11.18 ¾; Samuel S. Earle $54.75; Thomas Ferguson $8.68 ¾; Robert Fields $66.31 ¼; Josiah Cowden $12.37 ½; John Fields $10.00; James Dickinson $44.87 ½; James Cosby $5.25; Watts & Fields $22.00; James Henderson $9.00; Leroy Hodges $3.00; Stephen Wharton $49.00; Flaherty & Kelly $4.00; James w. Ivy $6.68 ¾; Dudley Reavis $43.00; Simpson Robinson $295.00; C.G. Scott $103.68 ¾; Zadoc Shackleford $9.68 ¾; John Christian $39.75; William H. Childress $311.75; W.L. Flaherty $49.50; Thomas Flaherty $30.00; Miss B. Flaherty $12.31 ¼; Andrew Barton $12.56 ¼; E.H. Sanders $1.50; S. Lee $1.40; J.B. Wheatley $20.25; Clinton Watts $22.81 ¼; David pierce $30.00;Obadiah Herndon $3.87; Martin Young $10.00; Hampton Fields $7.00; S.W. Hall $389.25; John Camp $3654.50; Judgments against: Macon Gunter $13.87 ½; Richard McFerrin $19.68; Stewart Crocker $23.87 ½; James T. Brodgen $92.06 ¼; Moses Garrett $34.56; Franklin Thompson $5.00; John Russell $2.50; John Mitchell $6.50; N.A. Penland $3.18 3.4; Allen Killough $2.25; Calloway Bivins $3.25; John G. Aikin $46.00; Stephen Townley and S.S. Earle $20.00; Stephen Townley $36.00; Jesse Hawkins $96.75; John Taylor $5.00; Squire L. Poteet $14.00; Lemiel D. Sanders $15.50; James Wharton $13.68; William P. Glover $19.00; James Carmichael $22.75; Zachariah Staggs $20.00; Nathaniel Hawkins $10.50; Joseph H. Goode $3.00; Drury S. Lacey $10.00; Malinda Townley $21.87 ½; elias M. Dejarnett $47.00; John C. Pitts $6.00; reuben Wade for an amt.; Issac Williams $35.00; Ozias Drake $1.12 ½; John B. Daniel $5.00; John Pierce $9.00; James Carson $24.00; william Carithers $3.50; Riley Pierce $130.00; John R. Goyne $110.00; Granville Hammock $20.00; James p. Smith and Wm. Statum $11.00; John L. Byars $10.00; Elias Wilson $38.00; Allen Whittington $6.00; H.W. Goyne $80.00; Edward l. Sandier $120.00; Wiley Byars $175.00; S.W. Davenport $82.00.

The said firm of Earnest and Montgomery being indebted to different persons and the Bank of Ala. is hereby desirous of liquidating their accounts in the following manner: All persons either principal or securities in the payment of several debts to the Bank of the Sate of Ala. and debts owing to the administrators of estate of Warren Truss, d. to be paid first. Debts to citizens of Jeff. Co., paid 2nd and to apply all the remaining effects towards extinction of the remaining debts in proportion to different amts. 3rd diligence in collection and disbursement of the means placed in said Trustee’s hands in above manner as follows: Bill of Exchange $1500.00, owned by Ala. State Bank, drawn by Nathan Cooper and endorsed by Earnest and Montgomery and G.W. Starnes in one note for $500, payable Ala. State Bank signed by Stephen H. Dupuy, principal, and Abner Killough and Earnest & Montgomery, securities; another note $500, signed Washington Montgomery, principal, and Paschal J. Shackleford and Earnest & Montgomery, securities; another note $500, singed by Jackson Montgomery, principal and Earnest & Montgomery, securities; all of witch notes were executed under bond system for benefit of said Earnest which notes were executed under bond system for benefit of said Earnest & Montgomery, one installment on said notes has been paid; and said Earnest & Montgomery being further indebted to said Ala. State Bank in extension note in the sum of $1800, singed by themselves as principal and Thomas J. Wright and Richard S. Allen, securities; ¼ of which has been paid; another note $300. signed by Abner Mitchell, principal and John Camp and Earnest & Montgomery, securities; another note, $300 in which Jackson Montgomery, principal, and G.W. Starnes and earnest & Montgomery, securities, both of which last notes are wholly due and said Earnest & Montgomery being further indebted to the following named persons as follows: John Truss and Enos Truss, administrators of estate of Warren Truss, d., in the sum of $85; Elijah Brown $430; to McDonald and Bates in about $150 or $200; to Robert J. Hagood and Zachariah Hagood in sum of $1150; to Robert H. Green $300; George Ware $150; Richard Tankersley $375; to the firm of Clute Meade & Co. $1250; firm of Brewster Soloman & Co. $612.10; Ogden Waddington & Co., endorsers of Little Shaw & Co., $1185.15; firm of William M. Tileston & Co. $774; firm of N & H. Weed & Co. two notes in sum of $811.13 each; to Burwell Boykin $500; Comstock and Andrews $479; J & C Gascoigne $550; firm of Halsey, Utter & Co. $570; William Rankin $260; firm of Day Napier & Co. $ 220; firm of Holmes, Whittock & Underdonk $212; J.K. Eyra $134; firm of Stout Ingoldsby & Co. $700. Most of said debts are now due and drawing interest; to Fellows, Wadsworth & Co. in sum of $250; to Richard Kingsland & Co. $100. Wit: Peter Anderson & G.W. Starnes. Dated Oct. 13, 1838. Ack. before Walker K. Baylor, Judge Co. Ct. Oct. 13, 1838. Filed Oct. 13, recorded Oct. 18, 19, 20, and 22, 1838. B.E. Grace Clk. Co. Ct.

January 29, 1838, John Goyne makes a deed gift to his daughter, Sally Jordan (married to Dempsey Jordan) of two slaves – Lythe 22 yrs old, and her child Frank 3 yrs old.  Witnessed by B. C. Goyne, and acknowledged by J. R. Goyne (his son who has become a justice of the peace).  

JOHN GOYNE to Sally Jordan, both of Jeff. Co. Ala. Love and Affection. One Negro woman named Lythe, aged about twenty-two years, and her child Frank about three years old, together with her increase. Wit. B.C. Goyne. Dated Jan. 28, 1839. Ack. before J.R. Goyne, Justice of the Peace. Jan. 28, 1839. Filed Feb. 2, recorded Feb. 13, 1839. B.E. Grace, Clk. C. C.

1839 John Goyne gift to daughter Sally Jordan snip

1839 John Goyne gift to daughter Sally Jordan snip

On Feb 27, 1839, John Goyne gives a slave names Samuel – 11 years old – to his son Erasmus C. Goyne as a deed gift.  Additionally, he gives Erasmus a horse, 3 yearlings, 2 cows and a feather bed.  The deed of trust is acknowledged by John Goyne’s son, J. R. Goyne acting as Justice of the Peace.  

JOHN GOYNE to Erasmus C. Goyne both of Jeff. Co. Ala. Love & affection. One Negro boy named Samuel, about eleven years of age, one sorrel horse near three yrs. of age and 3 yearlings, 2 cows and one feather bed. Dated Feb. 27, 1839. Ack. before J.R. Goyne Justice of the Peace. Feb. 27 1839. Filed Feb. 27, recorded March 11, 1839. B.E. Grace Clk. Co. Ct.

On Feb 18, 1839, John Goyne conveys to his daughter Sally Jordon, wife of Dampsey Jordan, and to their daughters Eliza, Marrett, Porthenia and Julia a slave named Ben about 19 yrs old – and for him to be sold and the proceeds divided among her daughters named once Sally Jordon dies.  The deed of gift is acknowledged by John Goyne’s son, J. R. Goyne who is acting as a Justice of the Peace. 

JOHN GOYNE to Daughter Sally Jordon wife of Dampsey Jordon and her daughters Viz: Eliza, Marretta, Porthenia and Julia, all of Jeff. Co. Ala. Premises. $1.00 Love & affection, 1 Negro boy named Ben age 19 or 20 yrs. for the duration of her life and at her death, to be sold and the proceeds to be equally divided among her four daughters above mentioned. Dated Feb. 18, 1839. Ack. before J.R. Goyne, Justice of the Peace. Feb. 18, 1839. Filed March 4, recorded March 18, 1839, B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

On March 16, 1839, John Goyne sells 160 acres to Horatio and Henson Brittian for $800.00.  The deed is acknowledged by John Goyne’s son, J. R. Goyne who is acting as Justice of the Peace.

JOHN GOYNE to Horatio G.P. Brittian & Henson G. Brittian off of Jeff. Co. $800. 160 acres being the W ½ of SE ¼ of Sec. 2 Tp. 18, & R. 3W. Also the W ½ of SW ¼ & the E ½ of SW ¼ of the same sec. Dated Mar. 16, 1839. Ack. before J.R. Goyne, Justice of Peace. Mar. 16, 1839. Filed & Recorded April 13, 1839. B.E. Grace, Clk. of Co. Ct.

John Goyne writes his will on April 27, 1839, asking his debts to be paid, and then giving the balance of his estate to his wife, Nancy during her life.  He also appoints his son John R. Goyne as his executor.  He appears to have been ill, and the above conveyances were done in anticipation of his death.

1839 John Goyne will in Jefferson Co AL

1839 John Goyne will in Jefferson Co AL

On August 3, 1839, the family asks for letters of administration at court in Jefferson County, AL, advising the court that John Goyne had died “more than 3 months past”, which places his death some time between the date he wrote his will on April 27, 1839 to May 2, 1839.

1839 John Goyne decd estate snip

1839 John Goyne decd estate snip

Will of John Goyne
The State of Alabama
Jefferson County

Recorded in Will Record 1818-1840 page 227.

To all to whom these presents shall come; know ye that I John Goyne of the County and State aforesaid, being in a low state of health, but possessing a sound and disposing mind and memory; And being disirous to settle my worldly affairs and to dispose of my property by will, as to me secureth most correct, and proper, do hereby make, publish and declare the following as my last will and testament, towit, In the first place I will and desire that all my just debts, be paid. Secondly, After the payment of all my just debts, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy Goyne, during her life all the balance of my property which may be left after my just debts are satisfied both real ad personal.

And in the third and last place, I appoint my beloved son John R. Goyne, my executor to execute this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I the said John Goyne, have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 27th day of April in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine, and 63rd year of American Independence.

John Goyne (seal)

Signed sealed published and declared in our presence as the last will and testament of John Goyne.

J. H. Goode
J. W. Byars
R. M. Montgomery    https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C914-NQKC-1?i=150&cat=235126

On Jan 28, 1840, John Goyne’s widow, Nancy Goyne, recives 160.48 acres from Cader Cooper in Jefferson County, AL.

WARRANTY DEED Page 308-309
CADER COOPER to NANCY GOYNE both of Jeff. Co. Ala. $104. 160.48 acres being the N.W. ¼ of Sec. 25, Tp. 18, R. 4 W. Wit. Joab Bagley. Dated Jan. 28, 1840. Ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. By his deputy Joab Bagley. Jan. 28, 1840. Filed Jan. 28, recorded Feb. 28, 1840. B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. by his deputy Joab Bagley.

The 1840 US Census in Jefferson County, AL has Mrs Nancy Goyne age 70-79, living with one male aged 20-29 (possibly son Erasmus C. Goyne), and one male 15-19 (possibly son William James Goyne).
Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Jefferson, Alabama
Free White Persons – Males – 15 thru 19: 1
Free White Persons – Males – 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 70 thru 79: 1
Free White Persons – Under 20: 1
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 1
Total Free White Persons: 3
Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 3

Additional information regarding John Goyne’s widow, Nancy Goyne, beyond 1840 needs to be added if and when found.

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