1762 William Gowen m. Miriam Earle in Greenville Co, SC

William Gowen b abt 1762 d. 1804 son of John “Buck” Gowen b. abt 1736, grandson of William Gowen b. abt 1712.

(Link to page on various William “Going’s” and other variations of last name.  See this page to compare this William Goyens to other William Going variations that were in the VA, NC, or SC areas in the 1700s.  List is not complete, but I’ve listed those I know about so far:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-william-goings-different-ones/ ).


John “Buck” Gowen b. 1736 – d. ? , m. Lettice Winn Bearden in 1759


Mahala Gowen                       born about 1797
John Gowen                          born about 1798
Matilda Gowen                     born about 1799
Letitia “Letty” Gowen         born about 1800
Mahulda Gowen                   born about 1801


William Gowen                              born about 1762
Lettice “Letty” Gowen                   born about 1763
Elizabeth Gowen                            born about 1765
James M. Gowen                            born in 1767
John B. Gowen                               born about 1769
Sarah Gowen                                   born June 5, 1774
Mary Gowen                                   born about 1776
Minerva Gowen                              born about 1780
Winn Bearden Gowen                   born October 18, 1787


1784 Jan 15 – William Gowan receives 640 acr on the Et. branches of Mill Creek. Other names: Ebenezer Titus, 1787 Apr 17. In Davidson Co., TN. http://www.nclandgrants.com/grant/?mars=

1787 Apr 17 – William Gowan 640acres – east side Mill Cr, adj to Ebenezer Titus. Davidson Co, TN.

1793 Jun 26 – John Gowen . wits: William Gowen, Luke Anderson. John Buchanan warrant. Grant of 640 acres to John Gowen – on the east side of Mill Creek, on the NW corner of James Mences land, adj to Ebenezer Titus west land (on east). Witnessed by William Gowen, and Luke Anderson. Warrant by John Buchanan. Davidson Co., TN

1786 Aug 14 – The indents, issued by the Treasury August 14, 1786, were approved long after the death of David Gowen of Fairfield County, son of Daniel Gowen and Rebecca Gowen. David Gowen was killed by Indians in the winter of 1779-80 at Manskers Station in Davidson County, Tennessee. William Gowen, regarded as his grandfather, was the executor of his estate at Nashville. Levi Gowen, “who passes for mulatto,” brother of David Gowen, applied successful for the administration of the estate in Fairfield County and gave “John Gowen, gentleman of Daverson County” his power of attorney. John Gowen, son of William Gowen, was a kinsman of Levi Gowen and David Gowen. Fairfield Co, SC. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms007.htm

1796: William Gowen was married to Miriam Earle, ninth child of Lt. Col. Bayliss John Earle and Mary Berry Prince Earle January 28, 1796.  Miriam Earle was born November 24, 1775 in Frederick County, Virginia.  She was a granddaughter of Samuel Earle, high sheriff and member of the House of Burgesses from Frederick County and Anna Sorrell Earle.

Bayliss John Earle was born August 8, 1734 in Frederick County, Virginia.  He was married to Mary Berry Prince who was born April 16, 1744 to John Prince and Virginia Sarah Berry.  John Prince was born February 2, 1709-10 in Frederick County.  Virginia Sarah Berry was born in 1718 in Stafford County, Virginia, according to Pam Wilson.

“Bayliss Earle” was enumerated as the head of household in Spartanburg County, according to “Heads of Families, South Carolina, 1790:”

“Earle, Bayliss                                    white male over 16
4 white males under 16
6 females
no slaves”

Col. Bayliss John Earle died January 6, 1825 in Earlesville, South Carolina in Spartanburg County.  Mary Berry Prince Earle died there in 1807.

William Gowen was described as a “Revolutionary soldier” by Joseph Earle Birnie in “The Earles and the Birnes,” however it is believed that he did not see revolutionary service because of his youth.  His grandfather, William Gowen served as a Revolutionary soldier under the command of his son, Capt. John “Buck” Gowen, and the author may have confused the two.

William Gowen appeared as the head of a household in the 1800 census of Greenville District, page 6, No. 227:

“Gowan, William                                      white male            16-26 [?]
white female         16-26
white female            0-10
white male               0-10
[7 slaves]”

He made his home in Greenville County until his death in 1804.  His father was appointed administrator of his estate which was appraised and administered between 1804 and 1806.  A Warrant of Appraisement of the estate was issued to Thomas Brummet, Jesse Mayfield, John Motlow, Arch Elliot and John Goodlett in 1804 and certified by Robert Cook, justice.  They were directed to “repair to William Gowen’s house and appraise his estate.”

State of South Carolina
Greenville District

We the appraisers authorized to appraise the Goods and Chattles of William Gowen, Deceased Do Certify that these two sheets and papers contain a just and true Statement of the appraisement of the Goods and Chattles of Said Deceased.  Given under our hands this 22nd June, 1804.

Thos. [X] Brummett    Jesse Mayfield
John Motlow    Arch’d [X] Ellett
John Goodlett”

Apparently William Gowen owned half interest in a a “store at New Market” and half interest in a tavern there.  Stephen C. Woods was mentioned in the accounting as a defaulting co-partner.  Despite some “desperate” accounts which the admin­istrator “despaired” of collecting and which were written off, the estate was a large one for that era, suggesting that William Gowen would be considered a wealthy man.

It is unlikely that William Gowen died a sudden death.  Three different doctors were brought in to treat him, according to the probate record:

“A Return of debts paid by John Gowen,
Administrator in behalf of the Estate
of William Gowen, Deceased

Expenses of last sickness        $           25.34.0
Funeral Expense                                   7.00.0
Doctors Fees:
Dr. B. Moore                                   16.87.5
Dr. Wilkerson                                    9.25.0
Dr. Hardwick                                   10.00.0
Ballence of an Execution paid to Sheriff
Anderson in behalf of Shottwell        58.00.0
Public Tax for 1804                              2.00.0
Ballence of a note due Edward Nort or
His Descendants                           363.12.5
Ballence of a note due
Alex. MacKinny                             364.19.0
Ballence of a note due
Samuel Lanier & Int.                     176.60.0
Note due Samuel Hunt & Int.            131.29.0
Note due Pleasant Easley & Ditto       73.67.5
Note due William Blythe & Ditto          42.57.0
Note due Phillemon Bradford & Int.     440.68.0
Note due Jesse Mayfield & Int.             228.00.0
Note due Jeremiah Brown & Int.           212.15.6
Note due William Beal, Prin. & Int.          20.94.0
Amount paid on a note Baylis Carder     110.00.0
Note due Samuel Law, Prin. & Int.              6.69.0
Note in favour of Jas. Gowen taken
up from Gideon Hunt & Int.                   90.27.0
Ballence of a note in favour of Jas.
Gowen taken up from Saml. Earle        164.11.0
$   2561.22.1

Total Amount Bought Forward          $   2561.22.1
Total cash paid by James Gowen             175.00.0
Proven account in favor of Elias Earle      242.52.0
Ditto of Thomas Edward Hall                       6.68.0
Ditto of Aron Evans                                  11.18.5
Ditto of MacDowell & Blair                         43.17.0
Ditto of John Horne                                    4.00.0
Ditto of John Hickman                              13.19.5
Ditto of Jeremiah Brown                           96.00.0
Ditto of Thomas Brummette                     20.00.0
Ditto of John Samuels                             14.00.0
Ditto of William Carrel                             16.50.0
Ditto of Henry Sharp                               28.12.0
Ditto of Jesse Mayfield                            27.00.0
Ditto of Thomas MacLain                      194.00.0
Ditto of Jesse Goodlett                           10.75.0
Ditto of John Corne                                36.88.0
Amount paid James Pinnell
on proven account                         100.00.0
Amount paid John MacChurchill                4.00.0
Proven account in favor of P. Bradford    13.73.0
Ditto of Thomas Ewington                       15.00.0
Proven account on funeral, Dyer & Tally    7.00.00
Amount paid for Whiskey at Sale              3.95.00
Ordinary [Recorder] fees                        6.00.0
Paper for Use at Sales                            0.75.0
Proven account in favour of
James Gowen                                   270.50.0
Money laid out for the use of the family     28.73.0
$    3953.88.1

Total Amount Brought up                  $    3953.88.1

Proven account of Mr. John Motlow          935.12.0
Money paid for the use of the family           3.25.0
$    4892.25.1
Paid note of James Gowen                       205.00.0
$    5097.25.1
Commission on the above
Account in favour of
Jno. Gowen, Admr.                                564.10.0
$    5661.25.1
A Return of the debts Paid
for the Estate of Wm. Gowen,
Deceased by Jno. Gowen, Executor, Admr.
$    3953.88.1

Commissions                                          197.69
$    244.44

A List of Cash on hand, Obligations, Book Accounts, Open Accounts, & Open sales & Copardnership Books Due William Gowen at his Decease, May 16, 1804.

Total Cash on Hand                                $      5.37.5
One Note Given to Gideon Hester by
John Motlow on Demand
February 21, 1805 for                              32.00.0
One Order Given by Elias Earle on
John Motlow July 12, 1803 for                   60.00.0
One on James Pennington Due October 1,
1804 to be paid in Horses for                 250.00.0
One Note on Robert Cannon due
November 1, 1804 for                              65.00.0
One Note on James Gowen, Deceased
Due November 25, 1802 for                   100.00.0
One Note on John Vineyard for 8, due
to be paid in goods [Desparate]* for         8.00.0
One Note on Farr due
November 11, 1802 for                        100.00.0
Total Amount Due by the Widow Polly Gowen,
Combahee and acknowledged               100.00.0
Total Ballence of an Account in the hands of
Henry Elmore and acknowledged            25.00.0
Total Amount due by
Isom Draudy [Desperate]*                     50.00.0
Total Amount due by Edward Herndon         45.00.0
$    940.37.5

Total Amount Brought Forward             $    940.37.5
Total Book Amt. Due by John Motlow           459.64.0
Total Amount of Sugar & Salt Book
at New Market Sale, 12 pounds,
13 shillings, 01 pence, in dollars           55.25.0
Total Amount of Act. Due by
Thomas Brummett for wife                      11.25.0
Thomas Wood [Desperate*] due                 21.00.0
James Blassingame due                              20.00.0
James Galt due                                            3.00.0
Benjamin Hawkins [Desperate*] due            4.00.0
James Gillison due                                     15.00.0
Lewis Frazer due                                           .37.0
David Reed due                                          17.48.5
James Gowen due on a
Temporary Settlement                           386.74.0
Total Amount of half the Store acts Kept
at New Market 76 pounds, 2 shillings,
3 pence, in Dollars                                 326.18.0
Total Amount of half the Tavern Books
Kept at New Market 15 pounds, 7
shillings, 5 1/2 pence, in Dollars              65.87.0
Total Half the Amount of the Goods Sold at
New Market after Gowen decease after
Paying the Sale Expense                        109.60.0
Total Amount Due by Stephen C. Wood on the
Close of the Copardnership sale               65.35.5
This of Woods is [Desperate]         ========
$    2501.11.5
Jno. Gowen, Admr.

An account, calculation & reckoning of the Administration of the Estate of William Gowen, deceased as exhibited into the Ordinary’s Office of Greenville District on the 4th day of November, 1806.

Amount of First Sale                            $ 1683.88.7.5
Amount of Second Sale                              1698.37.5
Cash on hand, Obligation Book & Open
Acts. Assumable & Copartnership
Book Debts                                          2501.11.5
Payment & Expense Turn Over paid
the Estate                                           387.97.3.5
Commissions Over & Above                          264.15.0
$    5935.50.1

Paid as Follows, as per Return filed
Amounting in the whole                      $    5661.35
Amount of Ordinary Fees                                  10.00
Administrator’s Commission                          261.15
$    5935.50

This exhibit contains on oath the acc’t Calculation & Reckoning of the Administration of the said deceased’s estate.
Jno. Gowen, Admr.”

* Desperate; despair-ate, Considered uncollectable.

An inventory of the estate was returned to probate court July 30, 1804.  A portion of the accounting of the estate of William Gowen was obtained in November 1975 by Frank Maxwell Gowen.  The accounting, recorded in dollars, cents and mills, read:

“Total Amt Brought Forward                         2,561.22.7
Total Cash paid by James Gowens                   175.00.0
Proven accounts in favor of:Elias Earle            289.52.0
Arch Evans                                                     11.18.5
McDowell & Blair                                             13.17.0
John Horde                                                      4.00.0
John Wilkenson                                              13.19.5
Jeremiah Brown                                             96.00.0
Thomas Brummett                                         20.00.0
John Jameson                                               14.00.0
William Cannon                                             16.50.0
Henry Sharp                                                 28.12.0
Jesse Mayfield                                              27.00.0
Thomas McLain                                          194.00.0
Jesse Goddlett                                             20.75.0
A. P. John Corne                                          36.88.0
Phillemon Bradford                                      13.73.0
Thomas Covington                                        15.00.0
Amount paid James Pennell                        100.00.0
Amount paid John McChurchmon                      4.00.0
Part account of Dyer Tally                               7.00.0
Amount paid for whisky at sale                        3.95.0
Ordinary fees                                                6.00.0
Paper for use at Sales                                   0.75.0
Proven account, James Gowen                    279.50.0
Money pd. for use of the family                     28.73.0
Proven account of John Motlow                   935.12.0
Money pd. for use of the family                       3.25.0
$     4,892.25.1

Paid Account of James Pennington
vs. deceased                                              205.00.1
Commissions on the above
Account of John Gowen, admr.                       564.10.0

A Return of the Debts paid for the
Estate of William Gowen Deceased
by John Gowen [illegible word]
administrator                                             3,953.88.1
Commissions                                                197.69.0
$  244.44.0”

A record of an estate sale of William Gowen held June 22, 1804 showed that many of the effects were purchased by Miriam Earle Gowen:

“Bill of the Sale of the Goods and Chattles of William Gowen, Deceased, June 22, 1804 in dollars, cents and mills:

Thomas Bearden           One side of leather           2.62.0
Marium Gowen               Axe & file                         1.75.0
Marium Gowen              One sugar cannister          1.00.0
Samuel Hunt                 One silver watch              20.00.0
Marium Gowen              4 slays & 2 harness          1.50.0
Major John Gowen        26 hair halters                  2.50.0
Phillemon Bradford           One jug                       1.25.0
Marium Gowen           One iron bound cask          1.25.0
Marium Gowen           One pair saddle bags          0.50.0
William Anderson           One keg & powder           2.25.0
Major John Gowen           One pair of linens          0.14.0
James Gowen           Shaving box & razor            1.50.0
Samuel Hunt           13 yards black silk             17.00.0
Samuel Hunt           One pair slippers                 2.00.0
Jonathan Hand           Four chairs                       0.50.0
Major John Gowen           One Waggon Cloth            ?.??
Obadiah Woodson           Boxes & Hub Irons        8.25.0
Major John Gowen           One chain & harness     46.00.0
Marium Gowen           Fire dogs, shovel, tongs       4.00.0
Marium Gowen           One looking glass                0.50.0
Marium Gowen           Crockary ware                     2.00.0
Marium Gowen           Two decanters, tumbler        1.50.0
Marium Gowen           Coffee mill, Candle mould
& snuffer, two quart
bottles & one Gimblet                                1.75.0
Marium Gowen           Two pair cards &
Coffee Pot                            1.50.0
Marium Gowen           One woman’s saddle           15.00.0
Major John Gowen           One Saddle & fixings        15.50.0
James Gowen           One Brace Pistols                   25.00.0
Jeremiah Brown           Bed, Bedstead & furniture    35.50.0
Major John Gowen           Bed, Bedstead & furniture  33.00.0
Marium Gowen           Bed, Bedstead & furniture       10.00.0
Marium Gowen           Bed, Bedstead & furniture       25.00.0
Marium Gowen           Bed, Bedstead & furniture       35.00.0
Phillemon Bradford           One trunk                          5.56.2
Marium Gowen           One churn                                2.50.0
William Ker           One table                                      1.93.7
Marium Gowen           One table                                 1.50.0
James Gowen           One grindstone                           2.00.0
Jonathan Hand           Two kegs                                 1.87.5
James Gowen           One Cutting Box                          0.75.0
Marium Gowen           One Table                                 0.50.0
John Carlin           One Table                                       0.50.0
John Carlin           One Table                                      0.50.0
Lewis Frazer           One Cubbord                               3.00.0
Marium Gowen           One Curry Comb & Bit                0.62.5
Lewis Frazer           One Loom                                 5.50.0
Marium Gowen           Bag Sifter & Tray                    3.75.0
John B. Elkin           Two Fire Bucketts                    0.25.0
Marium Gowen           Two Kegs                             0.50.0
Lewis Frazer           One Cask                               0.50.0
Marium Gowen           Cask & Hogshead               2.35.7
Marium Gowen           One Large Wheel               1.35.7
James Gowen           One Small Wheel                   1.00.0
Marium Gowen           One Small Wheel                  0.75.0
Marium Gowen           One Reel                             0.62.5
Major John Gowen           One Large Wheel          1.00.0
James Gowen           One Large Wheel                 0.75.0
Marium Gowen           One Churn                          0.50.0
James Gowen           One pair, Bushel                     0.50.0
Marium Gowen           Piggins [wooden vessels]       5.00.0
Marium Gowen           Pewter & Tin Ware             10.75.0
Marium Gowen           Crocks & Pans                   0.85.7
Col. Henry M. Wood           One Grid Iron            2.50.0
James Gowen           One Frying Pan                 2.12.5
Col. Henry M. Wood           Ladles & Fork         2.00.0
Marium Gowen           One Pot & Hooks         2.00.0
Thomas Cantrell           One Pot & Hooks       1.68.7
Major John Gowen           One Skillet             0.75.0
Marium Gowen           Smoothing Irons         1.87.7
Marium Gowen           Ovens                       3.12.5
William Ker           Ovens                            0.56.2
Major John Gowen           Mattock               1.25.0
William Ker           Two Axes                       2.00.0
Phillemon Bradford    One Plow & fixings    2.50.0
Samuel McJunkin           Doubletrees         1.75.0
Archabald Ellett           Seven augers        2.18.7
Thomas Cantrell           Saw, Drawing knife
& Hammer                                    1.31.2
James Gowen           Cup Hoods & Wedges 6.62.5
Major John Gowen           Bridle Bitts          1.25.0
James Gowen    Frizens [?] & Bolts & C.    1.25.0
William Ker           One bunch irons 
James Gowen           One lot bills [?]           1.50.0
Baylis E. Elkin           Lot Hogs                150.25.0
Major John Gowen           Lot Hogs            30.50.0
William Cannon           Geese                       6.37.5
James Gowen           One Cow & Calf           11.75.0
James Gowen           One Cow & Calf           10.25.0
James Gowen           Cow, Yearling & Bull     10.25.0
Ransom Powell           One Cow                     9.25.0
Jeremiah Brown           One Cow                   10.50.0
Baylis E. Elkin           Two Steers                   19.27.0
Baylis E. Elkin           One Steer & Bull           20.75.0
James Gowen           One Steer & Heifer        11.25.0
John Gowen           One Steer                         2.25.0
Thomas Wood           One Steer                     4.75.5
Jesse Mayfield           One Steer                      3.00.0
James Gowen           One Steer & Heifer           6.00.0
James Gowen           One Horse                      77.75.0
William Cannon           One Horse                 125.00.0
Alex’r McKinney           One Horse                 103.25.0
Col. Browne           One Horse                      132. 00.0
Jeremiah Browne           One Horse                 46.00.0
Col. Browne           One Horse                        137.12.5
Alex’r McKinney           One Horse                  179.00.0
Major John Gowen           One Horse               172.00.0
Total                                   $  1,683.88.7.5
Signed this Second Day of September, 1804
John Gowen, Administrator”

Another sale of the “Goods and Chattels” of William Gowen was held January 15, 1805 and the total of “monies and ac­counts” of $1,098.37.5 [dollars-cents-mills] was reported by John “Buck” Gowen May 22, 1805:

“Bill of the Second Sale of the goods and Chattles of William Gowen, Deceased, on the 15th day of January, 1805.

One Negroe Wench & Child   400.00.0
One Negroe Fellow              430.00.0
One Bay Gelding                    60.00.0
One Bay Gelding                  100.00.0
5 2/3 bbls. Corn                     15.00.0
5 bbls. Corn                           15.00.0
5 bbls. Corn                           15.00.0
5 bbls. Corn                           15.37.5
5 bbls. Corn                          16.00.0
One Cow & Calf                        8.00.0
One Cow & Calf                         8.00.0
One Cow & Calf                         8.00.0
One pair Drawing Chains            2.50.0
One pair Drawing Chains            1.50.0
One Shovel Plow                        1.00.0
One Lot Iron Clevises                  0.75.0
One Lot Iron Chains                   2.25.0
$  1,098.37.5

Signed this 22nd day of May 1805
John Gowen, Administrator”

A third sale of the property of William Gowen held May 5, 1806 produced proceeds amounting to $5,361.75, according to the probate records.

Children born to William Gowen and Miriam Earle Gowen include:

Mahala Gowen                       born about 1797
John Gowen                          born about 1798
Matilda Gowen                     born about 1799
Letitia “Letty” Gowen         born about 1800
Mahulda Gowen                   born about 1801

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