1680 William Going a free negro sued in 1719 in Charles Town, South Carolina

William Going born about 1680 – called “a free negro” in 1719 case in Charles Towne







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In 1717: William Going signed a petition “to the Crown against the Proprietors” February 24, 1717, according to “South Caro-lina Historical Magazine.”  The petition was signed by all of the members of the South Carolina House of Commons and many other citizens.  A total of 568 signatures–one half of the white male population of colony of South Carolina–appeared on the document.

In 1719:  William Wallace v. William Going,
Judgment Roll – South Carolina
South Carolina lawsuit (Trespass on the Case)

The South Carolina Archives has a record of William Wallace v. William Going

(Writing is fine, but copy has dark areas which make some parts hard to read):
William Wallace v. William Going (per South Carolina Archives).
(Note: I read it as William Edward Clark v. William Going)

South Carolina

His Excellency John Lord Carbell Palantine and the rest of the Lorie and absoluteLords and Propator of the this province to the Marshalls of the Court of Common Pleas. Lord Greeting we for of a holy comand you _____ any delay to attach the body of William Going a free negro ———– So as to compel him personally to be and appear before our Chief Justice at our next Court of Comon Pleas to be held at Charles Towne to answer the complaint of William Edward Clark?, of a plea of trespass on the case to the damage of
—-ty four pounds current money.
Witness: Nicholas Trott Esq, our Chief Justice at Charles Towne
the ___ on day of Sept – Anno Domini 1719.
(signatures – unreadable signatures).

1719 judgment roll of William Going snipped and marked

1719 judgment roll of William Going snipped and marked

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