1740 Moses Going of Granville County, NC

1740 Moses Going of Granville County, NC







Possibly the same Moses Going of the following States and Counties: 

Possible Moses Goings that may be the same person:


(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)

Map of North Carolina and Virginia border area and locations of families living in those areas (click to enlarge)

Virginia Counties along or near southern border with North Carolina:

North Carolina Counties along or near Virginia’s southern border:

(Note:  There are at least 5 different Moses Going’s in Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia born between 1735-1774.  To make sure you are able to differentiate each, see the following link to compare each of the 5 different Moses Goings:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-moses-goings/ ). 


Granville County, North Carolina:  Granville County is especially confusing – it has at least two separate Going families living in the same county with several people having the same names.  I have created a chart based on tithe records I have located to attempt to differentiate the families:

Granville County NC tithe chart for black and/or mulatto and white Going families

1761 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
whites/Blacks male/Blacks f/ Blacks 12-16
List of John Pope
Thomas Gowin and Moses Gowin who refuses to List his wife – 2 tithes
Michael GowinJohn Wilson who refuses to list his wife 2
Joseph Gowin who refuses to list his wife 1

1762 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Tyths taken by John Pope of Granville, in St Johns Parish
Michael Gowin mulattoe with John Willson – 2
Thomas Gowin with Moses Gowin – 2
Edward Gowin Sr mulla with Reps Gowin and Edward Gowin – 3

1764 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
A List of Taxables taken by Capt John Pope
Thomas Going with Moses –
Joseph Going with James Harrison molatto –
Edward Going with Edward molatto –

1767 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
list of John Pope (white, Black male, Black female)
Thomas Gowin – 2-0-0
Moses Gowin – 1-0-0
Joseph Gowin – 0-2-0
Edward Gowin – 0-1-0
Edward Gowin Jr. – 0-1-0

1767 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
The Names of all the heads of Family in John Pope’s Dist
Thomas Gowin
Moses Gowin
Joseph Gowin
Edward Gowin
Edward Gowin

1767 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Thomas Gowin – 2
Moses Gowin – 1
Joseph Gowin – 2
Edward Gowin – 1
Edward Gowin Jr – 1
Joseph Gowin – 4

1768 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
list of John Pope
Thomas Gowin, John Gowin, Alston Hopkins – 3 tithes
Moses Gowin [torn]
Joseph Gowin his Nat – 2

1768 Feb 2 Moses I Gowin 100 acres from William Gray in Granville Co NC
… between William Gray of Granville County planter of the Province of North Carolina of the one part and Moses Jewel alias Gowin of the County and Province afsd of the other art … in consideration of the sum of 15 pounds … confirm unto the said Moses Jewel alias Gowin … land … situate lying and being in the County and Province afsd on the South side of the Tarr River and on both sides Middle Creek containing 100 acres … bounded … on Ballingers line …. to Sheppard’s line …. to Ballengers Mill Path … part of a larger tract of land containing 420 acres granted to Samuel Ware by deed from the Hon. Thomas Child Esqr …. 27th day of July 1761 …
Signed: William Gray
Wit: John Pope, Crafford Pope
(Deed Book H p. 481) Granville Co, NC

1768 Feb 2 Moses I Gowin 100 acres fr Wm Gray in Granville Co NC p1

1768 Feb 2 Moses I Gowin 100 acres fr Wm Gray in Granville Co NC p2

1769 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
white/ Black/ Carriage wheels
Thomas Gowen – 3/0/0
Moses Gowen – 2/0/0
William Gowen – 1/0/0
Edward Gowen – 0/1/0
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSLF-D9YL-P?i=20&cat=353959 ,  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS7S-MBZS?i=115&cat=332552

1769 Thomas Gowen a Moses Gowen a Edward Gowen on tithe list in Granville Co NC

1771 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Thomas Gowin – 2
Moses Gowin – 1
John Gowin – 1
Edward Gowin – 1
Joseph Gowin – 2

1771 Thomas Gowin a Moses Gowin a John Gowin a Edward Gowin a Joseph Gowin on tithe list in Granville Co NC

1772 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
James Goin – 1
Edward Goin – 1
Thomas Goin – 3
John Goin – 1
Moses Goin – 1
Edward Going Jr – 1

1775 – Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Thomas Gowen – 2
John Gowen – 1
Moses Gowen – 1

1777 – Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Fort Creek District
John Going – money in hand, money in interest, 4 horses, 5 cattle, 100
Moses Going – 7794.17.5 and 1/2 pounds (this number next to his name, but may be a subtotal of all lines above him)
William Going – money in hand, 1 horse, 3 cattle, 31, 17, 0, 0
Edward Going – 90 acres, 2.7.6 money in hand
Thomas Going Senr – 106 acres, money in hand, 3 horses, 10 cattle
Thomas Going Junr – 5 cattle

1782 Granville Co NC Tax Lists
Fort Creek
John Going – 5H 30 total ??
William Gowen – 2H, 1C 11 total
Edward Gowen – 90 acres, 1H,2C 25 total
Moses Gowen – 1H, 5 total

1782 John Going, William Gowen, Edward Gowen, and Moses Gowen on tax list in Granville Co NC

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