Virginia – Bedford County – 1700s to early 1800s


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(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)


Bedford County, Virginia – INFO

1754 Va Bedford Co, Virginia Order Book 1, 1754-1761 (Bounty for Wolf)
By TLC Genealogy
November Court 1754
For Wolves Heads, when cert., by whom cert. granted, Dr
To Giles Williams for 1 old wolf’s head, June 26, 1753, Zachariah Isbel, 100
To Richard Callaway, Assignee of Amb’s Bryan for 1 ditto, November 13, 1754, Richard Callaway, 100
To Mark Cole, assignee of Thomas Rentfro for 1 ditto, November 10, 1754, Mark Cole, 100
To Wm Irvine, Assignee of Wm Goings, August 29, 1754, Zach’s Isbel, 100
To ditto, Assignee of Henry Taylor for 1 ditto, August 27, 1754, Zach Isbel. 100
To ditto, Assignee of Methew Mounce for 6 young ditto, July 3, 1754, Zach’s Isbel, 100
To ditto, Assignee of John Phil Weaver for 2 old ditto, September 7, 1754, Zach’s Isbel, 200
To Mathew Talbot, Assignee of Jacob Hendrickson for 1 ditto, September 25, 1754, John Phelps, 100
To the Sherriff, his commission for collecting at 6% —619 Carried over
Page 46. To Depositum to be accounted for next year — 2574 1754 Bedford County Cr 13500
By 500 titables at 27 lbs of tobacco per poll — 13500

1754 Aug 29 – William Going receives assistance from Wm Irwin according to Bedford County Court Records.,1005,1004,1047

1754-1758 William Gowen was in the military some time during 1754-1758 in Bedford County, Virginia during the French and Indian War.,1061,1278,1113#?imageId=dvm_LocHist000210-00022-1

1761 William Gowen was involved in a court case in 1761 in Bedford County, Virginia, May Court 1761:  Haisty vs. Goings – dismissed

1762 March 20 – William Going receives 240 acres of land on both sides of Island Creek at Walton’s cornerin Bedford County, Virginia.  The deed is not recorded until 1780, which is not uncommon.  When I called the South Carolina Archives about another Gowen, when trying to find deed records and transactions, they informed me that often people would never record their deed at all.  They would receive the deed, live on the land a few years, then sell it to the next person who may do the same.  Eventually someone would record the deed, but there may be several buyers and sellers between who don’t record it.  The fact that William Gowen waited until 1780 to record may mean he possibly had a dispute (trespass lawsuit or threat of a trespass lawsuit, over boundaries, etc.) where he wanted the court to be clear he was the owner.  Or possibly he was considering selling to someone who wanted the deed recorded

1780 The transaction was not recorded until 1780 Va Bedford Co Goen, William 20 Jul 1780 240 acres on both sides of Island Creek.  Land office Patents E, 1775-1776, 1780-1781 (v.2 p. 463-930), p. 178 (Reel 46)

1767 Va Bedford Co, Virginia Deed Book C-3
By Ann Chilton
Page 121,
WOODWARD, RANDLE, Deed from Randle Woodward to William Goings
84 Acres on West Side of Orrick’s Cr
Wit. Isham Talbot, Thos. Overstreet, Geo. Smith
Rec. June 23, 1767 Teste Ben Howard CBC

1770 Va Bedford Co.
Will Book 1 1759-1787
Will Book 2 1787-1803
By Ann Chilton
July 20, 1770
Wife: mentioned, no name
Daughters: Betty, Anny, Lucy
Exec; wife, daughters and son-in-law William Handy
Witnesses: John quarles, John West, William Going
Recorded: March 22, 1773

1771 April 23 – William Gowen is a witness in a Woodward v. Woodward land case

1774 Aug – In August of 1774, William Going is listed in the Bedford County, Virginia militia during Lord Dunmore’s War

The following roll and pay records from the Revolutionary War are from Virginia’s 14th Regiment, showing both William Gowen and Joseph Gowen in that unit together.  These “may” be records of William Gowen Sr, but I think more likely they are of his sons, William Gowen Jr, and Joseph Gowen.

1777 Va William Gowen and Joseph Gowen in militia during Revolutionary War

1777 Feb – “In February 1777, Daniel Going enlisted to serve in the Revolutionary War for a period of two years.  He served in the company commanded by Capt. Gross Scruggs which was part of the Fifth Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Josiah Parker.

1776 – Scruggs’ company was raised in Bedford County, according to “Virginia Soldiers of 1776” by Louis B. Burgess.

1777 Sept 11 – Daniel stated in his pension application that he fought in the Battle of Brandywine which took place on Brandywine Creek, in southeastern Pennsylvania September 11, 1777.  This skirmish took place at the Old Kennett Meeting House of the Quakers.  The building was still standing in April 2000.

On the morning of September 11, British and Hessian troops began marching east along the ‘Great Road’ [now Route 1], advancing on the Colonial troops positioned where the road crossed Brandywine Creek.  The first shots of the battle took place at a tavern where the British were repulsed. The British called for reinforcements and ran down the road to take cover behind the stone walls on the Old Kennett Meeting House grounds.  The battle was fought at mid-morning around the meeting house while the pacifist Quakers continued to hold their midweek service.  One of the Quakers later wrote, ‘While there was much noise and confusion without, all was quiet and peaceful within.’

From the church, the battle continued for three miles to what is now Battlefield Park.  Eventually the British pushed the Colonials back, but not before suffering heavy losses.

1777 Oct 4 – Daniel Going also mentions the Battle of Germantown [suburb of Philadelphia] fought on October 4, 1777 in his pension application.  At that time, the Fifth Virginia, serving under Gen. George Washington, went into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Daniel Going was discharged there after one year of service.”

1778 –  In 1778 Achilles Eubank reenlisted as a substitute for William Gowen of Bedford County, Virginia

1780 September 20 – Joseph Going and Judith Pollard were married in Bedford County, Virginia.  John Mitchell was the surety.

1782 In 1782, Daniel Goyn witnessed Stanley Gower’s Last Will and Testament.

1782 Va Bedford Co
Will Book 1 1759-1787
Will Book 2 1787-1803
By Ann Chilton
May 24, 1782
Wife: Ann
Son: John
Daughter: Nancy
Exec: William Reed, Thomas Lumpkins
Witnesses: James Hilton, Joseph Barrington, Daniel Goyn
Recorded: December 23, 1782
Teste James Steptoe

(See Daniel Gowen’s page for a copy of this will: ).

William Gowen’s son, Daniel Gowen (Goyn here), witnessed Stanley Gower’s will in 1782.    Abstract of will:     In the name of God Amen. I Standly Goer of Bedford County am very sick and weak of body but in perfect sence and memory doe make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. First I commend my sole to Almighty God that gave its and my body to be burreyd in a desent manner at the discresion of my Exectors.

First I lend to my dearly beloved wife Ann Goer the land and plantation where I now live two negro boys Ben and Will and all my household furniture and stock during her widowhood or life and my will and desir is after her marreg or death that my eldest son John Craley Goer shall have half my land and the negro Ben with half my household good and stock and my will and desire is that my son Standly Goer shall have the other half of my land and the negro Will with the other half of my household goods and stock. But at
the time my two sons shall receive which is above mention they shall pay my daughter Nancy Timson Goer the som of thirty five pound a peace on Spacy and I doe apoint my dearly beloved wife, William Reed, and THomas Lumpkins my executors to see this Will satisfied as witnessed my hand and seaal this 24th day of May 1782.

Signed:   Stanlay Gower

Jas Hilson
Joseph Barrington
Daniel S. Goyn

At a court held for Bedford County the 23rd day of December 1782 this Last Will and Testament of Standley Goer deceased was proved by the oaths of James Hilson, Joseph Barrington, and Daniel Goyn witnessed thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Thomas Lumpkin Genl. one of the executtors therein named who made oath thereto certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in due form giving security whereupon he together with Samuel Clayton and John Hook his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of one thousand pounds for the said executors due and faithful administration of the said decedents estate and performance of his will. Liberty being reserved the other executors in the said will mentioned to join in the probate thereof when they shall think fit.

Teste: James Stetoe C C

1782 – Stanley Gower was born in Richmond Co VA and died 1782 in Bedford Co VA.  He married Nancy Ann CRAWLEY. They had children:

1) Nancy Timson Gower,
2) John Craley Gower (who married Elizabeth Gowin – Daniel Gowen’s sister), and
3) Stanley Gower Jr.

1782-1805 – Bedford County Personal Property Tax List
1782-1805, 1806-1816
Library of Virginia microfilm reels 34 and 35

1782 – Legend: 1782

1st Col: Free Males Above 21
2nd Col: Slaves
3rd Col: Horses
4th Col: Cattle
5th Col: White Tithes Above 16 Years
6th Col: Black Tithes Above 16 Years

1782 Daniel Going…………1, 0, 1, 3, 1, 0
1782 Joseph Going……….1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 0
1782 William Going……….1, 0, 1, 5, 1, 0
1782 William Going Sr…..1, 0, 4, 10, 1, 0
Legend: 1783, 1784, 1785 & 1786
1st Col: Whites Over 21
2nd Col: Blacks Over 16
3rd Col: Blacks Under 16
4th Col: Total Blacks
5th Col: Horses
6th Col: Cattle
7th Col: Total Number of White & Black Tithes
1783 William Gowing Jr…..1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 4, 1
1783 William Gowing Sr….1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 6, 1
1783 Daniel Gowing……….1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 3, 1

Daniel Gowen was married about 1783, wife’s name believed to be “Ann.”  Karen L. Cooper suggests that her maiden name was “Preston” and that she was born about 1757  “Dan Gowing” and “Mrs. Ann Gowen” were purchasers at an estate sale October 10, 1783 in Bedford County.
1784 William Going Sr…….1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 7, 1
1784 William Going Jr……..1, 0, 0, 0, 3, 4, 1

1784 May 19 – Joseph GoingsJoseph Goings” on May 19, 1784 received “£4:2:3” for service in the militia, according to Virginia Payroll Account No. 683. Va. Military
1785 Isham Going…………..1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1
1785 William Going Jr……..1, 0, 0, 0, 4, 2, 2

1785 – About 1785, William Gowan made a declaration to the Bedford County Court that he had lost an Auditor’s Warrant which had belonged to Daniel Going.  The bankrupt Continental Congress was not financially able to pay the Revolutionary soldiers at the end of the war and issued Auditor’s Warrants as promissory notes for future payment.  The various states faced financial difficulties as well.

His declaration, recorded in Court Minutes Book 8, page 78, read:

“Bedford County
Virginia Court Records

William Gowing came into court and made oath that he had an Auditor’s Warrant for £4:16s and some odd pence which did belong to Daniel Gowing and he lost the same.  That he has not directly or indirectly received any satisfaction for the same which is ordered to be certified to the Auditors of Pub. Accts.  Memo Bond given with Wm. Hand [his fee] in Pen[alty?] of £9:12:0”

1785 February 14 – Isham Going marries Anne Burnes in Bedford County, Virginia.  Benjamin Rice is the surety.
1786 William Going Sr……..1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 4, 1
1786 Daniel Going…………..1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 3, 1
1787 – Legend: 1787
Names of White Males Tithable Above 21
1st Col: White males above 16 Under 21
2nd Col: Blacks Above 16
3rd Col: Blacks Under 16
4th Col: Horses
5th Col: Cattle

23 Apr 1787 William Gowin……….0, 0, 0, 2, 5
23 Apr 1787 William Gowin……….0, 0, 0. 1, 6
05 May 1787 Isham Gowins……….0, 0, 0, 1, 3
05 May 1787 Daniel Gowins……….0, 0, 0, 1, 4
29 May 1787 Joseph Gowin………..0, 0, 1, 2, 0
14 ___ 1787 John Bratcher Jr…….1, 0, 0, 1, 0
19 ___ 1787 Canaday Bratcher….0, 0, 0, 2, 4
19 ___ 1787 John Bratcher Sr……0, 4, 2, 1, 14

1787 February 6 – William Gowan returned to court to repeat his affidavit and to renew the bond:

William Gowing came into court and made oath that he had an Auditor’s Warrant for £4:16s and some odd pence for the services of Daniel Gowing from the Auditor of Public Accounts bearing date of 3d Dec. 1782 and that he lost the same.  That he has not directly or indirectly received any satisfaction for the same which is ordered to be certified etc . . . Memo bond given in the penalty of £9:12:0”

1788 and 1789 – Legend: 1788 &1789
1st Col: Total Number of Tithes White & Black
2nd Col: Number of Blacks Over 16
3rd Col: Horses

24 Mar 1788 William Gowin Sr….2, 0, 1
29 Apr 1788 Joseph Gowin……..2, 1, 0
12 Jun 1788 William Gowin Jr…..1, 0, 3
12 Jun 1788 Daniel Gowin……….1, 0, 1
12 Apr 1788 John Bratcher………5, 5, 2
21 Mar 1789 Joseph Goings……..1, 2, 0
24 Mar 1789 William Goings Sr….2, 0, 1
30 May 1789 William Gowin Jr…..2, 0, 3
30 May 1789 Daniel Gowin……….1, 0, 1
15 Jun 1789 John Bratcher……….6, 5, 5

1790 – William Going and other family is listed on the 1790 Bedford County, Virginia tax rolls

1791 July 12 – Stone v. Hughes case … copy of contract of sale between George Hughes to Daniel Gowen re land…
… Know all … of the County of Bedford … between …. Daniel Gowen of said County …. sum of one hundred pounds lawful Virginia …
… the condistion of the above obligation is such that if the above bound George Hughs do make to the said Daniel Gowen a right in fee simple to a certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Bedford and bounded by the Road going from David Crumptons to Widow Adams and by … Whites and Crumptons lines on or before the first of January next … then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full …. this 12 July 1791. Signed: George Hughes. Wits: Josephus Thromncad(sp?), Lucy Hilton, Wm Gowen Sr.


1795 March – case filed – Stone v. Hughes case … Complaint
…your orator Eusebus Stone … the 12th of July 1790 a certain George Hughes executed his bond to a certain Daniel Gowen conditioned for the conveyance of a tract of land to the said Gowen as will appear reference ….to the said bond herewith filed and made a part of this bill for which the said Gowen paid a valuable consideration. That the said bond was transfered to your orator and the said Hughes by his endorsement on the said bond agreed to convey the same to your orator … Hughes refuse to make a conveyance as the writing aforesaid stipulates…

1796 March 29 – Stone v. Hughes case – Answer Filed…
The Answer of George Hughes to a Bill of Complaint exhibited against him by Eusebus Stone … declares that at the time and long before the bond afsd was executed, a certain branch or creek commonly called and known by name of Mosses Run was considered as the boundary line between this respondent and a certain David Crumpton whose land lay adjoining to each other.. that at the line when he executed his bond to the said Daniel Goan the aforsd branches was shown and considered as the boundary line and that when this respondant mentioned in the bond Crumptons line it was considered by not only by this respondant but also by the said Gowing as having a referrence to the said Branch which was considered as … line between this respondent and the said Crumpton… but that some time afterwards, the said Crumpton claiming a small part of the land over the branch aforsd the said Goin refused to take the land of this respondent and gave us the bond aforsd to this respondant… that some time after this a certain Eusebus Stone made application to this respondent to purchase the same land and that the said Stone and David Crumpton together with this respondent went around the land and when they came to the said branch the said Crumpton was called upon to show the boudnary line which was shown by the said Crumpton the said Stone then agreed that his purchase was only to extend to the line to shewn and marked by the said Crumpton. That after this said Stone went with this respondent home and it being nearly dark this respondent in the stead of making a new bond was prevailed upon to make the aforsd endorsement on the back of sd bond on the …he had executed to Goin and .. for some weeks had been given up by the sd Goan to this respondent. This Respondent further saith that some time after when the surveyer was called upon to run around a certain John Roberts’ land it was then discovered that the said Crumptons’ line so far from running over the aforsd branch that it did not ever extend to the said branch… in consequence of … the said stone notwithstanding he has been shown the bounds of the land which he had purchased has refused to take a deed for the land agreeable to his contract, unless this respondent … also include that part of the land which lies over the branch aforesd and wch at the time of contract and endorsement aforsd was considered not only by the said Stone, but was also claimed by the said Crumpton as his land and whch this respondant … declares was never considered as … in the said bond nor claimed by the said Stone until after the land was laid off by the surveyor as aforesd. This respd further saith that he has always been willing to make a deed to the said land agreeable to the bounds shown to the said Stone at the time of his purchase… Sworn to by Geo Hughes … 29th day of March 1796. Isaac Otey.

1796 Aug 8 – Stone v. Hughes case – notice to William Terry and Saml Hancock gentlemen of the County of Bedford … to take depositions of … Richard Roberts, Henry Adams, Thomas Williams, Daniel Goin, David Crumpton, and Jacob Wade…witnesses as well on behlf of Eusebius Stone complainant as on behalf of George Hughes defendant … at Count Court of Bedford in Chancery …. Witness James Steptoe Clerk of our said Court… 8th day of Aug 1796.

1797 Jan 16 – Stone v Hughes casenotice of deposition of Daniel Gowen… at the house of Samuel Hancock on the 27th of this month betwixt the hours of 10 oclock in themorning and sunset. To: Eusibius Stone. Signed: George Hughes.

1797 Jan 27 – Stone v. Hughes case… Deposition of Daniel Going
Daniel Going of Bedford County of lawfull age being first sworn upon the Holy Evangelist … deposeth and saith that about the year 1791 he purchased a tract of land of George Hughs lying in Bedford County … known by the name of Mosses Run that the sd Hughs engagd this deponent the land to the branch for a certain distance and not any over the sd branch. This deponent also saith that some time after the contract with the sd Hughs, David Crumpton informed him that the sd Hughs’ line did not come to the branch signifying that the sd Hughs had sold him more land than he could make him a right to that in consequence of this information this deponent went to the sd Hughs and asked a (?) bargain which the sd Hughs consented to according to the bargain was made void and further this deponent saith not. Signed: Daniel Going. Sworn to before us this 27th day of January 1797. Wm Terry, Saml Hancock.

1797 Aug 7 – Stone v. Hughes case… at Franklin Court House….
… Thos Williams of lawful age being first sworn upon the Holy Evangelist … deposeth and sayeth that he rote the Indorsement on the bond given from George Hughes to Daniel Going and then indorst to Stone. This Deponent further saith that he went around the lines with Joseph White, George Hughes, David Crumpton, and several others and do not recolect of seeing any bushes being broke and this deponent further sayeth not.
NB: This deponent further saith that the lines that was shone between Hughes and Cromton was not the right lines the sd Hughes was lead in a description by Crumpton and this deponent further saith not. Signed: Thos Williams. Taken before us. Jonathan Rickon, George Turnbull.

1790 to 1792 – Legend: 1790, 1791 & 1792
1st Col: Number of Tithes Black & White
2nd Col: Number of Blacks Over 12
3rd Col: Horses

22 Mar 1790 William Goin……….1, 0, 2
26 Apr 1790 William Goin………..1, 0, 3
09 Jul 1790 Daniel Goin………….1, 0, 1
12 Jul 1790 John Bratcher……….6, 5, 7
25 Apr 1791 Daniel Gowin……….1, 0, 1
25 Apr 1791 William Gowin Jr…..2, 0, 3
20 Jul 1791 William Gowin Sr…..1, 0, 2
20 Jul 1791 James Gowin………..1, 0, 2
07 Apr 1791 John Bratcher……….7, 5, 7
07 Apr 1791 Canady Bratcher…..1, 0, 2
23 Apr 1792 William Gowin Jr….2, 0, 5
28 May 1792 William Gowin……2, 0, 2
10 Jul 1792 Isham Gowin………..1, 0, 1
10 Jul 1792 Daniel Gowin……….1, 0, 2
10 Jul 1792 James Gowin……….1, 0, 1
26 — 1792 Canady Bratcher……1, 0, 1
26 — 1792 John Bratcher………..7, 5, 11
1793-1801 – Legend: 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800 & 1801
1st Col: Total Number of Tithes White & Black
2nd Col: Blacks Over 12
3rd Col: Horses

18 Mar 1793 William Gowin………2, 0, 4
28 May 1793 Daniel Gowin……….1, 0, 2
28 May 1793 Isham Gowin………..1, 0, 1
29 Jul 1793 William Gowin Sr…….2, 0, 2
31 Jul 1793 John Bratcher Sr……..5, 4, 4
31 Jul 1793 Canaday Bratcher……1, 0, 1
31 Jul 1793 John Bratcher Jr……..1, 0, 2
28 Mar 1794 William Gowing………1, 0, 2
26 May 1794 William Gowing Sr….1, 0, 2
20 Jun 1794 Daniel Gowing………..1, 0, 2
20 Jun 1794 Isham Gowing………. 1, 0, 1
02 Apr 1794 Canady Bratcher…….1, 0, 2
30 Apr 1794 John Bratcher Sr…….6, 4, 5
30 Apr 1794 John Bratcher Jr…….1, 0, 2
04 Apr 1795 William Goen Jr……..1, 0, 2
04 Apr 1795 Isham Goen………….1, 0, 1
04 Apr 1795 Daniel Goen………….1, 0, 1
27 Jul 1795 William Goen Sr……..1, 0, 1
27 Jul 1795 Jeremiah Goen………1, 0, 0
15 May 1795 John Bratcher Sr….5, 4, 5
15 May 1795 John Bratcher Jr…..1, 0, 2
15 May 1795 Canada Bratcher…..1, 0, 1

1795 In 1795 Stanley Gower’s son, John Gower, married William Gowen’s daughter, Elizabeth “Betsey” Gowen.  December 22, 1795, Isham Gowing is surety for his sister, Elizabeth Gowing’s marriage to John Gower in Bedford County, Virginia.  Father William Gowing gives his consent to the marriage of “Betsey”.

1795 Va Bedford Co Nancy Goin marries Henry Vanover with consent of father William Goin August 28, 1795, Isham Goin is surety for his sister, Nancy Goin’s marriage to Henry Vanover in Bedford County, Virginia.  His other brother, Jeremiah Goin is another surety.   William Goin, father of Nancy Goin, gives his consent.

1795 Va Bedford Co Dec 22 Elizabeth Gowing m John Gower with Isham Gowing surety, consent of William Gowing father of Betsey.

21 Mar 1796 Daniel Gowin…………1, 0, 1
06 Jul 1796 William Gowin Jr……..2, 0, 2
07 Jul 1796 William Gowin Sr……..1, 0, 1 (left VA after paying this tax)
07 Jul 1796 Isham Gowin…………..1, 0, 1
22 Mar 1796 Canaday Bratcher….1, 0, 1
22 Mar 1796 John Bratcher Jr……1, 0, 2
22 Mar 1796 John Bratcher Sr…..5, 4, 3

1796 July – Isham Goin witnessed a deed with William Goin and Anester Goin in 1796.  Isham Goin was appointed as one of the counties constables in Jul 1796.
10 Apr 1797 Daniel Gowen………1, 0, 1
15 Apr 1797 Isham Gowen……….0, 0, 1
24 Apr 1797 William Gowen Jr….1, 0, 3
07 Apr 1797 John Bratcher Sr…..6, 4, 4
07 Apr 1797 John Bratcher Jr……1, 0, 2
07 Apr 1797 Canada Bratcher…..1, 0, 0

1794 Nov 22 – “Daniel Going” was one of the men who posted bond when items were sold from the estate of Maryann Franklin in Bedford County November 22, 1794.  The bond was “examined by the Bedford County Court September 19, 1797 and returned July 23, 1798,” suggesting that Daniel Going remained there at that time.

1798 May 7 – Read v. Donald casedeposition of William Going
William Going gave deposition testimony:
…”The deposition of William Going of lawful age being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist deposeth and saith that some time in the year 1775 before Mr Robt Donald left this Country that this deponant let the said R Donald have a Hhd of Tobo which was sent down about the time that the Inspection of Tobo expired and that the said Donald charged this deponent with the carriage of the tobo but never gave him credit for the tobo notwithstand Mr Brandon agent for the sd Donald informed this deponent that sd Donald had levied the tobo and that this deponent let said Donald have 20 barrels of corn for which this deponant had no credit on his bond and further this deponant not. Signed: William Going.
Sworn to at the house of Col John Otey May 7, 1798… Signed: Thomas Logwood, Isaac Otey.

25 Jul 1798 William Gowin Jr…..1, 0, 2
25 Jul 1798 Isham Gowin………..0, 0, 1
11 Apr 1798 Canada Bratcher….1, 0, 1
08 Jun 1798 John Bratcher……..6, 4, 4
25 Mar 1799 Isham Gowen………0, 0, 1 (died after paying this tax)
13 Apr 1799 Canady Bratcher….1, 0, 1
24 Jun 1799 John Bratcher Sr….4, 4, 3
24 Jun 1799 John Bratcher Jr….1, 0, 3
__ Jul 1800 Daniel Gowen………2, 0, 1 (Daniel and son, Isham)
__ Jul 1800 Manoah Gowen……1, 0, 0
08 May 1800 Can Bratcher………1, 0, 1
08 May 1800 John Bratcher……..1, 0, 2
08 May 1800 John Bratcher Sr….5, 3, 3
26 Mar 1801 Jeremiah Gowen….2, 0, 1
08 Apr 1801 Minoah Gowen…….1, 0, 0
03 Apr 1801 John Bratcher Sr….4, 3, 3
03 Apr 1801 John Bratcher Jr…..1, 0, 2
03 Apr 1801 Canada Bratcher….1, 0, 1
03 Apr 1801 Ben Bratcher……….1, 0, 2

1801 Va Bedford Co William Gowin and John Crane land dispute;

1801 Va Bedford Co;
Will Book 1 1759-1787
Will Book 2 1787-1803
By Ann Chilton
July 18, 1801
By: Christopher Clark, Augustine Leftwich, Jabe Leftwich
Recorded: July 27, 1801
Teste James Steptoe
1802 – 1805 – Legend: 1802, 1803, 1804 & 1805
1st Col: Number of White Males Above 16
2nd Col: Blacks Above 12 Years Old
3rd Col: Blacks Above 16 Years Old
4th Col: Horses

13 Aug 1802 Micajah Going……….1, 0, 0, 0
14 Aug 1802 Noah Going…………..1, 0, 0, 1
21 Aug 1802 Daniel Going…………2, 0, 0, 1 (Daniel and son, Isham)
21 Aug 1802 John Bratcher Jr……1, 0, 0, 2
21 Aug 1802 Cannady Bratcher….1, 0, 0, 2
21 Aug 1802 John Bratcher Sr……1, 0, 3, 2
03 May 1803 Minoah Going……….1, 0, 0, 0
20 Aug 1803 Daniel Going…………1, 0, 0, 1
20 Aug 1803 Isham Going…………1, 0, 0, 1 (Daniel’s son)
18 Aug 1803 John Bratcher Jr……1, 0, 0, 2
18 Aug 1803 Cannady Bratcher….1, 0, 0, 1
18 Aug 1803 Benjamin Bratcher….1, 0, 0, 1
26 Aug 1803 John Bratcher Sr……1, 0, 3, 2
04 Aug 1804 Daniel Going……….2, 0, 0, 2 (Daniel and son, Isham)
01 Sep 1804 Noah Going…………1, 0, 0, 1
28 Jul 1804 Cannady Bratcher….2, 0, 0, 1
16 Apr 1805 Daniel Going………..1, 0, 0, 1
05 Jun 1805 Noah Going…………1, 0, 0, 1
1805 – 1810 – After 1805, neither Going nor Bratcher, including surname variations, are found on the 1806 through 1810 tax lists.

This data was copied from microfilm by Joseph “Eddie” Harris and transcribed by Karen Cooper.

(The Going/Gowen family members do not appear in Bedford County tax lists after 1805).

1812 Jan 17 – we received the land belonging to the estate of Isham Going decd and do allot to Magdalin Going all the land on the west side of the road as her third of the aforesaid tract. Signed: Alexr Burton, Elijack Wecks, Francis Makin. Will Books v. 3, p 51. Bedford Co, Va.

1818 June 3 – On June 3, 1818, Daniel Going made an affidavit in Campbell County Court asking for a pension based on his Revolutionary service.  The earliest general pension act for Revolutionary service was enacted by Congress May 18, 1818. Daniel Goins applied for a Revolutionary pension June 3, 1818 in Campbell County, Tennessee at “age 60.”

“Pension No. S-38744:

State of Tennessee  }
Campbell County    }

On the 3rd day of June, 1818 before me the presiding Justice of the governing court for said county of Campbell which court is a court of record personally appeared Daniel Going aged 60 years resident in said county of Campbell who being by me first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath makes the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the act of Congress entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land & have service of the United States in the Revolutionary War.  That the said Daniel Going enlisted in February 1777 in the State of Virginia in the company commanded by Capt. Scruggs of the 5th Virginia in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Josiah Parker for two years, that he continued in said Regiment in the United States service until the month of February 1778 when he was discharged at the Valley Forge in Pennsylvania—that he was in the battle at Germantown and the battle at Brandywine—that he is reduced circumstances and needs the assistance of his country for support, that he has lost his discharge and that he has no other evidence now in his power of his said service.  That he has never been a pensioner and does hereby relinquish claim to pensions heretofore provided for.

Sworn to and declared            Daniel [X] Going
before me
Date and year aforesaid.

Sampson Davis
Presiding Justice
Of the Court of Campbell County, Tennessee”

Cert. 13511
West Tennessee

1835 … Rice v. Gowing – … defendants William Gowings, James Gowings, Judy Gowings, Jeremiah Gowings, Sandford S. Gowingsall non-residents of this state (Virginia)… plaintiff is legally entitled to the interest of the defendants Jeremiah Gowings and Sandford S Gowings (or two shares out of five) the land in the bill mentioned…said tract of land will not … a division as to make each distribution … value of $300 dollars… (image 2 & 3)  Chancery Records Index, Virginia, BEDFORD CO. Va. Index No. 1835-068

(NOTE:  The following are documents found in the above Rice v. Gowing case):

1811 Oct 27 – Rice v. Gowing – marriage between John Barch and Judith Going… (image 6)

1812 Oct 7 – Rice v. Gowing … I John Walker Barch of the County of Surry and State of North Carolina am … bound unto William Hudnall of Virginia .. County of Bedford, for the full and just sum of $120 … dollars … to be paid to the said William Hudnall his heirs … this 7th day of Oct (?), 1812.
The condition of the above obligation is such that … the above bound John Walker Barch … produce a certificate that he the sd John W Burch is lawfull husband to Judith Barch formerly Judith Going a legatee of Isham Going decd and that the sd Wm Hudnall hath this day fully paid(?) …. in discharge of my wife Judith Barch all her part and claim of her decd fathers estate … Signed: John W. Barch. Wit: Thos S. Hudnall. (Image 10)

1812 Dec 17 – Rice v. Gowing – Recd of William Hudnall admr of Isham Going decd full satisfaction on acct of my wife Judith Barch formerly Judith Going a legatee of Isham Going decd... Signed: John Walker Barch. (Image 8)

1818 Aug 25 – Rice v. Gowing … I Jeremiah Goings of Surry County the State of North Carolina son and heir of Isham Going decd late of Bedford County and State Virginia do by these presents bind myself my heirs and etc to pay unto John Hudnall his heirs etc of Bedford County and State of Virginia as aforesaid the just and full sum of $500 dollars lawful money of Virginia for value recd.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the sd Jeremiah Going hath for himself and his brother Sanford L Going son and heir of the above named Isham Going decd, bargained and sold unto John Hudnall as afforesd all our right and title to all the interest we hold in the estate of our decd father Isham Going’s estate no in the hands of John Hudnall exr of William Hudnall, and Jesse Leftwich, the intrvening anistrator of the sd decd both real and personal for which I bind myself my heirs etc to warrant and for ever defend to the sd Hudnall his heirs etc a good and lawful right and title against the claim or claims of all persons whatever then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue in witness whereoff I have unto set my hand and seal this 25th Augst 1818. Signed: Jeremiah Going, Sanford L Going. Wits: Jesse Leftwich, Jas. McGhee, Stephen Hewith(sp?). (Image 16).

1835 Jan 26 – Rice v. Gowing – Addressed to: Mr. Lane Garland, Sir, I enclose you the papers you needed before you could proceed to bring suite for the sale of the Going land – you will find also the bond he executed to Hudnall for the two fifths of the above named land. You will be so good as prosecute …. and next court I canlet you have some money… Signed: Geo W Shelton. Jan 26th 1835.
NB: You will also find the names at the bottom of this address –
(Note on side says: Isham Gowin’s children…).
Signed: ? Shelton.
(Note on bottom says: Isham Gowen died seized of a small tract of land in Bedford County (20 to 40 acres)… (Image 14).

1835 March Ct – Rice v. Gowing – The County Court of Bedford acting in Chancery …
Your Orator Samuel D Rice … complaining … Isham Gowin late of said County departed this life intestate seized and possessed of a small tract of land in said County said to contain acres … having the following children to survive him and who … all his heirs at law and entitled to receive and inherit said land or its proceeds. To wit William, James, Judy, Jeremiah, and Sanford L Going, five in number.
Your orator charges that on the 25th day of August 1818 the said Jeremiah and Sanford L Gowing sold to John Hudnall of said County, their shares or interest of 2/5 in said lands, as … as their shares in the … estate of said Defendants for a valuable consideration then paid … to me … to said Hudnall a good and lawfull right to the shares of said estate. The said Hudnall ofterwards for valuable consideration … by your orator paid assigned … for him all his right in and to the real Est ….
Your orator charges that all said Gowings are nonresidents of this commonwealth in parts unknown to him. … is not worth $100 to each share and will not admit of a division without destroying the value of the whole.
Your orator is desirous of having the land sold that he may obtain his part of the proceeds. The said Jeremiah and Sanford L never records any deed of conveyance either to said Hudnall or for him though required so to do.
… prays that said Wm, James, Judy, Jeremiah, and Sanford L Gowings with John Hudnall may be made parties Defendants for this bill … this Court to … a sale of sd land by a commission … to your orator his share of the proceeds of such sale…. Signed: Garland Esq. March Court 1835. (Images 20 and 21).

1835 March Ct – Rice v. Gowing – The answer of John Hudnall to the bill of Samuel D Rice against Wm Going, this and other defts in Bedford County Court.
This deft showing .. it is true as charged in the bill of pltf that he purchased of Jeremiah Gowing and Sandford L Gowing their shares in the real and personal estate of Isham Gowen their father, as by the covenant… fully appear. It is also true that he sold the same shares of the real estate to the Plt and assigned the same to him as by the assignment will appear… Signed: Jno Hudnall by G his atty. March Court 1835. (Image 22).

1835 May 11 – Rice v. Gowing – Publication in the Lynchburgh Democrat … published… 2 months…
Samuel D. Rice, Plaintiff against Wm Gowings, James Gowings, Judy Gowings, Jeremiah Gowings, Sanford S Gowings, and John Hudnall, Defendants…
In Chancery
The Defendants William Gowings, James Gowings, Judy Gowings, Jeremiah Gowings and Sanford S Gowings that having entered their appearance and given security according to the act of assembly and the rulse of this Court, and in appearing by satisfactory evidence that they are not inhabitants of this county– it is ordered that said Defendants do appear here on the 4th Monday in July next, and answer the Bill of the Plaintiff — and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in the Lynchberg Democrat for two months ….. and posted at the front door of the Court House of this County. A Copy — Test. Robert Mitchell, CRC, May 11, 1835. (Image 18).

1835 July term – Rice v. Gowing … in the case of Saml D Rice plaintiff against Wm Gowing, John Hudnall sd defendants … the undersigned the commissioners named … did on the 25th day of September 1835 upon the …. to sell at publication auction the land therein named and upon the terms specified by the Court, John H Bowyer having been the highest bidder the land was … price of $3.07 … viz 54 and 1/4 acres at 3.07 per acre = $166.54. Cash paid at sale $40, one year payment $63.27, two year payment $63.27. Total $166.54 … deducting interest… $154.17… deduct (costs – $41.88 – surveyor, publication, printer, attys, clerk, etc). Leaving $112.29. (Image 12).

1835 July – Rice v. Gowing – In Chy.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the deft Judy Gowings had intermarried with John W Barch it is ordered that he be made a deft to this suit, and … the report of George W Shelton made in pursuance of the described order on the — day of July 1835 … And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that John Hudnall executor of Wm Hudnall decd is entitled to the wholeestate of the Defts John W Barch and Judy his wife in the sale of the land aforesaid, and it also appearing that the Commissioner aforesaid has paid the whole of the costs of this suit out of the funds in his hands which …. to the court is all right they having in the opininon that it should have … $112 dollars 29 cents for distribution … George W Shelton do pay to the pltf $64.92 (? not clear), it being the two shares of Jeremiah and Sandford S Gowings he being justly entitled to the sum. That the said George W Shelton do pay to John Hudnall exor of Wm Hudnall the sum of $22.46 the share … proportion of John W Barch and Judy his wife and that the said Commision do pay to William Gowings and James Gowings each the sum of $22.46. (Images 23-24).
Chancery Records Index, Virginia, BEDFORD CO. Va. Index No. 1835-068


Gowen Manuscript:  (Note:  There is a line of info from Gowen Manuscript that connects the Gowen family of Bedford County, Virginia to the Gowen family of Goochland County, Virginia appears to be incorrect – review the documents here and compare to the records on the page for Goochland Co, Va to see the inconsistencies – William Gowen of Goochland Co, Va continued to live in Goochland after the William Gowen of Bedford Co, Va started showing up in records in Bedford Co, Va).


Margaret Goen was listed as a charter member of Beaverdam Baptist Church which was founded in 1803 in Bedford County. The church has existed continually since its found-ing, and in 2001 was located in the Chamblissburg Commun-ity [formerly known as Peatown, Virginia] near Vinton, Vir-ginia. Beaverdam Baptist Church was “planted” as an arm of Goose Creek Church in 1801. It is possible that “Peatown” was also known as “P Town.” Robert N. Grant of Menlo Park, California wrote July 27, 2001 suggesting that “P Town” was an abbreviation for “Pate’s Town.” The Pate family was one of the early settlers of that area.

The original charter members include:

“John Wright
Abaham Huddleston
Jesse Burton
Alexander St.Clair
John Mays
Joseph Edds
William O. Briant
Hugh Frasure
Thomas Wright
Daniel James & Wife
John S. Linker
Thomas Woodcock
George Bean & Wife
John Drake & Wife
David Campbell
Nancy Lancaster
Elizabeth Wheeler
Elizabeth Shrewsbury
Susanne Mays
Lidia Nimmo
Mary Woodcock
Ann King
Elizabeth Frasure
Elizabeth Jordon
Ann West
Rury West
Elizabeth Wright
Jane Williams
Agness Pate
Lucy Richardson
Margaret Goen
Rachel Martin
Mary Sinor
Mary Sinor (again)
Sarah McDermid
Henry Woodcock & Wife (by Letter)
Daniel Farror & Wife Katey (Colored)”
William Goan received a deed to 100 acres June 23, 1795 from Isaac Wade and wife, Mary Wade, according to Bedford County Deed Book 10, page 401.
Preston Goen, negro, was enumerated in the 1880 census of Bedford County, Enumeration District 17, page 75:

“Goen, Preston 31, born in VA, negro
Annie 30, born in VA, negro
Fannie 10, born in VA
John William 16, born in VA
McClary, Hannah 60, born in VA, mother-in-law

Preston Goin and Hannah McClary Goin were the parents of Annie Goin, age 36, who died of consumption July 8, 1879, according to “Death Records of Bedford County, Virginia.”

Preston Goin and Annie Goin were the parents of Walter Goin, age 5, who died July 16, 1879, according to “Death Records of Bedford County, Virginia.”
John Goin and Martha Goin were the parents of Emma Goin, age 18, who died of whooping cough October 18, 1875, ac-cording to “Death Records of Bedford County, Virginia.” Daniel Going was listed as a taxpayer in Bedford County, paying tax for one poll, according to “Virginia Taxpayers, 1782-1787.”
James Going was married to Ann Chenault, daughter of John Chenault, November 29, 1853, according to “Lynchburg, Vir-ginia Marriage Book.” A descendant, Steve Lee Goens of Newport News, Virginia, reported October 15, 1997 that James Going was married to “Sophia Chenault, daughter of Jonathan Chenault and Paulina Ricketts Chenault.” Children born to James Going and Ann Chenault Going are unknown.

“Paulina Going, daughter of Amy Going,” was married to Luke Valentin April 11, 1807, according to “Lynchburg, Virginia Marriage Book.”
Lucy F. Going, age 19, daughter of Samuel Going and Ann Going, was married August 17, 1865 to Henry Glass, age 38, “from Germany,” according to “Lynchburg, Virginia Mar-riage Book.”
Samuel S. Going, age 60, widower, was married to Sarah Ann Coleman, age 33, widow, daughter of Henry Coleman and Charity Coleman, according to “Lynchburg, Virginia Mar-riage Book.” He was born in Buckingham, the son of William Going and Kersey Going. Sarah Ann Coleman Going was born in Lynchburg.

“Samuel Going,” age 77, white, died “of old age” December 22, 1873, according to “Death Records of Bedford County, Vir-ginia.” He was identified as a “lockkkeeper,” and his widow was Sallie Going. He was a son of William Going and Kersey Going “of Buckingham.”
Viney Going died September 4, 1882, according to “Death Records of Bedford County, Virginia.”
William Going received 84 acres on the west side of Orrick Creek [later called Island Creek] December 1, 1766 from Randle Woodard, according to Bedford County deed records. Four years later, on December 4, 1770 Randle Woodard and wife, Susannah Woodward of New Kent County, Virginia deeded to William Going of Bedford County, 550 acres on the north side of Orrick Creek, adjoining Ishmael Stone, William Stone and George Whetsel. according to Bedford County Deed Book 10, page 149.
William Going was married to Lucy Majors, daughter of Jacob Majors January 9, 1833, according to “Lynchburg, Virginia Marriage Book.”
Robert M. Goins was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1870 census of Bedford County, page 304, line 32:

“Goins, Robert M. 60, male, white, farm laborer
Frances 63, female, white
John J. 34, male, white, carpenter
Mildred 24, female white
Elvira 27, female, white
William 7, male, white
Rebecca 38, female, white
Jonetta 9, female, white
Peter E. 6, male, white

All members of the family were born in Virginia Also four black children surnamed Noell lived in the household. Nearby was enumerated the household of neighbor William G Clayton.

Nancy J. Goins, age 3, born in Virginia and Sally P. Goins, age 1, born in Virginia were enumerated in the 1870 census of the household of William G. Clayton of Bedford County, page 305, line 7.
Samuel Gowen [Gowin/Gowing] enlisted in Capt. William J. Freeland’s company of Virginia militia in the War of 1812 and received Survivor’s Certificate No. 13096, according to “War of 1812 Pensioners” by Virgil D. White. His first wife was Elizabeth Ferguson Gowen. They lived in Bedford County and in Botetourt County.

“Samuel Gowin,” who was a resident of Botetourt County, Virginia in 1850 was a resident of Bedford County in 1855.
William P. Gowen enlisted in Capt. William J. Freeland’s company of Virginia militia in the War of 1812 and received Survivor’s Certificate 4026, according to “War of 1812 Pensioners” by Virgil D. White. He was married February 23, 1823 in Buckingham County, Virginia to Ana Amos. They later lived in Gallia County, Ohio where he died June 4, 1873. Anna Amos Gowen received Widow’s Certificate No. 31583. She lived in Roane County, West Virginia from 1878 to 1881. She died prior to August 18, 1886.
Bowker Gowin was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1850 census of Bedford County, Northern District, page 175. Nearby Sally Gowin was also listed as the head of a household, page 175.
Elizabeth Gowing was married to John Gower December 22, 1795, according to “Bedford County, Virginia Marriages, 1772-1850.”
Daniel Goyn was a witness to the will of Standley Gower [also rendered as “Standly Goor,” dated May 24, 1782, according to “Abstracts of Bedford County, Virginia Wills, Inventories and Accounts, 1754-1887” by Joida Whitten.

A sale of the estate of “Stanley Gower” was held October 10, 1783, according to “Abstracts of Bedford County, Virginia Wills, Inventories and Accounts, 1754-1787,” also compiled by Joida Whitten. Buyers at the sale included “Dan: Gowing and “Mrs. Ann Gowen.”

From Gowen Manuscript:


Daniel Going was listed as a taxpayer in Bedford County, pay­ing tax for one poll, according to “Virginia Taxpayers, 1782-1787.”
Bowker Gowin was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1850 census of Bedford County, Northern District, page 175. Nearby Sally Gowin was also listed as the head of a household, page 175.
Samuel Gowin, who was a resident of Botetourt County, Vir­ginia in 1850 was a resident of Bedford County in 1855.
Aaron Going, son of Esther Going was born about 1790 probably in Bedford County, Virginia. He was probably brought to Madison County, Kentucky by William Gowan and Anastasia Sullivan Gowan, regarded as his grandparents. “Aaron Going, orphan of Easter Going, deceased,” was bound out for blacksmithing to Alexander Baugh July 4, 1803, according to Madison County Court Minutes, page 184. The overseers of the poor examined his indenture with Baugh and ordered him to stay with Stephen Wather. He was “bound out to learn a trade” De­cember 2, 1805, according to Madison County, Kentucky Deed Book F, page 58. Another document, dated June 6, 1806 changed his indenture to John Gurgett, as a carpenter. A Madison County court record orders Aaron Going to pay Sherwood H. Johnson “25p a day as witness for him in a suit brought by Alexander Baugh” in 1805. The surname was shown as “Cannon” in this record.

Possible children of Aaron Going include:

Emily Going born about 1818
Andrew Jackson Going born about 1820
Aaron Going born about 1823
Samuel Goins was listed on the 1843 tax list of Madison County, Kentucky. “Samuel H. Gowen” was a taxpayer there in 1844. Samuel Goins reappeared in the 1847 tax list.
Harrison Goin was recorded as a taxpayer in the 1846 tax list of Madison County.


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