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To a foreigner, a Yankee is an American. To a Southerner, a Yankee is a Northerner. To a Northerner, a Yankee lives in New England. In New England, a Yankee is someone from Vermont. To a Vermonter, a Yankee is someone who still uses an outhouse.–Kenneth O’Niell to “New York Times Magazine.”
The 1790 census of Vermont showed only two Gowing families. Since both lived in the extreme southeastern section of the state, it is believed that they were related to the New Hampshire Gowing families who lived a short distance east across the state line.


Lincoln E. Gowen, son of Roy Gowen and Maud Estel Gowen, was born in 1912 in Hardwick, Vermont. Shortly afterward, his family removed to Concord, Vermont where he was graduated from high school in 1931.

He attened the University of New Hampshire where he joined the ROTC, played football and lacrosse and was a boxer. He was married about 1935 to Rose E. Hanscomb. In 1944, they removed to Newmarket, Vermont. Rose E. Hanscomb Gowen died in 1971

He was employed at Durgin’s Poultry Farm in Lee, Vermont for several years. At his retirement in 1978, he was employed by Simplex Wire & Cable Co. He was a member of the Nottingham Grange, Portsmouth Laborers Union and Newmarket Community Church.

Lincoln E. Gowen died March 5, 1999 in Sunrise Nursing Home in Exeter, New Hampshire, according to his obituary published in a Vermont newspaper. The article mentioned:

“He was predeceased by a sister, Leah Gowen and two brothers, Guy Gowen and Wayne Gowen. He was survived by three sons, Robert Gowen and Larry Gowen, both of Newmarket and Kenneth Gowen of Barrington, two daughters Betty Ann Gowen Westgate of Barrington and Linda Gowen Westgate of Madbury, a brother, Max Gowen of Bedford and a sister, Winola Gowen Stokes of Canterbury. He is to receive spring burial in Riverside Cemetery.”


James F. Gowan was listed as an employee of Matthews & Hickok residing at 43 Main in the 1888-89 Burlington city directory. He was listed as an employ of Matthews & Hickok residing at South Champain near Main Street in the 1889-90 Burlington city directory.


Martha Miller Byrnes of Sandy Hook, Connecticut wrote April 3, 1997, “I am one of many descendents of the marriage of George Warren Going to Maria Josephine Cass. George was born December 25, 1831 in Westfield, Vermont, and Maria Josephine Cass was born March 27, [year disputed].”

Children born to George Warren Going and Josephine Maria Cass Going include:

Alfredah Eldoras Going born April 3, 1857
Gertrude Elizabeth Going born June 27, 1859
Amy Augusta Going born September 25, 1862
Clara Jenette Going born June 6, 1864
Jehiel Cass Going born August 19, 1866
Albert George Going born August 23, 1869
Edward Alonzo Going born November 23, 1871
Millard Merton Going born January 18, 1873
Edith Adelda Going born May 27, 1878

Martha Miller Byrnes wrote, “Source for the above information is the 1902 volume “Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Thomas Scott, Born 1744, The Record Covering the Entire Period of the History of the Family in America” The book was edited by C.S. Scott, Phoenix, Arizona. It was obtained by my grandfather, or other member of his family, at a Scott reunion at the old homestead in Halifax, Vermont, August 29, 1906. The book was subtitled “A reunion of the descendants of Thomas Scott, born in 1744, and Sarah Hale, born in 1748, and married at Ashford, Connecticut February 16, 1769.”

Alfredah Eldoras Going, son of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born April 3, 1857 in Palmyra, Illinois. He was married in Barton Landing, Vermont April 3, 1883 to Laura Elizabeth Wilcox who was born November 12, 1866 in Fairfield, Vermont. He died in 1918 and was buried at Orleans, Vermont. Martha Miller Byrnes wrote, “My mother was a granddaugter of Alfredah Eldoras Going and Laura Elizabeth Wilcox Going.”

Gertrude Elizabeth Going, daughter of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born June 27, 1859 in Brownington, Vermont. She was married in Newport, Vermont July 4, 1881 to Edwin Huse. In 1883 they lived in West Charleston, Vermont.

Amy Augusta Going, daughter of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born June 27, 1859 in Brownington and remained a spinster all of her life. Martha Miller Byrnes wrote, “I have Amy’s diary of a train trip from Northern Vermont to Northern Illinois and Clinton Iowa [via Canada] for a family reunion on the Cass side of the family in the summer of 1908.”

Clara Jenette Going, daughter of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born June 6, 1864 in Brownington and died the following year, August 4, 1865.

Jehiel Cass Going, son of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born August 19, 1866 in Brown­ington. He died at age 10, January 9, 1877 and was buried in Brownington Center.

Albert George Going, son of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born August 23, 1859 in Brown­ington. He died at age four, August 25, 1876.

Millard Merton Going, son of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born at Brownington January 18, 1873 and died on the same day.

Edith Adelda Going, daughter of George Warren Going and Maria Josephine Cass Going, was born May 27, 1878 at Brownington.
Elroy Horace Gowen was born in Craftsbury, Vermont in Orleans County in 1887, according to Laurie Gowen, a great-granddaughter. He was married about 1910 to Maude Alice Estelle. It is believed that they lived in Hardwick, Vermont.

From Hardwick they removed to Milton, Vermont where he worked in a general store. Later they removed to Concord, New Hampshire where he abandoned his family. It is supposed that he went back to Vermont where he died and was buried in a pauper’s grave.

Children born to Elroy Horace Gowen and Maude Alice Estelle Gowen include:

Leah Gowen born in 1912
Lincoln Elroy Gowen born in 1913
Wayne Gowen born in 1914
Max Gowen born in 1915
Guy William Gowen born in 1919
Winola Gowen born about 1922


George Burton Gowen was born in Rutland, Vermont in 1867. He was hired by the Rutland Railroad in 1906, and through promotions during a 37-year tenure with the railroad became its superintendent. He died in Rutland August 4, 1955, at age 88, according to the August 5, 1955 edition of “New York Times.”


Levi Gowen and Achsah Gowen were residents of Rockingham in 1795. Children born to them include:

Ira Gowen born September 21, 1795
Emla Gowen born February 13, 1798
Levi Gowen born September 21, 1805
Achsah Gowen born May 1, 1808

Levi Gowen, son of Levi Gowen and Achsah Gowen, was born in Rockingham September 21, 1805. He was married April 18, 1828 to Mary Emery in Tioga, New York, according to the re­search of Janet Reid.
Samuel Gowen was enumerated as the head of a household in Dummerston, Vermont in 1790, according to “Heads of Fami­lies, Vermont, 1790,” page 48:

“Gowen, Samuel white male over 16
white female
white male under 16
white female
white female”


Jonathan Going was born in Reading, Vermont March 7, 1786 of parents unknown. He was graduated from Brown Univer­sity, Providence, Rhode Island in the class of 1809 and was or­dained a Baptist minister in 1811. He received an honorary A.M. degree from the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont in 1812.

From 1811 to 1815 he filled a pulpit in Cavendish, Vermont. “Jonathan Gowen” of Cavendish declared a marriage intent with Lucy Thorndike August 28, 1811, according to “Vital Records of Dunstable, Massachusetts.”

He preached at Worcester, Massachusetts From 1815 to 1832. He was also principal of Latin grammar school there in 1816.

Jonathan Going was a representative of the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society in 1831, according to “The Associate,” newsletter of the American Baptist Historical Society, December 1989 issue. He toured a large portion of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky with the Rev. J. M. Peck in 1831. Before separating, they agreed upon a plan to form the American Baptist Home Mission Society. This was accomplished in 1832, when leaders in the East adopted a constitution and elected Jonathan Going its first secretary.

From 1832 until 1837, Jonathan Going lived in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1837, he was a theology professor and later president of a Granville College in Granville, Ohio until his death. He was also a trustee of Brown University until his death. He died at Granville November 9, 1844, according to “American Biographical Notes” by Franklin B. Hough. Rev. Jonathan Going received mention in “History of Vermont” by Thompson. Children born to Rev. Jonathan Going and Lucy Thorndike Going are unknown.
Clarence Gowing was married February 28, 1898 to Lilla Ella Stickney, according to “History of Barnard, Vermont” by William Monroe Newton. She was born February 28, 1876. He died in Springfield, New Hampshire September 1, 1914. In 1926 she lived in Charlestown, New Hampshire. Children born to Clarence Gowing and Lilla Ella Stickney Gowing include Roy Albert Gowing, born September 24, 1901. In 1926 he lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Nathaniel Gowing was recorded as the head of a household in the Chester, Vermont in 1790, according to “Heads of Families, Vermont, 1790,” page 59:

“Gowing, Nathaniel white male over 16
white female
white male under 16
white female”
Robert Finlay Gowing was born at Rockingham, Vermont February 23, 1832. He was married February 26, 1862 to Han­nah Hager who wa sborn July 24, 1832 at Chester, Vermont. Later Robert Finlay Gowing owned a cheese factory at North Charlestown, New Hampshire.

Children born to Robert Finlay Gowing and Hannah Hager Gowing include:

Clara Elizabeth Gowing born April 3, 1865

Clara Elizabeth Gowing, daughter of Robert Finlay Gowing and Hannah Hager Gowing, was born April 3, 1865 at Rock­ingham. Later she was a teacher at Springfield, Vermont.
Simeon Gowing, son of Joshua Gowing and Abigail Gowing, was born in Weathersfield, Vermont in 1852. He continued there in 1894.

S. Newton Gage, who formerly lived in Weathersfield, died in that year and left land in Pecos County, Texas to Simeon Gowing. The relationship of the two men is unknown.

In the inheritance Simeon Gowing received 1,630 acres of land in three plots, according to Pecos County deed records recorded February 1, 1895. Although S. Newton Gage had three sons, E. L. Gage by his first wife and Alfred Stevens Gage and Seth N. Gage by his second wife, the land went to Simeon Gowing.

Gage heirs were contesting the heirship many years later. Dorothy Gage Forkner, femme sole of San Antonio, Texas, a granddaughter of S. Newton Gage and daughter of Alfred Stevens Gage, filed an affidavit with a Pecos County court seeking to recover a portion of the inheritance.

Simeon Gowing sold the land to B. K. Riggs who died soon afterwards. Simeon Gowing repurchased the land from the Riggs heirs with a payment of $383.56, according to Pecos County Deed Book 12, page 133. In 1901 the Pecos County sheriff levied again the land for back taxes, and a tax sale was held, according to Pecos County Deed Book 8, page 22.

Simeon Gowing died March 28, 1907 “of acute indigestion and valvulr disease of the heart” at age 55, according to Windsor County death records and was buried at Windsor March 29, 1907.

The “land in Texas being his whole estate” was valued at $2,445, according to Pecos County Deed Book 222, pages 537-542. Truman Richardson was appointed administrator of the estate.

Simeon Gowing died unmarried and childless. His estate was divided among six cousins: Ada Richardson who married Leonard H. Howe and lived in Boston; Norman F. Clark who lived in Windsor County with his wife, Vera E. Clark; Frank L. Clark of Windsor County; Mary Clark Blodget who married William H. Blodgett and lived in Windsor County; Hattie Clark Corey who married Lucius H. Corey and lived in Montgomery County, New York and Elbert O. Clark who lived at St. Vin­cent de Paul, Quebec, Canada.

On April 19, 1909 the heirs of Simeon Gowing sold 640 acres of the land to James Rooney, county clerk and later sheriff of Pecos County for $2 per acre. Howell Johnson later bought other portions of the estate, according to Pecos County Deed Books 14 and 36.


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