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From Gowen Manuscript:

A. W. Gowan was a member of the Oregon State Legislature in 1893. In 1895 and 1897 he was serving in the Senate.


Winfield Gowan was married April 6, 1899 in Clackamas County to Emma C. Parrish, according to “The Parrish Family” by Scott Lee Boyd. Emma C. Parrish was born August 19, 1877 and died October 17, 1919. Children born to Winfield Gowan and Emma C. Parrish Gowan are unknown.


Ardath Lavern Gowan was born March 24, 1924 at Burns, Oregon of parents unknown. In 1943 she was living in Port­land, Oregon. She was married October 5, 1943 to Phillip Paul DeLuca, who was born in Chicago, Illinois November 18, 1920. At the time of his marriage he was stationed at Clovis Army Air Base, Clovis, New Mexico, according to Curry County, New Mexico Marriage Book 27, page 4106.


Billy Gowen, age 18, a servant born in Oregon appeared in the 1880 census of Jackson County, Oregon. He was living in the household of W. Owens, Household No. 26.


Sheriff Gowen of Klamath County was a law officer in 1893, according to the September 28, 1893 edition of the “Lake County Examiner.”
Gowen Godowa, son of John Godowa and Lizzie Godowa, was born about 1891 in Klamath County. His father died December 16, 1935, according to his obituary published in the December 17 edition of the “Klamath Falls Evening Herald.”

“John Godowa passed away at the Klamath Agency on Monday evening Dec. 16, following a brief illness. He was a native of Beatty and was aged 70 years when called. He leaves his wife, Lizzie Godowa; two sons, Morgan Godova and Gowen Godova; grandsons, James and Leonard; four granddaughters, Hattie Baker, Ra-chel Noneo, Clara Godowa and Rose Turner, all of Beatty; also a daughter, Mrs. Uma Mack of Fort Bid-well, Calif., and a grandson, Clarence Godowa of Stewart, Nevada.”

Additional information about his funeral appeared in the December 17 edition:

“The funeral service for the late John Godowa will be held from the Methodist Church at Beatty, at 1 p.m. Friday, December 20, with the Rev. B.V. Bradshaw officiating. Commitment service and interment will be in the Piute Cemetery.”

Gowen Godowa was mentioned in three marriage records, according to Klamath County Marriage Book 6, pages 107, 108 and page 142:

6-107 Winnie Foster, over 21, and Josie Godowa, over 18, were married November 13, 1914. Witnesses were Loucella George and Inez F. Weeks. Gowen Godowa gave an affidavit.

6-108 Gowen Godowa, over 21, and Annie Skellog, over 18, were married November 3, 1914. Wimmie Foster gave an affidavit.
6-142 Kilda Chiloquin, over 21, and Marjorie Chip, over 18, were married Mar. 12, 1915. Gowen Godowa gave an affidavit.
Justice of the Peace E. W. Gowen of Klamath Falls, Oregon was mentioned in a newspaper article published in the July 27, 1916 edition of the “Klamath Falls Evening Herald.” E. W. Gowen, J.P, performed the marriage ceremony of William G. Hoover and Miss Ethel Johns September 13, 1916, according to the September 14 edition of the “Klamath Falls Evening Herald.”



James W. Going was defeated in an election for Multnomah County Assessor by John Doland, according to “The Oregon Statesman” in its edition of June 13, 1864. Going received 487 votes to Doland’s 841. “The Albina Weekly Courier” in its February 15, 1890 edition reported that James W. Going had sold six lots there for a total of $1,150.

A Portland newspaper in 1891 stated that James W. Going was an employee of Goldsmith & Loewenberg, dealers in wholesale appliances. In 1891 Going Street in north Portland was named for James W. Going. He received recognition from the City of Portland for being instrumental in “converting the city’s electrical power into an industrial format, suitable for powering streetcars.”
Servicemen buried in the Williamette National Cemetery at Portland, Oregon include:

Jack Raymond Goen, b. 05/05/1929, d. 11/03/1979, US
Army, Cpl, Plot: O-03730, buried 11/07/1979
Angelina B. Goens, b. 10/12/1900, d. 05/03/1982, US Army,
Cpl, Plot: R-02164, buried 05/05/1982
John Lawrence Goens, b. 12/19/1905, d. 04/28/1982, US
Army, TSgt, Plot: R-02164, buried 05/05/1982
James Warren Goin, b. 11/18/1919, d. 08/13/1987, US Navy,
S1, Plot: D-02296, buried. 08/17/1987
Wilbur Jackson Goin, b. 02/16/1926, d. 04/08/1986, SN1 US
Navy, Plot: D-2038, buried 04/11/1986
Felix Calhoun Goings, b. 08/07/1927, d. 11/27/1980, US
Army, Sp3, Plot: O 0-1557, buried 12/08/1980
Bright E Goins, b. 01/08/1914, d. 05/29/1975, US Air Force,
SSgt, Plot: A-02248, buried 06/03/1975
Charles Eulas Goins, b. 01/09/1906, d. 02/13/1980, US Air
Force, Pfc, Plot: P-01109, buried 02/21/1980
Andrew D. Gowen, b. 06/01/1894, d. 08/28/1982, US Army,
Cpl, Plot: C 01128, buried 08/30/1982
Dennis Allen Cecil Gowen, b. 03/31/1940, d. 02/05/1997, US
Army, Pfc, Residence, Ashland, OR, Plot: 2 03301, buried
Faye Marie Gowen, b. 11/02/1904, d. 05/08/1994, US Army,
Pfc, Residence, Sublimity, OR, Plot: C 01128, buried
Donald L. Gowins, b. 09/24/1930, d. 03/28/1968, US Army,
Pfc, Plot: S 01309, buried 04/02/1968
John Mason Gowins, b. 02/13/1915, d. 10/12/1971, US Navy,
Seaman 2nd, Plot: T 0 313, buried 10/19/1971
Dr. David Gowing, Portland, Oregon was listed in the 1969 “American Medical Directory.”


Lynn Goyne, white, was born August 26, 1899 in Tallamook County. He registered for the draft during World War I in St. Michael County, Alaska.


F. S. Gowan and Marian Gowan were witnesses to the marriage of John F. Porter and Mary F. angel November 13, 1876, according to Umatilla County marriage records.
Walter James Goyne was born in Pendleton, Oregon May 29, 1897, according to his draft registration for World War I. He was living in Nome County, Alaska at that time.


Ruth Goen was a member of The Dalles High School graduating class of 1956. A 45th reunion of the class was held in September of 2001. Mrs. Ruth Goen Lantis returned for the reunion, according to a news story and group photograph published in “The Dalles Chronicle” September 19, 2001.
First Lieutenant A. W. Gowan of Company I, Oregon National Guard submitted his resignation to take effect November 1, 1890, according to “The Dalles Daily Chronicle” of December 15, 1890.


Mable Goyne married about 1918 to Cloyd Oliver Dawson who was born in 1893 in Banks, Oregon. He died about 1957 in Oakland, California. Two children were born to them.


Wallace Gowen Trill, white male, was born Febrary 9, 1880 in Wheeler County, Oregon according to WWI Civilian Draft Registration records.


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