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From Gowen Manuscript:


Bela E. Gowen wrote a history of the Olds emigrant party and the genealogy of the Olds family entitled “Genealogy of the Cook Family.” This volume was published in Seattle in 1952, according to National Union Register which numbered the vol­ume No. 0361590 OrHi.


Dr. Burton Russell Gowing, Wenatchee, Washington, was listed in the 1969 edition of “American Medical Directory”.


Frank S. Gowen, a native of Maine, was the only head of family listed in the Soundex transcript of the 1880 census of the Territory of Washington. His household was recorded in Columbia County, enumeration District 52, page 9, Township 12, as:

“Gowen, Frank S. 43, born in Maine, white
Mary 34, born in Canada
Emma 11, born in Minnesota, daughter
J. Versal 8, born in Minnesota, son
L. Eiford 6, born in California, son
L. Echo 2, born in Oregon, daughter
B. Otto 3/12, born in Washington, son”

Frank S. Gowen was born in Maine in 1837, lived in Minnesota from 1869 to 1872, in California in 1884, in Oregon in 1888 and in Washington in 1880.


Dennis Goyne was married July 22, 1972 at Grand Coulee, Washington to Cynthia Klaus who was born to Fridoline Klaus and Clementia Klaus March 28, 1954. Children born to Dennis Goyne and Cynthia Klaus Goyne are unknown.


Thomas Gowan was a mechanical engineer residing at 12A Butler Building and later at 608 Union in Seattle, Washington in 1889 according to the city directory.
Samuel T. Gowen was a foreman for Allmond & Phillips residing at 503 Pike in Seattle, Washington in 1888-89 according to the city directory.
Thomas Gowen was a consulting engineer residing at Room 12A, Butler Block, in Seattle, Washington in 1888-89 according to the city directory.
Thomas Gowen worked for Henderson & Gowen and resided at 18 Union Block and later at 116 South 2nd in Seatlle, Washington, according to the city directory.

Paul Henderson worked with Thomas Gowen in Henderson & Gowen in the Real Estate business. He resided at the south side of Lake 1 West of Pine in Seattle, Washington according to the city directory. He later resided at 18 Union Block.

Alfred E. Barton of Henderson, Gowen, & Barton, resided at 116 South 2nd and later at the south side of Lake 1 West of Rose in Seattle, Washington in 1890 according to the city directory.
Walter Gowen was a clerk residing at 1422 Main Street in Seattle, Washington in 1890 according to the city directory.


Bernice Goins, daughter of Samuel Goins and Rachel Orr Goins, was born March 8, 1915 in Doty, Washington. She was married to Chester M. Clymer October 27, 1939. She died January 26, 2001, according to her obituary published in the “Olympia Olympian” January 30, 2001:

“Bernice Goins Clymer, 85, a 61-year resident of Olym-pia, died of natural causes Friday, Jan. 26, 2001, at home. She married Chester M. Clymer on Oct. 27, 1939. He preceded her in death.

Mrs. Clymer is survived by two sons, James Clymer of Sioux Falls, S.D. and Donald Clymer of Chehalis; a daughter, Cindy Alfrejd of Des Moines; a sister, Fay Goins Hume of Kirkland; four grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

A family gathering will begin at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the family home, 1117 Quince St. N.E., Olympia. Arrangements are by Olympic Funeral Home, Tum-water.”


John Gowen was employed as a watchman by NPRR Co. [Northern Pacific Railroad Company?] in 1890, according to the city directory of Tacoma, Washington.
Harry E. McGowan was a partner with James Knox in Knox & McGowan Real Estate in 1889-91, according to the city directory of Tacoma.


Lauren Jackson Goin, son of Irel Laurel Goin and Ina Lorraine Tittle Goin, was born at Mt. Vernon, Washington January 8, 1922. He received a B.A. degree in technical criminology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1943. He was mar­ried July 12, 1947 to Evelyn Winn. He received a masters de­gree in criminology in 1948.

He was the chief of the microanalysis laboratory, Wisconsin Crime Laboratory from 1948 to 1953. He was director of Pitts­burgh and Allegheny County Crime Laboratory from 1953‑1955. He was public safety adviser in criminalistics in Indonesia from 1955 to 1957 with U.S. government. He was stationed in Turkey from 1958 to 1960, in Brazil from 1960 to 1962. He was chief of the technical services division, office of Public Safety, AID, Washington 1963‑1964. He was chief of op­erations from 1964 to 1972 for AID, State Department. In 1972 he lived at 3532 Queen Anne drive, Fairfax, Virginia.

Children born to Lauren Jackson Goin and Evelyn Winn Goin include:

Susan Loreen Goin born about 1949
Thomas Richard Goin born about 1951
Peter Jackson Goin born about 1954

Susan Loreen Goin, daughter of Lauren Jackson Goin and Eve­lyn Winn Goin, was born about 1949 probably in Wisconsin. About 1970 she was married to Robert P. Henry.

Thomas Richard Goin, son of Lauren Jackson Goin and Evelyn Winn Goin, was born about 1951 probably in Wisconsin.

Peter Jackson Goin, son of Lauren Jackson Goin and Evelyn Winn Goin, was born about 1954, probably in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Mrs. Lucinda Ritter Gowen was a resident of Palouse, Washington March 8, 1914 when her mother, Elizabeth Ritter died in Creston, Iowa, according to her obituary in the “Creston News-Advertiser.”


Three graves of interest to Gowen chroniclers were discovered in Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima, Washington by Jody Fish, Foundation member. She identified the graves July 1, 1998 as:

Father Mother
Edward Goins Clara Goins Samuel Goins
1842-1907 1858-1931 1875-1905

Researchers knowing the ancestry of the above are requested to contact Jody Fisher by E-mail at


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