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State – New Mexico



No members of the Gowen family appeared in the 1850 cen­sus of Bernalillo County.
Paul Lynn Goen was born January 17, 1936 in Albuquerque. He lived at 9300 Snowheights N.E. Albuquerque in 1970. He was married to Sally Hidalgo March 16, 1970, according to Bernalillo County Marriage Book 130, page 79930. Sally Hi­dalgo Goen was born December 10, 1939 in Costillo, New Mexico.
Martha Gowans was born in Scotland September 15, 1873. She died at age 97 in Albuquerque March 4, 1971, according to Bernalillo County death records.
Norma Jean Gowens lived at 1416 Dorothy N.E. according to the 1972 city directory of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
John Joseph Going died February 24, 1950 at Albuquerque, according to Bernalillo County Probate File No. 6442. He was a resident of Albuquerque January 3, 1948 when he wrote his will. The will mentioned his wife, Mrs. Mary H. Going and son John Edward Going, who at that time, lived at 1612 Liberator Street, San Diego, California. He left an es­tate val­ued at $1,042.21.
Alma M. Goins was born in Illinois August 17, 1894. She died in Albuquerque July 30, 1976, according to Bernalillo County death records.
L. Gowing lived at 385 Pueblo Solano, according to the 1972 telephone directory of Albuquerque.
Shirley L. Gowing lived at 1310 Turquoise Trail N.E, ac­cording to the 1972 telephone directory of Albuquerque.
Blanche L. Gowins died in Albuquerque May 20, 1975, ac­cording to Bernalillo County death records. Her date of birth was shown as June 6, 1950.
Tom D. Goyne lived at 8016 Kathryn Avenue, S.E. according to the 1972 telephone directory of Albuquerque.


Calvin Henry Goins was married to Violet Christene Taylor September 7, 1943, according to Chaves County Marriage Book R, page 9978. Of Calvin Henry Goins and Violet Christene Taylor Goins nothing more is known.
Clarence Goins and Elsie Moore, both residents of Roswell, were married August 24, 1915, according to Chaves County marriage records. Of Clarence Goins and Elsie Moore Goins nothing more is known.
James Allen Goins, a truck driver, was married to Lena Mae Wright. In 1942 they were residents of Roswell. It is believed that James Allen Goins was killed in that year, perhaps in World War II.

Children born to James Allen Goins and Lena Mae Wright Goins include:

Stanley Joe Goins born April 14, 1942 [twin]
Kenneth Ray Goins born April 14, 1942 [twin]

Stanley Joe Goins, twin son of James Allen Goins and Lena Mae Wright Goins was born April 14, 1942. He was married to Cecil Cherie Kirkpatrick November 26, 1960 at Roswell, according to Chaves County Marriage Book 37, page 22345. He was a painter there in 1964.

Children born to Stanley Joe Goins and Cecil Cherie Kirkpatrick Goins include:

Stanley Allen Goins born May 24, 1964

Kenneth Ray Goins, apparently a twin, son of James Allen Goins and Lena Mae Wright Goins was born April 14, 1942.
James Carol Goins, highway department laborer, was mar­ried to Vera Mae Brown April 7, 1948 in Roswell, according to Chaves County Marriage Book X, page 13431. In 1949 they continued to live in Roswell where he was a cabdriver.

Children born to James Carol Goins and Verna Mae Brown Goins include:

Shirley Ann Goins born May 20, 1948
Carroll Wayne Goins born May 14, 1949

Kenneth Edward Goins of Roswell was married to Pearl Daubert of Dexter, New Mexico, March 13, 1941, according to Chaves County Marriage Book 9, page 8127. They were residents of Dexter, in 1942 where Kenneth Edward Goins, was a millhand at an alfalfa mill.

Children born to Kenneth Edward Goins and Pearl Daubert Goins include:

Edith Faye Goins born July 22, 1942
Louise H. Goins was born in Roswell, New Mexico Septem­ber 13, 1928. She was married in Albuquerque, New Mexico March 15, 1958 to Leonard F. Loebel who was born in High­land, Illinois November 23, 1956, according to Bernalillo County, New Mexico Marriage Book 78, page 46863. They were residents of Albuquerque at that time.p
William Edward Gowan, U. S. Air Force, was married to Mary Nell Shannon June 29, 1955, according to Chaves County Marriage Book 32, page 318887. Both were residents of Roswell, New Mexico at that time.

Children born to William Edward Gowan and Mary Nell Shannon Gowan include:

Bert John Gowan born July 30, 1956

Bert John Gowan, son of William Edward Gowan and Mary Nell Shannon Gowan [her name was rendered as Donna Nell Shannon Gowan on the birth certificate] was born in Roswell July 30, 1956.
James William Gowans was discharged from the U. S. Air Force at Roswell, according to Chaves County Discharge Book 128, page 157.
Demetria Guynes was born in Roswell in 1962 of parents unknown. She broke into network drama with a role in “General Hospital” under the stage name of Demi Moore. In 1990 she stared in “Ghost.”


Hobart F. Goins, U.S. Air Force and his wife, Barbara Goins, lived at 1309 Oak Street, Clovis with their son, Stephen Goins who was born in 1962, according to the Clovis 1971 city directory.
Marie Gowans was born August 16, 1928, place and parents unknown. In 1959 she was living at 2101 W. Grand, ac­cording to the Clovis, New Mexico city directory. She was married November 21, 1961 to Raymond Menifee of Clovis who was born at Atoka, Oklahoma March 22, 1930, accord­ing to Clovis County Marriage Book 69, page 31135. They lived at 509 Calhoun, Clovis at that time.
George M. Gowing received a patent from the federal gov­ernment for 160 acres in Curry County, June 8, 1911, ac­cording to Curry County Deed Book 2, page 1562. On March 19, 1916 George M. Gowing and his wife, Bernice Gowing, “of Orrick, Ray County, Missouri, “gave a warranty deed to J. W. Wilkinson of Curry County to the 160 acres. Considera­tion was $800, according to Curry County Deed Book 12, page 270. A federal patent indicated a four-resi­dency in New Mexico.


Maxine Goan was married to Ernest C. Clerk December 20, 1930 at Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 16, page 462.
Ruth Goan was married to Lawrence Lacey January 15, 1931 at Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 16, page 530. Ruth Goan was married to Solon Neal April 22, 1941 at Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Mar­riage Book 33, page 6864.
Carolyn Sue Goans was married to James H. Wright June 14, 1963, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 96, page 47110.
E. W. Goans was married to Dorris Louise Webster Decem­ber 3, 1932 at Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 20, page 199. Of E. W. Goans and Dorris Louise Webster Goans nothing more is known.
Linda Lee Goin was married to Malcolm Lee Fowler Octo­ber 11, 1961 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 94, page 453.
Connie Goins was married to Kay B. Harrison June 14, 1949 in Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 52, page 18536.
Luther Marshall Goins was married to Mary Floy Norris Oc­tober 25, 1962 in Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 95, page 46542. Of Luther Marshall Goins and Mary Floy Norris Goins nothing more is known.
Marie Goins was married to Richard Alvarez August 12, 1949 at Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 52, page 18813.
Peggy Shenwell Goins was married to Thomas Joe Hill Jan­uary 6, 1967 in Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 101, page 50286.
Steve Allen Goins was married to Jan Craig August 23, 1972 in Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 109, page 55363. Children born to Steve Allen Goins and Jan Craig Goins are unknown.
Virginia Renate Goins was married to Ronald Allen Hendrix in Las Cruces June 13, 1972, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 109, page 55142.
Mrs. Zetta L. Goins was married to Wilbur George Root July 13, 1924 in Las Cruces, according to Dona Ana County Mar­riage Book 9, page 95.
Mary Lee Gowns was born November 27, 1927 at Las Cruces. She applied for a marriage license with John Robert Matthews August 12, 1965, according to Curry County New Mexico Marriage Book 72, page 33618. No return was made of the license.


William Henry Goins was born August 6, 1929 at Hurley, New Mexico of parents unknown. He attended school at Truth or Consequences [formerly Hot Springs] New Mexico, and lived at Winston, New Mexico from 1944 to 1946. he was married to Claudia Page April 14, 1947, at Las Cruces, New Mexico, according to Dona Ana County Marriage Book 51, page 18253. She was born January 15, 1934 at Forest, New Mexico. William Henry Goins was inducted into the U. S. Army June 9, 1948 and was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washing­ton. He was discharged as a corporal March 1, 1950, ac­cording to Don Ana County Discharge Book 6, page 403. William Henry Goins and Claudia Page Goins lived at 1715 Smith Avenue, Las Cruces from 1963 through 1969.


John R. Goin received a warranty deed to 320 acres in Lea County November 3, 1920 from A. A. Dearduff and Anemone Dearduff for $2,700, according to Lea County Deed Book 3, page 330.

George W. Goins and his wife, Jewel Goins lived at 227 South Coleman, Hobbs, according to the 1951, 1952 and 1955 city directory. George W. Goins was superintendant of the city garbage department.
Source: “Albuquerque Journal,” February 6, 2000

Taxidermist, butcher and African big-game hunter are not likely to top most people’s list of politically correct vocations. But Mike Goins, owner of Sparks Custom Slaughtering and Taxidermy, doesn’t worry about that sort of thing. In his view, “Hunting is an important part of wildlife management. Processing the meat from the animal provides food, and preserving the hide is an act of conservation and art.”

Goins lives on a five-acre property in Meadowlake, east of Los Lunas, where he operates a small custom slaughtering plant complete with meat smoker and a walk-in freezer. Adjacent to the plant is his taxidermy studio. There, mixed with the usual complement of mounted heads and pelts from animals hunted in New Mexico, are more exotic kills from South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. Among them are
kudu, wildebeest, wart hogs, impala, steenbok, eland and orix. About half the animals were hunted by Goins. The other half were preserved by Goins for customers who hunted in Africa on trips that Goins helped to organize.

A former high school teacher and coach, Goins quit his job two years ago to devote more time to his taxidermy and safari-booking business.

Raised on a cattle ranch south of Eunice, Goins began hunting at age 7, “pretty much since I was old enough to carry a gun,” he said. At 15, he began learning the art of taxidermy, studying with established craftsmen and experimenting on his own. He now mounts more than 400 animals a year.

Goins visited Africa for the first time in the late 1970s, participating in a hunting safari to Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana.

“I love the atmosphere and wide open spaces and the abundance of species and animals,” Goins said. “Just the whole culture I fell in love with it.”

He began making regular hunting trips to Africa, and in 1990 he met Sandy McDonald, a co-owner of McDonald Pro-Hunting, a major South Africa outfitter. In 1995, he and McDonald became business associates.

“He needed a Southwest booking agent,” Goins said, “and in return I get free hunts and trips and lots of taxidermy work.”
Goins now books about 25 trips a year for customers, three-quarters of whom are from New Mexico.

“Conservation is of the utmost concern to the African people,” Goins said. “Each of the hunt areas has quotas for each species. In none of the countries are endangered species hunted.” And culling the herds, especially in areas hit by periodic drought, is especially important, he said. “If there is no water, the animals suffer,” Goins said. “They compete for the same water and food sources, they become weak and then disease sets in. Hunting controls the population, and most of the animals taken, the ones that tend to become weak and sick, are the older animals that are no longer of breeding age.”

Consequently, Goins said, the hunts have minimal effect on future animal populations. And the governments of the African nations where the hunts are conducted fully sanction them, he said, because they control game herds and generate income.

In South Africa, for example, “Hunting is the No. 1 source of income, especially for the people,” he said. “It provides some of the higher paying jobs, and the jobs are pretty much year round.”

Goins is now accepting bookings for mid-June through mid-August African hunts, which range from seven to 21 days. The seven-day hunt in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique costs $3,950 per person, plus air fare of about $1,600 from Albuquerque to Johannesburg. The hunt fee includes lodging, meals and drinks, trophy preparation, a vehicle and the services of a tracker, skinner and professional hunter.

Goins also books non-hunting photo safari trips that cost $150 a day. For an extra fee, travelers can arrange outings to Kruger National Park in South Africa and Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Separate ocean-fishing trips off the coast of Mozambique can also be arranged for $150 a day plus boat rental fees. Hunting safaris are limited to groups of no more than eight, while photo safari and fishing trips are limited to groups of up to 15.

People interested in hunting and photo safaries in Africa are invited to attend a free open house February 11 at Sparks Custom Slaughtering and Taxidermy in Meadowlake, east of Los Lunas. Owner Mike Goins will be joined by Sandy McDonald of McDonald Pro- Hunting, a South Africa outfitter. Hunting videos and photos will shown, and exotic foods will be served. Reservations are required, by calling Goins at 865-9722. Directions to the site will be provided.
George Gwain Goins of Hobbs, New Mexico was born about 1980, place and parents unknown. He died September 22, 2003 in Andrews County, Texas. His funeral was conducted September 24 in Griffin Funeral home in Hobbs, according to his obituary in the “Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.”

A news account of his death appeared in the newspaper:

“Two residents of Hobbs died early Monday morning in a one-vehicle crash in western Andrews County. A passenger in the Chevrolet Trail Blazer, George Goins, 24, died at the scene. The Chevrolet’s driver, Monik Mendoza, 23, was taken to Odessa Medical Center where she was pronounced dead at 5:25 a.m., according to the Department of Public Safety’s Midland office.

About 3 a.m, Mendoza was westbound on Texas 176 when she drove off the side of the roadway about 27 miles west of Andrews, the DPS said.

She over-corrected, causing the Chevrolet to overturn and flip several times. Mendoza and Goins, who were not wearing seat belts, were thrown from the vehicle, the DPS said.”
Robert A. Gowan, an employee of Halliburton’s and his wife Eunice Gowan, lived at 507 1/2 East Alston, Hobbs, New Mexico, according to the 1943 directory.
Emmett Gowen, a laborer for the Hobbs city sanitation department, and his wife, Hazel Gowen, lived at 104 North Willow, according to the 1963 city directory of Hobbs. From 1966 through 1968 he continued at the same employment and lived at 1621 Oak Street.
Barney H. Guynes was married December 8, 1924 to Eris Holsenbeck at Lovington, New Mexico, according to her obituary published January 15, 1993 in the “Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.” She was born in Kaufman County, Texas in 1908. They moved to Snyder, Texas in 1949. He died January 16, 1990. She died at age 85 January 13, 1993. They were members of the Church of Christ and were buried in Hillside Memorial Gardens at Snyder.

According to the obituary, survivors included seven sons, “Billy J, Willie R, J. T, Walter, Tommie nd Donnie, all of Snyder and B. C. of Wickett, Texas; three daughters, Sue Guynes Look and Shirley Guynes Slaughter, both of Snyder and Margaret Guynes McDaniel of Ruidoso, New Mexico; a brother, William Holsenbeck of Clarksville, Arkansas; a sister Fern Holsenbeck Bethel of Farwell, Texas, 37 grandchildren, 70 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren.”


Henry Going was married to Ophelia Maxwell November 5, 1903, according to Otero County Marriage Book 1, page 102. Both were residents of Tularosa, New Mexico. Children born to Henry Going and Ophelia Maxwell Going are un­known.


Ray Goen and his wife, Margaret Goen announced the en­gagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Jessica R. Goen of Tucumcari, New Mexico to Ryan D. Kettler, son of Dale Kettler and Bonnie Kettler of Sidney, Nebraska, ac­cording to the June 27, 1998 edition of the “Quay County Sun.” The wedding was scheduled for August 15 in the alameda Baptist Church in Albequerque. The bride elect was graduated from Tucumcari High School in 1996. Both she and the groom were students at Wayland Baptist University.,


Brian David Goins, a teacher of Portales, New Mexico filed for bankruptcy, according to a New Mexico newspaper in a legal notice column published August 28, 1999. He listed assets of $14,370 and liabilities of $38,994.
In 1959 Elbert K. Goyne was listed as a salesman for Clovis Automotive Supply, living at Portales, New Mexico, accord­ing to the Clovis, New Mexico, city directory. Elbert K. Goyne and his wife, Joan F. Goyne, received a warranty deed from Robert A. Malone December 19, 1960 to a lot in Clovis, according to Curry County Deed Book 106, page 65.
From 1961 through 1967 he was listed as a salesman for Clo­vis Automotive Supply living at 925 Mora, according to the directory. In 1967 he was listed as parts manager for Volk­swagon, Inc. and lived at 925 Mora with his wife and two children. From 1972 through 1974 he was parts manager for O’Conner Motor, Lubbock, Texas and lived at 3812 49th Street, according to the city directory. In 1973 and 1974 Joan F. Goyne was a seamstress for Cecil Draperies. They con­tinued in Lubbock where he was the owner of Import Auto Parts Company in 1990.

Children born to Elbert K. Goyne and Joan F. Goyne in­clude:

Troy Goyne born in 1955
Paula Goyne born in 1957


Dr. B. S. Gowen, East Las Vegas, New Mexico, received a warranty deed from Edwin J. Carlin, Clovis, New Mexico, for six lots in Clovis March 13, 1908, according to Curry County Deed Book B, page 43. This entry was copied from Roosevelt County, New Mexico Deed Book D, page 403.


No members of the Gowen family were enumerated in the 1850 census of Santa Fe County.


“Jess Goen is excavating the basement preparatory to building a house on his ranch,” according to a column entitled “Barton News” in theMarch 14, 1912 edition of the “Moriarty Mes-senger” published in Moriarty, New Mexico.

Jess Goen was mentioned again in the June 20, 1912 edition of the newspaper: “Jess Goen visited Willie Voyles Sunday,” according to a column entitled “Barton News” Barton was a community in Torrance County.