Virginia – Prince Edward County – 1700s to early 1800s

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)


Parent County

1752–Prince Edward County was created 27 February 1752 from Amelia County.
County seat: Farmville [2]

Neighboring Counties


Prince Edward County, Virginia

1773 Thomas Gowing paid one tithe in Prince Edward County, Virginia,1289,617,1335

1785 US Census Thomas Gowing was head of family with 7 “white souls” living in one dwelling in Prince Edward County, Virginia

1788 abt Thomas Going became security for James Turner obligatory for 14.00 pounds. James Turner rented a plantation of Richard Blanton in 1790 James Turner abandoned the plantation some time in 1790 and Richard Blanton took the crop for payment. Thomas Going gave his testimony on November 18 1794.  Others giving testimony or mentioned in the case were: William Whitworth security to Richard Blanton, Susannah Turner wife of James Turner, John Clarke Junr who recd a mare from Susannah Turner, Mary Bowman gave testimony Aug 12, 1796, James Scott gave testimony on Aug 12, 1796, son Richard Blanton Jr gave testimony on August 12, 1796, William King gave testimony on August 12, 1796, John Rudd gave testimony May 18, 1795, William Whitworth gave testimony on August 12, 1796, son Joshua Blanton gave testimony on August 12, 1796, John L Tabb gave testimony on March 17, 1796, John Bowman gave testimony on March 17, 1796, William Whitworth signed an affidavit on May 18, 1795, William Singleton gave testimony on March 17, 1796, John Bowman Senr gave testimony March 17, 1796, Thomas Martin gave testimony noted Feb 16, 1796 by the court (unk when testimony given), Prince Edward County, Virginia.

1792 March 31 personal tax list showed Thomas Gowin with one white tythe, one horse, for a total of 2 tax in Prince Edward County, Virginia

1793 Nov 25 – Thomas Going conveys 40 acres to William Singleton on the waters of Sandy River, adjoining Col John Clarke, John Reid, and James Scott . . . Signed: Thomas Going. Wits: John Richards, John Bennett, Richard Royall. Proved up on Feb 17, 1794. pg 67-68. Prince Edward Co, Va

1794 Sept 15 – Thomas Going to Dudley McDearmanus 40 acres adjoining John Rudd, James Scott, and Col John Clarke. Signed: Thomas Going. Wits: William Singleton, Sarah Singleton, John Going. pg. 185-186. Prince Edward Co, Va.

1798 Dec 22 John Goine is mentioned in George Walker’s will. George Walker devises 3 tracts of land to his 3 sons David, Benjamin, and Jacob. The 3 tracts of land he describes are 1) of 1000 acres on the NW side of the River Ohio which I bought of David Walker as heir of Jacob Walker, 2) one of four hundred and seventy four acres (474 acres) on little Barron River in the name of John Scott, 3) and one other tract of one hundred and fifty acres on the south fork of Beaver Creek being the ballance of a tract I sold to John Goine also in the name of John Scott. It is my devise that my property in Virginia should be sold to the best advantage and 300 pounds of the sale should be left in the hands of my son William for the support of my daughter Nancy. The mother of William, David, Benjamin, and Jacob is Priscilla. Jacob is the youngest son, still a minor at the time of the writing of the will . . . I do appoint my son William Walker and George Walker executors . . . found in Chancery Court case Archibald Fuqua v Exrs of George Walker, filed in 1807 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

1800 March 17 personal tax list showed John Gowen in Prince Edward County, Virginia

1800 April 11 personal tax list showed Thomas Gowen in Prince Edward County, Virginia

1800 April 21 personal tax list showed James Gowen in Prince Edward County, Virginia

1801 John Going on a bond mentioned in a lawsuit. John Going is mentioned in a lawsuit filed by the Exr of Richard Blanton vs Richard Blanton Jr. Those mentioned in case are Joshua Blanton, Richd Blanton decd, Richd Blanton Jr, estate of John Blanton was due 19.10 pounds from Richard Blantons estate, John Davidson applied for sum of $30 from Richd Blanton and deposited sum with Richd Blanton Junr a bond due from John Going to the compt for 30 pounds. Deft collected from the said John Going. Elisha Betts gave affid testimony May 17, 1805, John Davison gave affid testimony that “last Oct it was three years that he was present when Richd Blanton lent Joshua Blanton 30 dollars at which time Joshual Blanton gave a bond of one hundred dollars which he had on John Going up to Richd Blanton as security for the lone of the thirty dollars . . . also mentions Jack Clark was dead, affid taken at Thos and Howson Clark’s store. May 17, 1805. John Gowin gave affid testimony that some time in 1803 Ricd Blanton told him that he had traded “for my bond from Joshua Blanton” . . . testimony was given on June 15, 1805 in Thos and Howson Clark’s store in Prince Edward Co, Va, Peter Rutledge gave affid testimony on May 18, 1805, James Blanton gave affid testimony on May 18, 1805, Johnston Young gave affid testimony on Aug 19, 1805, Emanuel Leigh gave affid testimony on May 17, 1805, John Hudson Junr gave affid testimony on May 18, 1805, Prince Edward County, Virginia.

1805 Jan 2 John Going and Blanks Rutledge file suit against Joseph Farley regarding payments made to John Going for the hire of a negro man named Ned which John Going paid on January 2, 1805. Suit filed August 21, 1811 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.


Virginia Counties
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MAPS:  Link to VA, NC, SC area Maps


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