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Counties surrounding Northampton Co, NC

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)

Map of North Carolina and Virginia border area and locations of families living in those areas (click to enlarge)

North Carolina Counties along or near Virginia’s southern border:

Virginia Counties along or near southern border with North Carolina:


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1818 – Tax records, no date, 1784-1828, 1830-1838. Northampton Co, NC
James Going – 238 acres

1820 Jan 21 deed date – 1820 March 31 registered – … between Baalam Mangum and Winnifred his wife of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina of the one part and James Gowing of the County and State aforesaid of the other part … said Baalam Mangum and Winifred his wife for and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred sixty five dollars, 25 cents to them in hand paid by the said James Gowing …. confirm unto the said James Gowing … a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the aforesaid County of Northampton and State of North Carolina containing … 241 acres ... on Peyton Moughans line … to James Gowings line … line of Henry Peters decd .. to Joseph Collins line … in John Lockharts line … line of Nathan Barkers estate … to John Comps line … to Peyton Moughan line … Signed: Baalam Mangum, Winney Mangum. Wits: Joseph Collier, James C. Gowing. Deed bk 20, p 315. Northampton County, NC

1824 March 12 – James Gowing as juror etal, laying off land to Nancy Harding for her dower. Deed bk 22, p 106. Northampton County, NC.
… To the Sheriff of Northampton County … Nancy Harding hath exhibited and filed her petition in Court of Pleas and Quarter … for the County of Northampton … her husband William Harding died zeized and possessed of a tract of land in the said County .. praying to have her dower allotted and set apart to her out of the land of her decd husband aforesaid.
We do therefore command you to summan a jury of disinterested free holders connected to the parties neither by affinity or consanguinity together with exam Hollamon County Surveyor to go upon the premises and upon their oaths lay off and allot to the said Nancy Harding one third part of the lands and tenements aforesaid and have you at the next Court to be held on the first Monday of December … the names of those by whom you shall have executed the same.
1823 Nov 19 – … I Rchard H Weaver deputy Sheriff acting under James H Wood Sheriff of Northampton County … with the following jurors, to wit, Chiseling Morris, Henry Green, Joseph Collier, Andrew Crew, James Gowing, Joshua Bindford, Saml Parker, Micaja Binford, Nath James, Benjamin Binford, John Camp and John Blythe … set apart the dower of Mrs Nancy Harding in the lands of her decd husband William Harding … … the annexed plat and certificate… including the dwelling house of said decd and the outhouses adjacent … Deed bk 22, p 106. Northampton County, NC.

1825 – James Gowing as a juror etal – to Sylvester Harris, dower bk 22, p 259. Northampton County, NC

1826 Apr 12 – Andrew R Govan fr Lewis P Williamson bk 22, p 447. Northampton County, NC

1826 Dec 2 – James Gowing as a juror etal to Sarah Camp dower bk 23, p 38. Northampton County, NC.

1827 March 9 deed date – 1828 June 24 proved up – James Gowen fr William P Ingram Deed bk 24, p 203. Northampton County, NC
… between William P Ingram of the one part and James Gowin of the other part both of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina … said William P Ingram for and in consideration of the sm of 340 dollars to him in hand paid … deliver unto the said James Gowin … one tract or parcel of land containing by a late survey 136 acres … being in Northampton County … by the lines of Andrew H Walker and James Gowens, Mary Colyers, and Robert Littles and the road leading from Duprees Tavern to Lykes’ Store … Signed: William P Ingram. Wits: Robert H Jackson. William Miles. Deed bk 24, p 203. Northampton County, NC

1828?(page cut off) – Tax records, no date, 1784-1828, 1830-1838. Northampton Co, NC
James A Gowing
James Gowing – 10 black polls slaves, 614 acres

1829 June 19 – James Gowing as a juror etal to Sarah Kee, dower Deed bk 25, p 20. Northampton County, NC.

1830 – Tax records, no date, 1784-1828, 1830-1838. Northampton Co, NC
James A Gowing – 1 tithe
James Gowing – 0 tithes, 11 slaves, 633 acres

1836 Oct 11 – Last Will of James Gowing
James Gowing being of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina … make and publish this my last will and testament …
…1st, I lend to my beloved wife Rebecca the tract of land in which I now live during her life and at her death I give the said tract of land to my daughter Jane and to her heirs for ever. My other two tracts which I bought of Collier and Ingram I give to my daughters Martha and Mary to be equally divided between them.
…2nd, I give to each of my daughters one bed and furniture which I have already given Mary hers.
…3rd, My five other beds and furniture I lend to my wife during her life and at her death I give to each of my daughters one more bed and furniture and the two to be sold and equally divided between my daughters.
…4th, I lend my wife one horse Charles, one bay mare Elizabeth, 3 cows and calfs, 3 sows and pigs, 3 yewes and lamb, all of my household and kitchen furniture, one horse cart and wheels, one large stear, all of my fowls of every kind, two aces, two grubbin hoes, 3 weading hoes, 3 ploughes and hoes, two dagons, and two sets plough gear and on p wedges, and at her death I want them all sold and equally divided among my daughters.
…5th I lend to my wife during her life the folllowing negroes Ned, Comfort, Mason, Tom and Green, and at her death I lend to my daughter Jane negroes Ned, Comfort, and Mason, to my daughter Martha I lend negroe Tom, and to my daughter Mary I lend negro Green.
…6th I lend to my Daughter Jane the following negroes Winney, Pat, Landy and Easter during her life. To my daughter Martha, I lend the following negroes during her life Allen, Mariah, Milly, Phil and Ben. To my daughter Mary I lend the following negroes during her life Pleasant, Malinda, Lewis, Sterling and Caroline and should all of my daughters die without leaving a child or children, I give to Mary E H Southall of Gates County sister of Thomas J Southall all of my negroes and their increase to her and her heirs for ever,
…7th I want my wife to have the years provisions allowed her.
…8th, I want all of my property not willed away by this will sold after my death and the proceeds after paying all of my just debts equally divided among my 3 daughters.
…9th, …. appoint my friend Thomas J Southall executor of this my last will and testament….
Signed: James Gowing.
Wits: Joseph Collier, Elisha W. Allen, James H Camp.
….I furthermore wish the lawsuit v. my brother Benjamin Gowing in Virginia to go on and brought to a close soon as probable…
1836 James Gowing, Rebecca Gowing – bk 4, p 147. Northampton Co, NC

1836 Nov 22 – James Gowing decd’s estate, Loose Records – Northampton Co, Va
Ms Gowing p1
Ms Gowing p2
Martha & Jane Gowing p2
Benjamin Gowings – 39.22 – p7
1845 – Bill of Complaint of Rebecca Gowings of Northampton Co, NC v Mandred Stimpson of the same county – p11
– husb had left 2 slaves, a man named Ned and a girl named Mason … after her decease your oratrix bequeathes to her daughter Rebecca Jane Gowing now and for some time part intermarried with the defendant Mandred Stimpson – defendant, his wife, and oratrix have all lived together at the residence of your oratrix … Ned has usually been in the employment of the defendant Mandred and the other slave Mason has usually beenn employed by your oratrix in attending her household affairs … in waiting on her, she being quite old, near 70 years of age and blind now and for many years past … she became indebted to the defendant for about 130 dollars … the defendant obtained a judgment and caused an execution .. levied her right and interest in said slaves … Oratrix has sent 15 mules to be sold to satisfy judgment … Defendant intends to sell slaves to satisfy judgment … she applied to her son in law Mr Allen to befriend her who promised to do so … that he expected to get money on the Saturday previous to the sale day … Mr Moody states … the defendant that he wants not let “the old ladys slaves be sold from her” and would pay him the defendant tomorrow if he insisted on it”.. (continued … ) , “North Carolina Estate Files, 1663-1979,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 November 2015), Northampton County > G > Gowing, James (1836) > image 1 of 35; State Archives, Raleigh.

1837 Feb 20 – Martha A. E. Gowing was married February 20, 1837 to El­isha W. Allen, according to “Northampton County, North Carolina Marriages, 1775-1850,” record 1001, bondsman James H. Camp, witness William Harding, Bond No. 89182.

1841 July 23 – Rebecca J. Gowing was married July 23, 1841 to Mandrid Stimson, according to “Northampton County, North Carolina Marriages, 1775-1850,” Record 1189, bondsman Joseph Collier, Bond No. 92103.

1849 July 17 deed date – 1850 June 7 proved up – Rebecca Gowing to Joseph Collier Deed bk 33, p 394. Northampton County, NC
… between Rebecca Gowing of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina of the one part and Joseph Collier of the County and State aforesaid of the other part … the said Rebecca Goings for and in consideration of 12 dollars … sell unto the said Joseph Collier …. a certain piece of land lying in said County of Northampton adjoining the land of said Joseph Collier … containing 49 acres … intent of the said Rebecca Gowings in said tract … consists in a life right …. onlly use of the said Joseph Collier … Signed: Rebecca Gowings. Wit: Hartwell Harding, William W Lee. Deed bk 33, p 394. Northampton County, NC


See Also – in Greensville County, Virginia, the following cases:

1816 Aug 12 – date will proved up: James Gowing Sr his will – wife Amey Gowingson James Gowing Jr, grandson James Alked Gowing, son Henry Gowing, son Benjamin Gowing, grandson Benjamin Howard, grandson Herbert Howard, grandson Hartwell Howard, grandson James Howard, daughter Amy Harris, William Robison and William Gaines to value the slaves, Samuel Avent to take them at the valuation. Written on Sept 1, 1814. Signed: James Gowing. Wits: William Robinson, Salley Bottom, Durham Avent. Proved up on Aug 12, 1816 in court by WIlliam Robinson and Durham Avent. Securities were Benjamin Gowing, Henry Wyche, Frederick Shelton and William Robinson. bk 2, pg 447.  Greensville Co, Va.


1816 – 1838 (account payments) James Gowing acct current – Mr. James Gowing Jracct with Benjamin Gowing executor of Benjamin James Gowing decd. 1819 – Your bond interest due Dec 1, 1817, cash paid you per receipt July 12, cash paid you for receipt January 21, cash paid you for receipt June 1, cash paid son for receipt in book. 1823: cash paid you receipt Feb 27, cash paid Wyche and Shelton for you, cash paid Lucas Tomlinson’s estate bond. 1823 Dec 25 – By your part of decedent’s estate. Balance due Benjamin Gowing this day. Dec 25, 1823 – To balance due Benjamin Gowing. Commissioners fee charge to Benjamin Gowing.
1816 – Estate of James Gowing decd in account current with Benjamin Gowingexecutor. paid Hardy Robinson for coffin, 1818 cash paid Wyche and Shelton, cash paid Braxton Newsham, cash paid Durham Avent, cash paid William Key, cash paid Hathcocks estate, cashe paid Henry Going, Going legacy. cash paid William H Brodnax, cash paid Edwin Howard’s children legacy, Dec 25, 1823 James Going is entitled to 1/2 which amounts to deduct 1/2 commissioner’s fee.
1838 June – . . . In obedience to order, I have examined the vouchers . . .of Benjamin Gowing’s executorial transactions on the estate of James Gowing decd and find him indebted to the estate . . . $2591.67 and 1/2. . . . to be equally divided between Benjamin Gowing and his brother James Gowing each . . .
At July Court 1838 this acct current of James Gowing was returned and of August Court no exceptions filed, sum is confirmed . . . bk 5, pg 373-374. Greensville County, Va.

1818 Jan 6 – 1820 July 22 – Henry Gowing Acc current his est. The Estate of Henry Gowing on account current with Henry Wyche admnr.
Payments: cash paid Benjamin Sykes Sept 8, 1818, paid William Harris note and int Nov 28, 1818, paid Benjamin Gowing note and int Nov 28, 1818, paid Alanson A Massey guardian of John L Tomlinson Jan 6, 1819, paid John Massy exor of Wilson Sheehan Jan 11, 1819, paid James T Sykes acct Feb 8, 1819, paid James Jean for coffin March 8, 1819, paid Robt B Stark note and int March 8, 1819, paid John Jones note and int March 11, 1819, paid Benjamin Gowing acct March 27, 1819, paid Burrell Hill May 1, 1819, paid George Shehan May 6, 1819, paid Avent Massey June 24, 1819, paid Braxton Newsum June 26, 1819, paid Benjamin Gowing Aug 19, 1819, paid John Rives acct Aug 19, 1819, paid Benjamin C Vincent Aug 19, 1819, paid William Fox Feb 17, 1820, paid Wyche and Shelton, paid William Moody March 15, 1820, paid Thomas H Rainey for 1 day work waggon hall cotten March 15, 1820, paid William Dupree’s acct May 27, 1820, paid John Massey Jr acct May 27, 1820.
Receipts: recd fr Alanson A Massey guardian of John L Tomlinson Jan 6, 1819, recd of Benjamin Gowing on settlement Jan 6, 1819, recd of Benjamin Gowing exor of James Gowing decd March 27, 1819. . . .we have stated and settled the acct currant of Henry Wyche adnr of Henry Gowing decd and find the debits supported by proper vouchers. . . Signed: Benjamin Gowing, Alanson A Massey (auditors). Return filed into Greensville County Court on the 16th day of August 1820.  bk 3, pg 166

1820 Oct 11 – estate of Wilson Sheehan decd accounting filed. On March 20, 1818 Henry Gowing recd $2.00 from the estate of Wilson Sheehan decd, with John Massey executor. On March 8, 1819 Benjamin Gowing received 10.33/4 out of the estate. bk 3. pg 169-170. Greensville Co, Va.

1841 March 2 – March 31, 1843. The Estate of Benjamin Gowing decd in account with James M. Gowing admn.
1841: March 2 paid B Moore note and int, March 3, paid T J Southall 2 notes and act, March 5 paid David E Williamson constable, March 6 paid John J May, March 13 paid Mary Garner, March 19 paid M B Hodges, April 5 paid G C Robinson, APril 10 paid Wm D Eppes, April 16 paid Thos H Peebles, April 16 paid H Wyche for L W Walton, May 4 paid William L Lundy, May 11 paid D Robinson exor of Howell, May 11 paid D E Williamson const, May 26 paid Wm H Walker and Co bond, paid E A Robinson on bond, paid Dr James Johnson med bill, July 2 paid Henry Y Smith, July 6 paid Tamlin Avent, Oct 4 paid taxes and clerks tickets, Nov 12 paid T J Southall exor Lucy Rives, Nov 26 paid William Leigh, Dr R G Parham, Dec 15 paid William Woodroof, Dec 18 paid Hobbs and Walton, Dec 27 paid A B Balle, James Collier, Oct 4 paid Wm L Lundy agt E A Robinson, Dec 31 paid J M Gowing adm retd, Dec 31 paid Catharine Gowing.
1842: April 1842 paid J H Cooper and Co., paid B Moore, May 19 paid B E Woodroof fencing, Green and Walton, Thomas Avent 1841, Jan 5 1842 paid Jno M Moody, May 25 paid Wm H and Susan Robinson, June 5 paid A B Smith, as security for Jesse A Williamson, Dec 5 paid D E Williamson const, Eliza Allen, Ed Wilkins, Wm W Cato for coffin, Dec 16 paid Wm W Harding bond, D E Williamson on bond, Dec 17 paid Henry Wyche, Tamlin Avent, T Wheeler, Catherine Gowing acct, Feb 18 paid T J Southall in part bond. May 25 paid F Robinson, Wm W Robinson for Susan, paid Tamlin Avent in 1841, Dec 1 1842 paid George W Robinson exor, Dec 25 paid Jos H Cooper and Co accounts.
1843: Mar 6 paid T Avent part bond, Ruffin Freeman, Const Wm A Wardlow’s exor, Susan Robinson’s exor, W W Robinsons exor.
At a court held for the County of Greensville on Monday the 5 day of December 1842 ordered that John R Chambliss audit, state, settle and to the court report an account of the transactions of James M Gowing as admr of Benjamin Gowing decd.
I have stated . .. an account of transactions of James M Gowing as adm of Benjamin Gowing decd and find the adm indebted to the estate on March 31, 1843 $2.12 with interest. Signed: J R Chambliss.
April 3, 1843 acct of transactions of James M Gowing as admr of Benjamin Gowing was returned. bk 6, p. 240 -243. Greensville Co, Va.

From Gowen Manuscript:

Martha A. E. Gowing was married February 20, 1837 to El­isha W. Allen, according to “Northampton County, North Carolina Marriages, 1775-1850,” record 1001, bondsman James H. Camp, witness William Harding, Bond No. 89182. ==O==
Rebecca J. Gowing was married July 23, 1841 to Mandrid Stimson, according to “Northampton County, North Carolina Marriages, 1775-1850,” Record 1189, bondsman Joseph Collier, Bond No. 92103.

Records from Halifax Co, NC – next door:

1815 Jan 30 – Benja Goings fr K Webb, bk 24, p 67, Halifax Co, NC
… between Benja Gowing and Catharine his wife of the County of Greenville and State of Virginia of the one part and Kinchen Webb of the other part… Benja Gowing and Catharine his wife for and in consideration of the sum of 47 pounds five shillings Virginia money … paid by the said Kinchen Webb … sold unto the said Webb … land adjoining the land of Ambrose Harper and others …. in Warren Harris’ line… lot No. 1 in the division of Terrell Harper’s land will more fully appear containing 63 acres by late survey for which land the said Benjamin Gowing and wife for themselves…. Signed: Benjamin Gowing, Catharine Gowing. Wit: Thos Hudson, John D Elbeck.

1824 Sept 8 – Fred Goins fr John Winter, 56 acres, bk 27, p 26, Halifax Co, NC

1830 March 4 – Sarah Going fr Wm E Shine, bk 28, p 446, Halifax Co, NC

1832 May 3 – Fred Goings to James Shaw, bk 28, p 349, Halifax Co, NC

1830 May 8 – Fred Goings to Isham Mills bk 29, p 346, Halifax Co, NC

1837 June 27 – F P Goins fr Jas Shaw bk 30, p 61, Halifax Co, NC

1837 Sept 14 – F P Goins fr Jas Shaw bk 30, p 72, Halifax Co, NC

Fred Goings to Vincent Jarrall bk 30, p 144, Halifax Co, NC

1843 Dec 10 – Fredk Goins to Vincent Jarrell, bk 32, p 314, Halifax Co, NC

1850 Sept 27 – Fred Goings to John Faulcon bk 33, p 109, Halifax Co, NC

1849 Feb 5 – Fred Goings to B W Edwards bk 33, p 273, Halifax Co, NC

1853 Aug 12 – Fred Goins fr John Fawen bk 33, p 347, Halifax Co, NC

1855 Jan 19 – Fred Goings to Wm Brown bk 33, p 526, Halifax Co, NC

1851 Oct 25 – Fred Goings to Isham Banks bk 33, p 538, Halifax Co, NC

1860 March 31 – Fred Goings to Jerry Goins bk 35, p 64, Halifax Co, NC

Fred Goings to Henry Goins bk 35, p 138, Halifax Co, NC



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