North Carolina – Cherokee County

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)


From Gowen Manuscript:

James R. Goins was married about 1875 to Mrs. Leoni “Nao-mi” Hampton Loudermilk. She was born in 1844 to George Washington Hampton and Mary Ann Blythe Hampton of Brassville, North Carolina, according to Arlene Hampton.

Children born to James R. Goins and Leoni “Naomi” Hamp-ton Loundermilk Goins include:

Albert Goins born about 1877
Thomas Goins born about 1879
Mattie Goins born about 1882
Marshall H. Goins born about 1886
John Goins, alias John Welch, was identified in 1908 as the father of Ruby Bird in a statement given by Jinnie Axe, a full-blood Cherokee:.

“Miller Application # 8402-Jinnie Axe and 1 grandchild, Tomotla, North Carolina, Admitted

Applicant’s father is enrolled by Chapman # 829. Applicant’s mother is enrolled by Chapman # 1520. Through interperter Ross Smith:

“I am 52 years of age. Both of my parents were full blood. My father is dead, but my mother is yet living. My father died in Polk County, Tennessee when we left there, and that was about 30 years ago. I was born in Polk County. My father was born in Jackson County, North Carolina, Aqualla settlement.

Te-kah-se-ne-kih, was father’s Indian name. My name was Sah-ke-nih or Sah-kin-no. My mother’s English name was Sallie Catt. My mother is real old, but I don’t know how old. She lives in this county. My brother’s wife is Sallie Catt. I had a brother named John, but he is dead. My brother’s wife was named Wa-kin-nih.

My oldest sister was An-nih or Annie. I had a brother called Dau-ne-ta. My father’s father was Wa-sih or We-seh. My grandmother’s name was Ah-wa-ne-kih or Ah-wa-na-skih. I don’t know whether my grandpar-ents were living at the time of the Civil War. I was just a little girl. Cau-he-nie was my mother’s mother. My father was Su-saw-la. I don’t know if he got any mon-ey from the government. The older ones got land, but I was born since that time. My father was not married more than once.

I am a full blood Cherokee. My husband is dead, and his name was John Davis Axe. The Indian is John Def-se. He was a full blooded Cherokee. When my father died he was something like 80 years, and that was about 30 years ago. All I know is that my father spent his life around Ducktown until he died. My English name is Jane Catt. My Indian name was Chin-nih. [Hester 928]

My father had a sister by the name of Wa-leh-a–English name Betsey. Wa-leh-a married Jacob Bird. His Indian name was See-quah-neek. I have a full sister by the name of Na-ca [?] and she is about one year older than I am. I have a sister by the name of Stacy Taylor. Johnson Catt is my full brother.

I have a daughter by the name of Polly Bird. Her father was John Goins–his right name was John Welch. Polly Bird has a daughter by the name of Margaret Catt, who I am raising. Polly Bird is about 22 years old.”

Jinnie Axe,
Murphy, N. C.
July 15, 1908.
Roll P5 #104”
Leroy Goins was married about 1842 to Rebecca Cline who was born 1823. Her sister, Lethia Cline was born in 1821 to Mrs. Sarah Cline, their mother. Mrs. Sarah Cline was remarried about 1835 to widower John Bailus Standridge of Cherokee County. Lethia Cline was married to Elisha Roberts in the fall of 1840.
John Gowins was married to Jane Gowins November 11, 1862, according to “Chatham County, North Carolina Marriages, 1772-1850.” The marriage is confirmed by “North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868,” record 2004, witness William F. Foushee, Bond No. 20826. The marriage was performed by A. McIntyre, J.P. Children born to John Gowins and Jane Gowins Gowins are unknown.



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