North Carolina – Wake County

(Below are different Going, Goyen, Gowen related sources for those people were in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina areas in the early 1700’s to early 1800’s)


From Gowen Manuscript:

Free Colored Persons of Wake County, 1790 Census

“All Other Free Persons” on the 1790 Wake County, North Carolina census.

“I will list them as FPCs and any other info I may have on them.
I will list the white families that have FPCs listed with them as well. There are 21 FPCs and 26 White families with FPCs listed in the same HH. I will list one name listed above and below each person for FYI. There is one Cope family on this listing and this is the family of Thomas Cope who has descendants found on the 1850 Wake CO NC census with the Chavis [Blacks and Mulattos] family living with and next to some of them.”

1. Henry Temple- white- 6 FPCs – William Hubbard above and Henry Temple below- whites.
2) Robert Temple- white- 8 FPCs- Nathan Verser & Ransom House-white
3) Ann Fowler- white- 2 FPCs- Ann Horten & Benjamin Wheeler-white
4) William Alford- white-3 FPCs- William Reynolds & William Barham- white
5) William Fowler-white- 1 FPC- William Merrit & Zadock Bell- white
6) Dempsey Powell-white- 1 FPC- Dawson Grimes & Francis Perry-white
7) John Marlow- white- 4 FPCs- James Fort & John Moreholland-white
8) George Brasfield-white- 1 FPC- Glaphzoa Davis & Grbell Bodine
9) George RUSSELL- 11 all listed FPCs- Grbell Bodine
Hugh Kennerday- white
Next 3 all listed as FPCs – living next to each other-
10) Francis JONES – 5 all FPCs- James Elliot -white & James Russell -FPC11) James RUSSELL- 3 all FPCs- Francis Jones- FPC & Thomas Locklear- FPC- Note: George RUSSELL on this list also a FPC.12) Thomas Locklear-
13 all FPCs- James Russell FPC & Smith Patterson white-Note: A John Locklier age 51is listed as Black on the 1850 Wake CO NC census with 4 children listed Black with William Price age 9 listed Black in the same household. Leathy Locklier age 60 listed Black living with William Chavis age 30 Black- Fanny Chavis age 31 Black and Elizabeth Chavis age 7 Mulatto are also listed in this family.
13) Joseph Brasfield-white- 1 FPC- James Diol white-& Joseph Golihon-white- Note:
2nd Brasfield found with a FPC on this list.
14) Joseph Golihon-white- 1 FPC- Joseph Brasfield & John Riley Sr. white
15) John ELLIS- 3 all FPCs- John Ward & John Riley JR-white
16) Lewis Bledsoe-white- 6 FPcs- Leannnerday Canneday/Kennerday/Cannedy & Lewis Barker, white
17) Lewis Moore-white-1 FPC- Lewis Barker & Major Pollard-white
18) Teller Ship-white- 1 FPC- Thomas Jackson & Thomas Goor-white- Note: Wake CO
NC marriage record shows Teller Ship marr- Nancy Velvin- 23 Jan 1787 Wake CO
NC – Ezekial Bledsoe BM-related to Lewis Bledsoe above ?
19) Thomas EVINS- 6 all FPCs- Mary Harrelson & Robert Snede-white- Note: Evans
found 1850 Wake CO NC listed as Mulattos & Blacks.
20) Andrew Hartsfield-white- 1 FPC- Thomas Humphries & Abraham Abbott-white
21) John Rich -white- 3 FPCs- John Butler & James Hindon-white
22) Isaac FERGOSON- 6 all FPCs- Isham Sims, Jr. & Joseph Stephens-white
23) Julus CORN- 3 all FPCs- John Burns & Solomon Roberts-white
24) Laurence PETIFORD- 8 all FPCs- Thomas Burges & John Bodine-white
25) Richard Holland-white- 1 FPC- Nathan Dennis & Richard Leavins-white
26) Thomas HILLERY- 2 all FPCs- Hardy Lilley & James Moss-white
27) Lewis Jones -white-Lewis Candle & Lovit Stinson-white
28) Mathew MACKLIN- 6 all FPCs- Moses Harvell & Nathan Rowland-white
29) Thomas MACKLIN- 11 all FPCs- Thomas Driver Jr & Titus Turner-white
30) William STEWART- 11 all FPCs- William Williams & Valinitin Braswell-white
31) Isaac Hudson-white- 1 FPC- Isaac Atkins & Joseph Britt Jr-white
32) ISAAC COPELAND- 4 all FPCs- John Buzby & John Myat Sr-white- Note: Will of
Isaac Copeland -3 Dec 1806 Surry CO NC–wife Sahrey-son Isaac to have 550
acres on Little Beaver Creek.Sons- Jesse, Lott, & Samuel. Dau.s- Mary Atkins,
Elizabeth Walker, Sahrey Cortly. Exr.-son Isaac-wit: David P. SIMER ?, Henry
Cox, Deastin Holden. Prvd by Simer & Cox-Rec. Aug Court 1808- Note: 2- 1790
Wake CO NC pg 105- Isaac Copeland 4 other Free Persons, 1800 Surry CO NC
census pg 643, Wake CO NC Deedbook- Q: 154- 22 Mar 1799-

Isaac Copeland of Wake County, North Carolina to Walter Rand for £100, 200 acres on Eastside of road adjoining Clifton & John Lewis, formerly purchased from Ephriam Williams November 26, 1793.

More Notes: Surry CO NC- Isaac Copeland JR. apptd constable in Horns dist
with Isaac Copeland & West MOSELEY securities for £250 12 Nov 1794,
Ordered Lott Copeland pay Betsey Howard a further sum of £6 to be
discharged quarterly for the purpose of raising a bastard child of said
Betsey’s begot by said Copeland, 14 May 1799.- Jo White Linn’s book Surry CO
NC wills 1771-1827-page 128. The Will of Sarah Copeland 24 Feb 1814 Surry CO
NC page 136.
FYI- will of Joseph Guin-listed as Gwin/Going and Gowin- 18 Apr 1813 Surry CO
NC- page 138- wife Nancy-. Youngest son Lewis to have my estate and mill. Other children have their part. Exrs: wife Nancy, James Hannah, John Bryson.
Wit: Thomas Snow, Mitchel Thompson, Bartlett Hammock. Proved by Bartlett
Hammock. Rec. November Court, 1815- Note: this name also appears in the records as
Gwin, Going and Gowen. The 1812 Surry CO tax list of Capt. Underwood- Joseph
Going- 1poll, Antony Going 150 acres 1 poll, Joseph Going SR. 150 acres. The
1816 Surry CO NC tax list: Anthony Going 150 acres Stewarts Creek-1 wp,
William Going 1 wp, Nancy Going 150 acres on Stewarts Creek. 1817 Surry CO NC
tax list shows Nancy Guin with 150 acres, Anthony Guin with 150 acres on
Stony Creek-1 wp; William Guin with 1 wp.- page 138 Jo White Linn book.
Back to Wake CO NC-
33) Walter Rand-white- 1 FPC- Turner Smith & William Bridges-white- Walter Rand
bought land from Isaac Copeland.
34) Bartlet Allen-white- 1 FPC- benjamin Jones & Benjamin Clark-white
35) Dempsay TABOURN- 5 all FPCs- Christian Ferrell & David Brasfield -white
Note: Tayborns’ listed as FPCs in NC several times- Pat Elder book shows
1810 Granville CO NC 1 Tabourn as FPC- 1786 Granville CO NC tax list-
Beaverdam dist- pg 1- William Taburn- not listed as white or Black, others listed as white are Samuel Mosely, John Mosely-pg 3 Williamson CAPE- found as Cope on several tax lists.

Elilia Taybourn marr. James Hudspeth- 15 Feb 1797 Granville CO NC- William Mitchell BM.

James Tabun, age 18, listed as Mulatto in the 1850 census of Wake County, North Carolina, living with Willie Inscore, age 57, white.

36) Justin CORN- 3 all FPCs- James Murry & John Jordan-white- 2nd Corn listed
as FPC on this census.
37) Jonathan Shammill- white- 1 FPC- John Jordan & John Phillips-white
38) John Alston-white- 5 FPCs- Isaac Hicks & Joseph Little-white
39) James TABUN- 3 all FPCs- James Parker & Jarred Sandey-white- Note: May be
related to James Tabun 1850 Wake CO NC and Dempsey Tabourn 1790 Wake CO.
40) Jesse Rice-white- 1 FPC- Jethro Reynolds & Kinsmon Allen-white
41) Micajah DEMPSEY- 2 all FPCs- Maton Tomson & Nancy Pollard-white
42) Peter HEDGEPITH- 5 all FPCs- Peter Hudson & Pumphrey Gouch- white- Peter
Hudson listed next to Nancy Pollard. Hudspeth name found with Cope VA 1782
Montgomery CO VA Militia, Hudspeth found with Bradford Granville CO NC and
Bradford found with Williamson Cape/Cope 1757-1790 Granville CO NC. Hudspeth
also found Surry CO NC 1780s.
43) Robert CORN- 4 all FPCs- Pumphrey Gouch & Richard Tonlinson-white- 3rd CORN
listed as FPC on this census.
44) Richard Banks- white- 2 FPCs- Rodeyan Griggs & Samuel Smith-white
45) Valentine DORUS- 8 all FPCs- Thomas May & William Carpenter-white
46) William Little-white-2 FPCs- William Ferrell & William Rives-white
47) William Ashley-white- 2 FPCs- Woodson Daniel & William Reynois-white
Betsey Going [colored] was married January 20, 1816 to Willie Jones [colored], according to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850,” record 2273, bondsman Francis Jones, witnessB. S. King, bond 154913. Nothing more is known of Willie Jones and Betsey Going Jones.

“Samuel Goins,” regarded as a brother to Betsey Going,’ was married to Nancy Jones July 2, 1817, according to “Wake County, Northn Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850.” Children born to Samuel Goin and Nancy Jones Goin are unknown.
Britton Going was married to Mary Chambers April 30, 1791, according to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850.”  Children born to Britton Going and Mary Cham­bers Going are unknown.
Henry Going, free colored, appeared as the head of a household in the 1840 census of Wake County, page 182. The family was listed as:

Going, Henry free colored male 36-55
free colored female 36-55
free colored male 10-24
free colored female 0-10
free colored female 0-10″
Sally Going was married to Jesse Wall April 27, 1813, ac­cording to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850.”
Henry Goings was married to Eliza Simmons January 15, 1839, according to “Wake County, North Carolina Mar­riages, 1771-1850.” Of Henry Goings and Eliza Simmons Goings nothing more is known.
Hinton Goings was married to Lucinda Sweat May 4, 1841, ac­cording to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850,” record 01169, bondsman William A. Patte and James Folwler, witness Richard P. Finch and H. B. Hayes, bond 000153377. Children born to Hinton Goings and Lucinda Sweat Goings are unknown.
Lucy Goings (colored) was married to Williamson Sorrell (colored) December 25, 1865 in Wake County according to “North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868,” record 03491, bondsman S. C. Marcom, witness Junius Ferrell, bond 000158110. The marriage was performed by John Q. Adams, Jr. Nothing more is known of Williamson Sorrell and Lucy Goings Sorrell.
Mourning Goings, free colored, appeared as the head of a household in the 1840 census of Wake County, page 184. The family was listed as:

“Goings, Mourning free colored female 55-100
free colored male 24-36
free colored female 24-36
free colored male 10-24
free colored male 0-10″
Samuel Goins was married to Nancy Jones July 2, 1817 in Wake County according to “North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868,” record 01169, bondsman Benson Card, witness S. H. Pullen, bond 000153378. Nothing more is known of Samuel Goins and Nancy Jones Goins.
Sarah Goins was married January 3, 1840 to Mager[Micagah?] Burnett, according to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850.” The marriage is confirmed by “North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868,” record 01075, bondsman William P. Brook, witness A. Williams, bond 000152037. Nothing more is known of Mager[Micagah?] Burnett and Sarah Goins Burnett.
Mrs. R. T. Gowan was a resident of Raleigh in 1931, accord­ing to “Roster of North Carolina Soldiers in the Ameri­can Rev­olution.”
Harold H. Gowen, 56, died January 10, 1999, according to his obituary in “Raleigh News & Observer,” edition of January 11. He was buried in Hollywood Cemetery at Farmville, North Carolina.
John Gowin died in January 1829, according to the “Raleigh Register” in its edition dated January 30, 1829.
Delilah Gowin was married to Luis Chavos October 2, 1816, according to “Wake County, North Carolina Marriages, 1771-1850.”



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