1765 Isham Gowen b. Bedford Co, Va (Y3)

Isham Gowen born in 1765 and died about 1801, married to Ann Burns in Bedford County, Virginia


William Gowen and Annester Gowen


Magdalin Gowen married


William Gowen b. 1757 d. Oct 7, 1815 in Williamson Co, TN married Jemimah Burns
Daniel Gowen b. 1758-1838 m. Ann Preston
Joseph Gowen b. 1760 – 1822 m. Judith Pollard
Isham Gowen b. 1765 – 1800 m. Anne Burns (marriage Feb 14, 1785)
James Gowen b. 1771 – 1819
Jeremiah Gowen b. 1775 m. Susanna ? Gowen b. 1780 in Va.
Elizabeth Gowen b. 1779-1859 m. John Gower (marriage Dec 22, 1795)
Nancy Gowen b. 1776-1857 m. Henry Vanover (marriage Aug 28, 1795)

(The following appear to possibly be children of William Gowen born 1730, but could possibly be grandchildren).

Manoah Gowen b. abt 1778 m. Ketura Crain (marriage Dec 30, 1803) (Note:  Manoah Gowen moved from Bedford County, Va, to Madison County, KY with this group).
Micajah Gowen b. 1784 m. Polly Crain (marriage Oct 26, 1804)

Isham Gowen was likely born around 1765 in Bedford County, Virginia.  He is assumed to be the son of William Gowen born 1730.

A document was filed from Madison Co, KY. “Armister” was ordered to keep the peace when charged with possible assault from another woman. William and Isham were surety. This thought by some to be the daughter-in-law, whose name was similar.

February 14, 1785 Isham Going marries Anne Burnes in Bedford County, Virginia.  Benjamin Rice is the surety.

1785 Va Bedford Co Feb 14 Isham Going m to Anne Burnes w Benjamin Rice as surety

On May 28, 1793, “Daniel Gowin, 1 poll” and “Isham Gowin, 1 poll” appeared on the Bedford County tax rolls.

It appears that James, Isham and Daniel may have been in Botetourt County, Va at some times – or at least considered to be in Botetourt County, Va (adjacent to Bedford Co, Va), as they appear on the tax lists in 1791 for Isham, and 1798 for Daniel – years they don’t show on Bedford Co, Va tax lists. Possibly they lived near the border of these counties. James Gowen shows up in Bedford County, Va’s tax lists in 1791 and 1792 (years he does not show up in Botetourt Co, Va), but then shows up in Botetourt Co, Va tax lists 1795, 1796, 1797, and 1798:

Tax Lists of Botetourt Co Va (1791-1798 are years Gowens show up):
– 1791 A
Isem Gowen 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 172]
– 1795 A
Gowing, James 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 241]
– 1796 A, List of Robert Harris
Gowin, James 1 tithe 2 horses
– 1797 A
Gowen, James 1 tithe 3 horses
– 1798 A
Gowing, James 2 tithes 2 horses [frame 319]
Gowing, Daniell 1 tithe 1 horse

August 28, 1795, Isham Goin is surety for his sister, Nancy Goin’s marriage to Henry Vanover in Bedford County, Virginia.  His other brother, Jeremiah Goin is another surety.   William Goin, father of Nancy Goin, gives his consent.

1795 Va Bedford Co Nancy Goin marries Henry Vanover with consent of father William Goin and Isham Goin as surety

December 22, 1795, Isham Gowing is surety for his sister, Elizabeth Gowing’s marriage to John Gower in Bedford County, Virginia.  Father William Gowing gives his consent to the marriage of “Betsey”.  1780-va-bedford-marriage-bonds-for-going-and-gowing-families

Isham Goin witnessed a deed with William Goin and Anester Goin in 1796.  Isham Goin was appointed as one of the counties constables in Jul 1796.  http://jg1758.blogspot.com/2008/10/william-anester-gowan-gowingoin-family.html

It appears that Isham Going died some time before July 18, 1801 in Bedford County, Virginia.  The inventory of Isham Going is recorded there:

1801 Va Bedford Co;
Will Book 1 1759-1787
Will Book 2 1787-1803
By Ann Chilton
July 18, 1801
By: Christopher Clark, Augustine Leftwich, Jabe Leftwich
Recorded: July 27, 1801
Teste James Steptoe

WB4-A, p. 51-52
Allotment of land dated 17 Jan 1812
Administrators: Alexander Burton; Elijah Weeks; Francis Makin
Returned: 25 May 1812 allotment of land to his heir, Magdalin Goins  http://lumbeeindiansandgoinsfamily.blogspot.com/2008/06/bedford-county-va-early-records.html

Magdoline was qualified as adm of his estate. William Hurdnae was bonded. Jesse Leftwich was wit.
Another document shows appraisers. Names are John Hudnau, Thomas Fuqua, Thomas Cullen, August Leftwich, Christopher Clark, Fraizure.
Magdoline Gowen m 2 Mr Burch at which time she sought and was given her dower’s rights in est of Isham, which was one third.
Another document shows William Green, Samuel Mitchell, and Benjamin Rice with William Hudnall as the adm of est.  http://jg1758.blogspot.com/2008/10/william-anester-gowan-gowingoin-family.html



Bedford County Personal Property Tax List
1782-1805, 1806-1816
Library of Virginia microfilm reels 34 and 35

Daniel Going 1 tithe 1 horse 3 cattle [frame 6]
Joseph Going 1 tithe 1 slave [frame 7]
William Going 1 tithe 1 horse 5 cattle
William Going Senior 1 tithe 4 horses, 10 cattle
Daniel Going 1 tithe 1 horse, 3 cattle [frame 24]

Wm Going Sr 1 tithe 2 horses 7 cattle
Wm Going Jr 1 tithe 3 horses 4 cattle

1800 A Southern District
Daniel Gowen 2 tithes 1 horse [frame 456]
Manoah Gowen 1 tithe

1801 A Southern District by Mat Pate
Menoah Gowen 1 tithe [frame 488]

1802 A & B Southern District
Micajah Going 1 tithe
Noah Going 1 tithe
Daniel Going 2 tithes 1 horse

1803 A Southern District
Minoah Going 1 tithe
Daniel Going 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 555]
Isham Going 1 tithe 1 horse

1804 A Southern District
Daniel Going 2 tithes 2 horses [frame 593]
Noah Going 1 tithe 1 horse

1805 A Southern District
Daniel Going 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 641]
Noah Going 1 tithe 1 horse

(The Going/Gowen family members do not appear in Bedford County tax lists after 1805).

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