Various Moses Goings

There are at least five Moses Goings born from about 1730-1774 in the Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia areas.  They are:

1)  Moses Gowen b. abt 1735, living in Goochland Co, Va from 1753-69 (w/Aaron some of this time) (click on name to see their page).

2)  Moses Going b. some time between 1735-1740 living in Albemarle Co, Va – 1761-62, Louisa Co, Va 1770, 72, 75, 77, 83, and 1785  (click on name to see their page).

3) Moses Gowen b. abt 1740 in Granville Co, NC, 1761 Henry Co, Va., and Georgia 1780-86  (click on name to see their page).

4)  Moses Going b. abt 1770 in Loudoun Co, Va from 1787-1792, and 1801, Powhatan Co 1792-97, 1801-1817 – mulatto  (click on name to see their page).

5) Moses Going b. abt 1774 a free black in Lincoln County, and Columbia County, Georgia

Click on the names of each Moses Going to see their pages, and compare to each other to see why these are confirmed different people.

FACTS on all Moses Going’s found:  

1739 June 12:  STAFFORD COUNTY VA WILL BOOK M; 1729-1748; THE ANTIENT PRESS pp. 271-273.  Dr. 1733 Capt SIMON PEARSONS Estate to NATHAL. CHAPMAN Contra To 1 drest akin for his son, paid RICHD. FLETCHER for goods, delivered JAMES WADE for his freedom dues, cash paid Coll. NICHS. SMITH, 7 gallons Rum at the funeral, paid Hawleys and Godfrey for Levies for 1732, paid Capt WASHINGTON & Co. for Sundrys, paid JAMES CARTER for Quit rents of 7246 acres of land @ 2/ Sterl p hundred 25 p ct on do to make it currency, paid James Carter for an order from GEO. BUCHANAN on accot. Capt ARBUTHNOTS estate, To WILLIAM HALES accot., paid JOHN GRANT, paid Mr. NELSON for a hat band and g]oves for THOMAS PEARSON, paid WILLIAM HERLE, paid RICHTD FLETCEHER for galls rum and Sugar for the reaping, paid THOMAS EVES for note, paid Thomas Eves for making a mourning coat. for Thos. Pearson paid JOHN SMITH, payd JAMES WAUGH for cone hire, paid PETER LEEDCHAN for Levies, Cr. 1733 June 16 Note reced of JAMES GOING of JOHN PAGE, Cash reced THOS. PEARSON, Note of EDWARD SNOXELL, Ditto GEORGE SYMSON, Cash of DARBY BRYAN, JOHN MERCER, JOHN HERLE, Aug IOth By crop reced made at the home plantation on Potomack creek, By ditto made in Pr. William, Note reced of JAMES SUDDUTH, EDWARD WILLIAMS, THOS, SMITH, Rappa. THOMAS FURR, JOHN PAGE, STEPHEN FULLER, EDWD. WILLIAMS, SIMON BOWLING, of WM. NORTHCOAT, of LEWIS ELSEY cash reced for the warehouse rent 1733 paid JOHN WITHERS HARPER for a debt, paid JOHN MERCER, WM. DENT, MARY SHAVONS acct. shipped to JAMES BUCHANAN, Shipped in BUCKERIDGCE, paid CATESBY COCKS note, paid Grigsby`s Judgment, Capt. SPOORE for Inspection he paid, paid Marlbro Inspectors 4 crop hhds. paid WM. BROOK-SHIRES acct. 1734 Augt. 10 Capt HEDGMAN’S account azid levies. paid WM. WALKER for a coffin, paid SARAH JEWARS acct, paid Mr, SCOTT for the funeral SerMan, paid Mr. CLAIBORNE for elks note, paid SAN’L. TIMMONS, JOHN GRANT paid the inspector of 7 hhds Tobo had out of hunting creek warehouse and ships in hoard the Smith Capt. BUCKRIDGE @ 3/. July 5 paid JAMES CARTER for quit rents 5636 acres land 1733 Sterling paid THOMAS HARISSON SENR. for a Legacy left him, paid MOSELY BATTALEY for a fee agst TRAMELL paid EBENEZER MOSS his acct Smiths work, 1734 – paid WPM. BROOKSHIRE, paid WM. HALE for MARY STRAUGHANS living at ye Quarter, paid EDWARD EMMS for Levies, paid GEORGE TRAMELL, paid JAMES BAXTER, WILLIAM HERLE, Mr. COCKS clks note, 1735 To the hire of a Boat to carry Tobo to the warehouse 2 days at 20 p day, payd MICHAEL REGAN, EDWARD EMMS, ANN BALL, LEWIS ELSEY, EDWARD EMMES, JERE BRANAUGH, WILLIAM HERLE, Mr. NATHL. CHAPMAN, 1734 reced of NICHOLAS GRIMES, LEWIS ELSEY, WILLIAM BRUESTER, RICHD. RAKSTRAW, THOMAS COATHER, MOSES GOIN, THOMAS WEST, DAVID THOMAS, JAMES HALLEY, JOHN BURK, By MICHAEL REGANS rent, by Tobo reced HENRY WATSON
E E p Thos. Pearson
At Court held for Stafford County June 12th 1739 Nathaniel Chapman and Thomas Pearson ExEs of SIMON PEARSON deced presented account .. admitted to record.

1753 Dec 30: Thomas Mechum: Dec 30, 1753, Nov 20, 1753. DB 6, p. 345-6. To wife, Mary Mechum, plantation whereon I now live, but son, Paul, shall have right to build a house thereon, wife to have houshold goods and stock. Son, Paul, to have all rest of stock, etc. and the tract of land after my wife’s decease.  Ex: Wife, Mary, and son, Paul. Wit: David Massie, Moses Going.  Abstracts of Wills from Goochland County, Virginia. 1727-1777 by Margaret V. Henley. pg. 38.

1753-69 – Moses Going, born say 1735, taxable in Goochland County from 1753 to 1769: Goochland Co, Va.

1754 Moses Going taxable on his own tithe and Aaron Going in 1754, taxable on slave Jubbiter in 1763, Goochland Co, Va.

1756 Goochland Co Va, tithes
William Going 1
frame 30,
Moses Gowing 1
Aaron Gowing 1

1757 Goochland Co Va,
William Going 1
William Pryor & his list,
John Parrish Patroller,
Moses Going,
Negro Tom, Dilsia, Kate, Talbutt 6.

1759 – 1760 – Captain James Gunn attesting to the service of Moses Going (Henry Co.) in Col Byrd’s regiment in 1760, and to James Hopkins Jr’s (Louisa Co.) service in 1759 in his own company of regulars. Henry Co, Va,1721,605,1750#?imageId=VGS_1996_01_01_0310,934,474,972;332,980,432,1018

1761 to 1762 Moses Going was called “Moses Going, mulatto” in his February 1761 to March 1762 account with Archibald Ingram, George Kipper, & Co. of Albemarle County [Weisiger, Albemarle County Court Papers, 23].

1761 Goochland Co Va
frame 155,
Moses Goeings list of tiths 1
frame 156,
Aaron Goings list of tiths 1
frame 160,
William Going 1
Geo. Going 1

1761 Granville Co, NC
whites/Blacks male/Blacks f/ Blacks 12-16
List of John Pope
Thomas, Moses Gowin. Refuses to List his wife 2 tithes
Michael Gowin, John Wilson. Refuses to list his wife 2
Joseph Gowin. Refuses to list his wife 1
List of Robt. Harris for Granville Parish
Edward Going sons Edwd. Reeps 0 white/3black males
Country Line District by Larkin Johnston
William Gowin, James Gowin 2
William Gowin Junr, Jesse Chandlor 2

1761 July 13 – Moses Going and Roger Thompson show that Benjamin Bryant is indebted to them and refuses payment. Promissory note: Benjamin Bryan to Moses Going, dated March 1764, witnessed by Jack Oglesby. Order to summon Benjamin Bryant to answer petition of Roger Thompson, assignee of Moses Going, 13 July. (3 items) p. 24. Court Papers 1744-1783 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III. 1987. iv, 86 pages.. Albemarle Co, Va.

1762 Goochland Co Va,
frame 175,
Moses Going List 1
frame 226,
William Going List 2

1762 Granville Co NC
Michael Gowin mulattoe
Thomas Gowin and Moses Gowin 2 tithes
Edward Gowin Sr, Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3 mulattoe
James Gowing, son William, refs to list his wife – 2 white, 0 black, 0 fem, 2 over 16, 2 total
William Gowin Jr 2 white
Joseph Going refuses to list wife 1 mulattoe
James Gowen 2 insolvent
Michael Going 2 insolvent
Edward Going 2 insolvent
Jos. Going 1 insolvent

1763 Goochland Co Va,
frame 252,
Moses Going’s list } 2
frame 258,
Mowses Gouins 2

1763 April – Moses Going sued James Moseley in April 1763 but the case was also dismissed on agreement. Goochland Co, Va.

1763 April – Moses Going sued in Goochland County by William Hudnell in April 1763. Thomas Riddle posted his bail. The suit was dismissed on agreement between the parties. Goochland Co, Va.

1763 Aug – Moses Going sued Charles Murler for a 16 pound, 12 shilling debt in August 1763; Goochland Co, Va.

1763 Oct 11 – At a court October 1763, Archibald Ingram, George Kippen & Co. vs Moses Going for debt, judgement granted to plt. (On back: “I dont know where he lives. Signed: Jon. Clark.”) Attachment of goods of Moses Going, mulatto, 11 Oct. (2 items). p. 28. Court Papers 1744-1783 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III. 1987. iv, 86 pages.. Albemarle Co, Va.

1763 Oct 25 – Account of Moses Going, mulatto, with Archibald Ingram, George Kippen & Co., Feb. 1761 to March 1762. Samuel Jordan made oath he believes account is just. Oct. 25, 1763. p. 29. Court Papers 1744-1783 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III. 1987. iv, 86 pages.. Albemarle Co, Va.

1764 May – Moses Going was sued by Robert Smith for 30 shillings in May 1764; Goochland Co, Va.

1764 June – Moses Going acknowledged a debt of 14 pounds, 10 shillings to Messrs. William Pryor and William Merriwether in June 1764. Goochland Co, Va.

1764 – Moses Going taxable on Moses Tyler’s tithe in 1764 [List of Tithables, 1730-55, frames 253, 299, 336; 1756-1766, frames 30, 155, 175, 252, 281, 295, 369; 1767-1780, frames 69, 119], Goochland Co, Va.

1764 Sept – Moses Going acknowledged a debt of 15 pounds, 12 shillings to Adams and Thomas Underwood in September 1764 [Orders 1761-5, 145, 151, 158, 228-9, 327, 334, 369, 424]. Goochland Co, Va.

1764 Goochland Co Va
frame 274,
William Going, Money Going 2
frame 281,
Moses Going List
Will Tyler 2
frame 295,
Going, Wm 2
Moses Going,  2
Aaron Going, 1
George Going, 1

1764 Granville Co NC
Joseph Gowen 1 white
William Gowen 1 white
William Gowen and John Cape 2 white
Jas. Gowen, James Lunceford 2 white
Thomas Going and Moses Going 2 white
Joseph Going and James Harrison mulattoe 1 white 1 mulattoe
Edward Going and Edward Going 2 mulattoe
Jos. Gowen 2 insolvent
James Gowen 2 insolvent

1765 Goochland Co Va
Wm Goin 2
Berry Going 1
frame 318,
Moses Going 1
William Going List,
Wm Money Going 2

1766 Goochland Co Va
frame 353,
John Going 2
Moses Going 1

1768 Goochland Co Va
frame 62,
Going, Wm Wm Going Jnr 2
frame 69,
Moses Going 1

1767 Granville Co, NC
List of Philips Pryor
Joseph Gowen, Presley Harrison John Cunningham, Minor Cockram 4w, 0B
list of John Pope (white, Black male, Black female)
Thomas Gowin 2-0-0
Moses Gowin 1-0-0
Joseph Gowin 0-2-0
Edward Gowin 0-1-0
Edward Gowin Jr.0-1-0
Separate List later in reel, Philip Pryors List
Joseph Gowen, Prisly Morrison, John Cunningham, Minor Cocer? 4 white

1768 Granville Co, NC
list of John Pope
Thomas Gowin, John Gowin, Alston Hopkins 3 tithes
Moses Gowin [torn]
Joseph Gowin his Nat 2

1768 Feb 2: William Gray of Granville County, planter, of North Carolina to Moses Jewel alias Gowin of same. One hundred acres of land located on the south side of Tarr River and both sides of Midle Creek. Bounded by Ballingers line, Sheppards line, and Samuel Ware.  Wits: John Pope, Crafford Pope. Signed: William Gray. Proved up by John Pope on Jan 18, 1769. (Book H p. 481) Granville County, North Carolina.

1769 Goochland Co Va
frame 106,
William Going, Samuel Going 2
frame 106,
Robert Page…William Going…6
frame 109,
Philip Going 1
William Going 3
Berry Going wart served
John Going summoned on wit
Moses Going 1

1769 Granville Co, NC
Summary list from microfilm white/ Black/ Carriage wheels
Gowen, Thomas 3/0/0
Gowen, Moses 2/0/0
Gowen, William 1/0/0
Gowen, Edward 0/1/0

1770 and 1772 Moses Going was a taxable in the Trinity Parish, Louisa County household of John Fox in 1770 and in his own household in 1772 [Davis, Louisa County Tithables, 25, 34].

1771 Granville Co NC.
Thomas Gowin 2 unk
Moses Gowin 1 unk
John Gowin 1 unk
Edward Gowin 1 unk
Joseph Gowin 2 unk
1771 Sept 7 – Granville Co, NC
list of insolvents for 1762 taxremaining in arrears as of 7 Sept. 1771
Michael Gowen  2
Edward Gowen 3
Joseph Gowen 1
1771 – Granville Co, NC. List of Granville Co Militia.
Company of Capt Sol. Alston, dec’d. Soldiers:
Capt Sol. Alston now dead, returned by his Lt Sol. Fuller. (Clark, Walter. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NC, The State Records of NC, Vol XXII, p 162, 1907).

1772 Tillotson Parrish pmt to Moses Going a poor person in Buckingham Co,438,1749,476#?imageId=VGS_1989_01_01_0185

1773 Moses Gowing in Tillotson Parrish, Buckingham County, Va – recd payment per the vestrybook.,2169,816,2207#?imageId=VGS_1989_01_01_0185

1774 Moses Gowing recd payment from Tillotson Parrish in Buckingham Co as a poor person per vestrybook,1156,1708,1194

1775 David Going was taxable in Moses Going’s household in 1775. David Going, born say 1751, taxable in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, in his own household in 1772, taxable in Moses Going‘s household in 1775, taxable in the Trinity Parish household of Pouncy Bunch in 1774 and taxable in Joseph Bunch’s household in 1778 [Davis, Louisa County Tithables, 133, 45, 73]. His suit against Robert Anderson, Gentleman, for trespass, assault and battery was dismissed by the Louisa County court on 13 July 1773 at Anderson’s costs [Orders 1766-74; Judgments 1773, frames 362-3]. He was taxable in Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle County, from 1782 to 1809, called a “Mulatto” in 1812, called “David Going Senr. Mula” in 1813 [PPTL 1782-1799, frames 12, 29, 44, 76, 116, 153, 202, 252, 300, 386, 419, 459, 481, 516, 555, 591; 1800-1813, frames 161, 207, 250, 297, 344, 388, 434, 478, 522, 566] and head of an Albemarle County household of 8 “other free” in 1810 [VA:195].

1775 July 10 Moses Going was required to post a bond of 50 pounds and his security George Gibson posted 25 pounds on 10 July 1775 when Joseph Cooper swore the peace against him in Louisa County court [Orders 1774-82, 126-7].

1775 July 10 Gideon Gibson provided security of 25 pounds for Moses Going in Louisa County court. Gideon Gibson, born say 1730, married Susanna Branham in Louisa County in November 1772 [Jones, The Douglas Register, 126]. He was a defendant with Jordan Gibson in Sally Going’s suit for trespass, assault and battery which was dismissed by the Louisa County court by agreement of the parties on 11 April 1774.

1775 September 11 Colonel Robert Anderson made a motion in Louisa County court charging that Gideon, being a “Mulatto,” had beaten him. The court ruled that Gideon was not a “Mulatto” and granted Anderson an appeal to the General Court. Gideon and his wife Milly sold land by deed proved in Louisa County court on 11 December 1780 [Orders 1774-82, 10, 42, 127, 130, 318].

1777 Jan 13 Moses Going purchased 353 acres in Louisa County from Michael Ailstock on 13 January 1777, and Moses Going and his wife Agnes sold this land six months later on 9 June 1777 [DB E:14, 156].

1777 July 14 Moses Going, Joshua Going and Charles Sprouse, Sr., were charged by the Louisa County court with hog stealing, but the sheriff was unable to arrest them because they were in hiding. The court ordered the sheriff to summon a posse to arrest them [Orders 1774-82, 171].

1780 Moses Going in Henry Co affid about service in 1760 military
Moses Going served in military under Byrd in Louisa Co around 1760 per affid,934,474,972;332,980,432,1018,1443,1848,1476

In 1780, Moses Going filed suit against Duncan Carmichael in nearby Halifax County, Virginia “on an attachment.” “Complaintant did not further process, case dismissed,” according to Halifax County Plea Book 10, page 143, as researched by Jack Harold Goins, Editorial Board member of Rogersville, Tennessee.

On April 27, 1780, Moses Going was in Henry County, Virginia, on the North Carolina border, according to “Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776,”

1782 Louisa Co Va
Moses Gowing 1 tithe, 1 horse, 3 cattle

1782 Henry Co Va
white (free) tithes above 16/ slaves/ horses/ cattle –
frame 8,
John Going 1013
David Going 207/16
frame 15,
John Going 104/13
frame 18,
Moses Going 1027

1782 May 16 Mary Anne Gowen, born say 1742, was bound out by the churchwardens of Southam Parish, Goochland County, to David Thomas in January 1747/8 [Orders 1744-9]. On 25 May 1761 the Cumberland County court ordered the churchwardens of King William Parish to bind out her son Stephen Goen to Peter Anthony Luckado [Orders 1758-62, 322], and on 16 May 1782 the Powhatan County, Va court ordered the churchwardens of King William Parish to bind out her son Moses Going to Francis Merryman [Orders 1777-84, 225].

1783 Louisa Co Va.
Moses Gowing 1 tithe 1 horse 3 cattle

1783 Feb 12 On 12 February 1783 he was called John Goodman alias John Gibson when he sued Moses Going in a Louisa County chancery case that was dismissed in April 1783 [LVA chancery case 1783-002]. John Goodman, made a deposition (making his mark) in Louisa County on 27 August 1768, stating that he was living with George Gibson when George sent him to cut down a tree on land adjoining the land of George’s father Gilbert Gibson. Gilbert met him there and told him that he was on the dividing line of a branch called Great Branch which divided Gilbert’s land from the land he had given his son George [Judgments, 1769-1770, frame 427].

On 28 March 1783 he owned land on both sides of the North Mayo River when the Henry County court allowed him to build a water grist mill on it [Orders 1778-82, 86; 1782-5, 75].  In 1783, Moses Going was permitted to build a grist mill on Morth Mayo River, according to Henry County Court Order Book 3, page 85. Jack Harold Goins wrote, “Looking at North Mayo River [present day map], it flows into the South Mayo River, thus becoming the Mayo River as it flows into North Carolina.”

1783 and 1785 Moses Going was taxable in Louisa County on a horse in 1783 and 1785 [Personal Property Tax List, 1782-1814].

1783 Henry Co Va
tithes/ whites over 21/ slaves over 16/ slaves under 16/ horses/ cattle
frame 37,
Going, John Zephaniah Going, Claiborn Going, James Going 42005/14
Going, David William Going, Charles Going Jacob Going 420068
frame 38,
Going, James 110026
Going, Moses 11

1784 Henry Co Va
frame 86,
Going, Jesse 110025
Going, John & 2 sons 3112006
frame 87,
Going, Moses 110025
frame 88,
Going, David Wm, Chas. & Jacob 43109/13
Going, John 1100022
Going, James 1100210

1785 Louisa Co Va
Moses Going 1 tithe 1 horse 2 cattle

1785 Henry Co Va
Going, Moses 2200088
frame 158,
Going, James 1100015
Going, John 1100015
Going, David & 3 sons 43100/10/8
Going, John Claiborn Going & Asaiah Going 31200413
frame 159,
Going, Zephaniah 11000010

Page 7–LUMPKIN, GEORGE and wife Ann to Vinson Greer 150 acres. Land on Buffalo creek adj. Moses Going, Daniel Bankston, orig. grant 1785.  1785 April 15 Moses Goingfrom George Lumpkin and wife Ann Lumpkin both of Wilkes County, Georgia, for 10 pounds sterling a tract of land on the branches of the Buffalow fork of Long Creek, bounded on the N by vacant land, on the E by vacant land, on the S by Vinson Greer, on the W by John Lumpkin.  Land containing 200 acres granted unto George Lumpkin on March 15, 1785. Signed: George Lumkin, Ann Lumkin. Wits: Robt Lumkin, John King.  Jno Cunningham, JP. Wilkes County, Georgia.

1786 Henry Co Va
frame 217,
Going, Shadrack 312006/13
Going, James 1100013
Going, David 1100013
Going Moses 2110037
frame 218,
Going, John & 4 sons 523007/21
Going, David & 4 sons 541000/10/17
Going, John Jr. & Ward Barrett 21100020
Going, John 1100012

1786 Nov 10 – Moses Going, William Going appear in a Petition Re Opposition of Episcopal Church Collecting, in Buckingham Co, Va,1836,1390,1869,1164,1429,1197

1786 Dec 15 Franklin County, Georgia headright authorized surveyor John Gorham, Esq, to lay out unto Moses Gowen a tract for 684 acres for an old warrant of his own, and an old warrant of Peter Merrell. Franklin Co, Georgia.

1787 Buckingham Co petition signed by Moses Going,1836,1390,1869#?imageId=VGS_1990_01_01_0101

1787 Returns: 1787 LL Capt Bishop’s Dist. 044 – Moses Goin
Co – Wil
2nd – 200
3rd – 575
044A (A stands for younger) – Moses Goin
Co – Fra
2nd – 648

1787 Loudoun Co Va
Richard Gowing: Richard Gowing, James Davis, James Alexander 3 tithes 2 horses, 2 cattle [p. 9]
Jason Gowan (not 21) 1 tithe [p. 10]
Luke Gawen & Moses Gawaen 2 tithes 4 cattle, 2 horses [p. 9]
Leonard Gawen 1 tithe [p. 10]

1788 Loudoun Co Va
Luke Gowen & Moses Gowen 2 tithes 2 horses

About 1789 Moses Going and Agnes Going moved their family to Georgia. Moses Going appeared as a taxpayer on 575 acres of second class land in Wilkes County in Capt. William Lucas’ District.     Moses Going also paid tax on 684 acres of second class land in Franklin County, Georgia in 1790. Nearby residents were:    John Going, Reuben Going, Aaron Going and William Going.   All except William Going were shown as “free mulatto.”

1789 Dec 5:  The Wilkes County Papers, 1773-1833, page 73, by Robert Scott Davis Jr. MOSES GOING Grantor; to John Lumpkin grantee; Deed, 5 Dec 1789, Moses Going of Wilkes County to John Lumpkin 200 acres on Long Creek; adj. Lumpkin, Bankston, and Greer, (s) Moses Going in the presence of (s) Thomas Rutledge, Aron Springfield, George Lumpkin and Jesse Heard, JPWC. Recorded in Book HH, Fos. 312-13, 1 September 1791 Ref: Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County, page 111 (Page 312) MOSES GOYNE(signed GOING) to John Lumkin, 200 acres on waters of Long Creek adj. said Lumpkin. 5 Dec 1789, Thos. Routledge, Geo. Lumpkin, Aaron Springfield, Test.

1789 Dec 5:  Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer. To purchase other deed books visit  p. 312 5 Dec. 1789, Moses Goyne to John Lumkin, both of Wilkes Co., for £10, 200 acres on Long Creek, adj. W. said Lumkin, S. by Bankston, E. by Greer, N. by Greer & Lumkin. (signed) Moses Going.  Wit: Thomas Rontledge, Ann Springfield, George Lumkin, Jesse Heard, J.P.W.C. Regd. 1 Sept. 1791.

1790B Loudoun Co Va
Luke Gawen: Moses Gawen 2 tithes, 1 slave over 16, 2 horses
Leonard Gawen 1 tithe 1 horse

1791 Loudoun Co Va
Luke Gawen 1 tithe 1 horse
Leonard Gawen Moses & Jason Gawen } 3 tithes 1 horse

1791A Buckingham Co Va
Moses Going (exempt) 1 horse [p.8]

1792B Loudoun Co Va
Luke Gawen: Luke Gawen & Moses Gawen 2 tithes 2 horses

1792 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin 1 tithe
Aron Goin 1 tithe 1 horse

1793 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin (Mo) 1 tithe
Shadrack Goin (Mo) 1 tithe

1793 – When Warren Co, Ga was created from Wilkes Co, Ga – William Going, Moses Going, and Jesse Going were listed as taxpayers on the county’s first tax roll.

1793 July 21 – Moses Going deeded land which was part of 780 acres originally granted to Ignatius Few in 1791 – Warren County Deed Book A, pg 606.

1793 July 21 Moses Going deeded 100 acres in Warren County to Warren Andrews July 21, 1793 which was “part of 780 acres originally granted to Ignatius Few in 1791,” according to Warren County Deed Book A, page 606.

1794 Powhatan Co Va
Shadrach Goin 1 tithe [frame 106]
Moses Goin 1 tithe

1794 Taxpayers on Capt. Lucas’s District returned lands on the waters of Ogeechee River, Long Creek and Rocky Comfort Creek. The entire area was put into Warren County in 1793, and the same taxpayers were found in Capt. Hubert’s District of Warren County in the 1794 tax list.

1794 “Moses Going, William Going and Jesse Going” who seemed to be closely associated were listed as taxpayers on the county’s first tax rolls in 1793 and 1794.

1795 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin 1 tithe [frame 118]
Shadrach Goin 1 tithe

1795A Loudoun Co Va
Luke Gawen: Luke Gawen, Luke Gawen, Peyton Gawen 3 tithes 2 horses
1795B Thomas Pursley: Thomas Pursley, Moses Gawen 2 tithes 2 horses

1796 Powhatan Co Va
Aron Goin 1 tithe [frame 132]
Shadrach Goin 1 tithe
Moses Goin 1 tithe

1797 Powhatan Co Va
Aron Goin 1 tithe 1 horse
Shadrach Goin 1 tithe
Moses Goin 1 tithe

1799 – Moses Going recd a Revolutionary War land grant in Warren Co, Ga.

1800 Oct 16 – Moses Going sold land “lying partly in Wilkes Co, Ga, and Partly in Warren Co, Ga – on the Ogeechee River. Warren County Deed Book B, page 14.

1801 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin mo 1 tithe

1802 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin mo 1 tithe [frame 240]

1803 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin mo 1 tithe

1804 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Goin mo 1 tithe

1804 Financial misfortune befell Moses Going, Jr. and in 1804 he was jailed for his debts, according to a legal notice published in a Lincoln County newspaper: “Matthew Raybon and Wm. Beggins, Executors of Benjamin Ship. vs. Moses Going. CA SA:  To their Honors, the Judges of the Inferior Court for the County of Lincoln. The petition of Moses Going, humbly sheweth, that he is now confined in the common jail of said county, in view of a Ca Sa, at the instance of Matthew Raybon and William Beggins, executors of Benjamin Ship, for a sum of money which he is unable to pay, and that he is willing to give up all his estate, both real and personal for the benefit of his creditors, and therefore prays that he may be discharged from confinement, agreeable to the laws and constitution of the state.  —  Ordered that the said Moses Going be brought up before the said court. The said Moses Going appeared in support of the said petition: Whereupon it is further ordered, That the said Moses Going do give notice to his creditors as the law directs, to appear by themselves or attornies, at the court house in the County of Lincoln, on the first Tuesday in October next; to shew cause, if any they have, why the said Moses Going  should not be discharged, in terms of the act of assembly in such cases made and provided. A. Tatom, Clerk Taken from the minutes, July Term 1804.”

1805 Powhatan Co Va
Moses Gowen mo 1 tithe [frame 295]

In 1819, Moses Going, Jr, was recorded in the “free black” registration conducted by W. L. Kennon, County Court clerk of Columbia County as “age 45, born in Virginia, a farmer, arrived in Georgia in 1789.”

1821 Aug 6  Two years later, H. Lamar, the County Court Clerk, compiled another list of “free blacks” in Columbia County. It was published in the August 6, 1821 edition of the “Augusta Chronicle & Gazette:”
Individual Age Born Yrs. in GA Profession
Moses Going 46 VA 30 Farmer
Billy Going 53 VA 35 Millwright
Sarah Going 58 VA 34 Weaver
Nancy Going 22 GA 22 Weaver
Polly Going 26 GA 26 Weaver
Lucinda Going 20 GA 20 Weaver
Sally Going 11 GA 11 Weaver

1830 “Moses Going, free colored,” appeared in the 184th District of adjoining Lincoln County in the 1830 census, page 74, as the head of a household composed of:  “Going, Moses free colored male 55-100 free colored female 24-36 free colored male 0-10″

1850 US Census in Columbia Co, Ga with Moses Goings age 70, Richard Goings 41, Nancy 50, Mary 17, Martha 12


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