1774 Moses Going, Jr in Lincoln County, and Columbia County, Georgia

Moses Going, Jr, born about 1774 in Lincoln County, and Columbia County, Georgia






FACTS from Gowen Manuscript: 

(Note:  There are at least 5 different Moses Going’s in Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia born between 1735-1774.  To make sure you are able to differentiate each, see the following link to compare each of the 5 different Moses Goings:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/various-moses-goings/ ). 

Financial misfortune befell Moses Going, Jr. and in 1804 he was jailed for his debts, according to a legal notice published in a Lincoln County newspaper: “Matthew Raybon and Wm. Beggins, Executors of Benjamin Ship. vs. Moses Going. CA SA

To their Honors, the Judges of the Inferior Court for the County of Lincoln. The petition of Moses Going, humbly sheweth, that he is now confined in the common jail of said county, in view of a Ca Sa, at the instance of Matthew Raybon and William Beggins, executors of Benjamin Ship, for a sum of money which he is unable to pay, and that he is willing to give up all his estate, both real and personal for the benefit of his creditors, and therefore prays that he may be discharged from confinement, agreeable to the laws and constitution of the state.

Ordered that the said Moses Going be brought up before the said court. The said Moses Going appeared in support of the said petition: Whereupon it is further ordered, That the said Moses Going do give notice to his creditors as the law directs, to appear by themselves or attornies, at the court house in the County of Lincoln, on the first Tuesday in October next; to shew cause, if any they have, why the said Moses Going should not be discharged, in terms of the act of assembly in such cases made and provided. A. Tatom, Clerk Taken from the minutes, July Term 1804.”

In 1819, Moses Going, Jr, was recorded in the “free black” registration conducted by W. L. Kennon, County Court clerk of Columbia County as “age 45, born in Virginia, a farmer, arrived in Georgia in 1789.”

Two children, believed to be his, were recorded in consecutive entries with him:

Sherwood Going born about 1808
Elizabeth Going born about 1811

When the “free persons of color” were required to register in Georgia in 1819, she stated to the Columbia County Court clerk that she was 66 years old and had arrived in Georgia in 1787.

Other individuals of interest to Going/Gowen chroniclers also appeared in the “free persons of color” registration. The list of “free blacks,” compiled by W. L. Kennon, county court clerk, was printed in the “Augusta Chronicle & Gazette” in its edition of March 10, 1819:

Individual Born Arrived Age Profession
William Going VA 1777 50 Millwright
William Going GA 19 Farmer [son of William]
Sally Going VA 1790 52 Weaver
Polly Going GA 25 Weaver
Wyat Going GA 28 Blacksmith
Nancey Going GA 23 Weaver
Lucinda Going GA 21 Weaver
Sally Going GA 9
Agness Going VA 1787 66
Patsey Going GA 34 Weaver [her children]
Thomas Going GA 4
John Going GA 2
Nancey Going GA 27 Weaver
Moses Going [Jr.] VA 1789 45 Farmer
Elizabeth Going GA 8
Sherwood Going GA 11

Two years later, H. Lamar, the County Court Clerk, compiled another list of “free blacks” in Columbia County. It was published in the August 6, 1821 edition of the “Augusta Chronicle & Gazette:”
Individual Age Born Yrs. in GA Profession
Moses Going 46 VA 30 Farmer
Billy Going 53 VA 35 Millwright
Sarah Going 58 VA 34 Weaver
Nancy Going 22 GA 22 Weaver
Polly Going 26 GA 26 Weaver
Lucinda Going 20 GA 20 Weaver
Sally Going 11 GA 11 Weaver

Moses Going, free colored,” appeared in the 184th District of adjoining Lincoln County in the 1830 census, page 74, as the head of a household composed of:

Going, Moses free colored male 55-100 free colored female 24-36 free colored male 0-10″