1681 Phillip Gowen of New Kent Co, Va

Phillip Gowen born 1681


Christopher Gowen born 1649 and Anne




1) Michael Gowen born 1679
2) Phillip Gowen born 1682

States and Counties to research: 


1702 “Michael Gowin” and “Phillip Gowin” were serving in the militia July 4, 1702 in nearby New Kent County. They were serving under Col. John Lightfoot.

1702 July 4 – “Michael Gowin” and “Phillip Gowin” were serving in the militia in nearby New Kent County. They were serving under Col. John Lightfoot. Created in 1654, New Kent County then encompassed territory included in the present counties of King William, King and Queen, Hanover, and New Kent. Va Miltia – New Kent County. https://books.google.com/books?id=0RpcjJQBm6AC&pg=PA219&lpg=PA219&dq=James+Gowing,+John+Gowing,+William+Gowing,+dragoons&source=bl&ots=aUYdKZese1&sig=1y0EvkT1Z-TVNYDRCyOxHMcXFQU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAGoVChMIz9iSs5GZyQIVhiomCh3KLA1E#v=onepage&q&f=false







(Note:  Not too far away, in Stafford County, Virginia, John Gowing, William Gowing, and James Gowing are serving in the militia in that county. (See William Gowing’s page:  https://goyengoinggowengoyneandgone.com/william-gowing-born-1677/ ).  There is no evidence at this point they are related to each other, but they are close to the same age, and all serving in the militia, so it is a possibility to keep open that they were related in some way – brothers/cousins possibly – at this point it is difficult to know without a Y-DNA match to someone who can definitively link their line via documentation with this particular line).

1704 – Philip Gawen
Tax Record, 1704, , New Kent, Virginia, USA. 2 English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Quit Rent Rolls, Page 166
Gawen Phillip 50 acres
New Kent, Va

1704 Phillip Gawin
Quit Rents of Virginia – on 50 acres
New Kent Co, Va

1704 – Philip Gawen – Tax Record, 1704, , New Kent, Virginia, USA. English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Quit Rent Rolls, Page 166. Phillip Gawen 50 acres. New Kent, Va
http://www.ancestraltrackers.net/va/resources/english-duplicates-lost-virginia-records.pdf (p 166).

Info from the GRF:

Philip Gowen, [Christopher2, Mihil1] son of Christopher Gowen and Anne
Gowen, was born about 1684 in Gloucester County. “Phillip Gowin” was
serving in “the Lower Company of Foot” under the command of Col. John
Lightfoot in New Kent County July 4, 1702, according to “Virginia’s Colonial
Soldiers.” .

Page 25
T H E G O W E N M A N U S C R I P T Page 125
Philip Gowen is regarded as the father of:

George Gowen  (unknown why this is said to be a son of Philip – seems to be a guess)
born about 1715

Philip Gowen
born about 1740

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