1649 Christopher Gowen in York County, Va.

Christopher Gowen born abt 1649 married Ann.


John Gowing b. abt 1600-1615  (Note:  It is unknown if John Gowing b. 1600-15 had any children.  The following are noted in Virginia, and appear to have been transported from Maryland, or are not noted as being transported – meaning possibly born in Virginia.  They are the age that his children would be – a best guess based on information available).


1) Michael Gowen born 1679
2) Phillip Gowen born 1682
3) Christopher Gowen born 1684


John Goane b est 1625-30
William Gowin b. est 1625-30
Jane Gowen b. est 1638-43
Christopher Gowin b. 1649


Confirmed connected to the following counties:
York Co, Va
Gloucester Co, Va
Nansemond Co, Va
Bertie Co, NC  (son Christopher Gowen Jr moved there).

Christopher Gowen Sr appears to have been born about 1649.  He was married to Anne (unknown maiden name).
1681 – Christopher Gowen, married, wife’s name Anne.
1704 Apr 26 – Christopher Gewin- recd 900 acres on the Dragon Swamp. Adjoining the land of Bryant Oquins.Nansemond County, Va.
1704 Oct 20 – Christopher Gewin-John Harrold recd 230 acr near Dragon Swamp. Christopher Gewins land. Nansemond County, Va.
1714 June 16 – Christopher Gowin – Adam Harrold 112a. Adj Edmond Bemond and Christopher Gowins. Nansemond County, Va.

In  1673 Christopher Gowin is an indentured servant.  His indenture is in York Co, Virginia.  The source indicates his date of birth is about 1649. Source Citations: Benjamin B. Weisiger, York County, Virginia Records 1672-1676 (n.p.: n.p., 1991), 60, quoting York County, Virginia Record Book 5:49 http://www.pricegen.com/immigrantservants/servant/show.php?servant=7908

1673 June 24 – Deposition of Christopher Gowin, age 24, saith that several times after John Williams, who drove away his mater’s mares out of the hundred, came to his mater’s house and came to deponent in the field, where he was at work, and told him he had brought home the old mare; whereupon deponent went to his mistress, his master not being at home, and she bid deponent go along with John Williams and see her, which he did; and went to Goodman Gill’s fence, where said Williams told him he had left her, but deponent saw none of her. Since, said Williams told deponent several times he would find her.  Sworn at Ct. 24 June 1673.   Christopher (CC) Gowin

York County Virginia Records 1672-1676.  Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

It is unclear from the above records whether Christopher was indentured due to his being an orphaned minor taught a trade, a debt owed, or new to America.

Christopher Gowen was married about 1678, wife’s name, Anne.  Christopher Gowen and Anne Gowen were living in Abingdon Parish in January 1679 when their son, Michael Gowen was born, according to “Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia Register.”

1704 Christopher Gawin Jr. is listed on the Quit Rents of Virginia – on 20 acres, in Nanesmond Co, Va.

1704 Apr 26 – Christopher Gewin recd 900 acres on the Dragon Swamp. Adjoining the land of Bryant Oquins. Nansemond County, Va.
http://www.ancestraltrackers.net/va/resources/english-duplicates-lost-virginia-records.pdf (pg 198).

On 1704 Oct 20 – John Harrold recd 230 acres near a swamp called the Dragon Swamp. Beg.g at a pine a line tree of Christopher Gewins land.  Nansemond County, Va.

On 1714 June 16 – Adam Harrold recorded grant 112 acres near the Dragon Swamp. Adjoining land of Edmond Bemond and Christopher Gowins, in Nansemond County, Va.

1728 March 25 – Christopher Gowen, Jr. purchases 150 acres “on the north side of Roanoke River” in Bertie County, North Carolina, March 25, 1728, according to Bertie County Deed Book C, page 23. Bertie Co, NC  (Note:  Typically, if there is a “Jr.”, this means their parent had the same name as the “Sr.”  For me, this confirms that Christopher Gowen, Jr.’s father was Christopher Gowen, Sr – living close to locations Christopher Gowen, Jr. lived).




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