1649 Christopher Gowen b. est 1649 in York County, Va.

Christopher Gowen born abt 1649 married Ann.


  • Unknown



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Christopher Gowen Sr appears to have been born about 1649.  He was married to Anne (unknown maiden name).

In  1673 Christopher Gowin is an indentured servant.  His indenture is in York Co, Virginia.  The source indicates his date of birth is about 1649. Source Citations: Benjamin B. Weisiger, York County, Virginia Records 1672-1676 (n.p.: n.p., 1991), 60, quoting York County, Virginia Record Book 5:49 http://www.pricegen.com/immigrantservants/servant/show.php?servant=7908

1673 June 24 – Deposition of Christopher Gowin, age 24, saith that several times after John Williams, who drove away his mater’s mares out of the hundred, came to his mater’s house and came to deponent in the field, where he was at work, and told him he had brought home the old mare; whereupon deponent went to his mistress, his master not being at home, and she bid deponent go along with John Williams and see her, which he did; and went to Goodman Gill’s fence, where said Williams told him he had left her, but deponent saw none of her. Since, said Williams told deponent several times he would find her. Sworn at Ct. 24 June 1673. Christopher Gowin (CC)-mark.
York County, Virginia. Deeds, orders, wills, No. 5 1657-1694. pg 49.

York County Virginia Records 1672-1676.  Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

It is unclear from the above records whether Christopher was indentured due to his being an orphaned minor taught a trade, a debt owed, or new to America.

Christopher Gowen was married about 1678, wife’s name, Anne.  Christopher Gowen and Anne Gowen were living in Abingdon Parish in January 1679 when their son, Michael Gowen was born, according to “Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia Register.” 1679 January – Michael Gowen, son of Christopher Gowen and Anne Gowen, was born – 1679 January – Michael Gowen is born in January 1679, according to “Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia Register, 1678-1761,” page 275. Glaucester Co, Va

1702 July 4 – “Michael Gowin” and “Phillip Gowin” were serving in the militia in nearby New Kent County. They were serving under Col. John Lightfoot. Created in 1654, New Kent County then encompassed territory included in the present counties of King William, King and Queen, Hanover, and New Kent. Va Miltia – New Kent County. Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers, By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck pg. 218.

Full Militia included: New Kent County, 7 March 1701/2:
R. Lightfoot, Col. of Foot; George Keeling, Capt.; John Lightfoot, Jr., Capt.; Richard Baker, Lt.; James Neves, Lt.; Edward Walton, Ens.; William Bassett, Capt. and Lt. Col. of Virginia Troop; Nicholas Meriwether, Lt. Maj.; Henry Chiles, Lt.; David Anderson, Lt.; William Harman, Lt.; John Breeding, Lt.; William Lacey, Cornet; Richard Allen, Cornet; John Parke, Jr., Cornet.
New Kent County, 4 July 1702:
James Neaves, Lt.; Edward Walton, Ens.; Thomas Martin, Sgt.; Bryan Henry, Sgt.; Stephen Moon, Sr., Sgt.; Stephen Willis, Sgt.; John Jones, Marshall; George Austin, Drummer; Richard Hainsworth, Drummer; John Luck, Clerk; Thomas Moss, Corp.; Henry Richardson, Sr.; William Ross; Thomas Salmon; Thomas Wingfield; Samuel Hogue; William Hopkins; John Stiles; John Bunch, Sr.; Robert Locaheur; Thomas Ander; Robert Harper; Thomas Potterford; Benjamin Clarke; Nathaniel Smith; Josiah Aaron; Robert Morris; Edward Green; John Jones, Sr.; William Burk; Charles Allen; John Hight; John Hubbard; Stephen Moon, Jr.; John Baly, Jr.; William Sharp; Peter Moon; Martin Martin; Thomas Harris; Thomas Dillahay; Edward Toney; Francis Austin (?); John Scruggs; Samuel Moss; John Murrohoe; William Mackgley; Thomas , Jr.; Richard Me ;Francis Hill, Jr.; Thomas Howard; George Basie; Francis Hill, Sr.; John Ossling, Sr.; John Ostling, Jr.; Henry Scruggs; Thomas Lewis; Thomas Rich; William Offerd (?); Edward Harris; William Chandler, Corp.; Godfrey Spile; Nicholas Cox; Valentine Winifred; John King, Sr.; Henry Turner, Jr.; Richard Brooker; John Watkins; John Webb; William Perkins; Charles Waddill; George Bradberry; James Stringer; Richard Allin, Jr.; William Harris; Edward Ferish; John King, Jr.; Thomas Wadlaw; Richard Willis; Robert Warrin; John Googes, Sr.; Henry Pa–is; Thomas Bagnel; Stephen Bagnell; Jonathan Tompson; John Wilmore; Samuel Weaver; Thomas Weaver; Thomas Letharge; John Howl, Sr.; John Waddill; William Forgeson; Henry Tompson; John King, Jr.; Benjamin Johnson, Quaker; William Johnson; Michal Johnson, Quaker; John Groom; Abraham Alexander; John Harris; Pelham Moore; William Crump; Edward Bedford; Thomas Harlow, Corp.; Thomas Apperson; Francis Simpson; Joseph Willis; Henry Richardson, Jr.; John Stone; John Rayleigh; Richard Cotterel, Jr.; James Sanders; John Combe (?); Robert Knight, Quaker, never appeared; John Brothers; Robert Jarratt Ellison, Quaker, never appeared; Griffin Dickson; Phillip Houson; Edward Lochaheur; Stephen Crump; George Crump; John B , Jr.; Joseph J ling; Robert White; John Asher; Jonathan Asher; Edward Walton, Jr.; Lawrence Taylor; Andrew Sharp; Richard Ross; Francis Stone; Evan Pagnel, Jr.; John Howle, Jr.; John Word; Alexander Toney; James Bullock; Thomas Frizzel; John Hughes; Thomas Ravely; Michael Gowin; James Meacham; John Jackson; Thomas Cassie; John James, Jr.; Jeremiah White; William Hide; Peter .
Lower Company of Foot under command of Col. John Lightfoot:
George Keeling, Capt.; Richard Baker, Lt.; Ralfe Stanup, Ens.; Richard Rudd (?); Samuel Allyn; John Ashby; Anthony Allen; John Boatwright; Joseph Beard; John Budd, Sr.; John Budd, Jr.; Robert Boys; Samuel Bond; Andrew Banks; James Baxter; William Bowjon; Martin Baker; John Bowles; Edward Beck; Saxfield Brewer; Francis Broadree; John Banks; William Browin; Thomas Collitt; Adran Currill; William Carlton; Thomas Carlton; Francis Chandlar; John Denny; William Dally; Theodore Dememutrast; William Edwards; William Fisher; Martin Glasebrooks; Thomas Gibbs; Richard Grindage; Nicholas Gill; Isaac Gills; Richard Gillman; John Gills; John Gillman; Phillip Gowin; Thomas Gadbury; Henry Grace; William Handy; Robert Harriss; William Hall; William Howlitt; John Hogg; Thomas Moutrey; John Hassellwood; Thomas Hassellwood; Robert Hardick; Richard Hassellwood; Steven Jones; John Jones; William Jemmisin; Thomas Jeeves; Even Jones; Edward Leight; Richard Lawndy; Joseph Linsey; George Langford; William Linsey; Emanuell Law; Thomas Law; Thomas Lacey; Rubin Laton; William Moxson; William Merredeath; Thomas Massey, Corp.; Thomas Merredeth; William Morriss; John Otey; John Porter; George Porter; Robert Perry; Thomas Phillips; William Puttblader (?); Samuel Paueley; Thomas Richardson; William Roundtree; Thomas Robison, Corp.; John Sanders; Paule Seers; William Story; Thomas Sepin (?); Thomas Sanders; Richard Smith, Corp.; Paule Sechehay; John Stanup; John Stafford; Lemuell Taylor, Drummer; James Tyrie; Alexander Tyrie; Walter Wood; John Woodland; Daniel Allyn, Sgt.; John Williams; James Willson; John White; John Wattly; Henry Wood; William Young.  https://books.google.com/books?id=0RpcjJQBm6AC&pg=PA219&lpg=PA219&dq=James+Gowing,+John+Gowing,+William+Gowing,+dragoons&source=bl&ots=aUYdKZese1&sig=1y0EvkT1Z-TVNYDRCyOxHMcXFQU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAGoVChMIz9iSs5GZyQIVhiomCh3KLA1E#v=onepage&q&f=false


(NOTE: Christopher Gewin of Nansemond Co, Va appears to be a variant of Guin/Gwin (not Gowen/Going) based on his descendants surnames. He “may” have originally been a “Gowin” that changed the spelling of his name from “Gowin” to “Gewin”, and then due to the sound of the name, clerks at the courthouse and then his descendants began spelling it as Guin. This “may” be the same person as Christopher Gowen of this page that was in York Co, Va, but this is not clear – more information is needed to verify if this is the same person). 

  • Christopher Gewen Sr., his son Christopher Gewen Jr moved to Bertie Co, NC – unknown if Sr. had any contact with Bertie County, NC himself.  (Note:  This appears to actually be Gewen – not Gowen – see notes below).
  • Christopher Gewen Jr. born about 1684, in Nansemond Co, Va and Bertie Co, NC  (Note:  This appears to actually be Gewen – not Gowen – see notes below).

1688 Feb 17 – Christopher Gewen is a witness to the marriage of Leaven Bufkin to Dorrithy Newby. Minutes 1673 to 1756. pg 71. Nansemund Co, Va. Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Western Branch, Somerton Historical Meeting Data: Search for this monthly meeting in the ‘Quaker Monthly Meetings Index’

1704 Christopher Gawin Jr is listed on the Quit Rents of Virginia – on 20 acres, Nanesmond Co, Va

1704 Apr 26 Land grant. Christopher Gewin, grantee.
1704 – 0426. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 900 acres in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County on the Dragon Swamp … beginning at a markt pin a line tree of Bryant Oquin’s land … to William Speight’s corner tree … the said land being due unto the sd Christopher Gewin by and for the transportation of 18 persons into this Colony … Robert Johnson, John Danby, John Roberts, Timothy Redly, Michael Rook, Sara Long, Henry Mallard, Anne Smith, Thomas Joy, James Moat, Roberra Crow, Ismaell Holt, Edward Goslyn, Charles Bartlett, Margarett Davis, Mary Lewis, Hanna Bedford, William Benson.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 603 (Reel 9).

1704 Oct 20 Land grant. John Harrold, grantee.
1704 – 1020. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 230 acres in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County near a swamp called the Dragon Swamp. Beg.g at a pine a line tree of Christopher Gewins land … the sd land being due unto the said John Harold by and for the transportation of 5 persons into this Colony … John Ryles, Thomas Temple, William Harris, Hugh Burgis, John King.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 636 (Reel 9).

1704 Oct 20 Land grant. James Mullonen, grantee.
1704 – 1020. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 120 acres in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County near a swamp called the Dragon Swamp. Beg.g at a pine a line tree of Christopher Gwins land … the said land being due unto the said James Mullonen by and for the transportation of 3 persons into this Colony … Robert Dixon, Benjamin Lumley, Thomas Stringer.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 636 (Reel 9).

1714 June 16 Land grant. Adam Harrold, grantee.
1714 – 0616. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: … in consideration of the importation of 3 persons … Thomas Prente?, John Sweatman, and Anne Sweatman … confirm unto Adam Harrold … land containing 112 acres … in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County near the Dragon Swamp … and bounded … a pine a Corner tree of Edmond Bemond’s land and a line tree of Christopher Gewin’s land
Source: Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 138 (Reel 10).

1717 Jan 24 Land grant. Joseph Griffin, grantee.
1717 – 0124. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: … in consideration of the importation of 6 persons … Daniel Fearom, William Wedge, Thomas Wood, Elinour Welsh, Catherine Russell and Abigail Hunt … confirm unto Joseph Griffin … 366 acres being near the Dragon Swamp in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County … begining at a pine a corner tree of John Harrell’s land … to a pine corner tree of Adam Raby’s land … to a pine in Cooper’s line … to a pine a line tree of Christopher Guin’s land and a corner tree of James Moulleney’s land … .
Source: Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 356 (Reel 10).

1719 July 11 Land grant. Ephraim Peel, grantee.
1719 – 0711. Location: Nansemond County.
Description: … confirm unto Ephraim Peel … 100 acres being in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County … beginning at Christopher Guin’s corner pine …
Source: Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 441 (Reel 10).

Bertie County, North Carolina:

1728 March 25 – Christopher Gewen, Jr. purchases 150 acres from Henry West “on the north side of Roanoke River” in Bertie County, North Carolina, March 25, 1728, according to Bertie County Deed Book C, page 23. Bertie Co, NC   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-89Z1-6W1D?i=30&cat=330667

1733 Aug 3 – Christopher Gewin to Abraham Harrell Bk D, 50 Bertie Co, NC

1733 Aug 30 – Christopher Gewin Jr to Robert Hodges Bk D, p 27 Bertie Co, NC

1733 Aug 30 – Christopher Gewin Jr to Robert Hodges Bk D, p 28 Bertie Co, NC

Edgecombe Co, NC is created out of Bertie County in 1741 – the following deeds for Christopher Gewin/Guin begin showing up in Edgecombe Co, NC

1739 April 9 – John Montgomery Esq and Ann his wife of Chowan County to Christopher Guin Junr of Edgecombe County, 1700 acres of land in Edgecombe County, NC on S side of Roanoke River (Marrattock River), bounding Elias Hodge’s corner at mouth of Cowpen branch, . . . being part of a survey for 4400 acres granted to Frederick Jones Esqr and by Frederick Jones bequeathed to his son William H Jones Esq, and by Wm Hardy Jones to Montgomery. Signed: J. Montgomery, Ann Montgomery. Wits: Elias jones, Keener(sp?). Deeds 1733-1741, p. 255. Edgecombe Co, NC.

1739 April 9 – Christopher Guin fr John Montgomery Deed bk 1, p 255. Halifax Co, NC.

1739 May 4 – Christopher Guin and Sarah his wife to Edward Buxton. Deeds 1733-1741, p. 300 Edgecombe Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-9983-N2GQ?i=314&cat=306915

1739 June 10 – Christopher Guin to Jos Moore. Deed bk 1, 299 Halifax Co, NC.

1739 June 10 – Christopher Guin to Edw Buxton. Deed bk 1, p 300. Halifax Co, NC.

1739 June 10 – Christopher Guin to Joseph Moon, Deeds 1733-1741, p 299, Edgecombe Co, NC. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-9983-N2LB?i=313&cat=306915

North Carolina Bertie Co in 1741

1741 March 23 – Charles Evans to Christopher Guin Jr on the North side of Tar River containing 200 acres part of a tract containing 2000 acres granted John Green on June 20, 1729, said 200 acres on Tar River. Signed: Charles Evans. Wits: John Royal, Walter McFarland, Richard Huslock. Deeds 1733-1741, p. 385. Edgecombe Co, NC. p. 385 https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-9983-N2JY?i=399&cat=306915

1741 March 23 – Christopher Guin fr Chas Evans. Deed bk 1, p 385. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 May 19 – Abraham Guin fr Thophilus Goodwin . Deed bk 1, p 382. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guin to John Yelvington . Deed bk 1, p 397. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guin to John Kearney . Deed bk 1, p 402. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guin to John Royall . Deed bk 1, p 406. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guin to John Yelvington Deeds 1733-1741, p. 397 Edgecombe Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-9983-N2ZL?i=411&cat=306915

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guinn to John Kersey Deeds 1733-1741, p. 402 Edgecombe Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L983-NKY8?i=416&cat=306915

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guinn to John Royall Deeds 1733-1741, p. 406 Edgecombe Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8983-N2KH?i=420&cat=306915

1741 Aug 18 – Christopher Guinn to John Royall Deeds 1733-1741, p. 412 Edgecombe Co, NC.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-9983-N2JT?i=426&cat=306915

1741 Aug 20 – Christopher Guinn to John Stokes Deeds 1733-1741, p. 420 Edgecombe Co, NC.   https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-8983-N2VC?i=434&cat=306915

1741 Aug 20 – Christopher Guin to John Stokes . Deed bk 1, p 420. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Nov 14 – Christopher Guin fr Benj Evans . Deed bk 5, p 11. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Nov 14 – Christopher Guin fr Charles Evans . Deed bk 5, p 28. Halifax Co, NC.

1741 Nov 14 – Christopher Guin fr Charles Evans . Deed bk 5, p 29. Halifax Co, NC.

1742 Jan 5 – Christopher Guin to Jas Braswell . Deed bk 5, p 51. Halifax Co, NC.

1742 Feb 5 – Christopher Guin Jr fr Christopher Guin Sr. Deed bk 5, p 114. Halifax Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-89DD-6FQK?i=64&cat=328729

1743 May 1 – Christopher Guin to Francis Spivey. Deed bk 5, p 178. Halifax Co, NC.

1743 May 2 – Christopher Guin to John Royal. Deed bk 5, p 167. Halifax Co, NC.

1744 May 15 – Christopher Guin to William Bryan. Deed bk 5, p 262. Halifax Co, NC.

1744 May 23 – Christopher Guin to WIlliam Rhoads. Deed bk 5, p 363. Halifax Co, NC.

1744 Aug – Christopher Guin to Jas Barren and Francis Williamson. Deed bk 5, p 280. Halifax Co, NC.

1746 Feb 9 – Christopher Guin fr John Carty. Deed bk 3, p 145. Halifax Co, NC.

1746 Oct 22 – Christopher Guin to Daniel Pollard. Deed bk 3, p 46. Halifax Co, NC.

1746 Nov 4 – Christopher Guin to Nath Hickman. Deed bk 3, p 23. Halifax Co, NC.

1746 Nov 4 – Christopher Guin to Thos Nesom. Deed bk 3, p 24. Halifax Co, NC.

1746 Nov 20 – Christopher Guin to Jas Howell. Deed bk 3, p 27. Halifax Co, NC.

1747 March – Christopher Guin to Francis Spivey. Deed bk 3, p 97. Halifax Co, NC.

1747 March – Christopher Guin to Anthony Head. Deed bk 3, p 121. Halifax Co, NC.

1748 April 2 – Name: Christopher Gewin. Probate Date: 1749. Probate Place: North Carolina, USA. Inferred Death Year: Abt 1749. Inferred Death Place: North Carolina, USA. Item Description: Original Wills, Davison, John – Hill, George. Of Edgemond County, North Carolina. Son Christopher Gewin, daughter Marry Harrell, grandson Lot Harrell, Zacherriah Harrell, Christopher Harrell, Abell Harrell. Wits: James Braswell, Benjaman Braswell, Abraham Dew. Edgemond Co, NC.

1748 April 13 – Christopher Guin to John Yelventon Jr. Deed bk 3, p 210. Halifax Co, NC.

1748 Nov 10 – Christopher Guin to Jas Williamson. Deed bk 3, p 388. Halifax Co, NC.

1752 Feb 6 – Christopher Guin to Benj Williams. Deed bk 4, p 223. Halifax Co, NC.

North Carolina Bertie Co in 1759

1763 Oct 3 Christopher Gewin 100 acres to John Carr. bk 3, p 96.  Anson Co, NC.

1807 Dec 5 (written) – proved up in Jan court 1808 – Christopher GewinElizabeth wife, Sarah Smith, Abigal Lundee, Elizabeth Norris, Kidar Gewin, Christian Fenly Gewin, Nancy Taylor, Winifred Hicks, John Gewin, Thomas Gewen. bk 2, p 40. Anson Co, NC.  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:939L-NH93-2K?i=108&cc=1867501&cat=309286

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