1625-30 William Gowin b. est 1625 to 1630 of Virginia


John Gowing b. abt 1600-1615  (Note:  It is unknown if John Gowing b. 1600-15 had any children.  The following are noted in Virginia, and appear to have been transported from Maryland, or are not noted as being transported – meaning possibly born in Virginia.  They are the age that his children would be – a best guess based on information available).


Daniel Gowen b. est 1649
Gawen Gawin b. est 1650-55
Elizabeth Gowing b. est 1651-56
John Gowen b. 1668


John Goane b est 1625-30
William Gowin b. est 1625-30
Jane Gowen b. est 1638-43
Christopher Gowin b. 1649

States and Counties to research:


Both a John Goane and a William Gowin arrive in Virginia in the 1650s, and both appear to be in the York County, Virginia area.  John Goane appears to have arrived from Maryland – likely he left for Maryland shortly after arriving in 1635, either on his own, or as an indentured servant.  William Gowin arrived in York County Virginia in 1653, and may have come from Maryland as well.   There was a large movement of people from Maryland to Virginia in the 1650s.  In 1650, the Puritans in Maryland revolted against the proprietary government, they set up a new government prohibiting both Catholicism and Anglicanism.  William Stone, the Governor of Maryland, was exiled to Virginia during the revolt.   The Puritan revolt lasted in Maryland until 1658, when the Calvert family regained control and reinacted the religious “Toleration Act”.

October 18, 1650 a John Goane is transported to Virginia by a Walter Broadhurst, Gent., who receives 500 acres on the S. side of the “Potomeck” R. near the mouth of Canowoman Creek. Others transported were William Hardigg, Robert Beard, William Enson, Ann Knowles, Richard Broadman, Humphrey Farmar, John Piper, Richard Sabrell, and 2 Indians.  (See note 9 below).    Obviously, the “2 Indians” were not transported to Virginia from England or Europe – they had to be transported from another location in the Americas.  Looking at the others listed as being transported, William Hardigg, John Piper, Robert Beard, Richard Sabrell – all these people are noted in documentation related to Maryland.  (See:  John Hollis 1612 to 1615).

April 14, 1653 a William Gowin is transported to York County, Virginia by Mr. William Hoccaday, who receives 1000 acres in York County, Virginia near the head of Ware Creek and Warany Creek.  (See note 12).

John Gowen is the master to servant Arthur Severne in York County, Virginia in 1661 (See note 18).  The John “Goane” who was transported from Maryland to Virginia may be this same person, and may have moved to York County, Virginia around the same time as William Gowin arrived there in 1653.

On 1668 March 1 – John Gawen is born to parents William and Ann Gawen according to Charles Parish Records, York Co, Va. (see note 23).

On 1674 July 24 John Gawen, Edward Frisell, Thomas Richards witness a deed from Maj. William Wyatt where he assigns his wife’s rights in an estate to Hon. Nathaniel Bacon, Mr James Bray, & Mr Edward Bray. (see note 30).

1678 – William Gowin is listed as a merchant moving goods between Virginia to England. LinkPublic Record Office Class E 190/75/1. Title LinkPort Books; Port of London; English merchant’s imports to London; record made by the Controller of Tunnage and Poundage. Publication 29 Dec. 1677 – 28 Dec. 1678. Gen. note: DONE BY JTK, 24 May 1991 SEE ALSO 5762A – 5762C. Note: 677, 678
http://image.lva.virginia.gov/VTLS/CR/05762/index.html (pg. 76)  

1678 pg 0011 Harding a Cary a Gawin Corbin

1678 Va Wm Gowin merchant

1702 June 6 – William Gowing of Virginia involved in a lawsuit involving cargo to send to Virginia on a ship taken by pirates in 1685. Insurance claim put in. They delayed paying him, and he brought a complaint against Sir Bridges Nightingale, Sir Robert Knightly, Daniel Perrott, and Edward Ambrose.   http://lva1.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/F/NUXGTGU21PJDCXUBKG3PDBV219M4QEL55EPI2E853P1FEJACEA-10864?func=full-set-set&set_number=005783&set_entry=000001&format=999


1702 Va William Gowing lawsuit

1703 Va William Gowing lawsuit


9) 1650 Oct 18 – John Goane is transported to Virginia by Walter Broadhurst, Gent., who receives 500 acres, on S. side of Potomeck R., beg. at a point on the W. side of Poore Jack Cr., extending nigh the main river course NW to a point on the mouth of Conawoman Cr., which divides same from land of William Hardigg etc., to an Indian cleerfield, etc., 18 Oct 1650, p 249 Trans of 10 pers: William Hardigg, Robert Beard, William Enson, Ann Knowles, Richard Broadman, Hump. Farmar, John Goane, John Piper, Richard Sabrell, 2 Indians (see above). p. 199. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co., Va.
http://interactive.ancestry.com/48408/CavaliersPioneers-005066-577?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d48408%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=CavaliersPioneers-004685-199 Curioman Creek is same as Canawoman Creek: See: http://www.hookandbullet.com/fishing-currioman-creek-warsaw-va/ 1650 Oct 18 – John Goane transported S. side Potomeck R., at W. side of Poore Jack Cr., to mouth of Conawoman Cr.

12) 1653 Apr 14 – Wm. Gowin is transported to Virginia by Mr. William Hoccaday, who receives 1000 acres in York Co, near the head of Ware Creek, NW by N upon a former devdt and NW by N towards Warany Cr Trans of 20 pers: (Alexander Watson, Wm Mackgahye, Andrew Sharpe, Jane Johnson, Randall ____, Isabell Grace, Mary Reeise (?), Tomason Madero (or Maders), Mary Graham, James _____, Edward Hodge, Richard Gillman, Willm. Moline, Fra. Peppett, Richard Jones, Michaell Barrow, Richard Moore, Joane Rivers, Ja. Nicholson, Wm. Gowin). Renewed 20 Nov. 1654. p. 257. 14 Apr 1653, p. 89. Va. Land Trans – York Co, Va.

18) 1661 Sept 25 an Arthur Severne is indentured to John Gowing, for 4 years in Virginia, according to the Bristol Parish Register, Charles City, Virginia.

23) 1668 March 1 – John Gawen is born to parents William and Ann Gawen according to Charles Parish Records, York Co, Va.

1668 March 1 – John Gawen born to parents William and Ann Gawen, Charles Parish, York Co Va

30) 1674 July 24: p. 78 Whereas I gave the wife of me, Maj. Wyatt, in her widowhood with my consent, 100 pounds, as a jointure out of her estate, besides what what is given and enjoyed for her only child, Anne Jackson, which by two deeds under her hand dated 26 Feb. last; and whereas Mr. James Bray, one of the feoffees in behalf of my said wife and said Anne Jackson covenants, be it known that for fulfilling of said deeds made by my said wife Anne for herself and her daughter Anne Jackson, I Maj. William Wyatt assign to Hon. Nathaniel Bacon, Mr James Bray, & Mr Edward Bray the whole of that estate I had on hand in right of marriage to said wife, and give bond of 300 pounds.
14 July 1674.    William Wyatt
Wit: Edward (W ) Frisell, Thomas Richards, John Gawen
Recorded 24 July 1674

1674 July 24 John Gawen is witness to William Wyatt will in York Co Va

York County Virginia Records 1672-1676.  Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

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