1638-43 Jane Gowen b est 1638-43 of Virginia


John Gowing b. abt 1600-1615  (Note:  It is unknown if John Gowing b. 1600-15 had any children.  The following are noted in Virginia, and appear to have been transported from Maryland, or are not noted as being transported – meaning possibly born in Virginia.  They are the age that his children would be – a best guess based on information available).




John Goane b est 1625-30
William Gowin b. est 1625-30
Jane Gowen b. est 1638-43
Christopher Gowin b. 1649


1661-62 Certificate is granted to Maj. Joseph Croshaw for 800 acres of land for importation of 16 persons into this colony, vizt: William Brukes, John Cole, Robert Mansfeild, Thomas Makins, Richard Gredle, Henry Palmer, John Burle, Jane Gowin, Edward Evans, William Griffin, Elianor Stephens, Joseph Munds, Elizabeth Revells, John Lambert, William Rogers & Edward Warren.

1661 62 Jane Gowin imported into colony by Maj Joseph Croshaw total of 16 persons in York Co Va marked

York County Virginia Records 1659-1662.  Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. 1989.

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