1775 William Bell of Fairfield Co, SC


William Bell 1754–1825
Margaret Montgomery 1754–1832



William Bell, 1775-1845
James Bell, 1779-1809
Margaret Bell McGill, 1780-
John Bell, 1781-1849
Charles Bell, 1785-1844
Thomas Bell, 1785-1850
Hugh Bell, 1789-1864
Elizabeth “Betsy” Bell McKell, 1790-1842
Adam Bell, 1791-1833
Robert Bell, 1795-1848
Isabella Bell Montgomery, 1797-1891 (son in law Hugh Montgomery executor)

1 Response to 1775 William Bell of Fairfield Co, SC

  1. Darlene Bell Thomas says:

    I’m wondering if you can help me find the parents of James B. Bell b 1808 NC/TN,
    d 1862 TN. My cousin’s DNA links her back to William Bell and wf. Montgomery and Charles Bell, of SC. I have found a John Bell n 1779 living in Morgan County Alabama who I’m wondering if he is a descendant of William Bell. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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