Minor Family of Canada

The following is information about the Minor family of Canada.  It actually is just a branch of the Minor family that came from the United states in the early 1900s to start ranching in Canada.

I’ll start with Theodore Henry Minor b. March 22, 1845 – the father of the Minor men who started ranching in Canada.  Theodore Henry Minor’s father was Samuel Minor of PA.  His information can be found here:  Samuel Minor b. 1800


Euphemia “Effie” Bell b. Nov 8, 1852 (mother of Katherine Bentley Minor – who married John Francis Minor):

Effie Bell at 21 yrs

David Bentley b. August 10, 1847 (father of Katherine Bentley Minor who married John Francis Minor):

David Bentley large portrait

Euphemia “Effie” Bell large oval portrait:

Effie Bell large oval portrait

Katherine Harriet Bentley b. Aug 2, 1889:

Katherine H Bentley portrait

Katherine Bentley Minor (John Francis Minor’s wife) at the Old Minor Ranch, Abbey in 1912.

Katherine Bentley Minor Old Ranch Abbey 1912

Minor brothers – 1st generation of Minors in Canada.  From left to right:  Harry Garfield Minor b. June 15, 1881, John Francis Minor b. October 29, 1875, Hannah Elizabeth Minor b. November 15, 1871, Joseph Henery Minor b. March 5, 1870.  (I am not certain about Hannah Minor in this photo – I have been told that this might be the oldest sister Anne Louise Minor b. January 15, 1868).  This photo may have been taken in the 1930s.   Harry and John were the first two Minor men to head to Canada to start ranching.

Harry, John, Hannah, and Joe Minor or Anne Minor

John Francis Minor in photo after killing a wolf in 1903.

1903 photo of John Minor with skin of a gray wolf he had shot

Early portrait of John Francis Minor – taken some time before he left Nebraska (it appears) as the caption on the cover says it was taken in Nebraska.  It is likely a photo taken some time between 1895 to 1900:

Early portrait of John Francis Minor. Likely taken somewhere between 1895-1900.

The following photo was marked “Katie 20 years”:

Photo marked “Katie 20 years”

Homestead Sod House: The sod “homestead” house at the Minor ranch. Women in front of the house are dressing, likely for a photo. My best guess is this is Katherine Bentley Minor dressing for a photograph with other women helping her. Likely taken in 1912.  John and Katherine were married in 1911 – and the first photo above of Katherine was marked 1912.  This may be that same day.

The sod “homestead” house at the Minor ranch. Probably Katherine Bentley Minor dressing for a photograph with other women helping her. Likely taken in 1912.

The following picture is Members of Minor family, Medicine Hat area, Alberta:  Back row, L-R: Theodore Henry Minor; John Minor; Mrs. Theodore Henry Minor; Ann Halvorsen; Hannah Abbott; Perry Minor (being held); Arthur Abbott; Mrs. Harry G. Minor; Harry G. Minor, holding Edna Minor.
Children standing, 2nd row, L-R: Dave Minor; Roy Abbott; Jim Minor.
Children sitting, L-R: Hazel Minor; Isaac Minor; Dorothy Abbot; Dode Minor.
Owners of Drowning Ford Ranch, north of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

1910 Minor family in Medicine Hat area

The next photo has Members of crew at dipping vat round-up, Sand Hills:  L-R: Arthur Abbot; Babe Sinclair; Harry Minor (making biscuits); John Minor; Joe Buck; Dode Minor; Theodore Henry Minor.
Cook making biscuits on back of wagon, in front of tent.

1910 Minors at dipping vat

Next photo is:  Members of Minor family, Medicine Hat area, Alberta.  L-R: Flora; Perry; Edna; Katie; Dode; Anne; John; Hazel; Isaac; Alice Forbes; Ed Westerlund; Mrs. —? Minor; Hannah; Theodore Henry Minor.
Owners of Drowning Ford Ranch.

1913 – 1919 picture of Minor family

Next Photo:  Members of Minor family, Medicine Hat area, Alberta.  Back row, L-R: Katie Minor; Flora Minor; Mrs. —? Minor; Ed Westerlund; Hazel Minor; Theodore Henry Minor.
Front row, L-R: John Minor; Mary Minor; Perry Minor; Harry Minor; Edna Minor; Dave Minor; Jim Minor; Isaac Minor.
Ranchers at Drowning Ford Ranch, north of Medicine Hat.

1913-1914 members of Minor family in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Next Photo:  Abbot family riding in an automobile, southern Alberta.  L-R: John Patterson; Hannah Abbot; Dorothy Abbot; Roy Abbot; Arthur Abbot.

1913-1919 Abbot family riding in an auto in Alberta

1944 Jim Minor in garage with Harry Minor his grandfather in Medicine Hat Alberta


John Francis Minor’s 9 children.  From left to right:

Mary Euphemia Minor b. December 1, 1911,
Anne Winnefred Minor b. March 4, 1914,
Florence Hanna Minor b. January 7, 1916,
Frances Katherine Minor b. March 23, 1917,
Grace Miriam Minor b. May 20, 1920,
Alice Louise Minor b. September 14, 1921,
Helen Elizabeth Minor b. September 27, 1924,
John Bentley Minor b. December 9, 1925, and
Edith Elanor Minor b. September 6, 1927.

John Francis Minor’s nine children

Other family photos of John Francis Minor:

John and Joe Minor

This picture was marked “Old Man Family”. John Francis Minor and his brothers and sisters it appears.

Harry Minor and wife

John Francis Minor’s children

Photo marked “girls on horse”

Anne Minor dressed up as a cow hand

Anne Minor dressed up as cow hand

Photo marked Mickey with Mary, Florey and Anne

Family photo of John Francis Minor and Katherine Bentley Minor’s children

Gathering of Minor children

Another gathering of Minor children

Family gathering at Harry Minor’s place

Another photo of the family gathering at Harry Minor’s place

This photo was marked “First Generation”

Photo marked “Harry and John Minor’s”

Florey, Anne, Mary and Momma

This photo was marked Marry and Anne

This photo was marked Momma’s Girls, Florey, Frances, Anne, and Mary

Anne and Mary Minor

Minor sisters Anne with Florey, Frances seated

Photo marked “Stuck, Frances, Anne, Florey, Deight, and Mary”

Photo marked “Crookshank 3”

Photo marked “Crookshank 5”

Florey and Anne Minor

Photo marked “His son”

Photo marked “John and Dode”

Another photo marked “John and Dode”

Photo marked “John and Harry”

Photo marked “John and Kep”

Photo marked “In the Park”

Photo marked “Kids in car with Florey driving”

Mary Minor photo taken during WWII as a nurse

Photo taken of Mary Minor during WWII in the operating room

Photo marked “Mom and Pop – Katie and John”

Photo marked “Pop – John Francis Minor”

Photo marked “Florey going riding”

Photo marked “John, Star, and Pop”

Photo marked “John Minor and Indians”

Photo marked “Pop” John Francis Minor

Photo marked “Pop and bull”

Photo marked “Pop on horse”

Photo marked “Pop and Kep”

Photo marked “Pop roper”

Photo of Anne Minor

Photo of Anne and Florey minor at school

Anne Minor portrait

Florey Minor portrait

Florence Minor on wing of airplane

Another Anne Minor portrait

Anne Minor school portrait

Alice Minor portrait

John Minor Jr on right in pic news clipping buying 1 million acre Chilco Ranch

John Minor Jr newspaper article

The following photos are of life and work at the ranch:

Photo marked “big farming”

Photo marked “branding”

Photo marked “branding 4”

Photo marked “Branding 5”

Photo marked “Branding 10”

Photo marked “Branding 12”

Photo marked “Butchering”

Photo marked “His home” referring to John Francis Minor

Photo marked “Rodeo dipping vat”

Photo marked “The South Ranch”

1917 Frederick Naab on horseback south of Medicine Hat

1930s man roping

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