1705 William Gowen b. 1705 in Kittery, Maine

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From GRF Newsletter May 1994:

William Gowen, Scout, at Age 17,
Fought the French and Indians

William Gowen, son of Nicholas Gowen and Abigail Hodsdon
Gowen, was born April 4, 1705 at Kittery, Maine. As a 17-
year-old, he served as a scout in Capt. John Wheelwright’s
militia company in 1722. The French claimed all of Maine
which lay east of the Penobscot River and supported the
Iroquois Indians in their harrassment of the British colony. The
Tuscarora tribe of North Carolina joined the Iroquois Nat ion in
1715 and moved to New England to take part in the fighting,
Things looked bleak on the frontier in Maine which was then
exposed to more fighting than any other American colony.

They were surrounded by hostility on three sides.

The militia of Maine was in continual military campaigns
against the French and the Indians from 1690 when Sir William
Phipps led them to capture Port Royal. Sir William Pepperell
led the Maine militia in 1745 to capture Louisburg, and the
French and Indian conflict moved primarily to the west, giving
the Maine colonists some respite.

On June 26, 1723, at age 19, he was married to his cousin, Jane
Gowen, born May 13, 1708, the daughter of John Gowen and
Mercy Hammond Gowen. They were married by their cousin,
Charles Frost who was a justice of the peace. In 1733 he
administered the estate of his uncle John Gowen.

In 1738 his father gave him 22.5 acres in Kittery. He added
considerable other property to his holdings. William Gowen
received, under the terms of his father’s will, “all my lands in
Kittery lying on the east side of Stony Brook.” In 1742 he
bought land in Kittery from his mother. He bought two pieces
of property in Berwick in 1742 and more at Kittery in 1743.

“William Gowen of Kittery” was named by the court January 1,
1747 to help evaluate the estate of Daniel Thurston. The appraisers
declared that the widow, Mary Thurston, was to receive
an estate of 102 pounds. Jane Gowen Gowen died September
20, 1750 at age 44 in Boston.

William Gowen and Jane Gowen Gowen were mentioned in
“American Ancestry” by Munsell [1894], a volume about
Americans whose ancestors settled in the colonies prior to the
Declaration of Independence in 1776. In this volume William
Gowen was erroneously identified as the son of William
Gowen, younger brother of Nicholas Gowen.

William Gowen was remarried in June 1752 to Mrs. Mary Davis
Chick. No children were born to them.

Children born William Gowen and Jane Gowen Gowen include:

William Gowen, Jr. born March 3, 1727
Nicholas Gowen born May 4, 1729
George Gowen born May 15, 1733
Mary Gowen born August 1, 1736
Jane Gowen born March 20, 1742
John Gowen born May 18, 1740
Sarah Gowen born about 1753
James Gowen born about 1756
Elizabeth Gowen born about 1759