Minor photos in Arcata, California

Minor family photos in Arcata, California

William H. Minor’s pics:

William Hazlett Minor Sr holding one of the horses at his Arcata Bottom farm

Harriet Hedden Minor wife of William Minor Sr

William H Minor Sr farmhouse lived 1918 to 1921 w Gordon Minor in 1980


William Minor Sr farmhouse in Arcata built in 1891 w Gordon Minor grandson in pic

Isaac Minor’s pics:

Isaac Minor portrait

Hannah Nixon Minor

Isaac Minor farmhouse on Arcata Bottom built in 1862 as bed and breakfast inn now known as The Plough and the Stars Country Inn

Isaac Minor family home on 11th and H streets in Arcata

Arcata band original including T H Minor

Isaac Minor in granite quarry closeup

Isaac Minor in granite quarry

Isaac Minors granite quarry closeup

Isaac Minors granite quarry

Minor granite quarry closeup left side

Minor granite quarry closeup right side

Minor granite quarry

Isaac Minor on rr lumber train in Glendale closeup

Isaac Minor on rr lumber train in Glendale

Isaac Minor mausoleum beginning construction

Isaac Minor Mausoleum under construction in early 1900 in Arcata

Isaac Minor mausoleum workers

Isaac Minors Mausoeum in Arcata

Current photo of Isaac Minor mausoleum

Isaac Minors mill at Glendale Humboldt Co

Glendale horse logging crew

Glendale horses pulling log

Glendale horses w men pulling logs

Glendale logger feeding horses

Glendale loggers on springboards

Glendale loggers two of them another photo

Glendale loggers two of them

Glendale logging crew near steam donkey

Glendale logs at Ocean View camp

Glendale logs on train

Glendale lumber mill

Glendale lumber yard

Glendale lumber yard w people

Glendale men on logs chained for pulling

Glendale mill inside

Glendale mill owned by Isaac Minor

Glendale Team of horses pulling logs

Glendale train pulling lumber closeup

Glendale train pulling lumber

Glendale workers in front of wooden building

Glendale workers near steam donkey

Glendale workers

Isaac Minor big tree

Minor quarry photo

Minor quarry photo 2nd


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