Bland Group 2 Tree

Bland family tree

G02.1 [2-1] James Bland (ca 1575- ) of Penrith, St. Andrews Parish, Cumberland County England, married Ellis Pattinson.

G02.11 [2-2] James Bland (ca 1599-1651/1652), of his father’s town and parish, married Susan Cooke.

G02.111 Thomas Bland (November 28 1621- March 9, 1621/1622)

G02.112 James Bland (January 10 1622/1623-ApriI26, 1623)

G02.113 Susan Bland (June 29, 1624- )

G02.114 Ann Bland (May 12 1627 -April 16, 1690) died a “maid”.

G02.115 Henry Bland (January 15, 1630/163~- May 5, 1639)

G02.116 Agnes Bland (July 19, 1632 -June 13, 1641)

G02.117 [2-3] George Bland (July 3, 1636 – July 23, 1691), of his father’s town and parish, married Grace __ (c1640 -July 23, 1691).

G02.117 [2-4] James Bland (October 31, 1661-January 9, 1708/1709), known as “James, The Immigrant,” was the first of this line to come to America. (See above pp. __ and immediately below.

G02.118 John Bland (baptized at an unspecified date in 1639).

James Bland. “The Immigrant”

G02.1172 [2-4] James Bland (1661 – 1709), son of George Bland (1636) of his father’s town and parish,moved to London and to East Jersey in 1684, was in VA by 1687, and died in Stafford Co. in 1709. He may have married twice, but at the time of his death was married to Margaret __ .
(Sources: The Blands ofPenrith, St. Andrews Parish, Cumberland County England, see VU, pp. 249-254 and AC3-1, pp. 8-9; AC6-l, pp. 5-8; AClO-1, pp. 8-11, AC 14, pp. 10-18, AC 19-20 pp. 16-19. Now disproved theories about the parentage of James Bland (1661-1709) appear at VU, pp. 191-248, inter alia, and pp. 255-266.)

G02.11721 [25A] William Bland (ca 1682/6-1744), eldest son of James (1661-1709). William resided in Stafford/Prince William Co., VA. He married twice, to an unknown woman and to Catherine Key. See VU, pp. 267-275; AC 12-2, p. 18; AC 14, pp. 10-18; and AC 19/20. pp. 16-21.

By his first wife, William had the following sons:

G02.117211 [25A-6A] James Bland_(C1704-1774), Prince William Co. VA and New Hanover/Duplin Co. NC. James married Mary (Buchannan?).
(Sources: VU, pp. 275-342 and AC 1-1, pp. 3-6; AC 1-2, pp. 4-6; AC 2-1, pp. 5-8; AC 2-2, pp. 32-34; AC 3-1, pp. 15-20; AC 3-2, pp. 30-39; AC 4-1, pp. 4-6; AC 4-2, pp. 18; AC 22; 5-2, p. 25; AC 6-2, pp. 5-7; AC7-1, pp. 20-21; AC 7-2, pp. 18-20; AC 8-1, pp. 11-15 & 27; AC 8-2, p. 42; AC 9-2, pp. 31-32; AC 11-1, pp. 10-32; AC 11-2 pp. 4-8; AC 12-2, pp. 32-36; AC 14, pp. 18-102; AC 15/17, pp. 124-134; AC 18, pp. 131-132; and AC 19/20, pp. 19-66.)

DNA participants for this line are:

George Sayles Bland
Remer Ellis Bland (tested with Ancestry, not FTDNA)
Robert Purdy Bland
William Goode Bland
Aubrey Byron Bland
Johnnie Ralph Bland
Wallace W Bland

G02.117212 [25A-6B] Robert Bland (ca 1708-1760) of Prince William and Loudon Counties Virginia. Robert Married Jane .
(See: VU, pp. 484-544 and AC 1-1, pp. 10-13; AC 1-2, pp. 20-21; AC 2-1, p. 15; AC 2-2, pp. 13-14; AC 3-1, pp. 33-40; AC 3-2, pp. 44-51; AC 4-1, pp. 15-16; AC 4-2, p. 23; AC 6-1, pp. 8-35; AC 6-2, pp. 26-33; AC 7-1, pp. 28-30; AC 7-2, p. 26; AC 8-1, pp. 31-32; AC 8-2, p. 45; AC 9-2, pp. 35-36; AC 10-1, pp. 12-16; AC 10-2, pp. 26-29; AC 11-2, pp. 8-19; AC 12-2, pp. 36-39; AC 13, pp. 85-86; AC 15/17, pp. 21-22, 114, and 134-146; AC 18, pp. 135-140; AC 19/20, pp. 100-139.)
(NB: Robert Bland’s linkage to William Bland (ca 1686-1744), though probable, remains hypothetical. For the hypothesis that Robert was the son of William Bland, (ca 1686-1744), see AC 2-2, pp. 13-14. Terese: do we still have to call this hypothetical, given that we have a clear picture frorp. DNA of the two brothers? If not, just erase this. [We really don’t have a clear picture that distinguishes the 3 brothers. We only know that they all are from James, The Immigrant.]

DNA participants for this line are:

Julian Pickens Bland II
Charles Allan Bland
Michael Ryan Bland
Charles Lewis Bland
Donald Nelson Bland
David Timothy Bland
James Melton Bland
Though traditional genealogical research suggests the two DNA participants below, descendants of Elisha’s sons, Simeon & John, belong with this group, DNA proved they were not part of Group 02. (See Group 9 – Washington Co., GA.)
Kit #83364
Frederick Hemming Bland, IV

By his second wife, Catherine Key, William Bland (C1682/6-1744) had three sons:

G02.117213 [25A-6C] Moses Bland (ca 1718-1800) of Prince William Co., VA and Randolph Co., NC, married Jane Wiggonton. See: VU pp. 342-363 AC 1-1, pp. 7-8; AC 1~2, pp. 13-18; AC 2-1, pp. 9-11, AC 2-2, pp. 34-35; AC 3-1, pp. 21-26; AC 3-2, pp. 39-40; AC 4-1, pp. 6-11; AC 5-2, pp. 23-25; AC 7-1, pp. 21-23; AC 8-1, pp. 15-25; AC 9-2, pp. 29-30; AC 10-1, pp. 16-39; AC 10-2, pp. 9-26; AC 11-1, pp. 34-35; AC 12-2, pp. 31-32; AC 13, pp. 81-85; AC 15/17, pp. 130-133; AC 18, pp. 11-12 and 56-60; AC 9/20 pp. 139-156; AC 24/26 pp. 45-90.

To date, there have been no DNA donations from descendants of Moses Bland.

G02.117214 [25A-6D] Thomas Bland (ca 1719-1788) of Fauquier Co., VA, married Jane (English) Smith. Sources: (VU, pp. 367-390, 396-398 and 478-479 and AC 1-2, pp. 8-9; AC 2-2, pp. 37-38; AC 3-1, pp. 11-13 and 30-32; AC3-2,pp. 27-30; AC4-1, pp. 13-15 and 21-23; AC4-2, pp. 8-9 and 31-32; AC5-2, pp. 10-13; AC6-2,pp. 23-25; AC7-1,pp. 14-17; AC7-2, pp. 15-17; AC8-1, pp. 8-9; AC15/17, pp. 46-50. AC21123, pp. 159-169. AC 24-26, pp. 189-190.
For many years we theorized that Thomas Bland (1719-1788) was the father of Joseph Bland (ca 1752-1820) of Frederick Co., VA, see AC4-2, pp. 8-9 and AC9-2, pp. 7-10. This link was disproved in 2009 by DNA results from Joseph Bland descendant, Richard Warren Bland. Richard does not belong in Group 02 at all, but is part of Group 8, Frederick Co., VA.

There have been no DNA participant/Donors from the family of Thomas Bland.

G02.117215 [25A-6E] John Bland (ca 1725-1795) of Prince William Co., VA and Nelson Co., KY married Margaret Osborne. See: VU, pp. 417-462, andACl-l, pp. 8-9; ACI-2, pp. 7-13 & 24-25; AC2-1, pp. 11-13; AC2-2, pp. 25-26 and 29-32; AC3-1, pp. 8-9 and 26-30; AC3-2, pp. 9-15,43-44 and 51; AC4-1, pp. 11-13,20-21 and 30-32; AC4-2, pp. 26-31 and 38-39; AC5-2, pp. 25-27; AC6-1, pp. 35-37; AC6-2, pp. 10-23; AC7-1, pp. 24-27; AC7-2, pp. 21-22; AC8-1, p. 30; ACI0-1, pp. 45-46; AC11-1, pp. 36-37; ACll-2, pp. 19-36; ACI2-2, pp. 39-40; AC13, pp. 37-79; ACI5/17, pp. 50-76; ACI8, pp. 12-13,40,44,60-80, 133-134, and 136-137.AC 24-26, p.90-103.
Discussions about whether John Bland (ca 1725-1795) is a son of William Bland (ca 1682-1744) or William’s brother, John (ca 1688-1762), appear in VU, pp. 419ff and AC2-1, pp. 11-12. See also: AC4-1, pp. 13-15; and AC13, pp. 13-16. Historical evidence is now overwhelming that John is descended from William Bland (1686-1744).
For critical information about a hypothetical parent-child relationship between John Bland’s son Osborne (ca 1748-1828) and John Bland (ca 1770-1842), Daniel Bland, (ca ·1780-1848) and Moses Bland (ca1781-1849), see AC6-2, pp. 13-14 and 20-22. The theory that Osborne is the father of John Bland has been disproven by DNA evidence See below Group 10, p. 37.

DNA participants for this line are:
Lebert Roy Bland
Doland Milford Bland
Roland Lee Bland
La verne Bland
Bobby Eugene Bland
John Robert Bland, Jr.
Lloyd Lester Bland
David Bland

G02.11722 [25B] James Bland (ca 1687-1756) of Prince William Co., VA married Mary Gwatkins. James is discussed in VU, pp. 401-416, esp. 401-403. James and Mary had two known sons.

G02.117221 [25B-6A] Benjamin Bland (ca 1724-1771) of Prince William Co., VA married Mary . Benjamin’s line is discussed in VU, pp. 403-415, and ACl-2, p. 22; AC4-2, pp. 23-26; AC5-2, p. 35; AC6-2, p. 33; AC7-1, pp. 27-28; AC7-2, pp. 23-24; AC8-I, p. 8; AC9-2, pp. 34-35; ACIO-1, pp. 40-44; ACII-l, pp. 37-39; AC12-2, pp. 40-41; AC 15117, pp. 22-46; AC 18, pp. 10 and 80-84. AC 24-26, pp. 103-118.

DNA participants for this line are:

Robert Eugene Bland
Jeffrey Carl Bland
Leland Harris Bland
Atwell McKenna Bland
Charles Layman Bland Cauble **
Steven LeRoy Bland * *
Leon Edward Bland

**Indicates those who show the distinctive mutation at Marker 464d
(now called the “Thomas Pope Bland Mutation”).
The following two DNA participants, mayor may not belong with this group. However, as they both show the distinctive mutation at Marker 464d and their ancestors lived in Missouri, they could possibly be descended from Thomas Pope Bland (CI791-1844), his father, Charles Bland (1765-1842) or grandfather Benjamin Bland (CI724-1771) above and are grouped here:

Gary Leland Bland [Family #15J **
Edwin Wayne Bland **

G02.117222 [25B-6B] Arthur Bland (C1725-1763), of Prince William COUIity Virginia, married Mary . Benjamin’s line is discussed in VU, pp. 415-416. There are no known historians of this family line and no DNA Donors/ Particpants to date.

G02.11723 [25C] John Bland (ca 1688-1762), of Prince William Co., VA married Prudence~. It would seem plausible that Prudence was not John’s fIrst wife. John is discussed in VU, pp. 417ffand 463-477, and AC4-2, pp. 7-8 and AC4-2, pp. 7-8. John and Prudence appear to have had two sons, John Bland and Jesse Bland.

G02.117231 [25C-6A] John Bland, (ca 1742-1803), 31 of Prince William Co., VA and Washington Co., KY, married Rachel __ (C1745-1799).
John’s line is discussed in VU, pp. 463-477 andAC1-l, pp. 6-7; ACI-2, pp. 13-18; AC2-1, pp. 13-15; AC2-2, pp. 27-29; AC4-2, pp. 33-37; AC5-2, pp. 27-32; AC6-2, pp. 33-34; AC7-2, pp. 4-8; AC8-1,pp. 27-30; AC9-2, pp. 33-34; ACI2-2, p. 41; AC13, pp. 17-37; AC15117, pp. 77-81; ACI8, pp. 84-88.

DNA participant for this line is:

Walter Bruce Bland
Richard Parks Bland
Edwin Brent Bland***
Thomas Darrell Bland***
Herbert F. Bland III * * *

***If Edwin Brent Bland is descended from Samuel Bland (ca 1777-1848), as his historical research indicates, then DNA seems to put the other two marked participants also with Samuel. If this is the case, John Bland (C1742-1783) may be the same John Bland who appears in the records of Amherst County Virginia in 1765. This possibility will be discussed in detail in Volume 29/30 of Among Cousins, forthcoming.

G02.117232 [25C-6B] Jesse Bland (1756-1835), of Prince William and Greenbrier Counties Virginia. did not marry. Jesse is discussed in VU, p. 419 and AC 4-2, pp. 7-8; AC 18, pp. 40, 45.

G02.11724 [25D] Robert Bland, dates unknown, was a minor child noted in the will of James Bland, (1661-1708). A later document attests that he died without issue. Robert is discussed in VU, pp. 484-488. It is my belief that this child died young, and that the Robert Bland who lived to adulthood and whose children migrated to Edgefield Co., SC, was a son of William Bland (ca 1682-1744), cf AC 2-2, pp. 13-14.

G02.11724 [25E] Alice Bland, dates unknown, was a minor in 1709. Nothing more is known of this daughter of James Bland (ca 1661-1709). The daughters are discussed in VU, pp. 260-261 and 267.

G02.11725 [25F] Hannah Bland, dates unknown, was a minor in 1709. Nothing more is known of this daughter of James Bland (ca 1661-1709). The daughters are discussed in VU, pp. 260-261 and 267.

G02.11726 [25G] Patience Bland, dates unknown, was a minor in 1709. Nothing more is known of this daughter of James Bland (ca 1661-1709). The daughters are discussed in VU, pp. 260-261 and 267.

G02.11727 [25H] Ellen Bland, dates unknown, was a minors in 1709. Ellen married Isaac Davis. Nothing more is known of this daughter of James Bland (ca 1661-1709). The daughters are discussed in VU, pp. 260-261 and 267.

DNA Participants who clearly belong with Group 02, but have not yet connected to the rest of us are:

Kit #22566
Delbert Bland
Charles Bernhardt Bland, Jr.
James Peter Bland (Kit #161911) (UK)
David Ernest Bland
Philip Alan Bland
Donald Dale Blan
Alfred Jackson Bland
Leslie O. Bland

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