1720 William Gowen b. abt 1720, of Davidson Co, TN

William Gowen b. abt 1720, of Davidson Co, TN







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William Gowen was born about 1720, parents and place unknown.

William Gowen was married about 1740, wife’s name Sarah. William Gowen is sometimes confused by family researchers with another William Gowen who settled in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. The second William Gowen was a contemporary whose wife was also named Sarah. The two William Gowens are suggested as kinsmen, and the activities of one are often ascribed to the other.

On March 5, 1750 a William Gowen appeared in Granville County where he bought land located on Grassy Creek from Robert Jones, Jr, according to Granville County Deed Book A, page 343-4.

On October 8, 1754 William Gowen and Joseph Gowen, suggested as a kinsman, appeared in a militia company commanded by Capt. John Sallis in Granville County. The company was part of a regiment commanded by Col. William Eaton. The two appeared on the company’s muster roll dated September 5, 1755, according to “Colonial Granville County and Its People” by Ray. Reference is also made to the military service of William Gowen in “North Carolina Colonial Records” by Clarke.

The company commanded by Capt. Sollis included 90 men:

“John SALLIS, Captain
George MORRIS, Lieutenant.
James MITCHEL, Ensign

1. William HOWLET, Sgt.
2. Wm. HOLLYMAN, Sgt
3. Richard HARRIS, Sgt
4. Wm HICKS, Corpl.
5. Wm JORDAN, Corpl.
6. Henry JORDAN, Corpl.
7. Thoms MORRIS, Corpl.
8. Thomas NEWBY, Corpl.
9. George KING, Drummer
10. John CRAVEN, Drummer

11. Thomas BRADFORD
12. James BANDY
13. Robert BANDY
14. Jacob PERRY
15. Henry DAY, Jr.
16. Simon DAY
17. Jeremiah FRAZIER
18. Thomas CHRISTIAN
19. David MITCHEL
20. Wm MOORE, Jr.
21. Henry HOWARD
22. Nathaniel HOLLY
24. Enoch RENTFROW
25. Lewis THOMAS
26. Lewis EDWARDS
27. John SMITH
28. Joseph MOORE
29. John BAINS
30. Richard ROBERTS
31. Richard ROBERTS, JR.
33. James KNOTT
34. John KNOTT
35. Martin WHEELER
36. John HOWARD
37. David HOWARD
38. Solomon HOWARD
39. Anthony GARNET
40. Timothy CARTER
41. Samuel CARTER
42. John STOVALL
43. John STOVALL, Jr.
44. Bartholomew STOVALL
45. Jeremiah CLAYTON
46. William CLAYTON
47. William GOWEN
49. Jesse PARKER
50. John OSBORN
51. Wm CRAGG
52. Jonathan BARRET
53. James HEMBRY
54. Robert GLIDEWELL
55. Wm MANUS
56. Groves HOWARD
58. Francis KING
59. Thomas KING, Jr.
60. Christopher OSBORN
61. Sherwood HARRIS
62. Johnathan WHITE, Jr.
63. George JORDAN, Jr.
64. Henry FEGAN
65. John PARISH
66. William FERGUSON
67. James REEVES
68. Harris GUILLAM
69. Edward LOYD
70. Robert GILLEY
71. William GILLEY
72. Mathew McKENNY
73. Claiborn HARRIS
74. David PARISH
75. James FERGUSON
76. John YANCEY
77. Bartlet YANCEY
78. Joseph GOWEN
79. John CRAGG
80. James ROBERTS, Jr.
81. Osborn HEDGPETH
82. John SIMMONS
83. Christopher HARRIS
84. Benjamin SIMMONS
85. Joshua NOGINS
86. Bartlet SHEPARDSON
87. Lewis ANDERSON
88. Wm BASS
89. George ANDERSON
90. George PETTIFORD “

A charge of trespassing was filed against “William Gowen” December 17, 1755, according to “Court Minutes of Granville County, North Carolina” by Zoe Hargett Gwynn. On June 7, 1757 “Edward Gowen, Joseph Gowen, William Gowen and John Gowen” were sued by Robert Parks, according to the court minutes. On September 6, 1757 a suit was filed by Charles Turnbull against “William Gowen, James Boyd and W. M. Gowen.”

On February 6 and December 2, 1760 “William Gowen, planter of Granville County,” received more than 650 acres in St. John’s Parish, according to Granville County Deed Book E, page 440-48. The grant was for 667 acres “adjoining Johnston’s line and Stovall’s line.” Joseph Gowen was a witness to the document. “James Gowine” was recorded as “SCC” [Senior Chain Carrier] on the land which was surveyed May 21, 1760.

John Gowen, Joseph Gowen and William Gowen were included in a jury panel in May 1765, according to Granville County Court minutes.

“William Gowin” appeared in the tax list of 1769 for Granville County. He paid a tax on “one white poll,” according to Zoe Hargett Gwynn. “Southern Lineages” suggests that William Gowen lived in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina for a few years following his residence in Granville County.

The Pee Dee section of South Carolina takes its name from the Pee Dee Indian tribe that lived along the Pee Dee River in eastern South Carolina. The present-day Pee Dee area is composed of the nine counties that are touched by the Pee Dee river: Marlboro, Dillon, Marion, Horry, Chesterfield, Darling-ton, Florence, Williamsburg and Georgetown Counties. Many members of the Gowen family lived in an area which is now Fairfield County, South Carolina.