1755-1760 George Paul Keller

George Paul Keller b. abt 1755-1760 – d. 1796 married to Catherine (unknown maiden name).  Catherine later married Benjamin Langley in 1797 (after George Paul Keller’s death).


George Adam Keller – b. abt. 1725 – d. 1794 married to Mary (unknown maiden name)


John Adam Keller b. 1782 – d. 1830 married Levicey Peoples 1798-1863

Mary Keller b. abt 1785 – ? married William Harrison 1780-1835

Paul Keller b. 1787 – d. 1859 married Elizabeth Wilson 1795-1863

Catharine Keller b. 1793 – ? married Stephen F. Gregory 1790-1817, and then married William Williams

SIBLINGS:  (known at this time)

Adam Keller b abt 1749-53  (“likely” a child of George Adam Keller – receives ownership of the same land that George Adam Keller owned in Newberry County, South Carolina after George Adam Keller leaves for Savannah Georgia – its possible he is a cousin, but with the same name (Adam), that George Adam Keller often used, it seems more likely Adam Keller is George Adam Keller’s child.  Adam Keller is not included in George Adam Keller’s will – but this may be because George Adam Keller conveyed much of his land in Newberry County, South Carolina to Adam Keller, and maybe others).

George Paul Keller abt. 1755-60 (confirmed in George Adam Keller’s will in Georgia)

Mary Keller abt. 1760 (confirmed in George Adam Keller’s will in Georgia)

Jacob Keller abt 1762  (not confirmed – at this point, this is an assumption on my part that Jacob is a child of George Adam Keller’s.  He is the correct age, and appears to be living next to, or possibly in, land of George Adam Keller’s)


George Paul Keller’s father is identified by his father’s will in 1794 in Chatham County, Georgia.

1794 Dec 8 (proveup date) – George Adam Kellar – last will – leave to grandson John Adam Kellarone half a lot situate at the Trustee Gardens bounded west by the common of Savannah, north by Wright Street, East by a lot of Abraham Gay, and southeast by a lot No. 7, his choice of the half of the lott the upper corner viz the other half to Allan Griffin and their heirs forever. I nominate and appoint my son George Paul Kellar and Mary my daughter executor and executrix to this my last will . . . Signed: George Ad Kellar. Wits: Alexander Keith, George Threadcraft, Philip Ulmer. Signed Jan 20, 1794. Chatham Co, Ga. Georgia Wills and Probate Records, folder 1-58.  bk A, p 198.    https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-893G-FDZ9?i=162&cc=1999178&cat=145396;  https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/8635/005765241_00278/560013?backurl=https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34199709432/facts/citation/323993224199/edit/record#?imageId=005765241_00274

George Paul Keller does not live much longer than his father.  His probate paperwork is found in 1796 in Chatham County, Georgia.

1796 May 2 – Probate ppw for George Paul Kellar in Chatham Co, Ga. Georgia Wills and Probate Records, folder 1-58.  Catherine Kellar, administratrix and William Holzendorf post bond on the estate of George Paul Keller in the amount of 10,000 dollars on the 8 day of May 1796 … to make a just and true account … Signed: Catharine Kellar, William Holzendorf.
Catharine Keller is appointed administratrix of George Paul Keller’s estate, and William Holzendorf, John Hinman, and Charles Copes are appointed to appraise the estate of George Paul Keller.

1796 July 16 – An Inventory of the Estate of George Paul Kellar decd is taken …
The following slaves are listed: Isaac, Pompey, Sambo, July, Toney, March, Dick, Fortimore, Sarah and child, Sally and child, Jacob, Sue, Elsi, Cloe,
(livestock, household items, and plantation items, furniture and tools listed)… Tot: 4043.25… Signed: William Holzendorf, John Hiraman, Charles Cope.

1796 – Mrs Catharine Keller to the Est of G P Kellar – accounting returned:
30 March … cash recd Messr J. Robertson
1 Apr … cash recd for oxen and steers
1 May … cash recd for 4 calves
15 May … cash recd 2 head sheep, potatoes, rice
10 July … cash recd John Igles for acct …
Tot: 555.
18 March … cash paid for funeral of Mr Kellar
16 May … cash paid for a negro fellow and blanket
20 May … cash for publishing the Citation for the Estate, cash paid for Letters of Admin and Appraisement
? June … cash paid for negroe cloath for the Estate, and paid for the doctor for a negro boy of the estate
7 July … cash paid the doctor for Physic for Adam Kellar
15th July cash paid for 6 hoes for estate
20th July … cash paid for 5 bushells salt for estate
July … cash paid for sundry cloaths for herself
25th … cash paid for sundry cloaths for Adam Kellar
27th … cash paid for for sundry cloaths for Polly Kellar
? Aug … cahse paid for funeral expenses of a child
.?… cash paid for 6 chairs and one table
1 Sept … cash paid for taxes on Est 1795
5th … cash paid for the hires of a Dutch girl
19th … cash paid for taxes for Est 1796
Cash paid for barding, writing, paper, books, pencils, and schooling of Adam Kellar.
Total: 555.  https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/8635/005765241_00278/560013?backurl=https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/69705632/person/34199709432/facts/citation/323993224199/edit/record#?imageId=005765241_00278

George Paul Keller’s widow, Catherine Keller, is identified in the following deed found in Chatham County, Georgia where she conveys her 1/5 share of her husbands estate (giving up her 1/3 amount due by statute) and reserving 4/5 of the share of the estate for her 4 children from her marriage to George Paul Harrison (children identified are:  John Adam Keller, Paul Keller, Mary Keller, and Catharine Keller).

1797 Sept 23 – Catharine Kellar of Chatham Co widow of the first part, Benjamin Langley of the second part, and William Halzendorf of the third part. Catharine Kellaris entitled as the widow of George Paul Kellar late of said County, Planter, deceased, to a distributive share of the estate real and personal of her said late husband . . . renounced her dower there out and chosen a childs share of the same agreeable to law which share amounts to an undivided fifth part of the said estate . . . marriage to be had between Catharine Kellar and Benjamin Langley . . . sell and convey unto the said William Holzendorf . . . one full and equal undivided fifth part or share of all that Plantation or tract of land called Salem situate and being in the County of Chatham whereon her said late husband resided and also one full . . . fifth part . . . of all those negro slaves, horses, cattle, and other personal property of what nature or kind soever of her said late husband to which she is entitled . . . to the use and behoof of Adam, Paul, Mary, and Catharine Kellar the children of the said Catharine Kellar by her said late husband their heirs . . . Signed: Catharine Kellar, Benjamin Langley. Wits: Sarah Martin Holzendorf, Joseph Wescher JP. bk Q, p 430. Chatham Co, Ga.   http://vault.georgiaarchives.org/cdm/compoundobject/collection/chathamdeed/id/3578/rec/17

Taxes paid on George Paul Keller’s estate in Chatham County, Georgia for 1798-99:

1798 Chatham County, Georgia Tax Records
Harrison (out of state) Childs – Heathcote – 1
George Keller estate a lot in Oglethorpe – 2

1799 Chatham County, Georgia Tax Records
John Dotson – in Cherokee Hill hunter
William Dotson
Thomas Dotson
Jonas Elkin self, in Doyle, shopkeeper
John Harrison, in Roberts, shoemaker
children of Thomas Harrison, William Bell filed return, in Doyle
George P. Keller estateBenjamin Langley filed return, in Cherokee Hill
Mrs Dotson widow, in Cherokee Hill
Thomas Dotson planter

In 1805, George Paul Keller’s minor children, Mary Keller and Paul Keller, over 14 years of age, petition the Court that their brother John Adam Keller be appointed guardian of their persons and estates during their minority:

1805 Oct 30 – p. 130 Mary and Paul Keller minors … Court of Ordinary Minutes, 1800-1813, 1815, 1823-1830, Chatham County, Ga
… upon the petition of Mary Keller and Paul Keller minors over 14 and under 21 years of age praying that their brother John Adam Keller may be appointed guardians of their persons and estates during their minority.
Ordered that the prayer of the petitioner be granted upon the said John Adam Keller giving bond with Patrick McKenty and Benj Lundz, in the sum of 1400 dollars for each petitioner …

In 1806 George P Keller’s Estate is still being taxed in Chatham County, Georgia.

1806 – Georgia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890
Name: George P. Keller Estate
State: GA
County: Chatham County
Township: Mixed Townships
Year: 1806
Record Type: Tax List
Page: 021
Database: GA 1792-1819 Tax Lists Index
Ancestry.com. Georgia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 1999.

In 1809, daughter Catharine Keller is to married to Stephen F Gregory in Chatham County, Georgia.  The following deed renounces Stephen F. Gregory’s right to any of the property Catharine Keller received from the Estate of her father, George Paul Keller – including 100 acres (likely the 1/5 of the 500 acres George Adam Keller was taxed for  in 1793), and 5 named slaves she received of her father’s estate:

1809 Dec 13 – Catharine Kellar from Stephen Gregory, bk 2C, p 650. Chatham County, Georgia
… between Stephen F Gregory late or now now butcher in the City of Savannah State and County as above written and Miss Catherine Keller of said County spinster… whereas George Paul Keller father of the above mentioned Miss Catherine / deceased, and late planter in said County, willed and bequeathed unto his said daughter Catherine in his last will and testament the following real and personal property … 100 acres of land in said County of Chatham near Augustine Bridge / a bridge so called on the Augusta Road between 9 and 10 miles from the said City of Savannah known by the name of Salem; being an undivided part of a tract of 500 acres and likewise the following negroes, viz. Isaac, Sarah, Toney, Hannah, and Trim… said Stephen F Gregory and Catherine Keller as aforesaid have agreed to be joined together in the holy state of matrimony … the said Stephen F Gregory hath renounced any by virtue of his marriage settlement doth renounce and forever quit any claim or claims right or title whatever to which he might think himself entitled to after the consumation of their marriage as her lawful husband or otherwise with respect to the the aforesaid undivided 100 acres of land … or the negroes … Signed: Stephen F Gregory, Catherine Keller. Wit: Geo A Griffin, John Keller, Benj Langley.

In 1858, son Paul Keller, who does not appear to have had any natural children of his own (one noted adopted child) in his last will he identifies his siblings, and their families – children, inlaws, and grandchildren of George Paul Keller:

1858 Aug 25 – Paul Keller’s last will… Chatham County, Georgia, Wills Vol 1, p. 228-
… I Paul Keller of the County of Chatham and State of Georgia aforesaid … this to be my Last Will and Testament …
… Item 1st …. unto Arzada Keller Powers son of Milton Powers and my adopted son the following negro slaves, to wit Sam, Sarah, Isabel and Margaret …. and the sum of $1000 dollars in money…
… Item 2d … unto Mary Foy wife of — Foy (formerly Mary Powers) the following negro slaves to wit Martha, Rosanna, Serina and Madison … and the sum of $1000 dollars in money … for the sole and seperate use of the said Mary Foy and not subject to the debts contract engagements or control of her present husband or any future husband she may have…
… Item 3d … unto Rebecca C Oliver (formerly the wife of George Oliver but now divorced from him) to and for her own sole and seperate use and not subject to the control debts, liabilitis, contracts, or engagement of any present or future husband she may have, the following negro slave to wit John and the sum of $600 dollars in money…
… Item 4th … unto Frances Elkins, wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, and Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson the sum of Twenty Four Hundred dollars ($2400) in money to be equally divided between them … tenants in common…
… Item 5th … unto (Frances Elkins – scratched out), John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, George Keller and Margaret Gould (children of my late brother John Adam Keller)George Paul Harrison, Harriet Bullion (late Harriet Harrison), Susan Hines (late Susan Harrison), H Kollock Harrison, Rebecca Peoples, and Mary Forrester (children of the late Col. William Harrison). the following negro slaves to wit Joe, Isaac, Friday, Winter, Simeon, Tom, Charles, Bill, Francis, Emanuel, Jim, Laurence, Jordan, Patsey, Dye, Nelly, Matilda, Sally, Polly, Emma, Julia, Jacob, Lauretta and Young Patsey … subject to the condition that the said Rebecca Peoples and the said Mary Forrester shall each receive her distributive share of said property mentioned in this item in money and not in kind to be paid to them by the other distributees, John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, George Keller, Margaret Gould, George Paul Harrison, Harriet Bullion, Susan Hines, H Kollock Harrison, or their heirs …
… Item 6th … unto Arzada Keller Powers my aforesaid adopted son a negro boy named Stephen about 14 years of age … with the sum of $500 dollars in money …. should he die before arriving at the age of 21 years the same shall go to and beome the property of the surviving children of his mother, Mary Powers (now Mary Foy) by his late father Milton Powers. …
… Item 7th … to General George Paul Harrison the following negro man slave, to wit a negro man slave named Dick …
… Item 8th … to Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson, Mary Foy wife of Foy, and Rebecca C Oliver (formerly wife of George Oliver but now divorced) children of James Oliver one half of the stock of cattle of which I may die possessed…
… Item 9th … to John P Keller, Stephen F Keller, Thomas Keller, Margaret Gould, George Keller, George Paul Harrison, Rebecca Peoples, Mary Forrester, Harriet Bullion, Susan Hines and H Kollock Harrison all my remaining undividedreal estate situate lying and being in Thomas and Chatham Counties in the State of Georgia …
… Item 10th … when the propert time arrives all my lands shall be sold to the best advantage either at private or public sale …. and convert into money whatever stocks or shares of stock in any Bank or corporation of which I may die possessed and that if the same be applied with the ready money I may leave as for as they (that is the said ready money and the money arising from the sale of said Stocks and shares) will go to the payment of the legacies of money left in this my will…
… Lastly … I appoint George Paul Harrison, Stephen F Keller, Harrison Kollock Harrison, John P Keller and Edward Bird the executors of this my last will and testament…
… Signed: Paul Keller. Wit: William S Rasinger, Joseph Felt, Julian Hartridge.
1859 Aug 29 – Codicil to Paul Keller’s will – State of Georgia, Chatham County.
… I Paul Keller did on the 25th day of August 1858 … publish my last will and testament in presence of W S Basinger, Joseph Felt, and Julian Hartridge …
… I am now desirious of altering and changing a bequest and devise in said will …
… First … I revoke and annul the bequest of a slave named John in the 3d Item of said will, and I give and bequeath said slave John share and share alike to Rebecca C Oliver formerly wife of George Oliver now divorced, Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson
… Second … I revoke and annul so much of 8th Item of said Will as reads James Oliver(which is a mistake in said will, and insert in liew therof James Wilson)…
… Third … I give … all my stock of sheep of which I may die possessed to Frances Elkins wife of Lawrence Elkins, Ann Bird wife of Edward Bird, Louisa Bird wife of John Bird, Henrietta Wilson daughter of James Wilson and Rebecca C Oliver formerly wife of George Oliver but now divorced…. Signed: Paul Keller. Wit: William H Shearouse, George W Ulmer, William H H Bartley.
1859 Oct 3 … Julian Hartridge a subscribing witness to the annexed instrument … of Paul Keller late of Chatham County deceased … Paul Keller … of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding… Signed: Julian Hartridge.
1859 Oct 3 … John P Keller do solemnly swear …. this writing contains the true last will of the within named Paul Keller deceased… well and truly execute the same … John P Keller.
1859 Oct 3 … George W Ulmer a subscribing witness to the annexed instrument of writing purporting to be a codicil to the last will and testament of Paul Keller late of Chatham County deceased …. saith … he was present and did see the said instrument of writing duly executed by the said Paul Keller … George W Ulmer.
1859 Oct 3 … John P Keller do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last Codicil to the last Will and Testament of Paul Keller .. well and truly execut the same…
1859 Oct 3 … George P Harrison … this writing contains the true last will and codicil of the within named Paul Keller deceased … truly execut the same … George P Harrison.
1859 Oct 5 … Mr Edward Bird and Stephen F Keller do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last will and codicil of the within named Paul Keller …. well and truly execute the same … Edward Bird, Stephen F Keller.

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