South Carolina – Clarendon County

From Gowen Manuscript:

“Thomas Gowen” received a land grant of 200 acres August 23, 1774, according to “South Carolina Memorials, Volume 1, 1731-1776” by Katie-Prince Ward Esker. The property was described as “200 acres on waters, Coosahatchie & Cy-press Creeks, bounded on the west by Isaac Legare’s, and on the east by land patented to Mrs. Sarah Middleton.” The sur-vey was certified May 10, 1773. Quit rent was set at three pounds sterling or four pounds proclamation money for each 100 acres. The memorial, or deed abstract, was dated Febru-ary 9, 1775.

“Heads of Families, South Carolina, 1790” reports that Thomas Gowin was enumerated as the head of a household in Camden District, Clarendon County, page 19:

“Gowin, Thomas white male over 16
white female
white male over 16
white female
white male under 16
white male under 16
Oscar Goins was born May 27, 1913 in Clarendon County to Mattie Goins and Sylvester Mitchum. All children of Mattie and Sylvester carried their mother’s name instead of their fa-ther’s because apparently they were never married.

Oscar Goins was married to Jessie Mae Cubbage of Clarendon County. She was the daughter of Peter Cubbage and Gracy Iola “Ola” McCall of Plowden Mill area in Clarendon County.

Oscar Goins died February 5, 1975 at Tuomey Hospital in Sumter, South Carolina. He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Clarendon County.


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