South Carolina – Anderson County

Counties surrounding Anderson Co, SC info on Anderson County, South Carolina:,_South_Carolina_Genealogy

States and Counties nearby to search with Going/Gowen populations:

People in Anderson Co, SC:


1790 May 10 – John Gowen and Letty Gowen his wife of Spartanburg convey 256 acres on 12 Mile Creek to Benj Barton. Bk A, p 98, Anderson Co, SC

1792 June 25 – John Gowen conveys 294 acres on 12 Mile River to Henry Norton Bk B, p. 81, Anderson Co, SC

1795 May 4 – John Gowen conveys 340 acres on Georges Creek to Wm Jamison Bk C&D, p 3, Anderson Co, SC

Anderson County SC info on Family Search pages:


Wills (Anderson County, South Carolina), 1792-1857
(Online available)

Will books, 1791-1907
(Online available)

Anderson County, South Carolina : will book A, part I, part II
(Review at FamilyCenter)

Pendleton County, South Carolina records, 1790-1816


Judgements, 1780-1880; index to judgements, 1827-1903
(Online available)

Old Pendleton District court records (as on file in the Anderson County Courthouse) Anderson, South Carolina

Judgement rolls, 1790-1870, index, ca. 1800-1899
(Online but only one index ready yet)

Minutes, 1790-1793
(Online but not ready yet)


Clerk of Court, Abstract Mesne Conveyance Anderson County 1790 to 1792

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