Texas – Scurry County, Shackelford County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms124.htm


Anita May Goins was born in Scurry County April 29, 1924, according to BVS File 26480.
Raymond Edwin Goins was born January 28, 1956 in Scurry County, according to BVS File 14610.
Steven Dwayne Goins was born December 4,1952 in Scurry County, according to BVS File 218997.
Billy E. Gowin (24) married Barbara N. Scarborough, (24) on February 4, 1972 according to Scurry County marriage records.
Annie Lee Guynes died February 13, 1966 according to Scurry County death records.


Edna Earl Goen, second child of William Matlock Goen and Ada Gregg Goen, was born at Albany, Texas October 23, 1887, according to Shackelford County Birth Book 5, page 339. Henry Hankins of Childress, attested to the birth on May 29, 1953.

Edna Earl Goen was married to Roy Wade at Childress in 1913, according to Childress County Marriage Book 4, page 79.

On June 2, 1950 Edna Earl Goen Wade “and others” proved her heirship as a child of William Matlock Goen and Ada Gregg Goen, according to Childress County deed records.
William Matlock Goen was born in Tennessee in December 1864, according to his enumeration in the 1900 census. He was married about 1884 to Ada Gregg, the daughter of W. T. Gregg and Pricecille Huskey Gregg, who was born in Texas October 1, 1867.

William Matlock Goen was shown as a lumberman in Albany, Texas in 1887. William Matlock Goen, a sprigmaker for Dennis Manufacturing Company, and Ada Gregg Goen, lived 829 South 11th Street in Waco, Texas, according to 1896-97 city directory.

William Matlock Goen appeared as the head of a household in the 1880 census of Childress County, Texas, Enumeration District 12, page 1. The family was listed as:

“Goen, William M. 35, born in TN in December 1864
Ada 32, born in TX in October 1867
Juanita 14, born in TX in November 1885
Edna E. 12, born in Texas in October 1887”

In 1913 they lived at Childress, Texas.

William Matlock Goen, died March 2, 1932 in Dallas County, Texas according to BVS File 10715.

Ada Gregg Goen died May 6, 1932 at age 64 at Childress, Texas. She was buried there according to Childress County death records.

Children born to William Matlock Goen and Ada Gregg Goen include:

Juanita Goen born in November 1885
Edna Earl Goen born October 23, 1887
Carrie M. Goins died March 15, 1989 according to Shackelford County death records.
Mrs. Lillie Mae Goins was married to Amos Williams September 29, 1951 at Abilene, Texas, according to Shackelford County Marriage Book 6, page 33.
William Carl Goins died November 3, 1984 according to Shackelford County death records.


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