Texas – Martin County, Matagorda County, McCulloch County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms124.htm


Jack Wilson Goin was married Miss Kathryn S. Nicks January 24, 1952, according to Martin County Marriage Book 4, page 460. In 1956 Jack Wilson Goin, a presser for Plaza Cleaners, and Kathryn S. Nicks Goin, an agent for Western Indemnity Life Insurance Company, lived at 4315 West 16th Street, Lubbock according to the city directory. In 1957 Jack Wilson Goin, a presser for City Cleaners lived on the Seminole Highway at Andrews, Texas, according to the 1957 Andrews city directory.


John L. Gowen (45) was married on July 18, 1987 to Lois Pustejovsky (45), according to Marriage Book 10.
Harry Guynes JR died December 16, 1964 according to Matagorda County death records.


J. F. Goen was married to Nora Lafferty October 21, 1906, ac­cording to McCullouch County Marriage Book C, page 406. Of J. F. Goen and Nora Lafferty Goen nothing more is known.
Miss Clyde Goens was married to S. W. Buchanan December 23, 1923, according to McCullouch County Marriage Book F, page 89.
Barbara Jean Goings was married to William Aerl Comer December 14, 1971, according to McLennan County Marriage Book 73, page 581.
Miss Janet LaDean Goings, age 18, was married to William S. Dando, age 20, at Brady, Texas December 25 1943, according to McCullouch County Marriage Book H, page 556.
Miss Nora Goins was married to Tom Hutchieson of Lampasas, Texas August 20, 1927, according to McCulloch County Marriage Book F, page 388.
Paul E. Gowins and his wife, Lillian Gowins, received a war­ranty deed from W. F. Dutton to two acres on two tracts on U. S. 377, according to McCulloch County Deed Book 136, page 340. Consideration was $1,500 in the transaction which oc­curred July 21, 1952.

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