Texas – Concho County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms118.htm


W. Gowin received a Third Class Headright Grant from the State of Texas to 320 acres of land located 29 miles north of Ft. McKavett. The Third Class grant was made to those to came to Texas after October 1, 1837, but prior to January 1, 1842.

W. Gowin was a member of the Fisher & Miller Colony and filed Claim No. 4707 before September 1, 1847. W. Gowin was deceased prior to April 18, 1853, perhaps a victim of ma­rauding Indians. A survey was made on that date for the heirs of W. Gowin, according to Concho County Survey Book B, page 319. The land was described as “on Kickapoo Creek, tributary of the Concho River, located 30 miles north of old San Saba Fort.”

John O. Meusebach, commissioner of Fisher & Miller’s Colony on February 14, 1855 issued Certificate No. 650 specifying the 320 acres located in Section 440 in the District of Bexar, Texas as Abstract No. 199. Patent No. 1700, Vol­ume 9, page 916, Class Third, Texas Land Commissioner Records, was issued from the State of Texas to the heirs of W. Gowin on July 1, 1857. Ninety-three years later the patent was filed, according to Concho County Deed Book 70, page 329.

Following the death of W. Gowin, Alexander Rossy was ap­pointed administrator of his estate. On March 28, 1855 Alexander Rossy sold the land of W. Gowin to F. J. Arnold at an auction held in Comal County, for $37.50, according to Concho County Deed Book Q, page 182.

Another member of Fisher & Miller’s Colony, C. Gowin, filed on a claim in neighboring Tom Green County.


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