Tennessee – Wilson County

From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms116.htm


Nathan Goings was listed as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Wilson County, page 409. He was a farmer and owned no slaves. The household was enumerated as:

“Goings, Nathan white male 16-26
white female 16-26
white male 0-10
white male 0-10
white female 0-10
white female 0-10

The household of Nathan Goings did not reappear in the 1830, 1840 or 1850 census of Tennessee.
Sallie Ann Goings was married to A. J. Dixon March 9, 1880 according to Tennessee Marriage records (1851-1900). Nothing more is known of A.J. Dixon and Sallie Ann Goings Dixon.
Hugh Gwynne was listed as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Wilson County, page 394. He owned 10 slaves. Tbree members of the household were engaged in agriculure. The household was enumerated as:

“Gwynne, Hugh white male over 45
white female over 45
white female 26-45
white male 0-10”
white female 0-10
Charitie Goins, a negro widow who was born in North Carolina about 1800, appeared as the head of a household in the 1870 census of Wilson County, Civil District 14. The household was enumerated as:

“Goins, Charitie 70, negro, born in NC, illiterate
Sarah 25, negro, born in TN
Henry 6, negro, born in TN
Sampson 4, negro, born in TN
Sallie 2, negro, born in TN
Callie 4/12, negro, born in TN”

Mrs. Sarah Goins, negress, was remarried about 1878, husband’s name Dixon. She was listed as the head of a household in the 1880 census of Wilson County, Enumeration District 257, page 29, Civil District 14:

“Dixon, Sarah 35, mulatto, born in TN
Gowen Callie C. 10, mulatto, born in TN
James 6, mulatto, born in TN
Charlotte 3, mulatto, born in TN”
No members of the Gowen family [or spelling variations]) appeared in the 1830, 1840 or 1850 census returns of Wilson County.
John Gowin, born before 1713, leased land in Hanover County June 7, 1734 in St. Martin’s Parish and Philip Going, born before 1742, was a tithable in Hanover County in 1763 for 220 acres

Henry Going, born before 1761, was on the 1782 tax list for Hanover County with eight in his family, possibly six children born before 1782.

Halifax County was formed from Antrim Parish of Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1752. As mentioned above, David Smith Goins was listed here on the tax lists of 1782 and 1785.20 Others in this county were his father, “Shadrack Going,” born before 1730, who appeared on the 1782 tax list with 12 in his family, probably 10 children born before 1785.20 “Shadrack Going” had to be living in Hanover County in 1751 and 1757 for the birth of his sons, David Smith Goins and Labon Goins. On October 4, 1780 in Hali­fax County, “Shadrack Going,” “David Going” and Peter Wil­son witnessed the will of Stephen Wilson. The will was proved June 20, 1782 “by two witnesses [unnamed].”24 On a deed recorded Nov. 17, 1785, “Shad­rack Going” sold 451 acres on Pole Cat Creek to Henry Hob­son.25

Others in the same county include Zephaniah Gowin, born about 1758 in Halifax County. He enlisted in the Revolution­ary Army in 1779 from Henry County, Virginia.26 In 1810, he was in Rockingham County, North Carolina.21 “Zephamiah Goans, free person of color” was enumerated in the 1830 cen­sus of Roane County, Tennessee [where Nathaniel Gowin was married in 1813]. On December 18, 1834, he was a justice in Hawkins County, Tennessee when he applied for his pension.

From “Virginia Patents,” page 809, John Gowin was issued Patent No. 34: “Lunenburg County, February 14, 1761, 400 acres beginning at William Hill’s corner on Reedy Branch, adjacent Ruffin’s line.” This patent was issued in Lunenburg County before Halifax County was formed.28 The land lay about 12 miles from the land of “Shadrack Going” on Pole Cat Creek. From the date of this patent, John Gowin was proba­bly born before 1740. He appears on the 1782 tax list with two members in the family and reappears in the 1785 tax list with four in the family, probably two children born between 1782 and 1785. He could be the same “John Going” who died in Henry County, Virginia in 1801.

Daniel Going, born before 1761, appeared on the 1782 tax list of Halifax County with two in the family.20 He is possi­bly the Daniel Going of Grainger and Jefferson counties in Ten­nessee.

In 1776, Henry County, Virginia was formed from Pittsylvania County. Goin/Going/Gowin individuals appearing in Henry County include; Charles, Clabourn, David, Elizabeth, Jacob, James, John, Josiah, Littleberry “Berry,” Nancy, Simon, Su­sanna, Zacheriah, Zedekiah and Zephaniah.

John Goan received land in Pittsylvania County in 1770. “John Going” took the oath of allegiance August 30, 1777. He received a land grant on March 1, 1784 of 374 acres on both sides of Blackberry Creek, adjoining his own land and that of John Witt. “John Gowin” patented an additional 79 acres on Blackberry Creek April 16, 1788. In 1795 he pur­chased land from Bartlett Washington. “John Going” was granted 153 acres on both sides of Little Blackberry Creek.36 Henry County Will Book 2, page 37 records the will of John Going, Sr, proved in 1801. Heirs named were Clabourn, Eliz­abeth, John, Nancy, Josiah, Littleberry, Su­sanna, Simeon, Zedekiah and Zacheriah.37 Where did these seven sons live?

David Goan received land in Pittsylvania County in 1770.34 On March 30, 1789, “David Gowin” was granted 94 acres on Spoon Creek, adjoining the land of John Ward and 185 acres on the south side of Spoon Creek, “adjoining Collier.”36 [David Smith Goins was supposedly in Grayson County, Vir­ginia at this time.]

James Goan received land in Pittsylvania County in 1770. “James Gowing” purchased land from William Higgenbottom in 1784 in Henry County. On August 2, 1797, “James Gowin” was granted 61 acres, adjoining Augustine Brown, on both sides of Little Dan River.

Revolutionary War soldiers from Henry County include: Charles Gowens, born 1763; Jacob Gowen, born 1762; William Going, born 1761 and Zephaniah Gowin, born about 1758.

Patrick County, Virginia was formed from Henry County in 1790. Shadrack Going of Hanover and Halifax counties was first mentioned in Patrick County records when he bought 1,000 acres June 11, 1792 on both sides of the Little Dan River from John Marr for £500, a lot of money for that time. On November 4, 1793 Shadrack Going administered the estate of Nathan Going who had been killed by being struck in the head with “the eye of a weeding hoe” by Robert Hall on the plantation of Jacob Lawson. Thomas Ward and Joshua Adams were his bondsmen. Edward Tolman, John Hanby and Nathaniel Smith were appointed to settle the estate.

In November 1803, “Shadrack Goine” sold 48 acres of his 1,000 acres to his grandson, Shadrack Beazley for a “valuable consideration.” “Shadrack Going” wrote his will January 4, 1805, naming “wife, Hannah; sons, John, David Smith, James, Claborne, Solomon, Shadrack, Caleb and Obadiah; daughters, Keziah, Jerushe, Fanny Bowlin, wife of Edmund Bowlin and Hannah Beazley, wife of Thomas Beazley; grandchildren, Re­becca Going, daughter of Fanny Going, wife of Edmond Bow­lin and Shadrack Beazley. Witnesses were David P. _______, William Coomer and H. Adams.

Quoting from Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 87:

“State of Tennessee}
County of Grainger}

“Whereas Shadrack Gowing, late of the county of Patrick . . . possessed land in said county lying on Little Dan River, containing 912 acres and also possessed of a considerable personal estate . . . whereas Shadrick Gowing had the fol­lowing children, Jerusha, John, David Smith, James, Fanny, Claiborne, Leaborne [Laban], Kesiah, Shadrake, Hannah, Obediah, and Caleb. . . . John, James, Caleb, Claiborne, Shadrick and Leaborne . . . appoint Henry Howell of the County of Grainger . . . their true and lawful attorney . . . to sue . . . Obediah Gowing for settling the property unfairly and submitting a will which was not Shadrack Gowing’s will.

July 24, 1806 John Gowing James Gowing
Caleb Gowing Claiborne Gow­ing
Leaborne [X] Gowing Jerush Gowing
J. J. Jack, Leaborne [X] Gowing, Henry Howell”

It is interesting to note that Jerusha Going signed the instru­ment with her brothers, but was not mentioned in the docu­ment. Shadrack Gowing was mentioned in the document, but did not sign it. Leaborne Gowing, one of the plaintiffs, also signed as a witness.

On March 31, 1808 “Jerusha Gowing and Kesiah Gowing, heirs of Shadrack Gowing, dec’d,” gave a quit claim deed to their interest in the estate to Gabriel Hanby, Sr. On August 9, 1808 “Obediah Going of this county sells to Gabriel Hanby 1,200 acres on the Little Dan River for $1,600 whereon Shadrick Going, deceased lived.” The deed was witnessed by William Carter, Thomas [X] Beasley and John Tatum.

Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 83 records an apparent settlement of the dispute dated October 30, 1807:

“I, Henry Howell, attorney for John Going, James Going and Laborne [no last name] have this day by virtue of my power compromised all manner of dispute about the will of Shadrack Going, dec’d and so hereby for the above named persons transfer all their right and rights unto a certain tract of land to Gab’l Hanby and for which land a suit was brought in Patrick Court to set aside a second will, as witness my hand and seal.

Witnesses: Henry Howell
Nat’l Claiborne, Fleming Saunders”

Following are the known children of Shadrack Going/Gowing with allowances for other possible children, making a family of 21 siblings:

John Going born c1749
David Smith Going born November 21, 1751
[child] born c1753
[child] born c1755
Laban Going born in 1757
[child] born c1759
Daniel Going born c1761
Hannah Going born c1763, married Thomas
Jefferson Beasley
Caleb Going born c1765
[child] born c1767
James Going born c1769
Solomon Going born c1771
Claiborne Going born in 1773, married Sarah
Shadrack Going born c1775
Nathan Going born c1777
Obediah Going born c1779
Fanny Going born c1781, married Edmund Bowlin
Rebecca Going born c1783, married P. Finley
Frederick Gowen born c1785, married Nancy Coomer
Jerusha Going born c1787
Keziah Going born c1789

It is assumed that Shadrack Going had more than one wife. Perhaps the presentation of this family will open some new avenues of research and stimulate other investigation.
On February 20, 1812, “James S. Gains” and Obediah Goin, “heir at law of Shadrack Goin, dec’d exchanged land on the west side of the Goin line on Thomas Beazley’s corner,” ac­cording to Patrick County Deed Book 3, page 530. Witnesses were John Tatum, Thomas Beazley [Thomas Jefferson Beasley] and “William D. Gaines.”

Jean Grider of Cave City, Kentucky wrote of her great grandfather, Jonathan Henry Gowen who was born in 1822 in Patrick County. On February 6, 1846 “Jonathan Goen” was married to Hannah J. Beasley in Surry County, according to the county’s marriage records. The bride, traditionally a half Cherokee, was born in 1826, according to the 1860 census of Adair County, Kentucky. [See GRF Newsletter, July 1990]

She was a daughter of Shadrach Beasley and Martha Harris Beasley. She was also a granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Beasley and Hannah Going Beasley. She was also a great-granddaughter of Shadrach Going and Hannah Going, according to Jean Grider.

Thomas Jefferson Beasley was descended from John Beasley1 John Beasley2 Richard Beasley3 and Martha Cook of Virginia, according to Beasley research.

A survey of Gowin, Going, Gowing, Goyne, Goine, Goin, Goins on the Patrick County Deed Index from 1792 to 1821 listed Shadrack, John, David, Joseph, William, Jesse, James, James S, Claiborne, Caleb, Leaborne, Obediah and Zedekiah.

Marriage licenses between 1791 and 1812 for individuals of interest to Gowen chroniclers include: Jacob, Benjamin, Isaac, Richard, Mary, Rebecca, William, Caleb, Margret, Nancy, Stephen, Elizabeth, Beverage and John.

Rockingham County, North Carolina which adjoins Henry County, Virginia on the south was the location of Aaron Going. On May 16, 1787, he received 410 acres from the state on the headwaters of Matrimony Creek on the Dan River and on Paw Paw Creek of the Mayo “adjoining the former line of Saluel Gates & Hamilton,” according to Rockingham County Deed Book A, page 33. On November 8, 1788, Aaron Going sold his 410 acres to Tusbyfield Barns for 200 pounds.44

“Aaron Gowan, son of George and Sarah,” was christened September 3, 1738 in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. This is the same area that Shadrack Going came from. James Going, Patrick Neely and W. Hamilton on February 21, 1789 were witnesses to a Rockingham County deed in which Hance McKeen of Guilford County, North Carolina sold land to George Harston of Henry County, Vir­ginia. Conveyed for £25 was 155 acres on Paw Paw Creek of Mayo River, adjoining the Virginia line.

The 1790 census of Salisbury District [which included all of Tennessee], Rockingham County enumerated “James Gowing, 1 white male over 16, 3 white males under 16 and 3 females.” Other Gowins mentioned in early Rockingham County deeds include: Robert Goin, November 10, 1792; Henry Goins, September 3, 1793 and Jesse Gowen/Goin, October 27, 1797. The 1810 census for Rockingham County, North Carolina listed Frederick Going, Jesse Going, Zephaniah Going and Thomas Goines.

Traces of the descendants of Shadrack Gowing have been found in several counties in Tennessee: Claiborne, Grainger, Hamilton, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson, Knox, Roane and Wilson. On November 27, 1797, James Goin received North Carolina Land Grant No. 300 for 262 acres on the Tennessee River and 938 acres on the north side of Tennessee River in what is now Grainger County. A 1799 tax list for this county records “Thomas Goen, James Goen, John Goen, John Gowen, William Gowen and Alexander Gowen,” all listed as “white.” Grainger County was formed from Hawkins and Knox Counties in 1796.

The 1810 tax list of Grainger County lists six sons and one son-in-law of Shadrack Gowin/Going of Patrick County, Virginia:

“Bolling, Edmund 1 white poll
Goan, John 1 white poll 90 ac. on Young’s Crk
Goan, Claiborne 1 white poll 100 ac. on Young’s Crk
Goan, James 1 white poll
Goan, William 1 white poll
Goan, Shaderick 1 white poll
Goan, Daniel 1 white poll 338 ac. on Richland
Gowin, Caleb 1 white poll
*Howell Henry 1 white poll 900 ac. on Young’s Crk
*Attorney for Going brothers in Patrick County lawsuit.

The 1810 census records these families differently:

“Bolen, Edmund 8 free colored 6 children
Goan, John 9 free colored 7 children
Goan, Claibourn 8 free colored 6 children
Goan, James 3 free colored, 1 white female 16-26
Goan, Shadrach 5 free colored 3 children
Goan, Caleb 6 free colored 4 children
Goin, Daniel 1 white male 26-45, 1 white female
26-45, 2 white females 10-16,
4 white males 0-10, 1 wh. female
0-10, 1 slave
Guin, Joseph 1 white male 26-45, one white female
16-26, 1 white male 0-10, 1 white
female 0-10
Guin, William 1 white male 26-45, 1 white female
26-45, 1 white female 10-16,
1 white female 0-10”

From tax lists it is apparent that six sons of Shadrack Going spent these years in Grainger County:

John Gowin 1806-1828
James Going 1799-1811
Claiborne Goins 1810-1811
Shadrack Going 1806-1815
Caleb Gowin 1808-1819
David Smith Goins 1819-1827

Shadrack Going of Patrick County is the same man that is on the 1782 Halifax County tax list and was born before 1730. David Smith Goins, born November 21, 1751, is one of his children. Shadrack Going had at least 10 children born by 1782. The sons in Grainger County at the time of his death in 1805 were at least 18 years old, all born before 1787. Judging from the size of their families in 1810, they were probably much older.

My ggg-grandfather was Shadrack Gowin, and he was born in 1791 in Virginia. The Grainger County Shadrack Going who died in 1805 was an older man.

There were two individuals named Drury Gowin/Goans in Grainger County. One who was born before 1781 was a bondsman for the marriage of Nancy Gowen to James Ran­dolph November 22, 1802. Drury Goans was born in 1793 in Tennessee and was married to Mary Goans August 23, 1817 in Grainger County. She was born in Tennessee in 1798. The younger Drury Goans was on the Grainger County tax lists from 1819 to 1828 with Daniel Goan/Gowen. Daniel Goan and Drury Goans were recorded as “white” on all tax lists and census returns. Daniel Goan, born between 1755 and 1758, applied for a Revolutionary pension in Campbell County, Tennessee in 1818 and make a supplemental application in 1820. Having reached the age of 65, he was not assessed for his 363 acres in Grainger County after 1824.

My gg-grandfather was Drury Gowin, and he was born in Tennessee in 1819.

Appearing in Grainger County records between 1799 and 1834 were: Alexander Gowin, Jeremiah Gowin, Henry Gowin, Riley Gowin, Carson Gowin, Levi Gowin, Nathan Gowin, Preston Gowin, Pryor L. Gowin, William Gowin and Thomas Gowin.

William Goin and Thomas Goin, both born between 1750 and 1760 and both enumerated in the 1830 Claiborne County cen­sus are the right age to be sons of Shadrack Going. Zephaniah Gowin, born in 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia, applied for a Revolutionary pension in Hawkins County, Tennessee, is also the right age to be a son of Shadrack Go­ing. William Going, born in Hawkins County between 1754 and 1764 was also the right age.

This report would not be complete without mentioning the East Tennesssee militiamen of interest to Gowen chroniclers in the War of 1812. They included:

Gowens, John Pvt, Bunch’s Regt, [1814]
Gowin James Pvt, Bunch’s Regt, [1814]
Gowins,* Nathan Pvt, 4th Regt, [Bayles’]
Goin,* Isaac Pvt, 4th Regt, [Bayles’]
Gowins, Wishock Pvt, 4th Regt, [Bayles’]
Gowins,* Drury Pvt, 4th Regt, [Bayles’]
Goin, William Pvt, 4th Regt, [Bayles’]
Gowan,* James Pvt, 3rd Regt, [Johnson’s]
Goin, Isaac Pvt, 3rd Regt, [Johnson’s].
Going, Caleb Pvt, 2nd Regt. [Lillard’s]
Going, Pleasant Pvt, Rangers, U.S. Volunteers
Going, William Pvt, Rangers, U.S. Volunteers
Gowing, William Corp, Morgan’s Cherokee Scouts
Going to Lift Pvt, Morgan’s Cherokee Scouts
Going to Send Pvt, Morgan’s Cherokee Scouts
Going Wolf Pvt, Morgan’s Cherokee Scouts
Going to Shake the Earth Pvt, Morgan’s Cherokee Scouts
*Drew a pension

There is a definite migration pattern in movements of family members of interest to Gowen researchers. Beginning in Hanover County, Virginia, it leads to Halifax County and then to Patrick County. From there the pattern leads to Grainger County, Tennessee and then to Wilson County and points west. Family history cannot be based on speculation. It is hoped that other researchers can add documentation to this data and fill in the gaps with information from family bibles, diaries, journals and legal records. Many court cases have been won with circumstantial evidence, but at this point, this “case” would not “stand up in court” without additional documentation.

Correction: In January Newsletter, “Sabra Burrus Gowin” page 2, column 2, paragraph 5, should read “Sabra Midgett Gowin.”

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Ernest Goin was born in 1855. He was married about 1906 to Loula Cooper who was also born in 1885. In 1910 Ernest Goin and Loula Cooper Goin lived at College Home, Tennessee in Wilson County where he was a farmer. In 1943 Loula Cooper lived at 4117 Hamilton Avenue, Dallas, Texas.

Children born to Ernest Goin and Loula Cooper Goin include Grace Ann Goin who was born December 30, 1910 at College Home, according to Dallas County Birth Book 40, page 272. Apparently Grace Ann Goin also lived in Dallas in 1943.
Shadrack Gowen was surety for the marriage of Delilah Gowen to James Dunsmore September 21, 1820 at Lebanon, Tennessee in Wilson County.


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico,New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin,Wyoming


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