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FamilySearch Wiki page: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Sumner_County,_Tennessee_Genealogy


1801 Dr. John Byrns died in Charleston in a yellow fever epidemic in 1801. About 1805, Mary Anne Baxter Goyne Byrns and her children (Amos Goyne’s widow who had remarried to John Byrns) moved to Cairo, Sumner County, Tennessee, perhaps to join other family members there.  John Byrn, James Byrn and Lithey Byrn appeared in Sumner County records in 1808, 1809 and 1810.

1804 March term – State of Tennessee, Sumner County, March Term, 1804. James Gowen by his attorney complains of Isaac Baker in custody, etc of a plea of trespass, assault & battery for this to wit on the ____ day of ____ in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & two in the county aforesaid with force & arms and assault did make in & upon the body the said James & him the said James did beat, wound & ill treat, and whereas also afterwards towit on the same day & year last aforesaid at the county aforesaid the said Isaac with force & arms did falsely & illegally imprison him, the said James for a long time [to wit] for the space of fifteen days to the damage of the said James five thousand Dollars & therefore he brings suit.
And the said Defendant by W. L. Hannum, his attorney at the term last above mentioned comes into court and defends the force and injury when and where, etc, and for plea saith that the Plaintiff ought not to have or maintain an action or suit ____ and for __________ the Plaintiff by John C. Hamilton, his attorney says he ought not to be barred or precluded from having or maintain his action aforesaid against the said Defendant not with standing any plea pleaded by the Defendant in his aforesaid plea because he says he is not now nor ever has been a slave, and of this he puts himself on his county and the Defendant by W. L. Hannum, his attorney, and at September term a Jury was impannelled & sworn to try the issue aforesaid, but they did not retire, a mistrial being made by consent of parties ____ and now at this term to wit the first above mentioned comes the parties by their attorneys and a Jury to wit, Andrew Blythe, Richard Carr, Robert Robb, Thomas Joiner, George Gillespie, Isaac George, William Bruce, William Snoddy, James Graham, John Shaver, Smith Hansbrough & James A. Wilson, who being elected, tried & sworn the truth to speak upon the issue joined upon their oath do say that they find the issue in favour of the plaintiff, saying that the said Plaintiff is a free man, and do assess the said plaintiff’s damages by occasion of wrongfully detaining him in servitude, to six & one-fourth cents. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant his damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed & his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended.”

1805 – Amos Goyne, Jr, son of Amos Goyne and Mary Anne Baxter Goyne, was born in Fairfield County about 1780. After the death of his father, he grew up in Charleston. He accompanied his mother to Sumner County, Tennessee about 1805.

1806 July 25 – “Amos Gowen” was a bondsman for the marriage of Joseph Underwood to Betsy Young July 25, 1806 in Sumner County, according to “Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers” by Sherida K. Eddlemon. pg. 30

1809 Sept 12 – On September 12, 1809 “Amos Gowen” served on a jury panel, according to Sumner County court minutes.

1810 July 7 – Amos Gowan served as bondsman for the marriage of Peter Winn and Patsey Hunley in Sumner County, TN. p. 45

1814 Feb 14 On February 14, 1814, “Amos Goyne” bought Lot 17 in Cairo, Tennessee in Sumner County, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1806-1817” by Joyce Martin Murray. 1814 Feb 14 – Amos Goyne from William Smith deed, lot no 17 in Cairo, Deed bk 6, p 436. Sumner Co, TN. William Smith to Amos Goyne for a lot in Cairo No 17, … for $100 paid by Amos Goyne of Sumner Co, TN, … I convey to the said Amos Goyne … all that lot of land …. in Town of Cairo and distinguished in the plan of said town by number 17 situate on the West side of Oak Street … Signed: W. Smith. Wit: Jacob C Cook, William Goodall.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-QSG1-Y?i=175&cat=291679 (index)
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS54-3W3Q-M?i=643&cat=291679 (conveyance)

1816 Jan 29 – Amos Gowan from Alexander Graham deed, for $100 Alexander Graham conveys lot no 15 in Cairo, Sumner Co, TN, on West side of Oak Street … Signed: Alexander Graham. Wit: John Brown, John Hamilton. Deed bk 8, p 40. Sumner Co, TN.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-QSG1-Y?i=175&cat=291679 (index)
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4V-GSMP-L?i=28&cat=291679 (conveyance)

1817 Dec 1 – Amos Goyne to Stephen R Roberts, etal, deed, bk 8, p 325. Sumner Co, TN
… I Amos Goyne of Town of Gallatin, County of Sumner, State of Tennessee … for $100 dollars … convey to Stephen R Roberts of Sumner Co, TN, and Eli Talbot of Davidson Co, TN .. acting and known under the Stile of Roberts and Talbot … land in the Town of Cairo, to wit the north half of lot number 15 situate on the West side of Oak St on the SE corner of lot number 17 thence with said Street south two and one half poles and thence west ten poles to an alley, thence with the said alley north two and one halve poles striking the NW corner of lots number 17 … Signed: Amos Goyne. Wit: Matthew Johnson, Thos W Essex. deed, bk 8, p 325. Sumner Co, TN
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-336N-R?i=167&cat=291679 (index)
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4V-GSMN-5?i=173&cat=291679 (conveyance)

1817 Dec 24 – On December 24, 1817, Amos Goyne was a bondsman in a marriage in Sumner County, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1806-1817.” 1817 Dec 24 – Amos Goyne and James Pruett were bondsmen for the marriage of John Byrns and Polly Pruett by John Rutherford, in Sumner County, TN. pg. 71. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L93F-HSVT?i=173&cc=1619127&cat=239065

1818 Jan 3 – Amos Goyne to Samuel Lockhart deed bk 8, p 221. Sumner Co, TN.
Amos Goyne is paid $600 by Samuel Lockhart for a deed of a lot in Cairo … conveying Lot No 17 in Cairo … on West side of Oak Street… Signed: Amos Goyne. Wit: John Brown, Wm Herndon. Sumner Co, TN.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-336N-R?i=167&cat=291679 (index)
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4V-GSMJ-4?i=120&cat=291679 (conveyance)

1818 Sept 21 – Amos Goyne from Robert M Boyers etal, deed, lot, 3, bk 8, p 414.
… Robert Boyers and Nathaniel Prince … to Amos Goyne .. all of Sumner Co, TN … Amos Goyne paid $690 dollars … a lot in the Town of Gallatin, TN, being a part of lot No 1 in the SW square of said Town … coming 87 and 1/2 feet from the NE corner of said lott .. along Water Street … Signed: Boyers and Prince. Wit: Mason Avent. William Prince.
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-QSG1-Y?i=175&cat=291679 (index)
https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS4V-GSM6-1?i=212&cat=291679 (conveyance)

1822 March 3 – Joseph Gowen was married March 3, 1822 to Patsey Robinson, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Marriages, 1787-1850.” Children born to Joseph Gowen and Patsey Robinson Gowen are unknown.



From Gowen Manuscript:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/Gowenms116.htm


Sumner County was organized in 1786 with land taken from Davidson County.
Joseph Gowen was married March 3, 1822 to Patsey Robinson, according to “Sumner County, Tennessee Marriages, 1787-1850.” Children born to Joseph Gowen and Patsey Robinson Gowen are unknown.


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